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Chapter 5

I gaped, wide-eyed at the scene. I couldn't believe I saw that. It was so fast I almost didn't see what happened. Were they really just normal students? I mean, I knew they wore black magatama and everything, but… Saying Bee was awesome would be an understatement… believe me… The crowd's cheers and claps and screams were, to say the least, deafening.

"That's… superb…" Kiba was also standing beside me, having the same stunned expression that I have.

One second Bee was rapping and everything looked so still the tension was so dense. Everyone had their breaths held while watching the two combatants on the stage. One was unmoving while rapping and the other one looked deadly still and was on the offensive position. And the moment Jirobou swiftly, very swiftly, initiated an attack, he was immediately seen on his knees and squirming in so much pain. I almost didn't see it. I bet not everyone really saw what just happened either.

Bee, in just a second, was able to punch his face twice and give three full blows on his abdomen. I could tell that he did not hold back anything. If it was me, I'd probably end up in the hospital by now. Or rather, was being taken care of by the Medics.

Five full hits in just a second…

"Those two punches really did it!" Chouji exclaimed excitedly.

"No, idiot, he did three punches!" Kiba argued. "He punched Jirobou once on the face and twice of the stomach." Shikamaru nodded. It seemed he also believed three punches were made. But, that's not true…

"No," I found myself voicing. They all looked at me. "Didn't he punch the guy five times? Two on the face and three on the stomach?"

"You're sure?" Shikamaru asked. I nodded and he smiled. "Okay, I believe you." I grinned at him. He might have felt that I was seriously sure. I might be not the fastest guy in town but I could at least be sure of what I saw. My casual sparring with Yahiko and aniki really paid off. Those two were pretty agile, and heck, damn fast.

Now that I thought about it, I really miss Yahiko… I wish he'd go back to school now. Or at least see me…

"Let's go to the cafeteria and eat something. People will probably flood there and I don't want to have no food at all." Chouji said, still eyeing me suspiciously. "Naruto, are you really sure? I swear I only saw two punches…"

"I'm sure, Chouji." I smiled and he shrugged. He was about to pass me by when he stopped on his tracks and looked at me again, wide-eyed.

"N-Naruto, you're…" He pointed at my ears with chubby fore finger. "You have an… earring…" Shikamaru also looked at me and he looked really surprised, though he didn't say anything.

Kiba laughed even before I could react. "I knew you'd be this shocked!" Well, said Kiba who was not at all shocked earlier. And hey, that should be my line, right?

Shikamaru shook his head to shove off some comments and stared at me again. "Want to level up?" He smirked and my eyes widened. "Other color magatama equals two counts, you know. That's why you only have to win against ten other color magatama and twenty green if you want to level up. And Kiba is available."

"Hey!" Kiba exclaimed, his smile completely robbed off. "Don't issue challenges for him!"

"I don't mind fighting you," I said and he looked surprised. "But only after we've eaten. I'm pretty hungry." Chouji nodded in agreement.

We went to the cafeteria and sure enough, there were many students inside the place so that it's so difficult to get to the counter and order something. Though we're able to do so, it took us so much time before we were able to get out. We ate sitting on the ground under the shade of one of the trees beside the vast field. There were many fights going on at the other side and it is really a natural thing for me to see now. I began eating without a care in other people's business.

"So, are you really serious?" Kiba said in between munches. I looked at him and found that he was asking me.

"About what?" I asked furrowed my eyebrow, and then I remembered. The challenge. "Oh, that."

"There you are!" We all looked at the direction of the voice and saw, to our surprise, Konohamaru looking at me with utter seriousness. Don't tell me he'd challenge me too. "You better prepare your self, rich kid!"

"Hey, Naruto and I are supposed to fight first!" Kiba exclaimed but Konohamaru ignored him and went into a defensive stance. They all looked at me and gaped when I remained seated without a care, like there was no one who just challenged me to a duel.

"Can you wait? I want to finish my meal first." I said and he looked ticked, but I didn't care. He was the one who issued the challenge so he should be willing to wait until I'm done. After I finished my burger and I drank my soda, I stood up and patted the butt part of my pants in case there were grasses and everything.

"Be careful, Naruto." Chouji looked worried, and I gave him a smile.

Konohamaru smirked. "Heh! I will finish you in one go, rich kid!"

"Really?" I asked, and he really attacked me. The idiot. Who in their right mind would attack someone so head-on? That's asking to be defeated, especially if your stance had so many openings. No wonder the stronger opponents were able to beat the hell out of him.

