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The Ninth Sekirei Pillar

Prologue: The End of an Era

Three shadows sped through the dark undergrowth of the forest as they leapt from branch to branch. Their sandals made not even a whisper as they hurried towards their destination: A small clearing less than three miles away.

Behind them, a ways in the distance, was a burned out smoking shelter. It used to be a mighty underground complex situated beneath a small shack buried deep within the lands of Konohagakure. Multiple levels filled with training grounds, storerooms, sleeping areas, amenities and everything else required to survive. Now the shelter and it's underground complex was nothing more than a mass of burnt out rooms, collapsed tunnels and a smoldering shack. The corpses of multiple ninjas lay strewn around the shack while the final sparking embers of a massive fire claimed the last vestiges of that sanctuary.

It had been the last stronghold of the free ninjas. All of the great villages had been reduced to nothing more than ashes and rubble. The great Shinobi Alliance had crumbled and collapsed.

During the last days of the war, when Obito and Madara had faced off against Naruto, Kakashi, Gai and Kirabi, there had been hope. Kakashi and Gai had given it their all, and had beaten Obito. Gai opened all 8 celestial gates and when Obito had used Kamui to avoid a wide area attack, Kakashi had sent Gai into the same dimension with Kamui as well. Using all the power provided by the 8 celestial gates Gai had erupted into a massive explosion of chakra and had ruptured the dimensional pocket. Obito and Gai died instantly when the dimension exploded. The backlash from the dimensional explosion killed Kakashi when his Sharingan ruptured and the excess chakra that had escaped from that dimension exploded in his head.

Unfortunately Madara wasn't so easily killed. Neither Naruto nor Kirabi with their tailed beasts could defeat Madara. They learned the hard way that brute strength alone wouldn't win the day. Gyuki had ultimately been chained and captured by Madara. Kurama would have shared the same fate had it not been for the timely arrival of the Kage's and their support. Naruto had fought a valiant battle but no matter how much he had damaged Madara, it would just heal itself within moments.

Naruto was carried away from the battle while the Kage's had fought to keep Madara at bay. They fought a losing battle, a delaying tactic. They knew they couldn't win, but their goal wasn't to kill Madara. It was to buy enough time for Naruto to be taken to safety.

They succeeded, but were never seen again.

After the final titanic battle Madara went on to devastate Shinobi Armies. The regular troops couldn't stand against him. They tried, oh how they had tried, thousands threw themselves at Madara in a vain attempt to stop him, but in the end it had been for naught. In the end they lost everything that day. The majority of those that had survived had fled back to their respective villages until they were ultimately destroyed. Only the few ninja that had decided to flee into hiding, away from any particular village, were still alive to this day. As for those that had held onto hope that they could defeat Madara, they had retreated back to Konoha to regain their strength. They spent a great deal of time and money constructing secret bases throughout the land of Konohagakure. They knew it was only a matter of time before Madara came knocking, and for someone who could drop meteors out of the blue open sky, they needed a hidden base more than an open city like Konoha.

It has been eight years since that fateful day when the Shinobi Alliance had been destroyed. Seven years since Konoha, the last of the hidden villages was destroyed, and only an hour since Madara had found their last stronghold, the others having been found and obliterate one by one over the past seven years.

No more though. The final stronghold had been destroyed and of those that had resisted, only three remained. Those three were now on their way to the clearing ahead. They had been preparing for this day for several years now; the clearing had been converted into a giant sealing array. Brute strength couldn't defeat Madara, the only way to defeat him is to seal away the chakra in the body. Doing this would cause the body to disintegrate as the chakra that maintained it was no longer able to be replenished. It would reduce the body to its original components which couldn't be used to house a living soul by itself. Unfortunately Madara was too quick and powerful for anything to be applied externally. This meant the only way to seal his chakra was to get close enough to seal his chakra internally. Which brought to light another issue, no one that could do the sealing was strong enough to get that close.

A faint sound behind the trio got Shikamaru's attention as he tilted his head to listen. They were being followed, and by the sounds of it their pursuer was catching up. There was no need to guess who it was. It was the same individual that had destroyed their last stronghold.

Uchiha Madara

Shikamaru sighed as he combed his hand through his hair. "Troublesome..." he muttered under his breath as he looked down at his feet. He knew what had to be done. This was their last chance, their last hope. If Naruto was caught here, it was all over. It may be over already, Naruto's plan may not even work, but it was the only chance they had left.

