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Chapter Seven: Day Six: The Wildwest Family Arrives on Caliosteo Islands

"Joe, get your ass out of bed and over here now!"

I jumped, not expecting to be woken up like that or seeing an irate Stella watching me from the entrance to my room. "Good mornin' ta you, too, Stella," I yawned, clumsily rolling out of bed followed the angry blonde woman out of the room and blanched at seeing my entire family standing in my office with broad smiles on their faces.

"No!" I shouted, turning on a heel and racing for my bedroom and slammed the door shut. "How could this happen?! Oh, no..." I moaned in horror, catching sight of the photo album I nabbed from when Jeff and I were still in Texas. "We didn't hide it!" I moaned, throwing on some clothes and snatched up the album and reached for Byron's Dino Medal.

"What happened, Joe? Who died?" the young boy yawned, rubbing at his eyes.

"We need to get to Vivosaur Island NOW!" I said, my voice taking on a hysteric tone.

"What's on Vivosaur Island, Joe?"

"A place to hide this thrice damned photo album!" I cried, nearly jumping out of my skin when Jeff burst into the room with an angry expression on his face.

"What did you do to mah hair?!" Jeff shouted, all traces of anger quickly diminishing and paling when his gaze fell on the album tucked under my arm. "We didn't!"

"We did! We need ta hide it 'fore it's too late!" I replied grimly, opening the window to let Byron out and climbed on his back with Jeff in tow.

"Where're we goin', Joey?" my brother asked, taking hold of the photo album for me.

"Vivosaur Island. An' we gonna hide it in th' one lace no one'll eva think ta look."

oOoOoOo (Later) oOoOoOo

"Doc Diggins! If y'all ain't in yo' office, don't say anythin'!" I shouted, bursting into the hopelessly cluttered space in search for the quirky man. No sign of him anywhere amongst the piles of paperwork and books. "Hide th' damn thing 'fore we get caught in here!" I ordered, watching my brother as he went further into the room and placed it under a stack of books.

"Ya sure he ain't gonna find that?" I wondered, glancing back into the office as we ran out of the Fighters' Station.

"Hell, if Ah know. But Ah did make sure ta disguise it so he ain't eva gonna find it," Jeff grinned.

oOoOoOo (Twenty minutes later) oOoOoOo

"I said I'll get to working on it later, Wendy! It's on my to-do list!"

Dr. Diggins had just been tracked down having been held hostage for the past two hours by Nick Knack and hearing a very long explanation as to how he came into possession of his fossilized sandals. Pushing his glasses back into place on his nose, the man sighed and grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil to remind him to fix the Kl-33N robots in the cleaning room, pausing when he spotted a large burgundy book with 'Photo Album' written along its spine in an elegant slanted print. A piece of duct tape had been placed on it reading 'NOT' in bold print. Diggins creased his brows in wonderment. Where did that come from? he thought, moving to retrieve the book from beneath the pile of archaeology books he hasn't touched in years and opened it.

The first thing his eyes landed on was a picture of a two year old Joe Wildwest, clothed in nothing but a diaper and the jacket and cowboy hat the world commonly associates with him and a grin on his face reaching from ear to ear. Dr. Diggins couldn't help grinning back at the picture. Looking at Joe now, Dr. Diggins never thought the world famous Vivosaur handler would have been such a cute little thing as a toddler. No wonder the girls love him, the man thought.

The second page brought about a second child, possibly a sibling, alongside Joe, both around the ages of three and four years old, the older of the two holding up handfuls of mud covered worms while Joe was covered head to toe in it and held out a small fossil of a fern. This brought about a smile. Joe was getting busy with his career that young. Smart kid. Nobody does that anymore, Diggins thought. Did him some good, too. He's what, twenty-four now and three in the picture? He was really looking into his future.

The next photo Diggins looked over brought a chuckle. The picture was of a seven year old Joe in his bathing suit squirting a man Diggins assumed was his father between the legs while his sibling pulled the back of his swim trunks to deposit a handful of ice cubes to add to the mayhem that was caught on camera. Not only was he a cute kid, he was a mischief maker.