Aniki always said that it's important to position yourself in a way where your weaknesses were hidden from view, if you have one. Or, you should have a stance were there was no blind spot at all. That's the basic stance that one should remember. And damn, aniki really made me master my pose without making me eat anything! I wasn't able to eat for a whole day because I couldn't do it perfectly, and he ended up being punished by chichi-ue for not feeding me. He got punished and I learned some basic stance. How good was that?

I bended my knees and waited for Konohamaru to come while I readied my fists. Before he could even land a blow on me, I already gave him a full blow on the stomach with my left fist while my right hand grabbed his arm and twisted it from behind him so that he wouldn't be able to attack. He yelped in pain and I tightened my hold.

"Give up?" I asked seriously. I hated annoying kids who thought they had the advantage in the fight. Underestimating an opponent could result to your death, or so aniki always told me. No wonder that baka aniki lasted in this school.

I tightened my grip and Konohamaru yelped again. "I give up! I give up!" I immediately released him and he looked pouty. Well, I wouldn't consider it as my fault.

"You stance is full of holes." I said before I sat back. He still looked adamant on glaring at me, though I could see that I really hurt him pretty badly with just a single blow because he was bending forward. He couldn't stand up straight. "Go to the infirmary and meet that old hag if you want. You lost. There's no need to stay here."

Konohamaru growled. "I swear I'll have my revenge, you rich kid!" He then ran away while still holding his stomach. How a seventeen year old teen could run away while uttering such words was beyond me. But I still found myself chuckling, until I looked at my newfound friends and saw their serious expressions. Okay, what did I do?

"What?" I asked innocently.

"I know you might be having some victory party inside your mind for defeating Konohamaru, but don't forget that your challenge to me still stands." Kiba grinned. I scowled and he chuckled. "Come on. Let's do this." He stood up and walked some meters away from Chouji and Shikamaru.

I followed and we stood in front of each other. "So you know self defense. No wonder you're stance looked well when we first fought." Kiba grinned. That was not a fight, Kiba. It was a fist on the abdomen and a back on the floor but it was definitely not a fight. I didn't even get to have a punch! And now, I shouldn't be having my inner battle because what happened then would most likely happen again if I didn't concentrate.

Kiba posed himself in a defensive stance first and then to an offensive stance. It's good. But it still had holes. Aniki made sure that I knew what the difference between perfect stance and a stance full of holes was. And I learned it the hard way.

And so I focused on his stance. It looked daunting to a normal eye, but not to me. I could see weaknesses. And I would attack it in three, two, one… I saw Kiba's eyes widened when I almost vanished in front of him for a second and in another second, he already earned a kick on his stomach. That made him take some steps backward but he didn't stumble. He bit his lower lip in pain but it didn't make him any more scared of me. If ever, he looked even more determined to defeat me. He's really not a beginner. I grinned. This could be fun.

"Man, you're fast." Kiba coughed a little before settling on his stance again. That same stance which I broke earlier. I settled for an offensive stance. I swiftly attack head-on and the next thing he knew, his back was already on the ground when the base of my palm knocked the air out of his lungs. "Okay… I give up…"

"Are you alright?" I immediately went to his rescue and he chuckled before he nodded.

"Man, I didn't think… you'd be scary in a fight… No wonder Konohamaru lost so easily…" He joked, though I thought there was a hint of seriousness in his tone.

"That's awesome, Naruto!" Chouji said from behind me. "You moved like the wind! You're so fast!" Well, being fast is a Namikaze attribute. Let's just thanks my Namikaze blood for that. Heh.

"Where did you learn that?" Shikamaru walked from behind Chouji with much slower pace.

"Self-taught." And I was taught by Yahiko and my brother too but there's no reason to tell them that, right? Aniki wouldn't want me to tell others about him.

"Really?" Kiba sat on the ground, still clutching his chest. "That's self-taught?" I nodded. "Though… I have some sparring partners too…" I sighed inwardly. I'm sorry for attempting to lie earlier, my newfound friends. It's harder than I thought.

Shikamaru snorted. "No matter. Anyway, that's three points for you, Naruto." He grinned at me and I returned it. I'm so glad they didn't inquire more about the subject of my sparring partners.

"Well, shall we eat something again?" We all looked at Chouji. "What? Don't tell me you didn't go hungry with all the fighting! I did! And I was just a spectator at that!" Kiba and I looked at one another before we chuckled at our friend's antic.