He stopped and turned to face the way they had come. When it came to delaying abilities, there were none better than him, especially beneath the dense canopies of the trees they were traveling through.

Naruto looked over his shoulder at his friend and stopped when he noticed Shikamaru had stopped moving, "Shikarmaru? What are..." he stopped himself. He knew. "I'll never forget you old friend." Naruto said simply as he held a hand over his heart.

Shikamaru nodded his head and smiled, although he knew his friend couldn't see it. "I'll buy you enough time to prepare, now go. Don't make all this troublesome effort useless."

Naruto smiled lightly. Even until the end Shikamaru never changed. "Don't worry, this'll work. Madara dies today." And with that he sped off into the trees once more.

Shikamaru fished around in his flak jacket before pulling out a cigarette. "My last one." He mourned sorrowfully, "But then, I suppose I won't need any more after this." He said softly to himself as he lit it with a quick application of Katon chakra.

Shikamaru thought back to everything that had happened to him in the past. The academy and graduating with all his friends and peers. Their carefree attitude in the early days joking around and enjoying life with Asuma before he had been killed. Taking care of Kurenai and her child afterwards, ensuring that they, at least, lived long and happy lives. Only to hold their corpses in his arms after Madara had swept through Konoha like a firestorm.

Shikamaru smiled softly as he remembered the day his own daughter had been born. Temari had almost ripped his arm from its socket and swore she'd never do something like that again. A tear dripped down his face, both of them were now dead, buried under tons of rock when the bottom level of the shelter had collapsed.

"Ups and downs, all I wanted was a nice easy life, and I get a bumpy ride the entire way." Shikamaru sighed softly as he sucked on the stick. "But despite everything, despite how troublesome life has been for me. I'm glad I was able to live it."

Shikamaru looked into the shadows of the under bough. Soon, he'd have to act soon. Madara wouldn't stop for him, he was small fry compared to what had gone on ahead. He'd have to make him stop.

Shikamaru didn't know how long he stood there, on edge, waiting for the right moment, but he dimly noted with a slight regret that it came before he finished his cigarette. His hands blurred through the signs of the well practiced technique. "Kage Shihai no Jutsu!" Shikamaru shouted as he finished his hand signs and pushed his chakra into the shadows around him. There were plenty of shadows around him, which was good, it made this technique much easier, and far more powerful. Shikamaru's shadow expanded and began to envelope everything around him. As his shadow touched the shadows of the various foliage and trees around him they merged and became one with his and began to expand as well. It only took a few seconds but soon every shadow within a 500 metre radius had come under his dominion.

Just in time too as Madara landed on the branch in front of Shikamaru and became ensnared in the shadows. Madara hadn't changed much over the years, not that he could being stuck in that immortal undead body. He was still clothed almost entirely in black with dark red breastplate, shoulder plates and hip plates. The only significant change was that Madara had attached a large Kama to the opposite end of the chain of the large Uchiha Gunbai fan strapped to his back.

Madara frowned as he looked down on Shikamaru, "Pathetic, if you had simply ran and hid you wouldn't have had to die." Madara said, contempt in his voice. Madara was the penultimate shinobi. There were none stronger than him, he was even more powerful than Hashirama was in the old days.

"Heh, it probably would have been less troublesome to do that." Shikarmaru admitted as he struggled to hold the powerful juggernaut in place. "But I'd never be able to live with myself if I did that, and consider this revenge for murdering my wife and child when you destroyed my home. I'm not normally a vengeful person, but I'm making an exception for you."

"You peons are only delaying the inevitable." Madara sneered. Oh how he loathed these ants. They constantly nipped at his ankles, annoying him. "It doesn't matter where the host of Kyubi goes, I have his trail now."

Shikamaru just chuckled lightly eliciting a growl from Madara. It was odd how all these super powered villains acted the same. Cocky, self-assured, arrogant, and completely and utterly blind to their own impending downfall. They also seemed to very much enjoy the sound of their own voice.

The minutes ticked away, as Shikamaru felt his control over the shadows, and by proxy Madara, become more and more strained. He had been able to bind Naruto for nearly half a day with this technique. But it seemed it was barely enough to hold Madara for ten minutes.

There! In the distance Shikamaru felt a sudden flare of chakra. Naruto had activated the first set of seals placed in the clearing. The last set of seals would be unleashed the moment Madara arrived. Shikamaru looked up and stared directly into Madara's eyes and smiled as his control broke over his technique broke. It didn't matter anymore, he had delayed the monster long enough. He knew he was dead from the start but at least his end had meaning.

