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Chapter 14

I can feel my feet off the ground as I feel my wings grow larger and larger, turning me into the most beautiful butterfly in Wonder Land. But then I suddenly heard an annoying sound, a distant and yet familiar ringing sound. I wonder where I have heard that before. Hmm… I wonder where… And then the ringing sound just got louder and I felt my wings turn to dust as I fell on my side in the soft cottony mattress. And then I opened my eyes.

"Ugh…" I groaned when the light suddenly hit my eyes and I immediately closed them again. I groped the alarm clock and turned it off, intending to shut it up. And yet, and yet, the annoying sound still continues. "What the..?" And I remembered that today was supposed to be Saturday, meaning there's no way I'd set up the alarm at such an early hour.

I opened my eyes again and saw that it was actually my cell phone ringing. My eyebrows furrowed before I took it from the table beside my bed and looked at the unknown number flashing on the screen. "Who the hell is this..?" My mood is already sour and if I learned that it was just a prank call, I'll really shout out all the swear words I know in the mouthpiece.

"Hello?" I growled, already annoyed even though I haven't heard the caller's voice yet.

"Dobe, I can feel your dark aura even from here." I blinked at the somehow familiar way of calling me.

"Sasuke?" I asked in uncertainty. How did he get my number!?

I almost jumped out of my bed in deep surprise when the door to my room suddenly opened with a loud bang, revealing a very annoyed Nagato who obviously kicked the door from the outside. "Did you just say 'Sasuke'?"

"Aniki?" I almost had a sweatdrop back there. How the hell did he manage to hear the bastard's name when I was so sure I only whispered it? Did he bug my room or something? Or maybe put some hidden cameras in here somewhere? "Err… yeah, this is Sasuke. Why?"

And as expected, he crossed the room and walked towards my bed before he took the phone from my hand, much to my slight annoyance and surprise, before he spoke to Sasuke himself.

"Uchiha, you fucking bastard. Don't you dare show your face here in my house or I'll skin you alive." He growled the words before he ended the call and gave me back the phone.

I sat there, staring at him in disbelief as he wore a contented look. I'm pretty sure I'm wide awake now. "Aniki, what was that all about?" I asked when I recovered, eyebrows arched and arms crossed.

"He thinks he's being discrete about his intentions but he's way too obvious. He should try a little harder than that to get you, Naruto." He answered me without a second thought and I actually gaped at him.

"A-Aniki! You've got it wrong!" I immediately stood up from my bed. "I thought I told you our relationship isn't like that at all!" I can feel my cheeks reddening at the words. Why is everyone thinking like that!?

"I don't know about you, Naruto. But I'm 100% sure his intention towards you isn't what you thought it to be." He looked at me with those sharp violet eyes of his before he sighed and patted my head. "Don't worry. I'll make sure to protect you from that guy… and from any other guy out there with impure and indecent intentions for that matter." And he smiled at me with that warm expression of his. I can't help but sigh.

Oh, aniki. Do you actually have a brother complex towards me? Haha. Just kidding. I know I won't hear the end of it if I actually asked that.

"But Aniki–" I was about to argue and tell him that Sasuke and I aren't like that at all but my words were interrupted by a set of knocks on the open door.

"Breakfast is ready, boys." Kushina stood there, smiling sweetly at the both of us. Oh, no. That smile again. "I'm so happy, Naruto! You didn't break your promise to me!" And she actually brushed aniki aside and hugged the hell out of me.

"H-Haha-ue!? What's going on!?" I asked as I tried my hardest to get away from her choking bear hug. It was actually like a monster hug if you ask me. I'm just glad Kushina wasn't blessed with the ability to read minds.

"Your friend from before is here again!" She almost squealed the words. "You invited him again! You said you would and you actually did! Haha-ue is so happy!"

My eyes widened as I gulped. I then looked at aniki and gulped again when I saw that intense dark aura coming out of him. He smiled sweetly when Kushina looked at him with a happy expression but I know for sure that he's fuming at the knowledge that Sasuke dared disobey him.

Well, aniki, Sasuke isn't exactly your subordinate so I don't think he'd obey you in the first place. But still… that bastard has guts to even step inside our house after receiving such a threat from aniki.

"Err… I'll be changing my clothes then." I smiled at Haha-ue and immediately sensed my brother's glare directed towards me. Heck, can't I even change clothes now? I looked at him and silently explained, without Kushina's knowledge of course, that changing clothes doesn't mean I'll already go on a date with Sasuke.