Well, it's actually nice to call them that. Friends, I mean. I've hardly had any friends, especially because my previous school regards friendship based on how latest your car was or how much money could be found in your wallet. I didn't like them at all and they basically didn't like me too. It is refreshing to have people to hang out with.

Yeah, Konoha Gakuen might be a school for gangsters but it's also a school were real people studies. And I am glad I transferred here.

We all went back to the cafeteria and saw many students staring at us. Of course, anyone would. Kiba looked like he's sick and was clutching his stomach. Shikamaru looked like he just wanted nothing but to sleep. Chouji looked so hungry he could eat a whole student, and I, the rich new kid, was with them. Not that they hadn't seen me with them yet. But yesterday, there weren't much people. And earlier, there were so many people you wouldn't even be able to have any time to look at others.

"I think they're staring at us." I voiced. Shikamaru arched an eyebrow at the obviousness of my remark, but I didn't care. I wanted to voice it because it still felt annoying for me. I hated being stared at. We took our orders and were about to go out of the cafeteria when we heard someone called us, specifically me. And even before I turned around to face the annoying brute, I already knew he's trouble.

"Hey, new kid! I didn't think you'd be a Fighter too. You're not fitted to fight, you know! You should be doing what we ordered of you or treating us when we're sick!" He barked and his two friends laughed. He was a brunette. On his left was a blonde male and on his right was a raven-haired one.

"Naruto, don't." Shikamaru voiced quietly beside me. "There's no rule that says fights should only be done one-on-one. The three of them can fight you at the same time."

I see. That's why they were so sure of themselves. All three of them have yellow magatama and I'm sure that they aren't first years either. I don't know how they knew me though. But for now, I guess I should just follow Shikamaru's advice and leave the premise quietly. I gave them a cold gaze before I turned around and followed my friends outside. I knew they would follow me though, and from the voices behind me, I knew they already did.

"Hey, wait a minute, rich kid!" The brunette called. "My friends and I want to challenge you!" I stopped on my tracks and looked at them. I heard Kiba and Shikamaru, both tensed, muttered something behind me but I didn't hear much of it. Chouji looked scared.

I looked at them. I know I shouldn't underestimate an opponent. But it also isn't good to overestimate them because it would only create unnecessary pressure inside me when I could have defeated them easier. Aniki said so. And basing from these students' physical features, I'd say they're all muscles and no brain.

"I accept." I said and I heard Shikamaru and Kiba cursed behind me. Chouji couldn't speak and I knew it was my fault.

"Naruto, you shouldn't have–" Kiba looked angry, but beneath that, I could feel his concern.

"You know they wouldn't have just let us escaped even if I declined." I reasoned, and he couldn't argue with it. Shikamaru only shook his head in dissent and Kiba growled.

"We can help." Chouji spoke for the first time and Shikamaru immediately cut him off.

"No, we can't. You know the rules, Chouji." He said. "Only Naruto, who was challenged, can fight them. That rule is made so that there will not be a riot. We have to follow it."

"Don't worry. I'll be fine, probably." I chuckled when Chouji visibly gulped at my last word. They all stepped back and I look at my opponents who immediately launched a head-on attack towards me, together.

I positioned myself in the defensive mode and easily dodged their attacks. They tried to kick and punch me but they could only reach the air from where I was some seconds ago. I smirked. I was used to fighting against combined attacks. Aniki and Yahiko often spar with me and the three of us often played it like we were all enemies of each other.

I stepped back just in time for the blonde to punch through the air in front of me and I immediately went to the offensive stance and used my palm to give his chin an upper cut. He let out choked groan. Then I swiftly switched my position so I could knee kick his stomach, another choked groan escaped from his mouth, and then I gave him a full punch on the left side of his face, knocking him out instantly. The other two looked surprised but that didn't stop them from continuously attacking me.

I used my agility and swiftness to my advantage and went behind the raven. In that instant, I immediately landed a hard palm chop on his nape, knocking him out too. Now, let's go for the leader.

"Damn you, brat!" He bellowed before he attacked head-on. What's with these people, why do they keep attacking head-on? Like I said, it's the easiest to dodge or counter a head-on attack, if you have the ability to do so. And so, I was able to dodged his punches but then he immediately gave me a full side kick which I wasn't able to dodge but I completely blocked using my arms. It kind of hurt because he was a lot taller and heavier than me but I was still able to block it.

Yep, that's one thing my brother wasn't able to teach me. And I know that's my weakness. Both my brother and Yahiko are lightweight and lean so they aren't heavy, just fast. It's not that I wasn't involve in some street fights in my previous school, but the students there were also lean like me, not muscled gangsters with real fighting experience. And thus, I haven't experienced fighting someone with so much muscle before.