Madara, too, had sensed the chakra flare in the distance. He didn't know what the cause was but it annoyed him to no end that he had been delayed as long as he had. "Katon: Gōka Messhitsu!" Madara shouted in a fit of rage as he unleashed a massive stream of fire at Shikamaru and the surrounding forest. The flames erupted violently as they ripped through the forest and everything in the area. A smiling Shikamaru had only one final thought before he was disintegrated with everything else.

How troublesome...


Naruto winced as a massive explosion shook the forest and an orange glow became visible on the horizon. Whatever it was that Shikamaru had done to stall Madara was over now and it was going to be up to them. He only hoped that Shikamaru had some sort of escape plan put in place otherwise that was going to be one more friend he'd have to bury after Madara was killed.

At least the first, and most difficult, part of the sealing array had been initiated. He had saturated the clearing with his chakra. He wouldn't be able to use it, but the sealing array will utilize it to create the area of effect they desired.

Naruto looked over to his companion, she wasn't small by any means, standing at 5'8", but she was definitely shorter than his six feet. She had long, straight, dark brown hair that went down past her shoulder blades, covered her ears and had a few bangs that stubbornly dangled in front of her face. On her feet was a pair of black ninja sandals that kept the toes uncovered and free. She wore a small black vest that went down to just above her belly button and was cut low enough to show off some cleavage. The vest had a white lightning pattern etched into its edges and it went over a fishnet top that covered nothing more than her C-cup breasts. She had a flat, toned stomach with a near perfect hourglass figure that would make most women jealous. Her legs were clothed with skin tight shorts that ended just above the knees and around her neck rested a hitate bearing the symbol of the Shinobi Alliance. Her only adornments were a pair of earrings in the shape of a small spiral with a ruby in the center and a ring, just a plain silver band with a small, simple diamond in the center, on the ring finger of her right hand. The most striking thing about her entire ensemble was her eyes; the pale, pupiless white eyes that all Hyuga bore.

Naruto honestly didn't know how he would have turned out if it weren't for his companion. She had been a constant at his side for many years. Although her insistent nagging that he ditch the orange could be done without. His ensemble hadn't changed very much over the years. He still wore his hitate around his forehead and still wore the red cloak with black flames that was reminiscent of his father. However his orange pants had been replaced with black ones that had a thick orange strip going down either side. His orange and black sweater had been replaced with a T-shirt of the same color and design. In addition he now had a green bandoleer strapped across his chest with numerous scrolls in it. A couple scrolls held supplies like food, water, and change of clothing, but most of them had seals written within them. Most of them dealt with chakra manipulation of some kind such as sealing chakra, transferring it from one location to another and various forms of chakra manipulation that caused disruptions or changes in someone's chakra flow. Unfortunately with the exception of the one he was currently using they required direct contact for it to work, something Madara wasn't going to allow.

Naruto had spent the better part of the past seven years preparing for this day. He had poured every ounce of his spirit, will, determination and drive into learning Fuinjutsu. He had a plan, and he'd like to think that it was foolproof, but he knew that testing experimental sealing methods on an over-powered, god-like entity that showed no remorse, no mercy, and wouldn't allow for a second chance, or even a second of breathing room, wasn't exactly the greatest of ideas.

It was right up there along with his brilliant idea to mention Temari's weight when she was pregnant. That was the day that Naruto discovered what 'true' terror really was. All the tailed-beasts combined couldn't manifest enough killing intent to match even a fraction of what Temari was bearing down on him at that moment in his life.

It was also that day that Naruto learned a very valuable life lesson. Never mention a women's weight, ever, for any reason.

He still had the scars to prove he gone through 'that' particular lesson.

Right now Naruto's greatest Fuinjutsu technique, and probably the greatest ever conceived by anyone, was laid out before him. He normally had a large scroll strapped to his back but right now it was spread out in front of him. It was nearly twenty feet in length, and three feet in height. It contained countless seals and symbols detailing what he was about to do. The scroll was the key, without it the sealing array in the clearing was nothing more than a bunch of useless ninja wired spread out in a pattern beneath the dirt. Naruto looked around and admired his seal. He was very proud of his creation. This seal, if it worked, would forever put him in the history books as the greatest Fuinjutsu master of all time.