"Alright then." Kushina smiled again before she ushered Nagato outside the room to meet with Sasuke downstairs. I just wish Sasuke is still alive when I get down there.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I can already touch the thick tension in the air as I sat down the chair. Everyone has already started eating and I can see that Nagato and Sasuke are discretely glaring at one another behind my parents' back.

"Naruto, you didn't tell me you and Sasuke-kun here have something to do today." Kushina's first words to me made me sweat a lot, and coldly at that. Why is she so unaware of the situation when she's so damn sensitive when it comes to busting us brothers?

"Err… yeah. Yeah, something like that, Haha-ue." I laughed sheepishly before I stole a glance at both aniki and Sasuke. The latter wore a smug smirk while the former could barely hold his tremble. Aniki will really lose it if I won't do something. I began eating fast so I'll be able to finish fast and get out of the house with Sasuke fast. Sorry, Aniki. It's the only way you'll be free of Sasuke for the whole day.

"So, where are you two going?" Minato asked as he took a bite from his food. He's looking at both of us with curiosity.

"We haven't decided yet." Sasuke answered before I could even think of an alibi. "We want to hang out for today."

"That sounds fun." Nagato voiced with a sweet smile. But aniki, you're smiling and yet there's a super dark aura around you. "Should I go as well?"

Aniki!? What do you think you're saying!?

"It will only bore a serious person like you." Sasuke also smiled. What the hell is with these two!? I think their dark auras are currently fighting it out.

Minato and Kushina chuckled at the 'friendly' atmosphere. "Well, do be careful though. There are many dangers outside, especially for teenagers like you." Minato warned, making both Sasuke and I nod.

"Yes, you should be more careful, Naruto." Nagato looked at me with that smile as well. "Even those you call 'friends' can have such impure motives."

"S-Sure, aniki." I almost sweatdropped again. One would think that aniki is a very calm and cool person who doesn't give a damn about anything. Who would have thought that he is the type to really annoy the hell out of the person he doesn't like.

"Don't worry," Sasuke immediately caught on the implicit meaning. "Since he's with me, there's no way a 'friend' will be able to do anything." He smiled and Nagato immediately gave him a death glare.

"Well, we should be going now." I laughed sheepishly as I started dragging Sasuke out of the house the moment we finished eating.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"I was about to tell you that I won't be going anymore." I scowled as we walked together in the crowded street of Konoha City. "Aniki didn't want me to."

"Too bad Nagato's younger brother wants to be with me more." Sasuke answered me with a smile.

"What!? I never wanted to be with you!" I immediately exclaimed, my face instantly heating up. "And stop it with that cryptic smile you kept on using since earlier!"

"Sorry, it somehow got stuck on me because of your brother." Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to go back to his cool expression. He then looked at me again, wearing his cool and smug smirk now. "Better?"

"Not exactly." I scowled at his smugness. "But at least you're less creepy now."

He chuckled at that. And what do you know, I found myself blushing as I looked away. "Where do you want to go, Naruto?" He suddenly asked.

At that, I looked at him with surprise. So he was serious when he said he still didn't know where we'll go. Well, there are many places I want to go to. But I don't think those places fit with Sasuke's taste. Besides, we're not exactly friends so I don't know where we should go at this moment. "Uh… want to have some cake?" I asked out of the blue when the silence stretched for a long time.

I saw him furrowed his eyebrows, but he didn't say anything. He just nodded. I narrowed my eyes and looked at him harder, scrutinizing his reaction. He then looked at me with that cool gaze of his and arched an eyebrow. "What?"

"Well, just trying to see if eating cake is really okay with you." I said honestly. "Normally, cool people don't like eating sweet stuffs or doing anything close to pride-damaging."

He grinned at that. "Does that mean you think I'm cool and you're not?"

"Wha–!?" I reacted immediately, but he only laughed. "Sasuke, you're a bastard." I scowled, feeling my cheeks get redder by the second.

"I already know that." He smirked. "Shall we go to that cake house of yours then?" I glared at him weakly but I still nodded.

We continued walking for some time until we reached an intersection. After a while, we saw a cute-looking cake house. The place was warm and cozy, and also bit a girly for our liking, but we still decided to get inside the small shop just beside the busy street. There are many females and also lovers eating cakes at this hour so it's somehow eye-catching that two males chose this place of all possible choices.

"Err… aren't we the center of attention here?" I asked Sasuke quietly as I looked at everyone who was equally staring back at us. We chose to have a seat far from the glass window and the other occupied seats but it didn't have any effect. Everyone was still staring at us. Many girls were silently giggling to themselves and some wore a disgusted expression for some reason. I immediately scowled at that.