Well, that won't stop me from defeating him though. I know I am lightweight but my punches and kicks aren't light at all, according to my aniki who also received many of them though he could almost always effectively block it.

He might have the weight, but I have the speed. In a mere second, I was able to get past his defense and jumped just to give his face the taste of my knee. And it hurt! Both for his face and for my knee! How could someone have a steel-hard face? I gave him an elbow jab despite the fact that my knee still hurt and once again, I used my favorite palm uppercut, making him dove backward… And officially knocking him out!

I was panting when I finished. If my aniki was here, he'd be giving me a lecture about unnecessary movements and full-of-holes stance. I know my stance was still not perfect but it is almost there… my problem is power. I'm lean and small so my body doesn't have much muscle to begin with. There's nothing I can do about that. And that, my friends, is one of my weaknesses.

"That was… great." I heard Kiba muttered and I immediately turned around to see them. Chouji and Kiba were wide-eyed and gaping. Only Shikamaru looked poised, if looking lazy was ever poised.

"You now have nine points, Naruto." Shikamaru smiled. "All within a single hour."

"For you to defeat three E Class third year students single-handedly…" Chouji looked really amazed. "Just how strong are you?" And now they were asking me that. I'm not strong. I'm just fast. That's all there is to me.

"I saw it." We all turned around and saw none other than that guy Sai and his two companions, Jugo and Suigetsu. I already forgot about them. But it seemed they haven't forgotten about me yet. Sai was the one who spoke. He looked really happy beneath that grin. "I saw it, your weakness."

I felt my eyes widened for a fraction of second. I know what my weakness is. There is no need to get really surprised there. If the opponent knew it, then there's nothing I could do, right? So, aniki, any suggestion?

"And so?" I asked. It's not as if I would want to actually fight with them. Sai and Suigetsu are both B Class Fighters and Jugo is A Class. Like I said earlier, I know if I can defeat my opponent or not. And just judging from the air they all emit, I know they'll beat me to a pulp in no time at all. I inwardly shuddered just at the thought of it.

"How about a–" Sai was about to ask but I immediately cut him off.

"If you're asking for a fight, then I'd refuse." I said, scowling at him. "I might be reckless but I'm not suicidal." Sai chuckled at that, a very plastic one, I tell you. I turned around and walked away together with my friends.

"You didn't have to be so rude to them, you know." Shikamaru said after a yawn.

"Yeah, it's good that they are being in good terms with you." Kiba added. Good terms? I shuddered at the thought of them wanting to friends with me then – if 'good terms' means that they'll gang up on me.

"Who're they, really?" I asked. I know they are Fighters, too. But somehow I feel like they carriy some kind of authority above others. It might just be me or it might be because they are of a higher Class, but still.

"They are Sasuke Uchiha-sama's subordinate." Shikamaru shrugged. And who the hell is that? Wait, '-sama'? As far as I know, the only one Shikamaru regarded with '–sama' was…

"By Sasuke Uchiha… is he one of the 4 Knights?" I asked.

"Yep." Kiba was the one who answered. "He's considered a prodigy, you know. After all, the other three Knights are all third years. He's the only first year with a black magatama. Just like us, he was given a green magatama earring on the first day of class, but by the end of the afternoon, his magatama was already violet." So B Class? He became a B Class in one day? Talk about addicted. Was he so into fighting that he was able to level up that much? "On the second day, he earned a white magatama earring and by the end of the fourth day, he's already a Knight." So he became a Knight within four days?

I grinned. "Awesome."

"Yeah, he is." Chouji nodded in assent.

"And so, stop making enemies on people with B or A Class earrings because most of them are definitely underlings of one of the Knights." Kiba scratched the back of his head. "And oh, you're food." I forgot. I unconsciously put the food I was eating down somewhere when the fight started.

"Thank you." I took it from his hand and started eating it. Fighting with those three – added to the fact that Sai have a fake smile – made me hungry.

"So, are you alright?" Chouji asked. "No broken bones or anything?" I laughed and they all followed. Well, I knew he was being serious. But I just couldn't help it. There are serious things that you can laugh off after it happened even if it seemed dreadful at the time.

"Don't go fighting now!" Kiba shouted as the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch fighting and the start of classes. Chouji and Shikamaru went to the direction of their class and I waved them goodbye.

