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Chapter 1

This story was centered on me, of course, the main character! Just kidding!

This story was centered on Konoha Gakuen, a public school where only a fourth of the population comprised of females. One would think that there was something off about this. Actually, there was. Normally, females would want to study in a school where there were so many cool and strong guys and everything. But this school was different. And I'm about to tell you all what it was so listen carefully!

This school was rumored to have more in-school fighting than there were classes. Oh, yeah! Just how I like that! Not the fighting of course but the part where there were lesser classes because of it. And because of that rumor, which were true I think, Konoha Gakuen was the lowest of the lowest in school rating in the city of Konoha and also the most notorious school in the community. Thus, it was where the gangsters and hoodlums studied and it was where they also learn how to be more of a hoodlum than a civil individual. Yep, this was the place where the notorious captions 'survival of the fittest' or 'kill or be killed' could be found, though I was just a little bit exaggerating about the last part. So far, no one had died yet.

"And you want to study in this godforsaken school!? Are you already out of your mind!?" A blonde middle-aged man exclaimed over a table filled with delicious delicacies which could only be found inside that house. Ah, he's my father, Minato Namikaze. And he's not angry, don't worry. I'm still safe in my seat, for now. He thought that me studying in that school was a bit preposterous. No, that's an understatement. He thought, as you've heard, that I was already out of my mind. I know, I know, you all thought so too.

But hey, you couldn't really blame me! You see, I had an ulterior motive as to why I wanted go there. Do you wanted me to tell you the reason? The ultimate secret reason? No? It's your loss. But I still wanted to tell you so listen.

Well, you see, I have a lover… Yes, that's it! Blush for me, all of you! Yeah, I have a lover! He's the coolest guy ever! And I thought he's the most handsome man alive! And his body, oh his body, when naked–, okay, let's not go there. He studied there, you know, in Konoha Gakuen. And yeah, I'm gay, for those who bowed to my obvious charm. And so, he studied there, or he's supposed to be studying there. But for some reason, he refused to go to that school anymore. And he didn't even want to go out of his house and he refused to see me. We couldn't even go out and have a date! Yeah, I know it's quite a pathetic reason for me. But yes, pity me!

And so, I've decided. I would go and study in his school to convince him that there was nothing to be afraid of in a school full of gangsters and gang war where the praise 'kill or be killed' was quite popular. Yep, nothing to be afraid of! Though I thought I was trembling for some unknown reason. Maybe it's the cold weather.

"So?" Oh, I forgot my father. He's looking at me from across the table as if he'd strangle me if I continue with my plan. Those sharp blue eyes which I inherited could be really scary when filled with authority and cold glare. Oh, don't look at me like that, Chichi-ue! I'd lose my resolve!

"I still want to study there, Chichi-ue." I answered. My father did not answer though. And I knew he's upset. I could feel the guilt eating my intestines, but it wouldn't stop me! I have 9 meter length intestines and it would take a week or two before it's dissolved completely! He knew he couldn't stop me either.

"But Naruto, why would you suddenly decide that you want to go and study there? Your school is one of the most elite schools in the country." A ringing voice from across the room said. I turned around and saw my mother, Kushina Namikaze, carrying some more trays of food. She really was the best cook, ever. And she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, what with her bright crimson hair and everything. "Is it because of Yahiko?" And not only was she pretty, she's quite sharp too.

I did not answer. I just sighed. Of course, they would know. Well, Yahiko was the lover I was talking about. I could feel my insides tingling just hearing about his name! You thought I was girly? Well, think again because I was really a bit girly when it came to him. But only when it came to him!

"That school is not for you." And leave it to my older brother to ruin my plan with that simple statement. I glared at him and he shrugged. I often noticed that he looked a lot like my mother and I looked a lot like my father. "Naruto, I'm not trying to ruin your plan. I just want you to know that that school is dangerous, even for someone like you." And how did you know about my plan, stupid aniki? Oh, well, he's just no one else but the best friend of my lover. It sucked to be me.

"Naruto, Nagato is right." My mother seconded her eldest son. She always did. Yeah, I knew he's right too. But still!

"Then why is aniki still studying there? You mean he can go there and I can't?" I scowled. And Nagato sighed. Hah! Got you, aniki! Yes, aniki loved me so much he couldn't really say no to me!

"Well, let's start dinner. It'll get cold." Minato mumbled. Oh, he's really upset. I know, I know, it's my fault. I guess I'd apologize later.

So, if anyone wanted to know why they didn't want me to study there, even at this moment, it's because of some actually-pretty-valid-but-I-refuse-to-acknowledge reasons. First, it's because they all thought I was still their baby, especially aniki. I knew it's kind of cute and comforting to know that they loved me so much. But aniki's always treating me like a child! He still thought that I couldn't do some things and that I was still too young to discover the real world or something. Damn, I was already seventeen, you know! And he's just two years older than me anyway!

