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I want to make some corrections for everyone who somehow has this kind of assumption. ˆoˆ First, Naruto's previous school is indeed elite, but it was never mentioned in the story that he actually liked the school. In fact, I believe the story mentioned about Naruto always fighting in his previous school because he couldn't fit in at all. Thus, the change of school. Another thing is the fact that Naruto might be smart, but many people in Konoha Gakuen are smart as well, especially those who have higher ranks; namely, Sasuke, Nagato, Kimimarou, Neji, Gaara, etc. (though that fact was not mentioned since they are just side characters.)

Also, Naruto does not compare himself towards his brother in a negative way. It might have seemed like that to some of you, but I assure you that Naruto does not have any inferiority complex towards anyone because his character in this fict is strong. Remember that he was actually glad when Shikamaru pointed out that he and Nagato has some attributes that they share.

But I will put into mind the ideas that some of you say. Anyways, let's start with the chapter. ˆoˆ


Chapter 11

"…W-What are you doing here?" My eyes are wide. I know that for a fact. But not as wide as they are now! You want to know why? Simply because Sasuke stood in front of our house's door, currently expecting me to invite him in. He stared at me while expecting me to probably say something while I could only stare at him with a dumbfounded expression.

Aniki, why aren't you here when I want you to?

"I believe that you're being rude to one of the Knights, dobe." Sasuke voiced as he raised an eyebrow at the fact that I was making myself a boulder just so he wouldn't be able to get in.

"I think that title isn't appropriate to an outside-the-school-setting, bastard." I almost growled out the words when I recovered. And here I thought that my Sunday morning would be a great one! How wrong could I get? This is the worst!

Yep, it's been a week since the start of the fighting ban. It means that there is now only one more week before the tournament itself. And yeah, I got my aniki to train me for it, after some of my much-rewarded puppy eyes and crocodile tears. That person just can't say no to me when I use those things against him. Heh!

Of course, Sai and Neji continued to pester me during those five class days last week but I was thankful I didn't see Sasuke then. Of course, that's mainly because I didn't go to the classes where I knew he'd be. The last time I saw him was the time he issued a challenge to me which I rejected. Aniki got angry at Sasuke when he learned about that and wanted to issue a challenge to the bastard but I told him it's not worth it. Kiba and Chouji even went to the extreme measure of accompanying me wherever I went so I wouldn't be ambushed by Sasuke's underlings and/or fans while Shikamaru said it's too troublesome. That pineapple's my most supportive friend, isn't he?

And now, back to the main problem at hand.

"And besides, aniki isn't here so you have no excuse to be here. You should get lost." I added when I noticed that Sasuke was starting to get pissed off by my constant musings. I saw him opening his mouth to form a comment of some sort, but decided against it. The reason why was cleared to me when I suddenly received a downward punch on my head, courtesy of my one pissed off mother.

"What do you think you're saying to a visitor, Naruto!?" And one mad Kushina let her 'soft' voice be heard by everyone. I looked at her over my shoulder and pouted, but that thing doesn't necessarily work its wonder whenever Kushina is the one at the receiving end. "I didn't raise you to be one rude teenager, young man!"

I scowled when she looked at Sasuke with a complete turnover of expression. Yep, she was wearing the most motherly smile while she let the bastard inside the house. How I wished aniki was here. I want to see how he'll handle this type of situation. Because, in truth, right now, all I want is to vanish. Imagine being humiliated by your own mother in front of your most hated person in front of your own house. No, let me take that back. I don't hate Sasuke. I just don't like him. That's all.

"I'm sorry about my son's attitude. He's not usually like that, you know." Kushina said with a smile as she handed Sasuke a cup of tea. "Are you Naruto's classmate?"

"Yes, sort of." Sasuke answered as he sipped the tea that my mother gave him. I glared at him when I sat across from him on the sofa in the living room. Fortunately, my mother was too busy thinking about something to cook so she didn't notice. I can't blame her though. Both of his sons are much too snobby and troublesome to even bother bringing some classmates over.

My aniki had only brought Yahiko as far as I know… But I shouldn't wander into those thoughts again. As for me, I have never, and I mean never, ever brought anyone in the house. Nor was I visited by a classmate in my entire life. Cool, isn't it? So imagine my shock when I saw Sasuke standing by the door when I opened it after hearing the doorbell thinking it was aniki.