To be honest everyone had been at a loss of what to do when they had returned from the battlefield to Konoha after Madara had devastated everyone. Naruto, being the knucklehead that he was, figured they simply needed bigger, badder, stronger weapons and headed in that direction. For the first time in his life, Naruto actually sat down and started to do some research.

It didn't get him very far though. No Ninjutsu technique he found or thought of ever seemed to have a large enough impact to actually deal lasting damage to the immortal undead shinobi that was Madara. Any attack powerful enough to destroy Madara was too slow and cumbersome to either set up, or let lose, to hit Madara before he activated Susanoo. Oddly enough it wasn't until he branched out into Kenjutsu that he actually found an answer to his problem.

In particular he had read about legendary weapons hoping that they could even the tide. Samehada gave Naruto the idea about stealing the chakra from Madara but figured it was too big and bulky for anyone but a select few, whom were all dead, to actually hit Madara with it. Then he came across the Sword of Totsuka and its sealing ability. This seemed like an even better idea than Samehada but unfortunately the sword was lost and no one knew where it currently was, they didn't have time to look for it. But that had given Naruto the idea that there were other ways of sealing chakra. The Sword of Totsuka wasn't the only thing that could do that. The Hyuga had the ability to seal off peoples Tenketsu, but if the strike was stronger, deeper, it could rupture the chakra channel itself and prevent anymore chakra from flowing through that part of the body.

The more Naruto had thought about this possibility the more a plan began to formulate. There were plenty of Hyuga left and there were several that had the strength to rupture the chakra channels. If they could get a Hyuga close enough to Madara, and keep him still long enough for a Hyuga to do their Hakke Jutsu then Madara could be conceivably defeated.

The only problem was getting someone close enough, and keeping Madara still long enough, for such an act to go through.

And that's when Naruto came across the third legendary weapon that gave him the answer: The Gae Bolg. According to the legend the weapon always hits its target. That's not because it has unerring accuracy or because some mystical property guided it to its destination, no, it was because it reversed causality. The spear always hit its target because you weren't thrusting to pierce the target, but thrusting because the target had already 'been' pierced. While the spear itself probably doesn't exist anymore, if it had ever existed, however it was the concept behind that, the reversal of causality, that was the key that Naruto had been looking for.

If he could create a seal that reversed causality, even for a moment, a Hyuga could hit Madara with the Hakke Jutsu. Madara wouldn't be able to stop it simply because he had already 'been' hit with the technique. The Hyuga was simply going through the motions because the effect had already occurred. Madara could dodge, run, teleport, or fire any Ninjutsu that he wanted and the attack would still connect.

Naruto had no illusions about his survival chances. Yes, if this seal worked Madara was going to die. Unfortunately the counter-attack that Madara would unleash during the attack would hit whatever target he wanted, and neither Naruto nor his companion would be able to stop it. There wasn't any time to localize the seal to a single person or technique, it was a wide spread area so everyone within its field was under its effect. The only way to pull this off was to hit Madara before he realized the effect of the sealing array, and pray.

Crashing in the forest could be heard clearly as larges branches were ripped from their trunks and smaller trees were torn apart entirely. It sounded like a couple of boss level summons were wrestling although Naruto knew better. It was Madara bulldozing his way through the forest towards the clearing. Naruto grimaced as he readied himself for what was to come. Madara was obviously very… perturbed by the delay that Shikamaru had caused him.

"I hope you're ready." Naruto said as he looked over at his companion. "I don't believe Madara is going to be in much of a talking mood when he gets here."

"I'll be fine; you just make sure the seal works properly, your stuff has a tendency to blow up in your face more often than not." She said with a smirk as she remembered the initial results of his climatized sealing scrolls that were supposed to keep his ramen warm while inside. Naruto had been comatose for a week afterwards, devastated by the loss of two years worth of ramen. "I've been preparing myself for this day for three years now, ever since he killed my sister. I swear my ghost will haunt your ghost for the rest of time if you mess this seal up like the others."

"Love you too." Naruto quipped lightly, and he really did, he knew she didn't mean anything she said. She, more than anyone, understood just how much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears he had poured into this research She knew just how much he had been forced to sacrifice to see it come to fruition. She was simply like this in combat situations, very snarky. Many had believed it was her coping mechanism with what was to come. She had to distance herself from domestic persona otherwise she was never able to function at full capacity. She wasn't always like this; this persona had arisen the day her father had died. Another persona had arisen the day her sister had died, one that seemed to dominate outside of combat situations. Naruto had a feeling that she was trying to live two lives, one for her sister and one for herself.

