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Chapter 6

By now, I was really exhausted. I couldn't help it! They were really annoying! And ugh, they were like mushrooms and weeds! Every time I thought I could get some free time for myself, someone would attack me from behind. Every time I thought I already dealt the finishing blow, there would someone else who'd challenge me! By now, I was really exhausted… I don't even care about the points or anything like that anymore. All I want now is a nice nap.

No wonder Shikamaru act like that now, after becoming a D Class. Man, fighting endlessly is pretty tiring. And I don't even know why they keep on pursuing me instead of other F Class students!

I was glad I was able to hide here in some bushes. The bandages that Rin gave me were long gone and I could see that all the cuts and bruises on my arms and probably on my face too have long healed. I told you I heal really fast. I lay down on my back and closed my eyes, listening to the quiet sound of leaves rustling against each other because of the wind. No one will be able to find me here. Finally, some peace and quiet…

"Hah! There you are! I found you at last!"


I opened my eyes and was about to dispose of that annoying bastard when I came face to face with a smirking Konohamaru. More ugh… I didn't think he'd be this persistent, and this annoying. I gave him a really cold glare.

"Konohamaru, I think he's angry…" From behind him, the one with the ever-present snot said.

"Shut up Udon! I'm not afraid of some F Class first year!" Konohamaru shouted behind his shoulder before he faced me again.

"Konohamaru, do you want to fight me in this state? I'm pretty tired and exhausted. I just fought a lot of people and I wanted to take a nap." I said. "Surely you're not a cheater, right? If you want to fight me, shouldn't you do that when I'm less tired and sleepy?"

Konohamaru thought for a while before he crossed his arms over his chest. He really reminded me of a kid. "Well then, I'll give you ten minutes to rest. After that, you better get ready because I'll be kicking your ass by then!" And he let out an evil laugh. Hey, I might have said he looked like a kid but I didn't say he's a human kid. I think he's one of the devil's underlings. Brat.

"Fine. But you better guard the perimeter so I can take my nap and fight you sooner." I said and he actually looked excited at the prospect of being a guard. He's really such a child, even though we're supposedly of the same age.

He saluted me, oh no…, and then took off with the snotty Udon on his heels. Finally… I lay back down on the soft grassy ground and closed my eyes. From the ring of the bell, I'm sure it's now around 3 in the afternoon. Just one more hour and it's already Gai's subject.

"Naruto Namikaze, please go to the Chairman's Office immediately." I immediately jolted out of my slumber when I heard the voice. It seemed so near, like the message was spoken near my ear. "I repeat, Naruto Namikaze, please go to the Chairman's Office immediately."

I looked around me and saw no one. No announcement speaker. Well, this is a fucking forest so of course there would be nothing like that here, right? And it dawned to me. It came from the magatama. Oh… I see… So aside from being a recorder of the students' activities, it also serves as a personal one-way phone between the Chairman and the student. Perfect. Do you know how Panopticism works? Because by now I am sure this magatama serves as that. And now, my nap was really ruined. Konohamaru would get angry at me if he found out I wasn't here anymore.

I sighed and stood up. I wonder what Orochimaru wants? Oh damn… I'm starting to become an impolite brat. But it's Orochimaru anyway so I guessed it's okay. I passed by the crowded hall and ascended some stairs before I reached the Chairman's Office. I never liked the idea of ever coming in this office. The only thing I'm thankful about it is the fact that this office was the one that gave me a magatama.

I didn't knock. I merely opened the door and stepped inside the moment Orochimaru met my gaze. Yep, I'm learning, right?

"Namikaze, I didn't think you'll cause enough fight in a day." He grinned. Though he said that, I was so sure he was already expecting it by the way his eyes are glinting. I approached him in quiet confusion and curiosity. I don't think I did something wrong, except maybe sleep in some woods in the middle of class. Fighting is perfectly fine, right? Or is there some kind of rule that I broke?

"Did I do something?" I asked. I can't help it. I'm curious and nervous.

He chuckled. Maybe that meant I didn't. "Actually, I want you to surrender your magatama to me. Now."

My eyes widened and I stiffened in my position. "B-But–! I never did anything! They were the ones who kept on challenging me!" I exclaimed on top of my voice. I know I was being childish but I couldn't help it. I'm nervous for the unknown rule that I know I broke unconsciously. But I really like this magatama. I don't want to surrender it. What were those fighting earlier for? And now what? Would he want me to become a Slave? A Medic? A Noble? He started laughing out loud and I bit my lip to prevent from making any unpleasant remark. I was trying my best to explain my actions and all he would do was laugh at me?