"Ah, Naru-kun, would you please be hospitable while I'm out? I need to buy some ingredients for a dessert." Kushina smiled in her motherly way that she mostly used when she wanted something. I couldn't help but shiver at the request. She usually used that nickname on me when she would give me some command too. "I hope you'll entertain him while I'm gone, okay?" And now I know she's just threatening me! She might be smiling but I know that she wants me to be a good host to Sasuke! Mother, if only you know how cruel this person is!

"Yes, Haha-ue." I smiled at her to not make her worry as I kissed her goodbye. Yeah, I know it's faked but it can't be helped. I'll never be able to say no to her. Kushina Namikaze wouldn't be Minato Namikaze's wife if she wasn't suited to be one. And that means a lot.

I watched her leave the house quickly before sighed.

The sound of a huff made me turn my attention to Sasuke the bastard again. And what do you know, the prick is smirking. "So… Naru-kun. She told you to entertain me, right? How about you start doing something now? Because I'm really starting to get bored… I might tell her how despicable of a host her son is."

"You bastard." I growled, not even addressing the comment about my name anymore. "First of all, what the hell are you doing in my house!? I already told you earlier that aniki is not here at the moment! You have no business here!"

Sasuke merely arched an eyebrow as he stared right into my eyes. His onyx eyes felt like they were seeing right into my very soul. It's a little disturbing to say the least. "How do you know that Nagato-senpai is the one I'm after? Or are you always like this, already assuming things even before you get any evidence?"

"Don't fuck with me, Sasuke." I answered and I swear I saw an amused gleam in those onyx orbs for a moment there. I wonder if it was because of my choice of words. "I want to know why you're here. Or are you merely here just to annoy me? Have you nothing to do on a Sunday morning like this that you find time bullying students with lower level than yours?"

"First, I'm not here to fuck you, dobe. Although, if you want to be a really good host to me, I guess we can do that." Sasuke voiced as he crossed his legs and sat comfortably on the sofa while I've had a 'WTF' expression. I figured he was messing with me since he knows the fact I'm gay but it was still so shocking I couldn't help but be aghast. I was about to blurt out some nasty remarks when he continued, much to my annoyance. "And second, I'm not here for your aniki."

And that stopped any remark I was reciting in my mind. "Huh?"

Sasuke simply sipped his tea after uttering some gratitude and looked at me straightly again. "I want you to be my subordinate, dobe. I will never take no for an answer because I always get what I want."

So, that it. He's still going on about that? Talk about persistent. I couldn't help but sigh in early morning exhaustion. Alright, I need to tell him my thoughts straightly. "Sasuke, I already told you I have no intention of ever joining your group. It might be true that I'm not suited to be in aniki's group, but that doesn't mean I cannot be just a regular student enjoying a regular high school life, right?"

For a moment I thought Sasuke glared at the tea he was sipping. But maybe it was just my imagination because he looked as cool and composed as ever the next second I looked at him. "Dobe, I told you I won't take no for an answer, didn't I?"

I creased my eyebrows at that. "Yes, you did." And I couldn't help but shiver at the sadistic gleam his eyes suddenly have. And I know I have to turn the tables. "What merit will I get if I join your group then, Sasuke?"

And when I thought he would let it go at that, I was so wrong. His eyes suddenly gleamed with confidence before he spoke. "If you become my subordinate, you will have free lunch everyday, free medication treatment in case of severe wounds and/or injuries, free authority to do whatever you want, free from Sai's constant stalking, free from the idiots who dares challenge you so easily… and–"

"Really? 'Free from Sai's constant stalking'?" I cut him off. Wait, does that mean Sai is stalking me? I blinked in surprise at his words. I feel like wanting to just say yes all of a sudden. But enough of Sai. Free lunch means a lot to me. And no, I'm not saying I will be swayed by mere food. But free foods for lunch means lesser money to waste and lesser burden for my family. I think I'll like that.

Sasuke looked surprised at the fact that my only concern seemed to be about Sai. But of course, I can't voice out that all those things he just said are important. He's already too bigheaded for his own good.

"So, are you in?" He asked with a bit of hope in his voice.

