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Chapter 5: Who Else?

"This is the last thing I needed right now!" Twilight groaned. Then she actually thought about what had just happened. "Are guys alright?" she asked

"I suppose so, how does my mane look." Rarity asked.

Rainbow Dash glared at Rarity. "We just got blasted through a door from halfway across town and your worried about you mane." she muttered. "By the way" she added, "I'm great, not shaken at all…now" She looked down having realized everypony else had seen her panicked explanation when they had entered.

"I'm… fine too." Fluttershy whispered. She definitely still looked shaken up.

"I'm fine Twi." Applejack stated brushing some dust off her coat.

Twilight breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm glad all of you…Where's Pinkie?"

Everyone looked around. It was odd that the pink mare had not been the first to speak up. Then all of a sudden she popped up between Celestia and The Doctor, visibly shocking both of them.

"I'm right here." she said smiling. "And I'm super duper alright. Although I would like to know why Princess Celestia and The Doctor are here. Is this some really secret test for Twilight we just burst into?"

The Doctor blinked. That mare, how could she know. More importantly how had she moved with out being seen. He made a mental note to ask Celestia about it later.

Twilight noticed the different name use as well. "Why did Pinkie just call you The Doctor? When you were helping with the contest at Sweet Apple Acres I could have sworn it was mentioned that your name was Time Turner."

"That's because someone probably did." The Doctor explained.

"The Doctor." Twilight repeated. There was something about that name, or more importantly the type of name it was. It seemed too similar to how The Rani had introduced herself. That added to her earlier thoughts on the name 'Time Turner' and that fact he knew about the watch hadTwilight's thoughts swirling. She was utterly stumped as to which of her many questions to ask first. So she went with the simplest. "Doctor Who?"

"Exactly." The Doctor chuckled. "Now, I know you all have many other questions to ask, but I think we have to deal with this challenge that Twilight Sparkle was just issued first."

Twilight's face fell. She had been so worried about her friends that she'd forgotten what had put them in that situation to begin with. Then she thought back to what Rainbow had said earlier. "Wait you said Trixie did this?" she asked.

The other's nodded in agreement.

"But Trixie… there's no way she could be strong enough to push all of you back that far." Twilight stated.

"Yes well, she was wearing the strangest necklace." Rarity commented.

"A necklace, what did it look like?" Twilight asked.

"It was was red gem on on a grey backing that was carved to look like an alicorn. Seemed a little old fashioned in my opinion" Rarity recalled.

"That could…Did you say alicorn!" Twilight exclaimed. She went up to a shelf and levitated a book down. She placed the book down where everypony could get a look. She flipped the pages until she reached one with a picture of the necklace Rarity had described.

"Here, the alicorn amulet." Twilight said. Then she skimmed through the the text some more. Her face fell. She turned to the others and explained what she had read. "It greatly increases the user's magic, at the cost of their sanity."

"Well, that certainly explains somethings." Rainbow muttered.

"Like how she teleported all of you clear across Ponyville." Twilight said.

"Actually I meant the whole insanity thing. It kinda explains why she was yelling at Snips and Snails to get rid of all wheels currently in her sight." Rainbow explained.

"Wheels?" questioned The Doctor. Then he shook his head. "Never mind, well Twilight Sparkle now that you know what happened, what ideas do you have."

"Me?" Twilight questioned. "Well, the only one who can remove the amulet is the one wearing it…" She stopped she understood why The Doctor wanted her to this herself. If she could talk Trixie down it would help her practice keeping her defenses up against The Rani. "Doctor I think I understand what you want we to do."

"Good. Now go, I promise to explain everything to you and your friends when you return." The Doctor said.

Twilight nodded and ran out the door.

She got outside and looked around. I wonder where Trixie is. She thought. I would venture to guess she's over there were all those scared little ponies are running from. Answered another voice. Rani!? Twilight panicked. Who else. The voice sneered. So, how are you going to help this 'Trixie' when you don't even known what's going on in your own head?

-To Be Continued-