"Idiot Namikaze, I want you to surrender your magatama because you're going to level up." He spoke bluntly. I looked at him for a while, stunned, before everything dawned on me. Oh! So that's what he meant! "But if you prefer to be an F Class forever, then I don't really mind either way."

I couldn't help but grin. I took off my earring. Yeah, I had a hard time piercing my ear last night! And it hurt! I wanted aniki to do it for me but I didn't want him to see my reaction so I did it on my own.

Oh boy, I became an E Class in just a day! I grinned even more inwardly. E Class! Though I don't know if that is a good thing or not. Because higher level means more enemies, right? And damn, I don't think I'd like the yellow magatama that E Class students wear. It'd be in the same color as my hair and it'd look like a damn extension. But oh well, I guess goodbye green magatama and hello yellow now. I wish I had cherished my F Class status more.

"Here." Orochimaru gave me a new red box which surely contained the extension of my hair. I took it and examined the box reluctantly. "You don't look too happy with the level up."

"No, it's not that. It's just that yellow is kind of… you know… my hair…" I trailed off. I don't know how to explain it without appearing a little too self conscious. Well, is it wrong for a male to be self conscious too?

He smirked. Oh, how I hate that smirk. It means that there is something I'm not seeing. I arched an eyebrow and he followed my action, silently asking me to open the box. I sighed. I averted my gaze from him and slowly opened the box. And I blinked.

"Uh, Orochimaru-san, I think you've given me a wrong box." I looked at him and he looked as sure as ever, which made me utterly confused.

He cleared his throat. "Anko, explain."

From another set of door, different from the one I came from, a woman with dark purple hair and eyes appeared. She has her hair in a ponytail and it looked kind of cool what with all the spiky ends and everything.

"Namikaze-san, you've fought many groups of E Class, F Class, and some D Class." She started and I nodded. "Do you know that when you fought one-on-one, the point for defeating F Class opponents is one and other Class is two?" I nodded again. "Well, that is on a one-on-one battle. If there is a group battle, the number of points also differs. If you have two opponents, their normal points will be counted twice since you fought them together. If you have three opponents at once, the points you'll get will be thrice. Do you understand so far?"

I nodded. "You mean when I fought against the first group, that of the three E Class, it means that the points I got was not six but nine?"

"Yes, actually, you don't have to worry yourself with computation because it's really complicated." Yeah, I think so too. And boy I'm glad I don't have to compute that. "There are different points too when the group you fought has someone two or three level higher than your current level. Though I said that higher colors are normally two points, that is only because you will not normally challenge people with a level twice or thrice higher than yours, right?"

"It means that fighting a D Class will earn you a different point than fighting against an E Class." Orochimaru interrupted. "Of course, the bigger the difference in your levels, the higher the difference in points. That's all you need to know. Everyone thinks that fighting someone of their level will result to a single point and higher colors will earn you two points, and that's really the basic. There's no need to concern yourself with the complicated equations because that is Anko and the others' job."

Okay, I think I'd like that more. I really don't want to end up breaking my mind from solving the points I get from every enemy that comes in my way.

"If you've leveled, you will be called here. That's all there is to it." Orochimaru added. I nodded in understanding.

And now, I looked at the box again and I was kind of overwhelmed. Did I say I like the color red? Oh yeah! From now on, I'll be a D Class! Heh!

I grinned again as I wore it. Orochimaru and Anko both smiled at me and I bowed at them in gratitude.

"Don't thank us. That's all your effort, fighting against groups of three or four." Orochimaru said. "Well, that's all. You can go to your class now."

I bowed again before I left the room. Outside, I really couldn't hide my grin. I wasn't expecting to be a D Class just after a day, you know! This is awesome! Though when they explained the group system, I can finally understand how that guy named Sasuke was able to level up so high in a single day. If you fought a group of ten at once, damn that'd earn you so many points all at once! Exciting...

No wonder people like Konohamaru tend to challenge everyone so often. Oh damn, Konohamaru! I've already forgotten all about him! I immediately ran from the corridors and went to the woods where I tried to nap earlier, but he's not there. Maybe he's still patrolling like I told him to?