"No, not… yet." I chuckled at his scowling reaction and I swear I saw something different in those onyx eyes. It's like a different kind of gleam but I can't put it into words. "Why are you so adamant on making me part of your group anyway, Sasuke? I can't see anything worth taking me in for. You said it yourself that I'm not suited to be in my aniki's group since I'm much too weak. Why are you so persistent now?"

He stifled a yawn though I know he's doing it on purpose, making me feel like the conversation is boring him. The bastard… But he didn't say anything. He just continued to sip his tea with utter silence which almost drove me insane. Afterwards, he gave me his usual smirk. "Are you always this impatient, dobe?"

I scowled at him. He must have seen my impatience for his answer so he purposefully didn't answer at all. Really, I've never seen someone who is more of a bastard than this person. "Just answer me, bastard." I growled.

Instead of doing what I asked, however, he just continued to drink his tea until the cup was empty before he sat comfortably at the sofa. Now, he's really pissing me off. "…Let's just make a compromise then, dobe. If you will join me, what do you want to gain in return?"

And now I know he just brushed off my question earlier. I sighed, knowing full well that the bastard will not answer my question at all. I tried to think of all the consequences of joining him. Not only the pros but also the cons. "…I don't want my friends involved in your business. I want free will and freedom to do or say whatever I want and I don't want to treat you as king. I don't like having to bow down to anyone, especially not to you. But… that doesn't mean I'm already joining you."

And he really glared at me for real this time. "Just say yes, dobe, and this will all be over." I merely shook my head in defiance and scowled when he only glared harder. "Just give yourself to me, dobe." He gritted the words in between his teeth and I found myself staring at him with eyes as wide as saucers.

For a while, none of us talked. Sasuke was glaring at me quietly while I stared at him in shock, not knowing if I will let my body's urge to blush or be disturbed win. He seemed to have realized the mistake in his sentence but he was too proud to admit it.

"…I don't like the way you constructed your sentence just now, bastard." I said after some time.

"Hn." Was his only answer and I couldn't help but lose more of my patience.

"Just answer my question, Sasuke. Why do you really want to make me join? If you answer that…" I voiced.

"If I were to answer that honestly, would you join?" The challenge in his voice was thick and I knew from that moment that he was serious. I gulped as I stared at his onyx eyes. Those orbs really did nothing but melt me today, in different kinds of ways.

"But that's–" I tried to voice but he immediately cut me off.

"Why do you have to be this stubborn, dobe?" And the bastard actually asked me that. How about I throw those same words back at him? My eyebrows narrowed when he actually stood up and approached me. I immediately tensed, thinking that he might hit me or something since he looked really annoyed at the moment.

But all he did, much to my surprise and disbelief, was to lean both his hands on the headrest of the couch, effectively straddling me in between them. He then loomed over me and I could do nothing but look up at him in confusion as he slowly closed the distance.

"I'm home!" And thank goodness, Kushina, you're just in time! "Naru-kun?"

"Yes, I'm here." I answered before I dashed to the door and opened it for her while trying to prevent my cheeks from coloring up. "Welcome back, Haha-ue." I panted a bit from nervousness and I kissed her on the cheek before I took the groceries she held.

When we went back to the living room, Sasuke stood up and slightly bowed to my mother, which she seemed to have appreciated deeply. She smiled back at him before she went to the kitchen together with me. At least Sasuke's very polite to the grownups. I'll give him credit for that.

But really, what was trying to do earlier? I couldn't help but shiver at that. Looking at him now, he didn't look like he was just about to do something disturbing at all. He looked as cool and composed as ever. And I sighed at the irony of it all. I don't even know what he was about to do and I am the one who can't help but be concerned about it.

I helped Kushina unpack the groceries as well as the other food ingredients she bought. "Oh, no…" I looked at her and she looked at me with worry deeply etched on her features.

"What is it, Haha-ue?" I asked, though I have a hunch it has something to do with the groceries she bought. And I wasn't disappointed when she spoke next.

"I forgot to buy some pasta for lunch later. Nagato and Minato both requested that." She said, obviously problematic about it. "But I already need to start cooking…"

"Do you want me to buy it?" I offered, partly because I don't want to see my aniki and father's disappointed faces and partly to get away from Sasuke the bastard even for just a little while. I need some time to think. And… it's actually a bit embarrassing to be with Sasuke right now.