"Don't mind them." Sasuke uttered coolly as he gave all those people a cold gaze. I silently laughed at the fact that many other customers shuddered in fright at his glare alone.

The waiter took our orders after a while and I've had a hard time trying to convince Sasuke to also order something.

"Sasuke, I swear the cake here is delicious." I persuaded. "They're sweet and fluffy… and–"

"That's exactly the problem, Naruto." He interrupted while looking at me as if it was so damn obvious. I immediately gave him a glare. "I hate sweet things."

My eyes widened and I almost pouted… thank God I didn't. "Sasuke, you said we can eat cake!" I hissed the words at him.

"I didn't say that. I only agreed to come here so you can eat cake." He said with an arched eyebrow, obviously reminding me of the whole conversation.

I narrowed my eyes at him, just to give him a warning, but it didn't have any effect. I pouted in annoyance and immediately ordered two sets of chocolate cakes, much to both Sasuke and the waiter's surprise. I glared at the waiter and he immediately scurried away to give our order to the counter.

I looked at Sasuke when he sighed. "I thought I told you I won't be ordering anything."

"You didn't order anything so I ordered for you." I said with a scowl. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll like it… or at least be able to tolerate it."

"Tolerate, huh…" He chuckled silently. "I'll eat that thing in one condition, dobe."

My eyes narrowed again. There's that gleam in his eyes again and I fought back the urge to gulp down the lump in my throat. "W-What condition?"

"You'll have to feed me." He said with that annoying smirk again and my eyes immediately widened like a saucer as I stared at him in disbelief.

"Wha–!?" I couldn't even talk properly. I feel like the air was suddenly blown out of my lungs because of too much shock.

"Ummm…" We both looked up as the waiter voiced his presence. I immediately reddened when I realized that he was hesitant to talk since we're in the middle of our little 'argument.' "Y-You're orders are here, sirs."

Sasuke took one of the cakes and gave me the other one while the waiter gave us the iced teas. The waiter couldn't help but smile at the two of us as he offered some promos for couples.

"Err…" I actually wanted to glare at him for daring to think that Sasuke and I are couple but I refrained since he was being so nice to us. "Um, we're not actually…"

"No, our order is fine." Sasuke immediately interrupted, obviously not wanting any more cake promos. "We'll just call you if we still need anything." The waiter immediately bowed before leaving us.

"That was rude, Sasuke." I told him. "Not to mention you didn't tell him we're not actually lovers." I reddened a little at my words.

"I don't exactly care about that." Sasuke said as he looked at me with a smug smirk. "Now, feed me." And I could only gape at his sheer shamelessness and arrogance. I stared at him as he gave me his teaspoon and cake before he expectantly waited for me to spoon-feed him.

"Sasuke, this is…" I was about to argue but then I saw how his face slowly turns into a scowl. I sighed as I took the teaspoon and started feeding him small bits of cake.

I know it's a little awkward and embarrassing, considering we're in a very public place, but I still couldn't help but laugh every time his face would scrunch up in disgust at every bite of the cake. I was afraid for a while that he'd throw it all up in one go. He obviously didn't like it so I was curious to know why he's willing to eat the 'sweet stuff.' But I refrained to ask because I was a little afraid that he'd stop eating if I were to mention it out loud.

"See? It's not that bad." I voiced when he finished the slice of cake that I ordered for him. I chuckled when he looked at me as if it was obvious that he doesn't agree with me.

He finished his tea in one go, probably to dispel the sickening taste of the cake out of his tongue, before he talked. "That was one hellish experience…"

"You're exaggerating, Sasuke." I said as I started eating my own slice of cake. "It was a little too sweet but it's delicious." He looked at me and my cake with disgust and I laughed at him again. No matter what he'd say about cakes, he won't be able to change the fact that I managed to make him eat a slice of it.

I took my time finishing the cake before we both left the place with full stomachs, though Sasuke didn't look satisfied at all. We then walked for a while, just sightseeing even though the city was already so familiar to us we could walk with our eyes closed.

"Are you alright?" I asked when he remained quiet for a while now.

He gave me a weak glare before he spoke. "Obviously, I'm not. I swear I'll never eat cakes again… but I'll make exceptions if you're going to feed me every time." He actually said the words with a casual expression and I don't know if I'd laugh or get embarrassed and blush.

I scratched the back of my head as I laughed, cheeks a little red. "You're exaggerating again."