I lay down on my back again and tried to summon the much welcomed nap, but I feel more awake than ever. I idly waited for the bell to ring and, after some minutes, I already felt sleepy. The wind was fresh and the atmosphere was cold despite the warm sun which is shaded by the trees. I closed my eyes, but immediately opened them again when I heard a rustle which I knew was not the leaves. I sat, alerted by the sound. If it's another surprise attack, I'd definitely, definitely knock the hell out of them for good.

"Ah, sorry. Did I disturb your sleep?" A voice came from my left side and I immediately turned my gaze there only to see the most beautiful person I've ever seen. I bet she's even more beautiful than my mother, though I would argue about that because I am generally a biased person. But wow, really. So beautiful… Wow… She emerged from the bushes and damn, she's wearing a male uniform. Oh, a male.

He has a long brunette hair which is straight. It looks really soft and silky. And oh, he's a Fighter too. And a B Class at that. It seemed he was waiting for my answer so I said, "No, not really. I was just surprised by the sound." He looked a little surprised for a while, but he still smiled.

"I see. You're that first year who transferred here yesterday, right?" He asked and I narrowed my eyes before I nodded. I wasn't really the type to be suspicious of strangers, but this place reeks of so much suspicions that once again, it was rubbing off on me. Well, for starters, am I really that popular? Or notorious perhaps? I just transferred yesterday and half of the population already knew me? And by half, that is saying something since this school has at least three thousand students.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Haku, second year, B Class." He introduced himself with a very kind and charming smile. I could have been fooled, but no, I already have a lover. Yahiko might not be as beautiful as this person but he is nevertheless handsome in his own way. "What's your name? Everyone calls you new kid so we really don't know."

'We'? Okay, is he an underling of some notorious gang? "Naruto, first year, D Class."

He nodded. "I'd say you're quite strong, to level up twice in just a day. Other first years that are here for three weeks now still have green magatama as earrings." I arched an eyebrow. What is he getting at?

I sighed. Am I that paranoid now? It's just my second day! And so I did the usual thing I'd have done if a met a very beautiful and kind stranger – I smiled. Yep, you might think I'm just a cute for nothing new kid, but I also have my own charming smile.

And the bell rang. Oh!

"Uhm, I need to go. I have a class." I excused myself and left after he nodded.

I ran to the gym class after I changed in my P.E. uniform and they were already running laps when I arrived. Is that a pineapple head I see among the throngs? Oh, so Shikamaru decided to show up? I wonder if it would rain.

I caught up to them and grinned at them while panting. Well, running all the way from the woods to the locker room to the gym, only to run once again is not something really refreshing for me.

"You're late." Very observant, Kiba. I didn't see that. I rolled my eyes and he laughed. "I didn't know you can do something like that."

"What, you think my eyes are stuck or something?" I asked in an arched eyebrow, though the corners of my lips were twitching. He saw it and grinned before he shook his head. He continued running on my right side. Chouji and Shikamaru were on his right.

"Where were you?" Chouji asked.

"The woods. I was trying to take a nap." I answered and Chouji chuckled.

"Is that you, Pineapple head?" Kiba asked me. Oh, damn. So I'm really starting to be like the lazy Pineapple? I grinned when I saw Shikamaru rolled his eyes.

"Shut up, dog breath." He retorted. Kiba scowled and was readying for a retort when Gai clapped his hands to get our attention.

"Okay, enough laps. We'll do basketball today." And so he said. Did he actually teach that? Or am I too late? Anyway, I knew the basics and the rules so there's really no problem.

"Man, I prefer baseball." Kiba mumbled. I never liked that. Minato did. Aniki prefer reading a book than playing any sport so mother made me learn basketball just so we have something to watch during competitions. But that didn't mean it is my dream to be a player. Just a hobby to kill time once in a while is good enough.

We all circled around Gai and listened to his instructions. And oh, my excitement for nothing. We were to do basic dribbling and passing. That's all, thank you.

In the middle of our practice, my classmates' attention turned to a redhead who came in late. He is at least late for half an hour. Some of the females, since there aren't many of them in the first place, got excited and giggled at the sight of him while the others, mostly males, cringed.

I remember him as the redhead who shares the same class as mine in History. He was the one who has that white magatama earring and didn't give a damn about anything. Yep, that's him; the guy who ignored everything, even the teacher. And from the looks of it, he didn't change at all in the last twenty seven hours that we haven't seen each other, or rather, the hours that I haven't seen him. I don't think he could even remember that I was his seatmate in that class yesterday.

"Tch, Gaara's here." Kiba muttered from somewhere behind me. I know just from his tone that he was one of those who cringed.

