Author's Note: Hey, guys! If you read my story "The Vivosaur In Me", you'd probably remember the bit where Joe tells John (my OC for the story) that every time there's a family reunion one of his relatives would steal his clothes, so here's a funny little nothing from Joe's POV describing the details of a Wildwest family reunion. :) Be sure to leave me review to let me know how I did please!

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Chapter One: The Call that Started It All

"Joe, how many more times am I going to have to hear the phone ring? That same number's called ten times already," Terry sighed, looking up to acknowledge me entering the suite.

"What's th' number?" I questioned, walking past to look at the caller ID. I scowled. "Terry, would'a killed ya ta pick up th' phone an' ask who's callin'? 'Cause this is mah motha!" I sighed, trying not to get too annoyed with the raven haired man.

"Sorry, man. I'll just leave it to you, then," he replied, moving for the elevator to head back to the main level of the complex.

"Well, finally ya decided ta git off yo' ass an' pick up yo' phone, Ah see!" my mother's voice greeted me on the other end.

"Hello ta you, too, Ma," I replied, silently cursing Terry for not answering the first time.

"Joseph Andrew Wildwest, you damn well know not ta keep yo' motha waitin'!" the woman chided me and I couldn't resist rolling my eyes.

"Mama, Ah can explain mahself! Ah was out on Vivosaur Island doin' business over there! You can't blame me fo' not bein' here th' first tahme ya called!" I exclaimed, taking a seat at my desk and sighed.

"What was it you were callin' me 'bout that you had ta call ten tahmes?" I asked, attempting to get her off the track she was on.

"We're havin' a family reunion this weekend an' yo' relatives would love ta see ya."

I grimaced. Last time there was a family reunion was years back when I started my business on Caliosteo Islands. Most of my relatives tried to get me to leave my dreams of being a Fossil Fighter behind. And look where I am now, one of the most famous Fossil Fighters in the world and owner of the Caliosteo Islands. It isn't seeing my relatives that I have a problem with, it's the mysterious disappearances of my trousers from my bags in the night and no idea where they went off to the next day as well as a small number of cousins, aunts, and uncles that I don't care to see again.

"An' Ah suppose from yo' tone Ah got no choice but ta come?" I ventured to ask, sighing again when she replied with, "Yes, Joe, ya have ta come. Yo' daddy an' Ah wanna see our li'l boy again!"

Author's Note: Not exactly very long, but I'll start on the next chapter soon! :D

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