"Hn." His eyes then saw something and he stopped walking. "Shall we go watch a movie?" He asked out of the blue. I followed his eyesight and saw the line of the couples heading to the movie theater.

"Uhh… sure?" I answered with furrowed eyebrows, a little hesitant since the line was long.

Sasuke probably didn't hear my hesitation or, if he did, didn't comment on it. "Let's go." He voiced before dragging me by the arm. My eyes widened and I felt my breath hitched at the sensation of his soft palm against my skin.

I immediately bit the inside of my cheek, trying my best to stay calm. It's not as if he's holding my hand. He's just holding my arm for fuck's sake! But the fact that he's dragging me by the arm and going to the line for couples is a little awkward.

There are people looking at us as usual but Sasuke didn't look too interested in giving them any attention. Some girls are ogling him but he didn't look like he's seeing any of them, at least not at the moment. His eyes are focused on the three movie posters on the wall.

"Which do you want to watch?" He voiced, and it took me a while to realize that he's actually talking to me. He looked at me with an arched eyebrow and I immediately stuttered in my words, much to my chagrin. And he suddenly wore that smug expression of his again. "Are you like that because you're self-conscious when people look at you? Or are you like that because we're going on a movie together?"

"Sasuke… stop being a bastard." I growled, but my face immediately heated up.

He only chuckled though, obviously not a bit intimidated by my action. "So, which movie again?" I glared at him before I looked at the posters displaying three movies with different genres: romance, horror, and action.

I would have liked action movies if it weren't for the fact that it would appear normal to me since I always see live actions at school. If I were to choose romance, I would appear too sappy in Sasuke's eyes and he would laugh at me. The only choice left was horror so I chose it. "Horror." I voiced with determination.

"Are you sure?" He grinned. "That's in 3D, dobe."

And I equally grinned as well. "What of it? Scared, Sasuke?"

He arched an eyebrow at me. "In your dreams, dobe."

And we started heading to our seats while spouting light insults and teasing remarks to one another. We then put on our 3D glasses and the movie started after a while.

Before now, I didn't know that scary movies could be so, well, scary. I never knew that putting a piece of glasses could make all the difference. I could feel my breath hitch at every scene and feel my heart thumping in nervousness at every surprising situation. I stayed rigid in my seat, gripping the armrest with white clenched fists, since it would be too embarrassing to be surprised and hug Sasuke in the process. That would be the end of me.

In the middle of the movie, I was surprised when I felt Sasuke's head on my shoulder. It actually surprised me a lot that I flinched and almost blurted out some curses. I then looked at him, already prepared to give him an earful of comments, when I realized that he's quietly snoring. What the–!?

"Sasuke?" I called quietly but he didn't answer. The fucking bastard was actually bored of the movie to the point of falling asleep when I was doing my best to stay calm and not scream like a frightened teenage girl!?

I growled to myself, a little annoyed that I was the only one scared of the movie. But then I felt that he was falling off my shoulder so I steadied his head. I could feel his soft hair brushing my cheek and now I'm trying my best to keep my blush at bay. But in fairness, I found myself calming down at his presence. Even though I could still see the scary scenes, the heavy weight on my right shoulder was enough to keep me calm until the end of the movie.

It was a very bizarre experience. To feel Sasuke's heavy weight on my shoulder, literally, and not feel any kind of annoyance or hatred at all. If I would be more honest to myself, I would have said I enjoyed it a bit. But no, of course I didn't enjoy it… that much. Sasuke smells nice, too nice actually. I feel like a pervert just from inhaling his scent and I can't help but have this sudden urge to brush his hair with my fingers. I refrained from moving or doing anything unnecessary of course, lest I wanted to make an embarrassment out of myself.

By the end of the credits, Sasuke yawned as he stretched. "That was a nice sleep." He voiced to himself and I fought back the urge to make a retort. Obviously he slept a lot since he slept like a log the entire time even though many people were screaming.

"Don't you dare ask me what happened at the end of the movie." I said with a glare and he merely chuckled as he started walking outside the movie theater. "So, where are we going next? And make sure you don't sleep next time too." I said with a scowl when I caught with him.

"Hm… I'm hungry." He said. "Where do you want to eat?"

"Again?" I asked. "We just ate cake, Sasuke."

"That wasn't part of my meal." He argued with a defensive expression and I couldn't help laugh.

"Alright, fine." I said as I took him the restaurant where aniki and I usually eat. What I didn't know was the fact that we'd see someone we never thought we'd see today.


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