"Who's he?" I asked, looking at my friends.

"He's Gaara Sabaku, another one of Sasuke-sama's subordinate." Chouji voiced quietly. "And Naruto, don't ever, and I mean it, don't ever challenge him into a fight." I looked at him fully and arched an eyebrow, silently urging him to continue. "He doesn't feel remorse. He'll fight you until you're no longer able to walk or stand up. You'll be lucky if you passed out immediately."

"I see." I nodded, though not because I believed them. Gaara didn't look like that type of guy at all. He is stoic and aloof, yes; but someone so obsessed in fighting to the point of enjoying the enemies' pain?

"Naruto?" Shikamaru called. There was a hint of urgency in his tone so I immediately turned to look at him. His expression was in between deep surprise and awe? His eyes were wide as he looked at me.

"What?" I asked as I arched an eyebrow. Well, you might notice that I often do that. I don't know, but I really liked arching my eyebrow when a situation calls for it.

"You're… D Class now." He said. Oh. I already forgot. And when he said that, Chouji and Kiba's gaze immediately darted at my earring. They simultaneously gasped as they looked at me in quiet surprise.

I grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of my head. "Well, many things happened."

"In just a few hours..?" Kiba looked in between annoyed and amazed. "Man, now you're a level higher than me!"

"What can I say, I'm quite popular. Or unpopular, rather." I chuckled.

"You should be careful, Naruto." Shikamaru looked worried. "Leveling up twice in a day will definitely make you stand out even more. And you know what happens next." Yep, I know that. I'd be more popular, or unpopular, to the other Fighters. I wanted to tell Shikamaru that I hadn't challenged anyone. It was they who challenged me in the first place, and without even giving me the chance to refuse. But I knew that would only look like I was making excuses.

The whole Gaara ordeal settled after several minutes and we continued doing the basics of basketball. Of course, even if I said it was just the basic, it was still pretty tiring, especially if you have your knees bended on a strained angle while continuously dribbling the ball for several minutes. And the lesson ended with that.

"You'll go home via car, right?" Kiba asked. His hands are behind his head, making his poise a lot lazier-looking than Shikamaru's.

"No, I think I'll commute. Or maybe…" Maybe my brother would let me ride on his motorcycle again? I thought about that for a while. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen my brother yet in the whole two days of my stay in this school. I wonder if he is constantly fighting other Fighters too. But he's good at fighting so I guess there should be no worry, right?

"Now that you said that, you didn't arrive in a car this morning either." Kiba said again.

"I thought I didn't want to stand out so…" I chuckled sheepishly.

"How about you come hang out with us after this?" Shikamaru asked, looking totally bored.

I arched an eyebrow at him. "You don't think it's troublesome at all to hang out?"

His lips twitched into a smirk. "Hang out? Troublesome? Never!" Chouji and Kiba chuckled at his words and I found myself following their lead.

"Well, I'll just tell my–" Oops. "I'll just… look at the parking lot if, you know…" They all waited for me to continue. They know I'm hiding something. I can feel it from the way Shikamaru's way too observant mind was scrutinizing me from behind those eyes. But I won't tell them, at least not before aniki said it's okay. My loyalty is in my brother after all. I love him, even if I won't ever say it.

Shikamaru shrugged. "You don't have to force yourself to think of anything just to fix your slip. You can just say it's not our business or something."

"Your behavior is quite weird though." Kiba narrowed his eyes. Shocks, if even Kiba think there is something weird about me, then I'm damned.

Chouji smiled. "It's okay, Naruto. Shikamaru is right. You don't have to tell us anything personal if you don't want to."

I nodded and smiled at them. "Thanks. It's not really too personal. Let's just say… it's to remain a secret for now. I'll tell you some time though." They nodded.

I waved my hands at them before we parted for a while. I immediately ran towards the parking lot. If my brother is still here in school, then his motorcycle should still be there. I kind of forgot my mobile phone earlier because aniki was such a stingy old man and kept on asking me to hurry up. And so I won't be able to call him. When I got to the parking lot, I was glad to see that his motorcycle is still there, though it was parked so arrogantly one will think that the owner is a leader of some gang terrorizing the school. Damn, aniki. Does he really have to cover two motorcycle parking lanes? I won't be surprised anymore if he has many enemies in this school. The jerk is at fault anyway.