"No, you will not leave your guest alone, Naru-kun." She said with a scolding voice. And so, she immediately vanquished the little hope I have in my heart.

"It's okay, Namikaze-san." We both turned to the kitchen's doorway and saw Sasuke wearing his usual cool but indifferent expression. I know better than to believe that though. How I knew, I'm not entirely sure. But I'm pretty sure that the mask he's wearing right now doesn't work on me anymore. I know for sure that he's actually smirking and having that evil glint in his eyes again. I shudder to think that it's once again directed at me.

What the hell is that bastard really thinking right now anyway? If I could just figure that one out…

"No, no. My son isn't actually like this." She tried to salvage my reputation, which I know isn't actually the problem here. And besides, that's not necessary because Sasuke already knows how much of a bastard I am too.

"It's okay." And so the bastard insisted. "I can just come with him." And my eyes widened as I stared at him. Now I know that my earlier deduction about his expression is true! And fuck, he just made it so I won't be able to get away from him, didn't he?

Kushina blinked in surprise before she smiled sweetly at him. "You're such a kind child. I hope you become good friends with my son." And I swear I saw a mischievous glint in the bastard's eyes again. But Kushina is a little too blind to those things if she wished to so I can't even make any remarks regarding it. "Alright then. Naru-kun, you better get back here immediately, okay?"

I sighed. "Alright." I glared at Sasuke again before I took the money from her and walked passed the bastard without any care. "Let's go."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Are you seriously thinking of buying that?" Sasuke asked coldly as he seemed to look down on me.

I scowled at his arrogant attitude before I looked at the item in my hand. "What's wrong with it?" It's actually the first time he talked and I was a little more than surprised. He didn't utter a single on the way to the convenience store and it was so awkward right then. He seems to be okay now though.

"See here." And Sasuke took the pasta before he showed it to me. "This pasta is hard to boil. It takes a lot of time, and by the looks of it, we don't exactly have that." And he looked at me as if asking me to dare counter him.

I can't help but scowl even more. "Fine. What brand should we buy, know-it-all Mr. Knight?" I asked just to spite him, but it seemed it didn't reach his ears as he was already looking at some brands of pasta and comparing them.

"You are so, so picky." I voiced when I leaned down to kneel beside him. He looks so busy right now as he keeps on comparing everything. I stole a glance at him and I can't help but notice how his eyebrows were furrowed in deep concentration. And now I think about it all the time – why are handsome people always so arrogant? Yahiko (since he dumped me unceremoniously)… Sasuke (he's the embodiment of arrogance)… Neji (the right-hand pawn)… And all the other good-looking guys in Konoha Gakuen are like that… or maybe not, since aniki isn't one of them. But maybe he's arrogant in his own way too and I'm just biased since I'm his brother.

"And you don't have any taste, or delicacy." His voice woke me up from my thoughts and I noticed that he answered me back without any venom. But still, that's already enough to make me fume. In annoyance, I put out my tongue just to spite him. Instead of getting annoyed, however, he only looked at me and arched an eyebrow. "Is that supposed to spite me, dobe Namikaze?"

"It's supposed to make you hurry up, bastard." I hissed as I stood up again. He followed after a while as he took the brand that he picked. "And so, what makes it so different from the others, Mr. Know-it-all?"

Sasuke merely stared at me. And is that amusement I can see from his onyx eyes? "This brand is the easiest to cook, and yet also has the most delicate strands. It's not sticky when inside the mouth, but–"

"Alright, alright." I cut him off when I realized we're kind of attracting more attention than I want. "And where the hell did you learn those things anyway?"

"I'd be dead if I don't know them since I live alone." He looked at me with a straight gaze and I almost stopped in my tracks.

"Why? Is your house far from school?" I asked offhandedly as we lined up for the counter. There are lots of customers in the convenience store so we have to wait for a while.

"No, it's because my parents are already dead." He answered offhandedly as well. And I really stopped from my tracks this time. He looked at me and smirked. "What? You think you asked something out of the line? I'm not delicate. And they've been dead for ten years now anyway."

I scowled, but I didn't talk anymore. Somehow, even if he looks like it's okay to him, his eyes still spoke differently. Those orbs looked like they're lifeless for a second there. And I swear I don't want to be the cause of something like that ever again. "…Sorry, Sasuke." I mumbled.

