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Chapter 1: Who are You?

Celestia paced nervously about her chambers. Twilight had passed the test. Not just by letting Spike grab the heart as she had told her student, but by other actions she had taken as well. Actions Celestia had hoped Twilight would not have thought to do. Passing this test meant that things would change, and for the worst at that. Her train of thought was broken by one of her guards.

"Your Highness" he announced "There is a Mr. Time Turner here to see you. Should I allow him through?"

Celestia raced hopefully to the door and was relieved by the sound of the guest's voice.

"Please call me Doctor." the voice said.

"I will see him." Celestia said struggling to contain her emotions.

An earth pony with a brown main and an hourglass cutie mark entered the chamber. He bowed to Celestia and the guard followed his lead. Celestia rolled her eyes.

"You may leave us" Celestia stated dismissing the guard.

The guard bowed again then left. Celestia closed the door behind him using her magic.

"You of all people do not have to bow to me." Celestia sighed.

"I know." the stallion smiled then clapped his hooves together "But I enjoy seeing your reactions. This one could have used some work. Now, no more distractions. I can see from your current state that Twilight Sparkle was able to complete her most recent task."

Celestia nodded sadly. "I'm sorry I din't believe you, I should have seen…."

The Doctor gives Celestia a knowing glance and she stops.

"Even I was not completely sure. If I'd been wrong…" The Doctor started.

"But you were not wrong, I was." Celestia cried back.

"Calm down. This is out of our hooves now." he reminded her.

"I guess." she sighed "But we must visit her tomorrow, as soon as we can. I'd go now, but I need to raise the sun tomorrow. Luna does not know of this, and I wish to keep it that way until we see what Twilight does next."

"I agree." The Doctor nodded.

Both of the however, held on to the worry that knowing Twilight Sparkle, tomorrow could be too late.

~~~~~~~Ponyville Library~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Twilight Sparkle was far too excited to get any sleep. She had passed. She was going to start dealing with magic and studies on a completely different level. She continued running and leaping about the library when she felt something. It seemed different then any pervious type of magic she'd ever felt, and it seemed to be calling to her. She followed the pull to her room were she found the source. It was her old fob watch. She'd had it for as long as she could remember. She had forgotten about it until she went to dig out Smartypants. She actually hadn't realized she'd grabbed both until just now. Thinking harder she realized that she could not recall exactly where and when she had received it. Wanting to see the source of the energy she used her magic to try to bring the watch closer to her. The second the spell touched the watch however, everything went white.


Twilight blinked. She looked around. She was in a vast seemingly endless white…. space. She could not really think of a better word. There were streams of some kind of gold energy flowing at angles that din't seem physically possible. She looked in the distance and saw what looked like something moving. She ran towards it. She stoped short. The creature is like nothing Twilight has ever seen. She (well Twilight was relatively sure it was a she) stood on two legs, she lacked a tail, she her mane was brown and slightly curled. She was clothed in some sort of red full body suit. Twilight recognized what she was but couldn't believe it. She was a human, but they weren't real, were they?

"Who are you?" Twilight inquired.

The women stared at Twilight. She was being asked a question by horse, in her watch."You're asking me a question? This is a holding place for my memories what are you doing here?"

Twilight thought for a second. The watch! This human must have sealed her memories in the watch, and they were somehow inside it. But how had this human put herself in the watch, and why? Why had it come to her? Twilight was snapped out of her thoughts by another demand from the woman.

"How did you get your hands on my watch, horse?"

"My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I'm a unicorn not a horse!" Twilight stated. Realizing only afterward how rude and unproductive her reply had been.

"I do not care what you are and I did not ask for your name." the women stated. Thought she did see the unicorn as an interesting subject to look into once she is back in control of her body. She wonders what the human the arch created is currently up to. Something foolish and boring no doubt. She continues, "I only wish to know how you came upon my watch."

"Its my watch" Twilight stated, finding real conviction for the first time in what was turning into the strangest conversation she'd every had. There are so many questions she wished to ask this strange creature, but obviously dealing with the watch issue would would have to come first. "I've had had it as long as I can remember, I didn't know anypony was inside it"

The creature stared at Twilight. A sinister smirk crossed her face.

"You're smart aren't you." the women asked, struggling to ignore the fact she may have just been called a pony.

"Well" Twilight blushed "I am Princess Celestia's personal student. I also really enjoy reading. By the way you're a human aren't you. I've read about humans, but…."

The women interrupted Twilight "I am not a human" she spit out the word as if its an insult.

"Then what are you?" Twilight asked. This whole thing is so strange to her, each answer raising more questions.

"Smart and curious." the women smiled. "Very well, to start with I tell you this much, I am called The Rani."

-To Be Continued-