I sighed before I started eating.

They all looked like they just lost a sure-win sweepstake. They were afraid that I might get hurt or worse, become involved in some gang war or fight. Of course, I feared that too. But for the sake of love, what could a man like me do? Oh, don't worry, my Namikaze family. If it's self defense, I could take care of myself! I could fight! And it's good because I heard that that school didn't expel students just because they fight.

Oh, and another reason why they thought the idea of me studying in Konoha Gakuen was preposterous was because I studied in Konoha Academy. Oh, I wasn't bragging but that school was one of the most elite schools in the country, just like what my mother said earlier. And if you thought I was one of those on top, think again. I maybe studying there but I was fairly average, though that was the standard of the Academy that thought Konoha Gakuen was not a school but a trash. It hurt, though, because not only Yahiko studied there, but my brother as well. I loved aniki even if he always annoyed the hell out of me. And I didn't like it when someone, anyone, degrades my beloved aniki and my lover! And so I'd decided to quit that stuck-up elite school that thought the eldest Namikaze son was a trash.

Of course I would be the first to counter the argument that Konoha Gakuen was trash. My aniki was pretty smart and witty for his age and yet he's studying in that school. He also told me that he was not the brightest student there. If my brother whose IQ was above average wasn't the brightest student in that school, then I couldn't see why it was a trash. Basically, elite schools saw it as a trash because it was full of fights and gangs. That was the reason, I thought.

And I knew I was blabbering now. But it's my story so, oh well, let me start my blabber again. My family thought that the Namikaze's second son was a prodigy. Haha, I thought so too! Just kidding.

Well, for some basic information about me, I knew some self defense, and offense if anyone wanted to ask, I knew how to play some instruments, and everything else. And I knew how to solve difficult mathematical questions in my dreams, I knew how to burn the kitchen when all I wanted was to cook a decent meal, I knew how to make the washing machine create unearthly noises when I try to do my laundry, I could be the seme in my dreams too… and, oh. Okay, maybe I've humiliated myself enough.

After dinner, I immediately went to my room in the third floor. Oh, you think I lived in such a small house? Of course not! No normal middle class family could afford to study in Konoha Academy, you know. Oh, I was being stuck up too now, right? It must be because of those rich classmates of mine who thought of nothing but buying the latest model of cars and the latest model of everything. Yeah, I thought their annoying stuck up elitist attitudes somehow rubbed off on me.

Oh, and just for clarification. Though the Namikazes were rich, our parents taught us that money wasn't everything. They always said that knowledge and integrity was much more important in life than material things. My brother and I agreed of course. And I was getting sidetracked again. Sorry.

Of course, I went to my room not because I'm running away from my father. It's just that I wanted to change clothes. Yes, that's it. I grabbed some pajama pants and shirt from my drawer and changed clothes.

I looked at myself from the mirror afterwards and saw my annoying body and face. Yes, I had a bit of an inferiority complex about my physical feature. I had spiky and yet silky blonde hair and bright blue eyes which were a bit large for a seventeen year old male. I had three whisker-like scars on each side of my cheeks and I didn't know where I got it. I must have been too young to remember. My skin was tanned and my mother always said that it's sun-kissed. I didn't know what she meant but I thought it's a compliment. I had a face too feminine for my liking, though Yahiko said it's cute. My height was short for my age and my body was slender and curvy, damn me, though my father and my brother kept on saying that I looked cute. But I didn't want to look cute! I wanted to look handsome! Yahiko was handsome! Aniki was handsome, though I'd be in my deathbed before I'd tell him. My father was handsome! And I was cute… See the difference? Of course, I'd feel self conscious.

I sighed again before I went out of my room and descended the stairs. My father was in the living room, sitting comfortably in the couch and watching some TV program that I had no idea of. He always watched that crap.

"Chichi-ue." I called gently as I approached him. He didn't answer. Well, one more reason to apologize, right? Harden your resolve, Naruto Namikaze! "I'm sorry."

Minato sighed. I knew he was upset! Somehow my resolve was starting to get weaker. "Sit here." He patted the part of the couch beside him. I obeyed him silently and he patted my head. "Naruto, are you sure about your decision?"

I nodded. I really wanted to tell him that I could just continue studying in Konoha Academy, but that would be too selfish of me. Yes, I kind forgot to tell you people that there was another sad reason why I wanted to change schools. No, I wasn't being bullied by my classmates so don't create such rumors about me. I was… And no, I wasn't raped by anyone. And I wasn't kicked out. I was a good student with good moral conduct, you know! No, it's nothing about all of that… It's just that… the Namikaze family was having some hard time right now, financially that is. Yeah, I knew I kind of said we're rich. But hey, even rich people could have some financial problems once or twice in their lives, right?