He only arched an eyebrow but didn't ask about it any further.

"…Are you going to eat lunch in my house as well?" I asked after a while of silence. We're already going back to the house and I can't help but think that he really has no intention of ever making me escape from his sight today.

"I even bought my favorite brand of pasta and you'll just throw me out?" Sasuke asked as he smirked darkly. "Don't you dare do that, dobe." And I can't help but gulp.

"Are you actually a glutton, Sasuke?" I asked again, since I didn't know he's that type of person at all. Or maybe he just really loves pasta that much.

Sasuke was about to answer me with that smug expression of his when we realized we were being followed. "Tch. How annoying." He voiced as he glared at the empty path behind us when we both stopped in our tracks.

"I don't think they're from our school." I said as we both felt the intense killing intent from the two males who just came out from their hiding place. They both look cool and composed but I can feel that they are barely holding their intent to break to two of us into pieces.

"What do you want?" Sasuke asked as he too let out his more than deadly aura. I would have run away immediately if it was me at the other end of that. I can now see why he's called a Knight. And he hasn't done anything major yet.

The two males in front of us, one a short redhead and one a blonde with a ponytail at the back, looked at us with those intense eyes. The blonde grinned as he introduced themselves. "My name is Deidara and this is Sasori. We're from Akatsuki."

I stared at them dumbfounded, but it seems Sasuke knew the name because his aura suddenly changed from mere apprehension to sudden hatred. "Akatsuki." His teeth gritted as he spat out the name. Sasuke looked at me with those cold eyes. "Nami–, Naruto, it's better for you to run ahead. I'll–" And he received a not-so-gentle jab on the side, courtesy of one pissed off me.

"Are you an idiot, bastard?" I glared at him coldly. "Do you think I can return home without you when my mother expects me to? She'll kill me faster than these two can. And besides, you still have my pasta." It also puzzles me that he refrained from calling me by my last name. But I am more puzzled at the fact that he looked like he doesn't care at all if he were to die, just so he could land a blow of revenge to those two.

"Naruto!" He exclaimed, but we were both surprised when the blonde suddenly lurched forward to attack us. Sasuke pushed me off the attack range in reflex, or so I hope that's what he intended to do since it hurt a lot as I stumble on the ground. He pushed me way too forcefully.

"Sasuke!" I shouted when I saw how the blonde tackled him to the ground.

"Is this all the Black Knight of Konoha Gakuen has?" Deidara asked as he grinned wickedly while trying to choke Sasuke. I immediately tried to interfere but the guy named Sasori went in the way.

"I don't care who you are, blondie. But I will not allow you to–" Sasori wasn't finished talking yet when I swiftly landed a blow on him, or at least I tried to. He's kind of faster than I thought and it irks me that he seems as fast as aniki.

Sasori wiped off his cheek that I grazed an attack to, and he actually looks angry. Heck, I should be the one angry! Not him! I looked at Sasuke and Deidara and saw that Sasuke was driven into a corner, though he's doing better than I thought. As expected of a Knight.

"Who are you?" Sasori's voice rang in the air and I scowled at his rudeness. On the other side, Sasuke and Deidara continued to fight. But my side and Sasori's are in a halt. I looked at him coldly and he seems to have realized something. "Deidara, I think I already who he is."

"Huh?" Deidara was a little distracted and Sasuke used that chance to kick his stomach, making him double over in pain. "What the fuck!" He screamed at Sasori as the latter merely looked at him as if he deserved it.

"He's Namikaze's younger brother." Sasori voiced and my eyes widened at that. How did they know that? Not even the know-it-all Sasuke realized that fact the first time we met.

"Tch. I guess that's it for our greeting." Deidara glared at both of us and I gladly returned the favor using my own Namikaze death glare.

"Your greeting sucks." Sasuke voiced, though I can feel that he's barely standing either. Deidara was about to attack again due to the provocation but Sasori grabbed his arm to stop him.

"That's enough… for now." The redhead said as they both walked away from us. It's as if nothing happened in the residential area after that. The only indication that something happened was the labor breathing that my companion, the bastard, is having.

I was about to tease him for being incredibly weak when I realized he's actually bleeding. "Sasuke!" I ran to him immediately, my senses reeling for what to do. I'm not a medic and I certainly don't know how to treat a wound.