Naruto eyed the ring on her hand; it was also probably the reason why she had said yes.

There was something else he had kept from the women standing near him. The real reason her sister had died. Madara may have killed her, but…

Naruto shook his head, he had to focus, now wasn't the time to travel down memory lane. He quickly began to focus his chakra into his hands, Madara was getting very close. There would be a slight delay in the array as the chakra spread through the clearing so he would have to activate the sealing array before Madara had actually arrived. Even then he would probably have to keep Madara busy for a bit.

"This will work; I have to believe this will work. I spent years perfecting this, making sure every aspect of it was correct. I spent an entire year just double checking everything." The build of energy was reaching a crescendo; a visible blue glow gathered around Naruto's hands and lower arms. "Just be ready for my shout." Naruto looked up and growled, there wasn't any more time as he could literally see Madara as he charged through the last of the forest.

Thankfully he didn't need any more time. "Gen'inkekka Gyakuten Fuin" Naruto whispered under his breath, no need to alert Madara to what he was doing, as he pushed his chakra through his hands and into the scroll, thus sending the chakra through the seal and starting the whole process.

Chakra flashed quickly through the key scroll, riding along the paths scrawled throughout the scroll. Each path was very important, being twenty five in all; one for each of the primary elements, and one for each of the secondary elements. This sealing array was warping the very fabric of the universe; it required a total control and dominion over all the elements in a given area. Naruto only had three affinities, lighting, water and wind, with wind being his strongest. Therefore to create all twenty five elements he needed something to convert his regular chakra into the respective elements, hence the key scroll. Once the chakra had been converted and shaped in the key scroll it would exit out of its exit point into what Naruto had dubbed a 'Nexus'. This Nexus would store and amplify the elemental chakra before sending it along the wire to mix with the other elements. When all twenty five types of elemental chakra mixed together it would create what the others had called the 'Prime Chakra Element'.

Naruto had wanted to call it the 'Ramen Element' but after a major beat down by everyone within hearing distance he decided to go with what the majority had decided. Naruto still thought his initial idea was logical. Ramen was the food of the Gods, and this was basically the God Element so it only stood reason that the element should be named Ramen.

What Naruto was trying to do was theoretically possible, but even Shikamaru wasn't able to say 100% whether or not this would work in actuality. It should occur that way, but this was an unprecedented undertaking. Naruto was stepping into an area no one has gone before. Nothing was certain until after the fact.

As the energy began shooting across the chakra conducting ninja wire that was buried in the ground Naruto knew he had to buy a little more time. It would take a few minutes for the chakra to make it through the entire grid and mix completely.

Naruto reacted quickly as his flashed through a series of hand signs, "Fūton: Shinkū Taigyoku!" Naruto fire a massive sphere of compressed air at the on-coming Madara. While most people could fire a sphere of compressed air a couple meters in diameter, Naruto had far more chakra to expend and his covered almost the width of the entire clearing. The ball of compressed air screamed across the clearing as the wind currents in the area were warped by the massive attack.

Madara however wasn't taken by surprise, or if he was it didn't affect his reaction time. "Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu!" Madara shouted as he blew out a massive stream of fire that coalesced into the form of a mighty dragon's head. He didn't even need hand signs to do it, a testament to how powerful the eldest Uchiha was. The fire dragon shot forward with its mouth wide open as it slammed into the massive wind attack. Normally fire would overpower wind and become enhanced by it but Naruto had pumped so much chakra into his attack that the two simply nullified each other.

But that was all Madara needed, an opening. As his fire attack ripped the wind attack in half a massive explosion erupted that sent fire and wind spinning out of control in every direction. As Madara shot through the firestorm emerged like a raging god he wasn't prepared for Naruto to be right in front of him.

"Fūton: Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he shoved the spinning ball of wind chakra into Madara's face. Being in mid-air Madara had nowhere to escape to.

Or at least that was Naruto's plan. He had counted on Madara throwing his kama into the ground below him and yanking on the chain to alter his trajectory. This gave Madara enough room, and time, to swing his Gunbai up and block Naruto's attack.

There was a fizzling sound as the Rasengan was absorbed by the large battle fan before a bright light erupted and the energy of the attack was released back out towards Naruto in a massive cone of destructive energy. A poof sounded; the tell-tale sound that a Kage Bunshin had just expired.