My father was having some problems regarding the Namikaze Corp and I kind of wanted to help by changing into a school with much cheaper tuition fee. My mother was trying to help him and my brother was already studying in the cheap school so I was the only one who had such a big chunk in our family's financial expenses.

"I'll be fine, chichi-ue. Aniki will be there anyway." I said after a while of silence. Minato sighed again.

"But that school is the most…" My father trailed off when aniki entered the living room carrying a cup of chocolate. My mother always made us some chocolate before we go to bed. Didn't she know that it made us all the more excited instead of calm for the bed?

"Chichi-ue, I don't think we can stop him if he wants to go to Konoha Gakuen. He'll be backing out after a week or so anyway." And thus my stupid aniki's reasoning was always annoying. What did he mean I'd be backing out after a week? I wasn't that much of a coward! I wasn't a judo, tae kwon do, karate, and every other martial arts black belter for nothing! Though I was self-taught, I must admit. I only learned self defense from the many materials that I bought home or the videos that I often downloaded for fun. Of course, action-filled shounen manga helped too.

I sighed just before my father talked again. "Very well, I already agree, though reluctantly." He looked at my brother with such a serious face before he continued with his words. "Nagato, you better watch your younger brother while in that school." And then he looked at me, and I inwardly gulped at the intensity of his gaze. "And Naruto, keep out of the fights."

Both aniki and I nodded and my father looked much better. After a while, my mother also sat beside my father and the two of them watched the TV while I stood up and prepared for sleep.

"You'll be transferring a week from now so be ready." My father called when I was already in the middle of the stairs. I nodded but didn't answer.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"What do you mean by that?" I asked my aniki. We're in front of the house and was kind of readying for school. I would be going there by car which my brother refused to ride. He always went to school using his black motorcycle.

"It's just what I said. Don't go looking for me in school." He still had that dangerous tone in his voice. It's like he didn't want anyone to hear his words except me. "Don't even say that I'm your brother. That'll be asking for trouble, Naruto. And even if you see me, don't go talking to me. Act like you don't know me, understand?" I was confused and a bit hurt but I still nodded.

He must have sensed that I was a bit offended so he smiled. "Don't worry, I'll protect you as much as I can. But from afar. No one must know we're brothers. Or you'll be in a big, big trouble. No, both of us will be in big trouble."

"Why? Are you in big trouble, aniki?" I asked out of curiosity. He smiled again but didn't answer. Well, that was weird. I didn't want my aniki getting in trouble. But I just couldn't help but feel that there really would be trouble for the both of us if we ever talk in school.

"Okay, I understand. But don't go annoying me or teasing me if I don't greet you like always!" I said just for the sake of annoying him. But instead of being annoyed, he actually looked relieved. Really, what was there to be afraid of? It's not like aniki was weak. Well, never mind. I guess I'd just find out once I got there.

"And Naruto," he called again once he was riding on his motorcycle. "There might be some bad rumors about me going around. Can you please stay quiet about that too?" I nodded again. I didn't know why he was giving me a lecture about it now, but maybe it was just me.

"I think we should go." A silver-haired man waved at me just as my brother drove away. I approached him and he took my bag before he opened the door to the passenger's seat for me to enter. His name was Kakashi Hatake, and he's our family driver.

The drive towards the school was fairly quiet, with only a soft car music in the background. Kakashi glanced at me and I couldn't help but be annoyed. Sorry, I knew I was being a jerk rich kid but I didn't like it when people kept on stealing a glance at me, especially in a rather obvious manner.

"What is it?" I asked in a fairly civil manner. I was raised to be polite to adults, and even if Kakashi was weird and annoying, he was nevertheless an adult.

"You're two weeks late for enrollment, Naruto." He said. Well, wasn't that obvious. Of course, a week of school was already starting when I realized I wanted to go to Konoha Gakuen instead of continuing in the Academy. And I still had a week to finalize my requirements and my papers, so I was kind of late. But thanks to my father's power and influence, I was admitted without any problem. Or maybe it was my record that proved me worth admitting in my new school. Well, whatever.

And so I didn't answer Kakashi. I merely nodded to not seem too impolite. But then he talked again. "That might give you some hard time adjusting, especially in a school like Konoha Gakuen. Students there are not usually very welcoming of new faces."

"Really?" I answered silently. It was not sarcastic. I was just curious as to why he'd know if he's already an adult. Well, let's just add that to the many mysteries of Kakashi Hatake whose scarf kept on covering almost half of his face, letting us see just one of his eyes.

