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Chapter One: Megumi

Megumi sighed happily, lying on her towel easily. She had needed a get-away from everything back home. It was nice to just disappear and find some solitude from the rest of the world.

Except for a text explaining what was going on to Ryuu, Megumi hadn't used technology since she'd arrived. There was no computer, no cell phone, and the small television in the cabin hadn't been turned on once. There was however, a lake that Megumi went to daily to swim and write songs.

The complete isolation was killing Alisa, Megumi's only companion, but for Megumi, this place was paradise.

At the moment, Alisa was diving into the water, squealing when she went too far and her head was submerged. She rose, shaking her head and sending droplets around her. She stuck her tongue out, wrinkling her nose. "I drank lake water!"

The complaint was met with a quiet giggle from Megumi. Her friend tended to dive headfirst into things with the same result. It was funny, because Alisa drank lake water almost every time they came, and she didn't learn better.

"Don't just lay there, come swim! It feels great!" Alisa called out, kicking out easily. She was like a fish, able to swim without trouble at all.

Megumi picked up sunscreen and waved it tauntingly, reminding the other girl that she wasn't wearing any of her own. Alisa moved quickly, shivering when she got out of the water. "Share the sunscreen; if I burn again, I might die!"

She held her hand out, and obligingly, Megumi squirted a huge dollop on her hand. Then, because Alisa wasn't expecting it, she squirted Alisa with the sunscreen, laughing openly.

"That wasn't funny!" Alisa fought her own laughter and wiped sunscreen on Megumi's face. Once her hands were free, she began a battle for the sunscreen bottle, not bothering to wipe the sunscreen into her skin first.

By the time they finished, the towel had more sunscreen on it than they did, and they were giggling helplessly. "Truce?" Alisa offered, breathing heavily. Megumi merely nodded in agreement, scooping some of the sunscreen onto her hand.

She rubbed in into her skin, frowning when she realized her towel was useless to relax on now. "This is your fault," She accused quietly, still worried speaking would send people into an unconscious state.

Alisa giggled, taking a share of the sunscreen for herself. "You squirted me, so it's…" The giggles stopped and Alisa looked around nervously. There were enough trees around for someone to sneak up unnoticed. "Did you hear something?"

Megumi shook her head, but grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her swim suit. It wasn't much, but it made her feel better, and when Alisa did the same, it seemed to have the same effect.

They both frowned when the noises they heard took shape, and then nearly panicked. There was something frightening when Aoi and Yahiro were five feet from each other and not discreetly trying to slit the other's throat.

Alisa looked at the boys, and then to the trees. "I'll go run, you swim for the other side?"

Aoi wasn't the type to run, and Yahiro certainly wasn't going to dive into a lake to catch the idiot girl. It was a good idea, and if they were lucky, they could escape successfully and hide with the rest of the friends at home safely. Megumi nodded, getting into the water as fast as she could.

By the time she felt safe, Alisa and Aoi had both disappeared. Yahiro was waiting at the edge of the water, his arms crossed as he was obviously annoyed.

For a moment, Megumi felt like giggling, because Yahiro had gone to the trouble to find her, but the look on his face warned her against it. Instead, she moved further towards the center of the lake.

"Get out of the damn water!" Yahiro called after a long moment of silence. After gauging the distance between them, Megumi figured yelling wouldn't knock him out.

"I'm fine here!" She replied, relieved that her voice wasn't shaking. Yahiro was one of the reasons she needed to get away, so having him here wasn't the best thing, even if her heart was racing.

"Don't talk!"

"How else am I supposed to communicate from this far away?" Megumi muttered, moving backwards again. Yahiro was emitting a very dark aura, and even she could tell being close was a bad idea right now.

"I will come in after you!" Yahiro warned, and Megumi gave into the need to giggle. That wasn't like Yahiro at all; he wouldn't actually do it. As long as she stayed near the middle, and no one with a boat came by, she was safe.

A splash warned her that she wasn't as safe as she thought she was. With a small panicked squeak, Megumi dashed away. She cursed her small frame and lack of athleticism for how slowly she was moving, even with the adrenaline rushing through her.

Yahiro caught her quickly, grabbing her arm before she squirmed out of reach. In the process, he dragged her under the water, nearly drowning her.

It was only a few seconds, but it was enough to have her clinging to him when he pulled her up against him, breathing heavily. "Idiot!"

The insult had her trying to pull away quickly. "You're the one who nearly drowned me!" Megumi protested with a quiet hiss.

"Shut. Up." The clipped words were a hint –an ignored hint- of how annoyed Yahiro really was with her and the whole situation.

"I was just trying to have a relaxing vacation with a friend, think of things, write songs, and then you…" Megumi found her head dunked under the water again, and came back up sputtering in seconds. Yahiro raised his eyebrows at her glare, looking slightly amused.

"I told you to shut up." The annoyance had lessened, but it didn't mean it was gone. Megumi knew all too well how quickly Yahiro's moods could change. Megumi glared, squirming angrily when he pulled her closer.

"Let… go!" Megumi hissed, blushing when she realized Yahiro was no longer wearing a shirt. From the smirk on his face, he realized exactly why her face was suddenly burning.

"I'll let go when you realize when to stop talking," Yahiro murmured, seemingly enjoying himself.