Madara quickly looked around for the missing Naruto only to find him below wielding a wind encased kunai. Naruto quickly lashed out with the kunai, but not at Madara. No he was aiming at the chain that bound the Kama to the Gunbai. A soft 'shink' was heard as the chain was severed easily by the chakra enhanced weapon. Naruto didn't want Madara to have that weapon available when it came time to put him down for good.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" Madara yelled as he spat a massive fireball just beneath him. He wasn't too worried about killing Naruto, or even hurting himself. That level of attack wouldn't kill him, even at this range.

An explosion erupted as the attack slammed into the ground a second after it had left Madara's mouth. The shockwave from the explosion pushed Madara through the air. He did a back flip in midair before landing on his feet near the center of the clearing. As the smoke cleared only a burned log could be seen where Naruto should have been.

Madara quickly looked around the clearing and he couldn't see Naruto anywhere. He felt the ground for vibrations and couldn't sense anything there; that only meant one thing. Madara glanced up just in time to see Naruto commence a counter-attack.

"Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted from the sky as the five shuriken he had thrown changed into a thousand. Madara tensed as he brought his Gunbai and channelled his chakra through it creating an effective shield against the projectiles, unfortunately for him, Naruto wasn't done. Madara's eyes widened as he noted the signs that Naruto flashed through in moments "Fūton: Shinkūjin!" Naruto yelled as he pushed his chakra forth into all of the shuriken turning them into deadly, wind infused windmills of spinning death.

Madara grit his teeth as the shuriken slammed into his Gunbai. The first hundred or so were easily blocked, but the barrier technique couldn't withstand the entire attack. The wind enhanced shurikens packed a penetration power far greater than a normal attack would. Rips and tears started to appear in the Gunbai, ruining its ability to absorb and reflect attacks in addition to weakening its defense against projectiles.

"Naruto!" Madara roared in anger as he performed a quick kawarimi with his nearby kama to escape from the storm of shurikens. Madara glared at his battle fan for a moment before he threw it to the side. It was useless for its normal functions as it is, he would need to fix it in the future, again. At the moment it better served as an escape mechanism. "That's the fourth time you've destroyed my fan, and it'll be the last time. I'll capture you right here, right now, and end this silly charade you and your pathetic friends have dragged on these past eight years. You don't have anyone left to sacrifice to get away from me!"

Naruto landed gracefully, being careful to avoid landing on the few shuriken that hadn't penetrated to deeply into the ground. Naruto looked up and glared at Madara just as the entire clearing flashed in a brilliant omni-colored light. The glare transformed into a smirk, "I don't need to run anymore."

"Naruto! Now!"

"Bye." Naruto said as he waved with his left hand and performed a one-handed seal with his right. There was a short poof as he performed a quick Kawarimi no Jutsu with…

"You are within the field of my divination!" Naruto's companion growled as she crouched low with one arm out in front of her and the other behind. "Hakke Hyaku Nijūhachi Shō!" She shouted as she burst forward in an incredible display of speed, speed that seemed to defy mortal limits.

"Two Palms!" She shouted as she shot her hands towards Madara's torso, the glow of chakra around the hands was so intense that they were no longer visible. The spike of chakra that extended from the end of the fingers on either hand was almost a foot in length. She wasn't going to just seal Madara's tenketsu, she was going to rip a hole right through his body where the tenketsu should be.

Madara sneered in contempt as he dodged to the side, no matter how fast she may move, he could read her muscle movements a mile away and doge the strike. "Do you honestly think you can…" Madara's words were abruptly cut off in a choking gasp as her chakra enhanced fingers slammed into his torso. Madara was completely shocked, the arms seemed to blur and bend at unnatural angles as they twisted to hit his body.

"Four Palms!" Four more strikes hammered into Madara rocking him backwards. Madara tried to dodge but no matter where he went the hands always seemed to find him.

"Eight Palms!" Madara was starting to panic now, nothing he did seemed to stop the strikes from connecting, no matter how easily he read the woman's movement, he couldn't seem to stay out of range.

"Sixteen Palms!" More strikes slammed into Madara, this time a couple hit him in the shoulders.

"Thirty-Two Palms!" Blow upon blow rained down upon the powerful Uchiha, his arms and legs now starting to feel the brunt of the attack. Madara was starting to panic now, his body was beginning to feel sluggish as the chakra that fed it's continual maintenance started to become greatly hampered.

"Sixty-Four Palms!" Madara could only watch on in helpless horror as the arms seemed to twist and weave in impossible directions, slamming into every part of his body, from his arms and legs to his torso and neck.

