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Chapter 3

I attended most of my classes during the afternoon. In all those classes, I chose to sit at the back where people would have to strain their necks before they could stare at me. It was really annoying to be stared at, but I guess it's not as if they could kill me with looks alone. During the first period, which was History taught by someone named Asuma Sarutobi (I pitied him for having the same surname as the insane Chairman), I actually sat beside a redhead who looked too oblivious to my presence, or was ignoring my presence to be exact. Of course, as I said, I didn't like prying on other people's business so I kept my silence.

I took a quick glance at him and saw that oh God, he's a Fighter with white magatama, A Class. And he's only a first year! That was quite something… I noticed that there were also students glancing at him but he didn't seem to notice or, if he did, mind. He had an almost invisible eyebrow, which made my eyebrow twitch in curiosity. Did he shave it? And oh, he had a tattoo on his left forehead. It was quite cool, really. 'Ai.' It would look sappy on any other guy but it looked cool on him. And for those who wanted to ask, I was not checking him out! I was merely observing! I already have a lover you know, one who was almost non-existent now because I haven't seen him since the summer break.

During the second period, I was seated in the middle since there was already someone sitting on the far end of the room. He was a stoic male with raven hair and eyes. He was looking at the window without any care in the world. His hair was spiky and yet it looked so silky on the touch. His skin was pale and creamy-looking. Yep, in short, he's so handsome! But of course, my Yahiko was more handsome than that raven could ever be. And no, I wasn't checking him out either! Beside me were too giggling annoying girls who did nothing but gawk at the raven-haired boy. It was annoying to say the least.

One of the girls has striking pink hair and the other one was just like me, a blonde, though her hair has a lighter shade than mine. The pink-haired girl has huge emerald eyes which were twinkling with glee every time they looked at the raven. And her cheeks were almost glowing in shades of pink, I tell you. That was the most unnatural thing I've ever seen. Even I only become like that when Yahiko and I were, you know… Oh, I wanted to blush too! And her companion's face was mirroring her expression. They were very, very distracting.

The blonde had a magatama in the color of yellow, E Class. And the pink-haired girl had no earring at all. So she wasn't a Fighter. But she didn't have a choker either. Oh, a Medic? I tried to see her right middle finger, and sure enough, there was a simple black ring there. Oh, Medic.

"Oh, he looked this way, Sakura!" The blonde giggled and the pink-haired girl named Sakura also mimicked her and they both let out the most ear-splitting giggle I've ever heard. Talk about being flirty in the middle of a Mathematics Class. And the teacher named Shizune, whose surname I don't remember, didn't even try to at least tell them to shut it.

And during the third period, I was seated together with a very shy girl. I didn't know if she was consciously doing it but she kept on staring in my direction. Maybe she wanted to exchange seats? I didn't know. She never told me anything. I asked her name and she told me it was Hinata. Well, aside from that, she kept her mouth shut and her cheeks remained red for the entire class. Maybe that was natural too? I wouldn't be too surprised anymore, what with all the strange things in this school. She also didn't have a magatama earring but a black ring on her right middle finger. So she's a Medic too.

Anyway, I didn't listen much because the teacher Ebisu looked quite annoying, what with the dark glasses and all just to look at the females' busts in secrecy. Well, I could see you, pervert. And thank you so much for teaching Values and Social Ethics which I noticed you were not practicing.

How annoying.

And the fourth period was Physical Education. I saw Chouji but Shikamaru was nowhere to be found even though he said we're supposed to be classmates. And this was now the present. Since I was already finished in telling of my earlier experiences, let's start the story of my first ever P.E. class in Konoha Gakuen.

"Shikamaru only attended this class twice in two whole weeks." Chouji said beside me. Well, considering he was kind of lazy, that was a bit expected.

We were wearing a collared shirt with only three buttons on the front to serve as design and rather annoying sexy shorts. Well, it was sexy in the sense that its rim was above my knee and it was a little too fitted for my liking. It was like a female's jersey shorts.

Our teacher, to say the least, was weird. He had a bowl-cut hair and a bushy eyebrow. He had a very enthusiastic attitude. He wore a green vest on top of a green one-piece clothing and somehow, I felt that he looked really familiar. I couldn't help but furrow my eyebrows as I tried to remember where I've seen him before.

"He looks a lot like Lee, isn't he?" Chouji mumbled beside me and all the pieces clicked inside my head. Yep, that guy definitely looked like Lee. And speaking of Lee, why was he doing some push-ups when all of us were standing and listening to the teacher's instruction?