I went to the other direction and walked some halls while willing myself to be calm under the quiet scrutiny of the annoying people. I know that some of them are looking at the oh-so beautiful magatama on my left ear, which I will never let them touch no matter what, but some of them are looking at me with quiet curiosity. I sighed. What is there to be curious about? Geez, it's already the second day, people! Don't go staring at me like I'm some rare creature you haven't seen before. Damn! Oh so fucking damn! Wait, did I just swear? Oh my father would kill me if he ever heard that. This school is really rubbing off on me. Thank goodness my thoughts are mine alone.

I turned into a corner and saw, to my annoyance, a first year brunette girl being harassed by a group of second year males. Oh fuck… two of them are E Class but one of them is like Shikamaru, D Class. And the fact that he looks much stronger than his two companions isn't helping things. Now, we should enter a silent debate: To help or not to help? The girl's muffled scream reached my ears and damn, before I knew it, I was already in between the girl and the three assaulters. Oh fuck, really…

"And what do you think you're doing?" The D Class Fighter said.

"I'm standing in between you and the girl." I answered in serious mockery of their question. Remember when I said it isn't like me to play hero? This is the reason why I don't like it. It will get me into more fights than necessary, and I hate fighting. Well, I hate mindless and unnecessary fighting, but not fighting itself. Yes, call me lazy and everything but, let me plagiarize your term Shikamaru, it's really troublesome and I hate it.

And without another word, the three attacked me simultaneously. Oh, did I mention I hate playing hero? If I did, then this time I'd say I hate playing hero when the enemies are much stronger than me. But like earlier, I was able to handle the two E Class Fighters immediately but I had a hard time disposing, I mean winning against the D Class one. He is agile, though my fists are stronger. I was kind of glad about that. After some minutes of rolling on the ground, yeah we're rolling!, I was able to keep him there.

I was panting hard when I stood up and I was about to brush off the grasses and dirt of my uniform when a soft tentative hand helped me. I was surprised and looked at her and she thought I was being snobbish so she immediately pulled her hands away and apologized.

"No, no. I was just surprised that you helped me." I smiled and she looked relieved.

"I'm really sorry for getting you into that fight. And thank you." She bowed. Wow, it's been a long time since I saw a female who was not screaming and giggling every time a Fighter would pass by them. Though that hasn't happened to me yet.

"It's fine. Are you alright?" I asked her. And it's just now that I saw she is actually wearing a black ring on the middle finger of her right hand. "You're a Medic."

She blushed and nodded. "I-I'm just a beginner…" Oh, I see. So why are you blushing again? "I-I can see if you have any cuts or other injuries though… I might be able to treat it…"

Oh. I chuckled. "Don't worry. Except for these cuts that I got from the stones on the ground, I am basically uninjured." Yep, and that means I'm injured after all.

She silently put some ointments on the really small cuts on my arms and face, while blushing, and put some bandages on them. Oh damn. Now it'll look like I'm more injured than having mere small cuts that would probably heal in about some hours. Yes, I don't know why but my family has a fast healing ability which made me and aniki a little more reckless than necessary. We would spar for real and then we'd watch as our injuries heal within just hours. And so we're still as flawless as ever after the fight. The only thing marring my skin was the whisker-like scars on both of my cheeks. I didn't know where I got it but I guess it was a little bit too deep to heal within a day. And thus, it became scars.

"Finished!" She chirped happily and I chuckled.

"What's your name?" I asked just for the sake of formality. It is a little bit rude of me to not know the name of the person who treated my small cuts with an overkill first-aid.

"Rin." She answered. "What about yours?"

I chuckled again. She's such a sweet and pretty child. Yes, I know what you all think. I'm gay, alright? "Thank you, Rin. I'm Naruto."

"Thank you for saving me, Naruto." She glanced at the cold figures on the ground and back at me. "You're awesome! You're an F Class but you defeated two E Class and one D Class upperclassmen singlehandedly!"

I scratched my nape in embarrassment before I chuckled sheepishly. "Thank you."

"Ah, I still have to deliver these to Lady Tsunade! Bye, Naruto!" She bowed before she ran off while waving at me. I waved back before I decided that I don't want to go to any of my afternoon class except P.E., though that is only because Kiba and Chouji will be there and not because I'm looking forward to the subject itself.

I stood up and decided that I want to spend some time in some forested area of the school, where there are no goons and no fighting. It's really nice, you know? Relaxing in this part of the school. It's making me think that this school isn't as violent as I originally thought.

"Well, what do we have here?" A voice from behind me spoke. Now what?




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