"One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms!" She roared victoriously as a shockwave blasted through the clearing, her hands and arms now moving faster than sound. Every Tenketsu, every place where vital organs should be, every place where there was unhampered chakra, was hammered with reality defying strikes so fast and so warped that existence itself seemed to bend around the woman. Madara's legs were blasted off and eyes ruptured. His chest caved in and arms twisted and bent in unnatural positions as chakra enhanced piercing strikes moving beyond the speed of sound ruined his body beyond recognition.

With a final blast of chakra as the technique ended Madara was thrown off his feet and through the air. Naruto moved to stand beside his companion as Madara's body began to disintegrate, even while in midair.

"This is the end Madara, your reign, the Uchiha terror, is over." Naruto stated with finality and conviction in his voice. It was over, the long war, all the terror, all the pain, all the sacrifices... it was finally over. But why was it that Naruto didn't feel like he had won at all?

Madara just laughed as his body disappeared around him, no longer capable of keeping itself together. The Senju cells becoming nothing more than a mass of useless flesh. "Too bad Naruto, aren't you forgetting someone?" Madara grinned at him like a mad man. "An old friend perhaps?"

"Naruto!" A voice roared out as the sound of a thousand chirping birds suddenly echoed through the clearing.

Naruto stiffened in horror. No, no no no, not now, not with the sealing array active. Naruto whipped around to stare at the one person he could identify with the most, the one person he had been chasing after his entire life in one form or another, the one person he had ever considered his brother, and right now, the very last person he wanted to see.


Specifically Sasuke speeding towards him, his Mangekyou Sharingan blazing with a feral light that seemed unnatural and a Raikiri charged in his hands aiming straight for his heart. A strike that had already hit because the sealing array they were all bound to had determined that it had already struck, and Sasuke was simply going through the motions that would ensure that the effect that had already occurred did occur.

Warps and twists began to appear around Sasuke as he flew towards Naruto.

Naruto grimaced and prepared himself. If he was going down, he might as well take the bastard down with him. A Rasengan appeared in Naruto's left hand. With Naruto's stubborn will, healing factor, and sturdy body he knew a strike to the heart wouldn't be immediately fatal, he could survive at least a few moments. And he would make sure to shove his Rasengan straight down Sasuke's throat before he died. No more scratched hitate for him. Blades of wind began to appear around the Rasengan as Naruto began to manipulate his wind chakra into the technique.

"It's time to die Naruto!" Sasuke shouted as he came within striking distance. "I've waited a long time for this. All your ideologies, all your talks of peace, all your illusions, hopeless dreams and impossible plans die here today! True peace only comes when all others are under the dominion of a single, undisputed, unchallengeable, undying ruler and I will be that ruler!"

"I won't let you, not even over my dead body!" Naruto shouted in anger at Sasuke. He couldn't believe how delusional and insane Sasuke had become over the years. He had even murdered his companions, Suigetsu, Karin, and Jugo when he thought they were turning on him because they questioned whether or not he should carrying pocky onto the battlefield.

The reality around the clearing seemed to warp and twist as the two powerful attacks were brought together.


"Fūton: Rasengan!"

Sasuke shoved his hand forward to pierce Naruto's heart as Naruto lashed out with his left hand to shove his Rasengan into Sasuke's face as he literally tried to force it down his throat. That was when something odd happened.

Naruto tripped.

Both their eyes widened in surprise as Naruto fell over onto his back, his Rasengan still outstretched. Sasuke, still flying full tilt with the Raikiri in his outstretched hand couldn't redirect it in time, has Sharingan couldn't predict purely luck based actions. It took into account a person's muscle movements and predicted their actions based on that, but if the person had no intention of making that action, then the Sharingan couldn't predict it. Has a result Sasuke went flying over Naruto, unable to stop himself. Naruto's Rasengan, instead of being shoved down Sasuke's throat, tore open a deep gash in his chest starting at his sternum and ripping a three inch deep gash through his chest all the way down to his pelvic area as he flew by.

All the bones and muscles in Sasuke's chest were torn to pieces as blood flew everywhere, but he wasn't the only one to be injured. Sasuke had missed Naruto, but he had still hit a target, he wasn't a powerful ninja without good reason. He may have missed his chance to end Naruto, but he still had a chance to cause his old friend unbearable pain by taking the very last person he cared about away from him. So at the very last moment, Sasuke had redirected his attack.