I saw the girl named Sakura together with the blonde and also the shy girl from earlier. I didn't know that there would be a class where I could see all of them at once. Well, Lee was still doing some push-ups and Chouji looked like he wanted to just eat snacks rather than stand up and listen to the teacher. The guy named Konohamaru was on the other side of the line, looking a bit like a mummy with all the gauzes on his arms and legs. But aside from that, he looked quite okay.

"Run three laps encircling this whole gym." The teacher whose name was Gai clapped his hands twice and gave us a thumbs-up and a toothy grin which Lee returned rather enthusiastically. I think I already know who Lee's idol in life is. And I swear, it wasn't at all invigorating.

And then we started jogging.

"And I wonder why Lee is here." Chouji voiced again. I looked at him in confusion. "He's a second year, you know." Oh. Now, that was really something unnatural. Maybe he liked Gai so much that he wanted to stick with the teacher no matter what. That was… uh, fantastic?

I was kind of glad that it's the last period. Man, this school would really drain anyone! The overload of information and also the questions that I wanted to ask were swimming inside my head, thoroughly making my brain even murkier. Oh, how I wanted this day to end. But that also meant that I would be going back to that damn Chairman's Office. And it was so damn frustrating to be in there.

I snapped away from my thoughts when Chouji ran beside me and nudged me at the side. I looked at him and blinked.

"They're looking at you." Chouji whispered and I had to lean closer just to hear him.

"What?" I asked, not knowing what he was talking about. Well, I knew that someone was looking at me. But who and where was the question.

"Some upperclassmen." He answered. That was kind of annoying. Like I've said before, I hate being stared at. I knew I might be staring at some random people in my classes earlier who were a little oblivious of my gaze but that didn't mean the karma should immediately return, right? Right?

It was just good timing that we reached the end of the gym and had to jog back. Of course, by then I could already see their faces. Yep, those people from the doorway were clearly looking at me. One of them had raven hair and eyes that were almost non-existent while wearing a casual smirk. He's annoying, even if he looked kind of cool. Beside him was a male with pale complexion and silvery bluish hair. He had pointy teeth, which I could see because he was grinning. Oh, how I hated those expressions, especially if they were directed at me. On the raven's other side was a bulky guy with orange hair and tanned complexion. He looked serious, almost as if he was thinking hard. Yep, they were all looking at me while wearing different expressions.

"Who are they?" I asked, but Chouji was no longer beside me. I looked back and realized I kind of left him. He ran slower than I did and I waited till he caught up again. Beside him was a male with spiky brunette hair and red tattoo on each side of the cheeks. He grinned at me when our eyes met. I returned his greeting with my casual smile.

"I'm Kiba Inuzuka, E Class." He voiced. And just as he said that, my gaze immediately darted on the yellow magatama earring on his left ear.

"Naruto." I answered. And then I turned to Chouji who already looked exhausted. It's just our second lap. "Who are they?" Though as I was looking at him, I already kind of knew he could no longer answer because that would make him even more exhausted.

"The one in the middle is Sai, second year, B Class. The one on his right is Suigetsu, also second year, B Class. And the one on Sai's other side is Jugo, second year, A Class." Kiba answered without really looking at the three upperclassmen, which I was thankful for. I nodded at him. "They are looking at you, Naruto. I wonder why." He added as he glanced at me from the sideway. He was now jogging in between Chouji and me.

"They've been looking at him for a while now." Chouji spoke in between huffs of breaths. "I think they're waiting for you, Naruto. Be careful." Of course, I didn't know how to answer that. But I knew one thing for sure. My aniki would never let me get hurt, or at least he wouldn't let me get hurt too badly.

I didn't know how to answer so I asked a question instead. "Are you okay, Chouji?"

He smiled at me and nodded, though I could see that he was barely keeping with our slow jog. Kiba also looked at him in concern and he smiled at us again. "Don't worry about me. I'm fine." Kiba and I nodded not because we really believed him but because it was the only thing we could think of doing.

"You're the transfer student that they keep on talking about this whole morning, right?" Kiba asked me, and I nodded. "Do you know them, Naruto?"

He didn't specify who 'them' was, though I already knew. I shook my head. I haven't even seen them before. Kiba looked thoughtful for a while but he didn't elaborate any further.

"If Shikamaru is here, he'd know what kind of look they are giving you right now." Chouji voiced. Kiba nodded.

"Yep, Shikamaru is a bit too observant, if you ask me. No wonder why people keep on asking him for a challenge, even though he always runs away or refuses." Kiba voiced and I chuckled at that. How Shikamaru-like. Chouji chuckled as well.

"So, why did you transfer here?" Kiba asked so suddenly that I was caught a little off-guard. I didn't know what to answer. Well, we're really not close enough for me to open up about financial problem. If I mentioned Yahiko or aniki, it might create some trouble for either of them…

"Just a change of pace." I smiled. We passed by the doorway and I tried my best to not look at any of the upperclassmen. Just one more lap.

