Students in hell

Mable winter and Draven were dating even thought there love for one an other was in grade 12 was thrown back into 11, she is from Canada and Draven was living in the states. She went to school in a castle and this castle was a portal to hell, and she was the queen of the underworld. But before she could become queen of the underworld by merrying a demon she fell in love with Draven a mortal. Mable had to marry the demon of the underworld and ruler of the dead befor she could become queen it was the rules of the underworld and what her parents and the councel had wanted befor the day she was even born but now that she had found someone eles she didn't want to have to go through with this she just wants to be with Draven so bad. Draven never thought that he would get the prettiest girl in the world, he has liked her for a long time, when Mable seen him she could not tell him that she was to marry demon to become queen of the underworld. But befor She could make sure who she wanted to be with she had to trust them first befor that day came and if she were to marry the demon should had to bare his son who would be satan.