"Be careful, Naruto. You might want to watch your back everyday." He said again. He was really beginning to irritate me, you know. Well, were those the right words to say to a new kid? Anyway, he made sense so it didn't matter anymore.

When we got there, I stepped out of the car and saw to my anxiety that everyone was looking at me quite meaningfully. Maybe arriving in the den of thugs via rich car wasn't the smartest thing to do. It somehow felt like they would be waiting for me in some bushy part of school to ask where my wallet was. Oh, damn.

Anyway, no time to think about that anymore. I walked inside the gate, still quite self conscious about the stares that I kept on receiving. I wondered where aniki could be. But he kind of told me not to look for him, so… Naruto Namikaze! Since when were you a coward? I exhaled and bit my lip as I hardened my resolve. I could do this!

First, I would need to go to the Chairman's office and then–

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" A loud death threat caught my ears and I stopped in my tracks. I saw that some of the students stopped as well but many didn't look perturbed at all. Maybe it was a daily occurrence? As I was thinking about that, a rather large man was seen chasing after another man who looked quite bulky. Yep, I was kind of transfixed in my position as the first man caught up and started killing, I mean, knocking the hell out of the second man. Oh, God… Aniki, were you really sure I would last a week?

I started walking again and thankfully, I arrived in the Chairman's Office with nothing but stares and sneers from other students. Maybe they didn't like rich kids. Well, rich new kids who looked a little girly were always the once to get bullied first in the manga so I guess it might apply in real life too. But I didn't look too girly! I would knock the living daylights out of anyone who would say I look like a girl! But my father said I shouldn't get into fights. Damn.

I sighed again as I knocked on the door. How could this school continue to operate despite the fact that all it housed was a variety of gangs?

"Come in." A rather raspy voice said on the other side. I exhaled again and opened the doorknob only to find a man with long raven hair laughing all alone. Okay, that wasn't a good sign. If the Chairman of this godforsaken school was someone mentally challenged, no wonder the students were trying to kill each other so early in the morning.

"Oh, you're the new kid? No wonder." He voiced, raspier than earlier. He must have noticed my quiet scrutiny at his mental stability because he immediately added, "It's been some years since someone knocked on that door before barging in."

Oh. So that's the reason. But still, was it really that funny?

I walked in and closed the door. I stood in front of his table and handed out my papers to him. On his table were stack of files and there was a gold nameplate which said Orochimaru Sarutobi. I heard he inherited the position from his late father Hiruzen Sarutobi. Maybe it was the reason why he looked so out of focus. The shock of inheriting something so outrageous must have been so great.

"I feel like you're scrutinizing me." Orochimaru said and I immediately shook my head. Even if I was really doing that, I didn't want to be impolite to him. "Well, anyway, you better stop looking at students like that. They will think you're challenging them or something. Or worse, they will think you're belittling them. That can decide your future, you know. If many students hate you, you're doomed."

Another way to start my day. Why were adults these days so impolite? Couldn't they at least try to be civil in the way they talked? That's not so hard to do, right?

"I apologize." I started but was surprised when he suddenly laughed even louder than earlier. Now I was sure he really needed some help. "What's so funny?" I asked after a while.

"Well, you just apologized to me, kid." He looked so teary-eyed from over-laughing. Damn, I shouldn't have apologized if that was the reaction I would get. "I'm not saying it's bad. But, you better not do that in this school or people will think you're sissy."

My eyes widened at the comment. That was rude! You're sissy if you apologize? Who the hell came up with that rule?

"Anyway, you better go. This is the schedule of your class." He said and then he gave me my schedule.

I was drained after some more minutes of talking with the Chairman and I looked like I just run a lap or two at the huge field in the middle of the school buildings when I came out of his office. How the hell was using the honorific '–san' so outdated? How the hell could he want me to just call everyone by their surname or their name without using senpai or san? That was so rude! And then he told me to stop looking like a rich kid? How the hell could I do that? Should I put mud all over my body? And then the way I spoke was very formal? If I was formal, this would be the end of the Shakespearean literature. Damn, he even told me not to stand out. How could I do that when I was a new kid who just received all the stares of the student body?

And what's with the 'you have to come back after class, new kid'? Did he think I would want to come back to his office? Hell, no!

And aniki, where are you!?




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Oh, for those who wants to know. Aniki is the older term for onii-san which means older brother. Chichi-ue means father and haha-ue means mother. I like using it because that's what Sasuke used referreing to his family in the anime.

If you people ever watch or read 'Beelzebub,' the atmosphere of the school is just like that. Hooray for Beelzebub!

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