"Why did you tell them your name, dobe?" He hissed as he leaned on a wall, obviously doing his best to stay standing. I helped him up and I was surprised that he let me. I thought he'd refuse the help like how those other stronger individuals usually are.

"I didn't. That guy Sasori just sort of realized it or something…" I scowled. "But more than that, how the hell did you receive this wound when I didn't see any weapon from that Deidara's hand?" I asked as I saw how much blood was gushing out of his stomach. "Fuck... You're too reckless."

He actually chuckled. "And you're too naïve." His breath hitched as we continued walking and I have the feeling that it's because I'm being too damn useless about his wound. I didn't have time to actually ask him about the insult as the Namikaze house came into full view. I just hope aniki and chichi-ue still isn't home.

"Can you go inside the house without having to appear this weak?" I asked. I know I'm being terribly harsh but I don't want to make haha-ue worry.

"…Easy." He tried to smirk and I actually sighed at his arrogance even when hurt.

And yet, that same arrogance also amazed me when he walked inside the house like nothing happened. We both greeted Kushina like normal and we even gave her the pasta that was thankfully untouched by the fight before we ascended the stairs.

"Come down here when it's time for lunch, okay?" Kuchina called and I just answered distractedly. Since the moment Sasuke was gone from view, he immediately slumped on the stairs.

"Sasuke." I called as I helped him get up. I took him to my room and let him sit on the bed as I took a medicine kit from my drawer. I'm just thankful I have my own med kit in case aniki and I trained harsher than normal and I couldn't ask Kushina where the family med kit was.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt before he looked at the extent of his wound. My eyes also widened at the extent of it. "You look surprised." Sasuke's strained voice as we cleaned it brought me out of my musings.

"What do you mean?" I asked as I slowly bandaged him. His skin was supposedly smooth and pearly white. But right now, the color of red was so thick in my sight that it's a little hard to not tremble.

"You really haven't heard of the word 'chakra'?" He asked and I looked at him with a dumbfounded expression. And now he seemed pissed somehow. "If you don't know that, then how the hell are you able to fight the higher level students, dobe?"

I scowled, but I still answered. "I just fight them, period. And besides, what's this fucking 'chakara' anyway? Is it a kind of weapon that caused you this or something?"

"It's chakra, dumbass." Sasuke smirked and I purposefully tightened his bandage, which made him lose the smirk and hiss in pain. "You little– Ouch, shit. Stop that!" He glared and I only looked at him innocently before my expression break out into a grin.

He glared at me even more, but it seems the pain is greater for him right now than the argument so he just chose to explain everything to me. By the end of his long and arrogant explanation – since it was full of 'you don't even know that?' or 'how could you not know that, are you an idiot?' – I somehow have the gist of everything. And I also have this deep desire to suddenly punch his wounds too.

So basically, chakra is a form of energy inside a human body, circulating inside like blood and trapped within the confines of body. While most humans have it, there are only handful individuals who are able to make full use of its endless potential. Those who actually practice martial arts and stuffs like that have it in them to release it like a force or a wave of energy. This wave of energy is what makes strong martial artists even stronger. But not only martial artists have those. Thugs and goons, students of Konoha Gakuen, and other teenagers have it too. It's because teens are usually at the peak of their prime youth and also at the peak of their potential to make the chakra flow out of their body.

But not everybody has it. For example, only those who are with Class A or B magatama have the potential to make it come out. And only those have managed to make it come out are to be considered a 'Knight.' I didn't think that's actually the secret to this Knighthood thing. And that also means that aniki has it too.

Also, chakra was the force that managed to wound Sasuke greatly earlier. Since the enemy's chakra managed to defeat his, then only Sasuke took the blow with a heavy damage. But that doesn't mean Sasuke isn't cool at all. Sasuke said that the enemy's chakra was way greater than his own, but he was doing his best earlier and he could actually keep up despite the obvious wounds here and there.

"Oy, have you finished taking it all in yet? Or do you still have to think about it for the rest of the remaining hour?" Sasuke asked and that somehow made me lose my line of thought.

"You really are an annoying bastard as always." I said with a scowl.

"Why do you keep pouting every time I say something?" He asked me with that usual smirk of his. And now I want to murder some wounded Black Knight. And he still yet to tell me anything about the Akatsuki.




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