Vampire in love

one night the vampire council leader to date this mortal and the other vampire council members didn't want her to love a mortal but some others didn't care. She have been in love with this guy named ed for a long time on one Wednesday night at church ( yes vampires do go to church) ed asked if she liked him and Amy said yes. Ed has been hurt so many times Ed also had a crush on Amy as well. Ed wanted to be turned into a vampire but he thought long and hard and he changed his mind and Amy was very happy because ed had a choice and Amy didn't.

Now Ed had been picked on in school because he came out being bisexual and he was dating this guy. Ed did everything for this guy, but Taylor used him for everything he had. so one day Amy told Taylor to leave him alone and has not texted Ed any more and he is glad Ed's cousin keeps telling him that it is not going to work out but Amy and Ed are still together even tho it has only been a week.

The End

Hey guys i hope you enjoy the first part of vampire in love this is a true story and more and more pages will come in every day or week so keep in touch