The fourth picture featured the two siblings again. This time they were in the bathtub, bubbles coming up to their chins. Joe was buried alive under all the suds, peeking out at the person behind the camera with a grin while his brother smeared bubbles on his chin to make a beard of sorts. He lost it. Diggins laughed. He laughed till his sides ached and tears were streaming down his face in merriment. The doctor's laughing had called the attention of staff members into the room to see what had roused such amusement.

"Dr. Diggins? What's gotten into you? Did Rosie give you dino cakes again?" Wendy questioned coming closer to see the photo album sitting in his lap and happy tears rolling down his face and gasping for air between his continued guffaws. Her boss answered her question, but nobody could understand, instead opting to crowd around him to see what prompted such a response.

It wasn't long before every last staff member of the Fossil Station was on the ground laughing.

oOoOoOo (Greenhorn Plains) oOoOoOo

"What do we do now? Head back ta yo' place on Caliosteo Islands?" Jeff questioned, watching me as I dug around the clearing from his place in the shade under a tree a short distance away.

I opened my mouth to respond but we both paled when Great Aunt Bobby-Lou's voice rang out over the fields, shouting, "Peter! Jessica! Where y'all run off at?!"

"Oh, hell. Run!" I screeched, hastily placing my pickax back into its place on my back and hightailed it for the edge of the digsite with Jeff hot on my heels.

"What're we gonna do when they catch us?" Jeff asked, his voice raising in pitch in his growing sense of hysteria.

"I dunno! But when they do, Ah'm gonna git mahself killed by a Spinax!" I answered, working my way around the site the long way to avoid the family and jus made it to the entrance when Russ tackled me from behind.

"Cuz, can we please try ta revive mah fossil?" he begged, looking up at me with his big emerald eyes that I could never say 'no' to.

"... Fine."

oOoOoOo (Ten minutes later) oOoOoOo

Walking into the Fighters' Station, I sensed something with Jeff's hiding place for the photo album went horribly wrong as every worker that saw me would break down into a mad giggling fit. Dr. Diggins found the album. Letting my gaze go heavenward, I mentally pleaded, Oh, Gawd, take me now! Let this nightmare fo' me end! Jus' strike me dead!

"You gonna show me how ta work this thang?" Russ questioned, napping me out of my thoughts.

"Uh... This controls th' drill an' this is th' hammer. From th' tahme y'all put th' fossil rock in th' machine, ya got a minute an' ten seconds ta clean it ta th' best of yo' abilities an' th' machine will do th' rest," I instructed, watching as Russ set to work on his rock. It didn't take him long to do so because of how small it is and what surprised us the most was from the remnants of the rock the plant's leaves sprung up, a few more sprouting up alongside it.

"Well, how 'bout that? Ya revived it," I said in surprise, watching the leafy plant with wide eyes and took a step back when the leaves shook and got bigger. Russ and I took another step back as the previously fossilized vegetation continued growing, spilling over and out of the revival machine and began growing up the walls and all over the floor.



"What're we gonna tell the people that work in here?"

"It was a freak accident. And when this all goes south, Ah'm blamin' you," I said finally opening the door and leaving with Russ in tow.



"Yeah, Joe?"

"Everyone in the Fighter's Station is laughin' at us. Just how did you plan ta hide that photo album?" I asked him with a forced calm, resisting the urge to strangle him when Dr. Diggins approached us with a wide grin on his face, the spine of the book facing outward, the words 'NOT a Photo Album' in two different prints, one of which was on duct tape and written in Sharpie.

"Is this the reason for your visit, Mr. Wildwest? Hiding something from your mother? And you thought of my office as a hiding place first. I'm touched," he said amusedly, handing the book over to me.

"You took a peek, didn't ya?"

"Well, it goes without saying you were absolutely adorable as a kid."

Shoving the album into Jeff's hands, I pulled my hat down and ran, not knowing or caring where I was headed.

Jeff and Dr. Diggins watched me go, exchanging glances in the silence that ensued before the doctor broke the silence by asking "Was it something I said?"

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