A feminine gasp echoed through Naruto's skull as he realized what had just happened. Sasuke's attack had ripped through his companion, right where one of her chakra gates were, specifically the Gate of Limit in her abdomen. It tore through her entire body leaving a fist sized hole. Lightning arced through her body as the Raikiri spent its load inside her.

"No!" Naruto roared in rage as his chakra, along with Kurama's, exploded from within him. Sasuke was literally torn in half from the massive explosion of chakra due to his close proximity, but he didn't mind, he was dead already, and he had taken the last precious thing Naruto had away from him. He died with a sick, twisted grin on his face.

Naruto was at her side in an instant, doing his best to stem the blood that was leaking from her abdomen. He wasn't a medic-nin, he didn't know any medical techniques, and even if he did he didn't have the control required to use them properly. He stared on helplessly as his last companion bled out in front of him.

And then, the seal erupted in a massive multi-colored light as it overloaded. The universe itself seemed to scream in agony and pain. The ground heaved and churned as the sealing array was ripped asunder and the Prime Chakra Element was unleashed in all its glory. A massive pillar of light erupted from the clearing and shot into the sky, shattering, twisted, warping, as reality fought to bring itself back to order. To return nature to the way it was supposed to be.

The Prime Chakra Element that had blasted into the sky dispersed back into its original elements, and then recombined once more in a more natural way. Naruto hadn't been wrong in his theory of what the Prime Chakra Element contained; he had made a mistake in how he had combined it. He had also been wrong in the assumption that it was simply 'chakra'. An unearthly howl shook the very foundation of the continent. The noise was beyond human comprehension, it contained the voice of everything and the voice of nothing at all. Then there was another mind blowing sound, it sounded like countless porcelain dishes were shattering all at once.

And then it was over. When the light was gone, the clearing had gone back to its normal, peaceful, quiet existence. There were no battle scars on the landscape, no discarded shurikens, no battered gunbai or broken bodies. There was simply natural grass and dirt.

Author's Note: Some of you may inquire as to why the sealing array didn't force Sasuke's technique to pierce Naruto's heart, well the reason is simple: Luck. The Gae Bolg I'm referencing in this story is taken from the Nasuverse. It's basically an unblockable, unavoidable attack, with one exception: Luck. People with extreme amounts of luck can avoid or redirect the attack. And we all know how lucky Naruto is. Unfortunately there are only 2 people in the Naruto-verse with enough luck to avoid it: Naruto and Tsunade. Tsunade only because her luck is SO bad she'd avoid it only because something worse had happen instead.

Also, this is just the prologue; this chapter is designed to setup the whole crossover with Sekirei. It gives some back story, some understanding of how and why Naruto ended up in the Sekirei world, and it lays the ground work for some future events. The next chapter starts in the Sekirei world.

And finally I hope my fight scene wasn't too bad, I'm not particularly confident with them.

Jutsu List

If it's a unique technique I created, I'll give a brief explanation. Otherwise I'm just saying what the technique is in English; you can find a full definition on Narutopedia

Hakke Jutsu (Eight Trigrams Technique)

Hakke Hyaku Nijūhachi Shō (Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms)


Kage Shihai no Jutsu (Shadow Domination Technique)

This is a D-A Rank technique. It basically allows the user of the technique to take control of all the shadows in the area and make them his or her own. The area of effect depends on three factors, the users chakra control, their amount of chakra and the amount of shadows in the area.

The reason the rating of the technique varies is due to how it functions. The more shadows, the more powerful it becomes. In an open field it's downgraded to a basic D ranked technique since there aren't very many shadows to take control of. In a heavily forested area or at night where shadows reign, it because nigh unstoppable and even the most powerful of opponents can be snared by it.


Gen'inkekka Gyakuten Fuin (Causality Reversal Seal)

This is an S Rank sealing technique. It actually manipulates and changes the very laws of the universe to change and Action - Effect to an Effect - Action. It distorts the very fabric of existence. The difficulty behind the technique is so high, not only designing it but building it and executing it, that it ranks as an S Rank technique.

Fūton: Rasengan (Wind Release: Spiralling Sphere)

Fūton: Shinkū Taigyoku (Wind Release: Vacuum Great Sphere)

Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique)

Fūton: Shinkūjin (Wind Relase: Vacuum Blade)

Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique)


Katon: Gōka Messhitsu (Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction)

Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique)

Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)


Raikiri (Lightning Cutter)