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Also Blossom. Bubbles and Buttercup will be older in this, Along with everyone else in the show. So they may appear slightly different.

When Professor Utonium had created the Powder-puff Girls, Mojo Jojo was not the only one with side effects. For during this time, The Professor had his 10 year old daughter, Millie Utonium, over. Millie was also the daughter of, Tina Utonium, The Professor's first wife. After Six years of being married Tina got sick of him always in his lab and not paying enough attention to his 5 year old. When the divorce was settled, The Professor was only aloud to see his daughter every other weekend. Even when he had her though, he always seemed to busy in his work to even spend one whole day with Millie.

Seeing that he was always busy, the professor decided to create the perfect girl for his daughter to play with. When he told Millie what he had planned, she was very excited. Sure she got use to her dad being busy after 5 years, but to have someone to play with would be great!

As the Professor started to work on his project, he allowed Millie to help. In the lab, Millie added Sugar, Spice, and Everything nice, to a big pot while her dad mixed it all together. Little did they know a hyper monkey named Mojo was coming up fast behind. As Mojo ran into the Professor, his elbow hit a beaker full of black liquid, causing it to break and pour into the 'perfect little girl' mixture. When the Professor saw it was Chemical X, his eyes widen in fear before the explosion caused him and Millie to fly into the wall.

When the Professor opened his eyes, he was greeted by three little girls about the age of 7. After introducing himself, and giving the girls names, the blond, Named Bubbles asked who the girl laying on the floor was. As if being smacked in the face, Utonium rushed over to Millie's unconscious form. Picking her up, gentile in his arms, he saw small specks of 'Chemical X' absorbed into her skin. Thinking quickly, he got the all the girls into the car and rushed to the hospital, Calling Tina on the way.

When they got there Tina was already waiting there and a few medics to take Millie back right away. As they waited for two hours The Professor explain to Tina what had happened and introduced her to Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Not wanting to yell in front of the girls, Tina asked them to stay in the waiting room while she and the Professor had talk outside. Once outside, Tina yelled at him like there was no tomorrow. When she had finally calmed down and walked back into the waiting room, the doc. had come out looking for them.

To their relief Millie was going to be fine, just had to stay for a night or to for observation. When they asked to see her, he obliged. As they entered the room Millie was in, they saw her sleeping peacefully, but something was different. Her normal black, shoulder length, hair was now a dark fiery purple and her skin was a littler tanner then her usual peach colored skin. When they got closer, Millie's eyes opened. Her once light blue eyes where now a sapphire pink, a lot brighter the blossoms, with a slight hint of light blue and dark green in them. When she saw her parents, she smiled before closing her eyes and falling back to sleep.

After a week out of the hospital, Millie began to notice some strange thing happening to her. Like, when she was having a lazy day, she was sitting just staring at her teddy bear when all of a sudden the bear started to lift into the air. Seeing this caused her to scream and the bear go flying into the wall, or when she had gotten into a fight with one of the bullies at school. She had put her hand out to stop a punch to the face, instead a white glow surrounded her hand and a white beam shot out at the boy hitting him in the chest. Thankfully it did not hurt him too much.

When she told her dad, he said it was because of the Chemical X that had gotten on her in the explosion, giving her some powers, sort of like her new sisters. When her mother found out she was enraged and within a month, Millie and her mother had moved to Florida, Far away from Townsville, her father and new sister.

As Millie grew up she stayed in contact with her father and sister and worked on her powers secretly. She also kept up on the news in Townsville and how her super powered sisters would save the day. It has been 7 years since Millie had since her dad and sisters in person. Now that she was finished with high school. Millie has decided to go back to Townsville, much to her mother's protest, to live with her dad and sisters for a little while till she is ready to live on her own.

Little does she know that many obstacles lie before her in Townsville, New enemies will arise along with the old. Friendships will be made and lost. And so much more.

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