This had to be some game he was playing with her. Megumi's glare lost some of its power as she squirmed unsuccessfully. Finally, she relaxed completely, forcing Yahiro to tighten his grip when she nearly slipped under the water.

"Did you think that would work?" Megumi tried to kick him, earning herself an eye roll and another dunk under the water. "It's not nice to kick your beloved Megumi-chan."

Spitting out the water she'd nearly swallowed, she pushed at him angrily. "Let me go!" She repeated her demand, hoping repetition would be enough to get it into his head. Instead, he pulled her closer again, resting his head on top of hers so she couldn't look him in the eyes.

"You disappeared," Yahiro murmured after a quiet moment, keeping them both above water effortlessly. "I didn't like it."

Megumi froze, her hands gripping his shoulders lightly. "Not everything I do is for you," She muttered quietly. It was harsh, but it was the truth, and trying to be everything for Yahiro was getting painful. Staying innocent and completely pure after being rejected so much wasn't possible.

She could feel Yahiro flinch, and felt a twinge of regret. It wasn't meant to hurt him, no matter how harsh it was. "Yahiro?"

"I don't want you to do everything for me," Yahiro muttered, his arms wrapping around her tighter. Somehow, the words didn't quite ring true, but Megumi merely hid her face in his shoulder, shaking her head.

"Why are you here?" Megumi whispered, not expecting him to answer.

Yahiro buried his face in her hair, shaking his head slightly. "I don't know," he replied hoarsely, sounding confused. "I just know I didn't like you being gone. I don't like you away from me."

Megumi shook her head more violently, leaning back to look at him. "You don't even like me. You think I'm an idiot, and…"

"You are an idiot," Yahiro interrupted, allowing her the freedom to move away, but not to flee. "You shouldn't have ever tried talking to me."

Megumi glared. He knew the reason she did it in the first place, and it was his fault she fell in love with him! That didn't make her an idiot!

Yahiro chuckled, moving so he had her hands in his. She didn't know what he was thinking, but he was giving her that smile that made her melt because he only smiled that way in front of her. It was weakening the resolve she'd had when she decided that a break from him was a good thing, and that they were both better off separated.

"You're mine," Yahiro decided to say after a moment of looking at her. "So if you disappear again, I'm coming after you."

He let go of her hands, moving back towards the edge of the water again. Megumi stared in disbelief. He'd come here, with Aoi of all people, chased her into a lake, nearly drowned her, then claimed her as his property and started to leave?

Yahiro paused in his journey and looked back, reaching out a hand to her. "Come on idiot; we'll catch a cold if we stay in any longer."

Megumi paused and then smiled, moving to take his hand and let him pull her along. She'd become quite fluent in Yahiro-talk. He would act like a jerk, and then you'd realize he was worried about you.

And honestly, Megumi liked that Yahiro would be worried about her, even if it was just about catching a cold. It killed the fears that he didn't care about her at all.

She smiled up at him when he picked his jacket up off the ground and handed it to her. She bent and wrote out a thank you on the ground before sliding her arms into the sleeves. As he usually did when she thanked him, Yahiro blushed lightly in embarrassment, shaking his head.

Megumi didn't mind. It was part of why she loved him, and it was just another sign that she might actually be someone special to Yahiro. If she had that, she was happy.

They walked to the cabin Megumi and Alisa were staying in quietly, Yahiro being the only one to occasionally break the comfortable silence between them.

At the door, Yahiro crossed his arms. "Pack. We're going home."

Megumi would have protested, but at the moment, she was in a Yahiro-induced bliss and would have done pretty much anything willingly. She had all her belongings packed in minutes, so involved in her happy thoughts that she missed Aoi and Alisa's entrance into the cabin.

She almost missed the yelling from her friend, but that came through the daze. However, Yahiro was by her side before she could do anything, ushering her out to the car. "She can take care of herself," he muttered, opening the passenger side door. "And the robot could use some confrontation."

Megumi frowned. Alisa called Aoi a 'rock of a man' but normally, everyone else kept quiet about Aoi. He just wasn't a big deal to most of them; it wasn't like he did anything significant to them besides his obsession with Kei.

No one, even Megumi, understood Yahiro and Aoi's instant dislike of each other.

That wasn't something Megumi was about to get into though, because Yahiro was suddenly in her personal bubble, wrapping an arm around her waist. When she looked up to ask what was wrong, Yahiro kissed her lightly on the lips, smirking when he pulled away.

"You taste like strawberries," he murmured, making her turn red and stammer. He pulled away slowly, nudging her into the passenger seat easily. "Stop talking."

He went around and got into the driver's seat, leaning comfortably when Megumi looked about to talk. "Just stop using your voice…" Yahiro lowered his voice and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. "…And just enjoy the ride."

Megumi's face turned even redder as she turned to look out the window. It wasn't fair of him to tease her like this, not when he knew how she felt about him! And just kissing her out of the blue… what did it mean?

From the look of things, it wasn't like she was going to get an answer during this car ride. But as soon as they got home… Megumi smiled, leaning comfortably in the seat, forgetting she was still just in her swimsuit and a wet tee-shirt. She was looking forward to getting answers the moment they arrived, and Yahiro couldn't run away or distract her!

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