I was about to approach the motorcycle when a movement caught my eye. My gaze darted from the motorcycle towards a nearby railing where a really handsome raven boy is sitting quite comfortably. One of his hands is holding on the railing for leverage and the other is holding a… a BEER!? Isn't that banned inside schools? Oh, please blame my memories for even forgetting that this school is far from normal.

Like I said earlier, he has raven hair. It is spiky and looks like duck butt. I held the urge to laugh at his face, only because I saw the black magatama dangling from his left ear. Damn, I was too close to having myself killed! He's a Knight!? He surely doesn't look like it. He's too pretty and slender, just a bit taller than me, and he had the fairest complexion I've ever seen. His eyes were closed, thankfully, and he had an earphone stuck in his ears. Oh, so he wouldn't have heard it even if I laughed. I'm at least three meters away from him so I'm kind of far, I think.

"What are you looking at?" He suddenly voiced, though his eyes are still closed, which kind of made me jolt in surprise. A small part of me said that it wasn't because I was surprised. It's just that the sound of his handsome voice kind of did something to my body and made me shiver involuntarily. But the large part of me would never admit that. It's not that I like him or something anyway.

I also thought he looked familiar. Did I already see him somewhere? Hmmm… A class maybe? Or maybe not.

He opened his eyes, which are so deep and dark, and his glare immediately fell on me. I felt like they were sucking me in. His gaze is cold and it's very, very captivating. "Well?"

The sound of impatience and disgust was a little too annoying that it snapped me out of the trance-like experience. Heck, jerk! "I was looking for someone."

"There's no one else here but me." He said coldly. "If you're looking for someone, dobe, you better start looking somewhere else so you don't annoy me."

"You're…" I looked at him, a little bit offended that he was so arrogant. "…a bastard."

He arched an eyebrow. "Get out of my sight, new kid." I felt my insides flare at the annoying nickname and I swore I saw him smirk for a second there! Damn this bastard!

"Are you by any chance the one named Sasuke Uchiha?" I asked, knowing how rude I sounded to someone who is so used to being called with an honorific '-sama' at the end of his name.

His glare hardened. Jackpot. "If you know who I am, and still think you can act like that towards me, are you implying that you're challenging me?" No, it wasn't a jackpot at all!

I felt my body tensed, but I didn't care. I know that he's different from the lowly levels that I've fought till now. I know I'm no match for him, judging from the quite intimidating aura that he emits, but I refuse to acknowledge this person. I'd rather be beaten up than admit that I'm afraid of him, though I know it's my fault anyway for staring at him when I myself don't like it only too much.

"You really are a bastard." I found myself saying. I know I should just apologize because I was the one at fault anyway. What's with Namikazes always picking up some fight by doing something so reckless? I looked at the arrogantly parked motorcycle again and sighed. If I were to–

"Naru-chan!" And who dared call my name like that!? No, of course I was only being too paranoid. It wasn't me they called. No, a student was calling for someone else and it wasn't me. I saw Sasuke looked at someone from behind me before his eyes, amused, darted back to me again. "Naru-chan!" Damn you whoever you are!

I hardened my glare and looked over my shoulder with too much intensity than necessary. I saw, to my annoyance and surprise, Sai and his two friends. Suigetsu has his arms crossed over his chest and looking a little smug. Jugo wear his usual quiet and serious expression. It was Sai who called me, waving his hand in the air like we're the best of friends! Damn him! And he is wearing that super fake smile again! ARGH, DAMN HIM TO HELL!

Now that I think about it, they are all Sasuke bastard's underlings, right? Oh, fuck… Now what? Aniki, where are you? I want you to come and get me out of this fucking school now! But I also pray that you stay as far away from this parking lot as possible! I don't want you to get involved in this mess…

"Oh, Naru-chan!" Sai looked genuinely surprised for once. And that piqued my curiosity. I turned to him fully, forgetting the handsome S Class behind me, and narrowed my eyes at him. "You're a D Class now? Earlier during lunch when I was about to challenge you, you were still an F Class! You're something. You know that, Naru-chan!" His tone was really annoying. He sounds like one of those giggling girls who were annoying the hell out of their crushes by making their voices overly dramatic.

"Don't call me that!" I exclaimed in annoyance. My eyes were twitching in irritation and he merely grinned. Damn him!

"Heh?" I heard Sasuke voiced. He sounded really interested. Oh. Sai is smirking. Curse you, Sai! He purposefully said that! I swear! He purposefully said that to make Sasuke have his eyes on me and pick on me and kick me and punch me and skin me alive and hang me and strangle me and kill me and–, oh, I think that'd be the end, though he might repeat the process on my corpse just for the fun of it. "So you've jumped two levels just after some hours?"

