Chapter Two: Placement Testing & Class Scheduling

Word Count: 1,110+ 2,114= 3,224 words [[Excludes all titles, Main or Chapter, and Author's Notes]] Only 8,000 words to go [[I get the feeling this FanFiction is going to be on the long side]] On a side note a pulled the Biology Question from one of my MCAT text books. Dedicated to James Birdsong for the first review…although I would love more details as to why you think this is either a good story or how it could improve etc. I know people are reading this so I would love some feedback.

The sound of her alarm going off this early on a Saturday morning was something Usgai was going to have to get used to as she dragged herself through the usual morning routine of washing her face and brushing her teeth before pulling on the outfit her mom and chosen for her the night before. It was a long white skirt and a light pink blouse, something Usgai herself would have picked out. She slipped quickly into it, pulling her hair up into their usual buns before heading down to breakfast as she was already twenty minutes late. Breakfast was a silent affair as her father had left for work to make up for the hours he had missed yesterday to attend the conference, which meant he had the car and that they would be taking a bus to get to the Juban Elite and that they would have to leave by seven in the hopes of making it on time and it was already six-fifty.

They made the bus with no time to spare as Usgai listened to her mother's half-hearted attempts to cheer her up.

"Look at it this way Usgai, it keeps you out of boarding school or a vocational high school for which you should be grateful of, it was all I could do to convince your father not to ship you off first thing this morning."

Hearing nothing in response but sulking her mother turned her attention back to the information packet they had received from Juban Elite Seminary the night before, consuming it in its entirety before they finally reached the cram school an hour later.

Usgai entered the center by herself as her mother left to do some shopping with a promise to return around noon, as her testing would take roughly four or five hours to complete. Usgai shuddered as she was ushered into a room with about twenty other students and set down in front of a testing packet that would scare her on a normal day, yet alone something as important as this.

When they were given the go ahead to begin Usgai opened up the first testing packet, Biology and glanced at the first question.

Which DNA base requires the most energy to break? Why?





She stared at the test as if it would give her the answers she needed but the information was not forthcoming, randomly marking 'B' before moving onto the next question. Most of the test went this way and she was happy the proctor called time on the Biology portion of the test but she knew the next section would be a waste of her time, Chemistry. She hadn't even bothered to stay awake in that class let alone take notes, the only correct answer she ever got on a test where lucky guesses. She skimmed the questions for great justice but as predicted, randomly marked all the ninety questions in the chemistry section.

Japanese was by far her best subject but she knew she guessed about seventy percent of that portion as a whole, so it did not look promising.

The four hours that passed where grueling and exhausting and by the end of the test she was more than ready to go home but she knew that since the test would be electronically graded there was no point in returning home as they would have the test results in a little under an hour. Her mother as predicted came back with thirty minutes to spare before her test results went up. When the list was posted she could hardly look at it, scanning the list for Number 8, her testing number, and not surprised to see scores ranging from 40 percent to 60 percent, none of which were passing. Her mother looked resigned as they sat down at a table, pulling out the time sheet and course offerings that where listed, looking them over before an admissions counselor came over to them.


Japanese Writing I
Japanese Literature I

Japanese Writing II
Japanese Literature II

Japanese Writing III
Japanese Literature III


English I

English II

English III


Basic Math


Algebra I


Algebra II


Calculus I-III


Introduction to Biology
Introduction to Chemistry

Biology I w/Lab
Chemistry I w/Lab

Biology II w/Lab
Chemistry II w/Lab

Biology III w/Lab
Chemistry III w/Lab

Physics I w/Lab
Physics II w/Lab

Japanese History

Japanese History I

Japanese History II

Japanese History III

Appreciation Classes

Art Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Study Skills Classes

Improvement of Study

Advanced Study Skills

When the counselor sat down at the table she gave Usgai a pitiful look.

"You're schedule is not going to be pretty but we're not here for that are we. Alright, Monday night you will have Japanese Writing II from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 pm and Japanese History I from 8:15 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night you will have Introduction to Biology from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 and English I from 8:15 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Wednesday you will have Improvement of Study all night. Thursday you will have Introductory Chemistry from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Friday you will have Basic Math from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and on Saturday you will have your Introduction to Biology and Introduction to Chemistry labs from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. for Biology and 10:15 until 12:15 for Chemistry. Sundays are your independent study days; you are required to be in the center on Sundays as are all remedial students but you will focus on the subjects' homework you are struggling with on those days be it here or through your junior high. Now your parents have your book list and will be emailed your homework, which is to be written in your planner daily, as well as upcoming tests and dates for holiday closures. Spend today gathering your supplies and books."

For being about to overload her on work these people sure seemed exuberantly happy.

Leaving the center, Usgai didn't feel anymore happy than she did when they entered it as they headed back the familiar bookstore to get her course books, which cost more money than she could every remember her parents spending at one time. She was returned home with strict orders to read through Chapter One of her Improvement of Studies book, which in reality bored Usgai to tears as she barely retained any of the information that her eyes chose to skim at any given moment.

All she knew was that her life had fallen from where she wanted it in a few simple days, and it did not look any brighter.