"And you chose this school?" Kiba asked, looking incredulous. I nodded. "Man, you're weird. I was forced to go to this damn school because it's cheap."

"Shikamaru chose this school because it's closest to his house and I chose it because he did." Chouji said thoughtfully. I smiled. They were really close, weren't they?

And so, Gai started calling our attention once again by clapping his hands. "Okay, let's start our afternoon with the basics." I didn't know what he was talking about though. The students started walking towards one another, forming a pair. Now what? I didn't have any pair.

"We can be pairs." Kiba offered while grinning. I looked at Chouji and noticed that he was much too exhausted to do whatever it was that we needed to be doing. Kiba followed my gaze and chuckled. "Chouji and Shikamaru are the ones who are in pairs. I was supposed to be paired with Shino but he paired with Hinata just now." And damn, who's Shino? I looked over the shy girl whose name was Hinata and saw that she was paired with a guy wearing sunglasses much like what Ebisu-sensei wore. His spiky brunette hair was gelled to make it stand up and I doubted it would ever go down even after a shower.

"Okay." I answered. "What are we going to do?" I looked at the others and saw they were, oh damn, they were sparring!? "We're going to spar?"

Kiba chuckled. "Don't worry. It's just an exercise." How was spar just an exercise?

Anyway, it's not like I was wimpy anyway. "Okay." And I readied my stance into a defensive mode which made Kiba arch an eyebrow before he grinned.

"Your stance looks nice." He observed, looking satisfied. Oh, don't compliment me too much. I might blush. I chuckled. Well, I kind of self-tutored myself, you know. "Shall we start?"

I nodded. And oh wow, the way he readied himself to attack was amazing. No wonder he was not green anymore. Heh, I was starting to use their language now, was I?

And he suddenly leapt for a surprise attack the moment I was in the middle of self-contemplation. Of course, there's no need to really tell in detail how I tried to dodge the attack but was only too shocked to do so. Yep, people, I would be the laughing stock of the entire class for the rest of the year with this. I was thrown some five feet on my back by his obviously held back fists.

Everyone looked at me in surprise and some openly laughed. Damn them! Kiba looked surprised for a while before he immediately ran towards me and helped me up. "Sorry, are you alright?" Yep, Kiba, I feel great! Your fist was very tasty! How about that?

I chuckled. "I'm fine."

Though by now I was sure I was really fine. If I were any other normal me, without the knowledge of anything, then I would have already cried out in so much pain. But since I was quick to at least repel some of the force of his fist, I was able to solidly land on my back without so much as a scratch. Now, please don't say that I was bluffing when I said I knew self defense. I really did! I was just unprepared and a bit out of it! Really!

Kiba looked at me in concern for a while before he grinned again. "You look unhurt." Oh, what did I tell you? I grinned at him as well.

"Are you okay!?" Gai rushed to our side and asked that question in a booming voice, totally making the little scene escalate. Now that many students had recovered, most of them were snickering and some were, just like earlier, openly laughing.

"Don't mind them." Kiba told me. Of course, that's what I was planning on doing. "Some of them are laughing at Gai and not at you." Some of them, huh? So, most of them were laughing at me then.

"We need to take you to the Nurse Office!" Gai exclaimed. I didn't know why he was looking left and right, but after a while it became apparent why. And I wished I didn't know. "LEE!" Oh, God.

"Yes, sensei!" Lee ran beside him and saluted while grinning in enthusiasm. This would be the worst day of my life. I just knew it.

"Take our new kid to the Infirmary Office!" Gai shouted at his face. And Lee grinned even more. What did I say about worst day? Yep, I really knew it.

"Roger, sensei!" He equally shouted on the teacher's face. If the subject of the conversation wasn't me, I would have burst out laughing. But right now, I felt like I wanted to cry. Aniki, help me!

I was still in the middle of calling my brother through mind telepathy and hope against all odds that he'd receive it when two arms slipped under my knees and on my back. Oh, no! Lee immediately lifted me up bridal style.

"Lee, I'm okay! There's no need to–" I started struggling against his hold but it seemed it didn't affect him at all.

"Don't worry, you'll get there immediately!" Lee shouted at my face, still grinning. Oh, no… anyone, please just kill me!

He ran outside the gym carrying me in his arms. I could still hear the booming laughter of my other classmates behind us. Remember when I said this was the worst day? I took it back. This was beyond understanding! There's no word that could describe this humiliation! And from now on, I've decided.


