Clove asked me a question. She had said. 'Am I pretty?' I stare into her sparkling brown eyes. 'No.' I had replied. 'Do you want me to be with me forever?' I look at her, 'No.'

'Would you cry if I left you now?' She asks finally. 'No.' I had answered without hesitation. She looks at me. Then without speaking, she turned and began to leave. I had grabbed her wrist and stopped her. 'Clove, you're not pretty, you are the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen and you are perfect. I don't want you to be with me forever, I need you to be with me forever. And if you left me, I wouldn't cry...' I look at her. '…I would die.' I finished. She had thrown her arms around me. 'I love you.' She whispered. I smile. 'I will always love you, forever.' I take her hand and I immediately know that I didn't make the wrong choice when I volunteered. I volunteered for Clove. I don't regret volunteering. I never did and I never would. So even here, even if we're burning in hell, I still have No Regrets.

And finally FINISHED ! :D

Alternate ending uploading soon !

Peace out !