I turned to him and gulped. Oh, God. I met his gaze and he looked really, really predatory. "I was just caught up in some fights." Whew! At least my voice didn't betray me.

Sasuke tucked his earphone away and focused his intense gaze fully on me. He put his beer down on the railing as he crossed his arms over his chest. His eyes were really, really captivating despite the fact that they appear very sadistic right now. He looks so serious, even to the point of boredom. But I could see in his eyes that that's not the case at all. Aniki told me that everything is in the eyes. If the opponent's move is hard to read, you should just focus in his or her eyes and you'd know what is going on in there, though it requires training and experience. I haven't mastered it yet.

Sasuke is very handsome, I tell you. In case you still don't know, though I doubt that. Sai chuckled behind me and I swear I'd kill him after I level up some more, though I hope that'd still happen.

Sasuke walked towards me with the grace of a lion about to capture a prey. He was so graceful and elegant, so cool and arrogant in the way he walks. Sometimes my brother would also walk that way, but that is not the point. His feet stopped just a foot from mine, totally invading my personal space. I wanted to step back just to make room but I held back the urge, knowing that that would make me appear really weak, if not totally frightened. If I'd get beaten up in this place, then I'd say I wanted to get beaten up with dignity, though I know that wouldn't make it any less painful.

I exhaled and kept my gaze steady on his. He looked amused, but not too amused either. It seemed he isn't used that someone would dare stare back at him with an equal amount of intensity. He opened his mouth and I was sure he was about to say something when a voice not so far away made us all turn.

"Naruto?" Oh Kami… And oh I so love that voice! I haven't heard it for a while now. I missed it! That deep and handsome voice…

I quickly turned around and was about to greet him when I saw that he is with someone. His handsome face, his brown eyes, his orange hair, his luscious lips, his lean but well-toned body, his tall stature… nothing changed. Not even his voice. His face looks not just surprised, though, but deeply shocked. I knew from his face that he regretted calling me. He was so tensed that I swore he could have had a stroke attack right then and there. Though the one thing that changed was the fact that on his arm clings a woman I'd never seen before. She's very beautiful. She has pretty golden eyes and light-violet hair. My gaze turned to the arm that clings onto Yahiko's arm and he must have sensed it.

"Naruto… this is…" Yahiko looked really nervous. My face holds no emotion whatsoever, but I'm starting to break inside. I'm too confused. Wasn't he supposed to be inside his house? And who's the woman?

I could see from the corner of my eyes that Sasuke was looking at us with quiet amusement. He took his beer and sipped from it before he crossed his arms over his chest again and watched the scene unfold in front of him. I swore the same expression is on Sai and the others' faces. But I don't care for now. What I care about is only Yahiko.

"Yahiko." Again, I thank my voice for not letting my inner turmoil affect it. My eyes never left his the moment our gazes met, though he dropped his gaze after a while to avoid any more of mine. I can see the white magatama earring dangling from his ears. The back of my mind recognized him as an A Class, just one step from becoming a Knight. She too is A Class. Though I don't really care.

"Naruto… Nagato didn't tell you, did he..?" He asked unsurely. Aniki? He didn't tell me what? I swear I saw Sasuke tensed at the sound of the mentioned name. His eyes narrowed as they settled on me, clearly confused but nevertheless curious. But I don't care about that.

It's annoying the hell out of me. Yahiko wasn't supposed to be this awkward to be with. He was always booming with self-confidence and brightness. He was kind and loving, not someone who would regret calling his lover's attention in front of so many people. He had never been ashamed to be with me in public, though both of us hated public display of affection. He was sweet and a little sappy, but I didn't care. He wasn't supposed to be this cold… and this nervous. He didn't even greet me properly. He looked like a cornered rat in an experiment lab and I was starting to feel sorry for him. And I knew I was merely playing dense though. I already knew from his actions who she is. I can feel my throat tightening and my heart shattering. Though I don't care about that for now. I felt my breath hitched and my eyes were stinging. I clenched my jaw as I closed my eyes and tried my hardest to steady my breathing. I gulped before I tried to speak the one-million-question.

"Is she…" I asked in a voice that quivered only a little. "Is she your girlfriend, Yahiko?" I opened my eyes again just in time to see him nod guiltily.




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