I was already red from so much humiliation when we arrived at the Infirmary. Lee put me down on a bed and we were greeted by a grouchy long-haired blonde. She wore pigtails, a very unprofessional look, and she had the biggest boobs I've ever seen. Not that I was interested. Really. She wore a white robe on top of her green uniform. And she smelled of sake. Oh, of course I was only imagining things. I mean, why would a nurse drink sake in the middle of office hours? Right? She looked decent so there's no way, right?

"What is this?" She asked Lee as she pointed at me. Hey, how rude! I wasn't a 'what' the last time I checked! I was a 'who'!

"He was knocked out earlier by Kiba." Lee explained.

"I was not!" I exclaimed. It was true anyway, right? I was thrown on my back, yes, but I was not in any way knocked out! Lee just chuckled. He didn't believe me!

Tsunade merely arched an eyebrow at me. "You don't look like you're injured."

"It's because I'm not injured." I muttered. "This person just brought me here without thinking." Damn. And now her eyes had narrowed?

"I see." She took a white bottle and drank it. Why do I feel like that was not water? "Get out." What? I looked at her in confusion. Was she talking to me? "I said, ."

Okay, okay, there's no need to be so cranky, old hag. I immediately stood up from the bed and started walking towards the door when Lee's hand on my wrist prevented me.

"Wait, Naruto! You have to–"

"Shut it, kid!" Tsunade barked at him, making Lee flinched and effectively shutting him up. Why do I feel that even this nurse was a gangster? Maybe living here everyday while treating some gangster patients had its toll on her. Poor, poor, old hag… She looked at me and barked again. "What are you looking at!?"

"N-Nothing, old hag." I answered without any thought. And oops, just a reminder to you people. Do not, I repeat, do not call drunken nurses 'old hag', or any other term related to that. Or you'd find yourself face to face with a bottle of sake. You heard me people? Do not even dare! It hurt, really! Not that I was the one who came face to face with it. Heh!

"Why did you say that to her, Naruto? Don't you know that she hates being called 'old hag'?" Lee said as he was rubbing his forehead. I told you I had a good reflex, even better than Lee's. I was Chichi-ue's son and Aniki's younger brother after all! Namikazes would never let their guards down! Well, except the incident earlier with Kiba…

I chuckled before I grinned at him. "Well, she's too grumpy I couldn't help it."

He grinned at me too, but still somewhat caressing his tender forehead. "You're learning!"

We walked in the corridors and went back to the gym only to see that a fight was going on. Gai was doing his best to stop it but to no avail. Or I guess that that's supposed to be what happened before the scene in front of me where Gai was one of the cheerers shouting for the other guy to stand up and fight.

"Wow, a fight in the gym! Awesome!" Lee exclaimed beside me. Was it really that awesome to fight here?

I watched and saw that the two combatants were both Fighters. One was the pale guy from earlier. What was his name again? Suigetsu, right? His opponent was, well what do you know, there were people who was just too stubborn for their own good… His opponent was Konohamaru. Could you believe that? Suigetsu's a B Class while Konohamaru was just an F Class for god's sake! Talking about overly mismatched!

"Konohamaru is the type to challenge stronger people just to level up." Kiba voiced from somewhere beside me. They approached me in the middle of the crowd and stood on my either side. Lee had join Gai in cheering and left me a long time ago.

"But isn't that a mismatch?" I asked them. Surely there was a rule for that?

Kiba shook his head. "We can fight whoever we want. An F Class can even fight an S Class if both participants willed it." Chouji nodded in agreement. How unfair…

"Are you really alright?" Kiba asked me and I nodded. There was really no need to worry about me since you held back anyway. But of course, I'd be ungrateful if I voiced that.

My attention averted back to the middle of the hall when Konohamaru whimpered in pain. A jab on his upper abdomen made him clutch his stomach while lying on the floor. And hey, it seemed Suigetsu was still holding back.

"The next time you challenge me, kid… make sure you can entertain me." Suigetsu spat. From behind him, someone fervently clapped. Sai. He was wearing the same expression as earlier, grinning with only slits for eyes, while clapping his hands at the outcome of the fight. I really found him annoying.

The three upperclassmen left the hall with some glances in my direction. I didn't know what exactly they wanted, but I guessed it was safe to assume that they wanted trouble. For them to stay in the hall just to cause some uproar was something very, as I was starting to see it that way, Fighter-like.

And so, there was one simple question in my mind which I knew I wouldn't be able to answer in the near future. How was I supposed to encourage Yahiko to come back here and study again when all I could see was fighting?




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For those who are still confused about the colors, here's The List:

S Class Fighters – Black Magatama

A Class Fighters – White Magatama

B Class Fighters – Violet Magatama

C Class Fighters – Blue Magatama

D Class Fighters – Red Magatama

E Class Fighters – Yellow Magatama

F Class Fighters – Green Magatama