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AN: If it wasn't clear before, this is AU for both series.

Chapter 2: You're Not Real.

Spike was awoken by a blast of energy. He looked toward the direction of the blast and to no surprise found Twilight in the center of it. He gasped, she was hovering off the ground and releasing a huge amount of magic. It was enough that her eyes were glowing all white. He noticed a another source of energy as well. It was coming from a watch levitating above her head. There was a gold stream of some kind mixed in with Twilight's usual purple magic. Spike walked towards her but was pushed back by the energy. He summoned a scroll and hastily sent a message to Celestia. Then he ran outside to wait for the princess.


Celestia had continued her pacing after The Doctor had gotten himself settled.

"Don't worry, from what you told me your student a smart girl." The Doctor assured her.

"Yes, but that may be the problem in this particular case." Celestia reminded him.

"True. From what you've told me she…" The Doctor is interrupted by a green burst and a scroll falling in front of Celestia.

The princess quickly unfolded and read and the letter to her self. The Doctor looked on as well.




Without a word Celestia powered up her magic and teleported them both to Ponyville.


The Rani and Twilight circled around each other under they were about a foot away from each other, both studying the other one.

It was Twilight who spoke first "'The Rani', that's a bit of mouthful, isn't it."

"That's what I you choose to ask me…perhaps I was wrong in my earlier assessment. Also 'Twilight Sparkle' is far from a simple name itself." The Rani snarked at Twilight.

"Just 'Twilight' is fine…and... Wait! What assessment. Did you give me a test? Did I just fail it? Is this a test?" Twilight ranted.

"Wrong type of assessment." Rani said rolling her eyes. "Also, just 'Rani' is adequate if you wish for something to refer to me by."

Twilight calmed down a bit. About the test thing anyway. Other then that, her mind was still reeling. She thinks back to earlier in the conversation. Mainly that Rani had said wasn't human, but Twilight could not think of any other creature that had the attributes of the woman before her.

"If your not a human, then what are you?" Twilight asked.

"Finally, you ask the right question." Rani grins "I'm from the planet Gallifrey, my species are know as Time Lords."

"Wouldn't that be Time Lady in your case?" Twilight asked innocently.

Rani glared at Twilight. "No, the term is more gender neutral then you'd think when applied to our race."

"So, why are you in my watch?" Twilight asked.

"As I said before it's my watch." The Rani stated.

"But I've always had it." Twilight said, getting increasing confused once more.

"You still don't get it." The Rani laughed. "You're not real. I used something called the chameleon arch to make body change and put my mind in this watch. It was supposed to turn me into a human though, no idea how you came about."

Twilight stared in horror at The Rani is she talked. She didn't understand all of what the woman was saying, but from what she could, it was horrible, it meant she wasn't real. Twilight was about to ask more questions when both of them were swallowed up by one of the gold energy flows that surrounded them.

-To Be Continued