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Epilogue: Into the Future

He leaned back in his support, a curious object made of a soft gelatinous substance that changed its shape and form based on the desire of the individual sitting in it. Floating just to the side was a translucent control panel. The support floated in the center of a perfectly spherical room made out of white crystal. There was a small retractable walkway that extended out from the curved door to the center of the room where he was sitting. There were no lights in the room, the crystalline walls simply emanated a soft glow that varied in intensity based on the input placed into the control panel. The seals embedded therein made sure that the commands were sent to the right receptors.

This was his favorite place to be these days, when he wasn't running his organization anyways. It had grown quite a bit since its first inception; its mandate had also changed many times over the years.

Soft light poured into the room as the door slide open without a sound, "Reminiscing again, father?" asked a short woman with long red hair and brilliant blue eyes.

"Yes, Hinata," he said as he placed a calloused finger on one of the

"Can I stay?" she asked hesitantly. This was her father's special room; it housed all his memories, a library or repository of information. Her father had simply seen too much, done too much, for his mind to hold it all in so he had taken to storing what he didn't need on a daily basis here. It wouldn't be much of a concern for anyone else that had lived as long as her father had, but due to the Shadow Clone technique, he had many times the memories someone his age should have.

This place was one of the nine Wonders of Existence, and one of the two not open for public viewing. It was connected with the Universal Archives under History but it was a one way transfer of information, and not all his memories were sent through.

There had been many attempts to break into it over the eons by folks less than savory but they had all met rather violent and gruesome ends. The only ones allowed in here were family, and her father was the only one allowed to sit at the controls.

"Sure," he replied as he tapped a button on the control panel. A second support formed beside his.

"Thank you," she said as she crossed the walkway. She seemed to flow from foot to foot, her form absolutely perfect. There wasn't an ounce of wasted energy as she soundlessly padded up to the support and sat in it. When one watched Hinata move, it was like watching perfection in motion.

He glanced at Hinata for a brief moment before he turned his attention back to the empty wall in front of him. Hinata hadn't been his first child, but she was the oldest. He had taught her everything he knew and her power was almost second to none. He could count on one hand the number of people that stood above her, and he and her mother were two of them.

He pressed another button on the console and willed a certain memory to the fore front, picking up from where had left off. The walls of the room glowed faintly and dissolved into memory as he and Hinata were projected into a three dimensional, all-encompassing video of one of his memories.


Naruto leaned back against the wall and slid down, his legs giving out in exhaustion. He didn't even bother moving away from the Hiraishin landing point at Epsilon, if he didn't move for the rest of the day he would be happy. He took a long deep breath and let out a sigh of relief, "I can't believe this all actually worked… that it's over…"

"It almost did not," Yuuchi said from beside Naruto, just as exhausted. She had put the mask away so she could let her brain relax. It was tiring keeping it enhanced to that level for extended periods of time. Between the fight with Evangeline, taking control of Kouten, and the fight with Orochimaru, there wasn't much left in her.

She had been resting here for the past hour while Naruto had been bringing back everyone he had deposited in the pocket dimensions. She too was in no mood to move, she couldn't remember ever being this exhausted before.

Epsilon was no longer in Shinto Teito, on account of it being completely wiped out, but it was close to where it had originally been, geographically speaking. A great big void had been left in the center of Japan after Yuuchi had cut off the energy empowering the seal that was destroying it. The water from the Bay of Tokyo, and ultimately the Pacific Ocean, had quickly rushed in to fill the incredibly deep hole that had been burned into the planet.

When Naruto had brought Earth up to the Elemental Nations, continents had been shifted and moved. As a result Uzu no Kuni now rested in the center of the greatly enlarged bay that had once been Shinto Teito.

And Epsilon now rested on Uzu no Kuni, specifically right beside Yuuchi's and Miya's old home. Charlie Point had been brought along as well; it rested a few miles away, having replaced a storehouse in the empty city beyond.

"But it did," Naruto said with some relief. He didn't need to be told how close things were. Despite all the bravado he had displayed in front of Orochimaru he had been shaking inside. Things had been very tight there at the end. The moment Orochimaru got serious things had started to look much worse.

"Naruto-kun!" Hanabi cried out as she rushed into the hallway from the stairwell heading down to B1, "You're back!"

"I'm home," Naruto said as he smiled up at his wife.

Hanabi stopped just shy of him and returned his smile, "Welcome home."

"I so need a vacation…"

"I do hope you intend to take care of all my Sekirei like you promised," Miya said as she came down stairs from the second floor. She was wearing her usual outfit having replaced the one Orochimaru had destroyed. Attached to her hip was her longsword. Naruto had sent a clone back to recover it after he had taken Yume to the medical personnel.

"Can't I just relax, you know, at least for the rest of the day?" Naruto whimpered in exhaustion. He wasn't sure if he could even move let alone do anything.

"I think you've earned at least that much," Hanabi said as she bent down and pulled Naruto up to his feet. Naruto groaned in protest as he was hauled up. He wrapped an arm around Hanabi's shoulder and leaned on her heavily.

"I suppose I could give you at least the day to recover," Miya said with a slightly amused expression on her face. She walked over to Naruto's other side and wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Thanks," Naruto said as he let himself be guided downstairs and into the living room.

He flopped back into the soft couch and almost instantly conked out to sleep. He was so tired he was certain he could fall asleep while standing up. He burrowed his back deep into the plush couch and let out another long sigh of relief.

He felt the couch shift as Miya and Hanabi sat down on either side of him. Their arms wrapped around his body, Hanabi decided to place hers under his shirt, and their heads rested on his shoulder.

"Things are going to be rather chaotic for the next little while," Naruto mused.

Not only had everyone been ripped away from their homes and placed on top of a new planet like a new layer of fresh paint, but they had been whisked away from their dimension to an entirely different one. They'd have to map the stars and planets all over again, never mind having to remake all the satellites. Naruto hadn't carried over everything, he had managed to bring along a significant portion of the atmosphere along with the continental plates, but he didn't even attempt to bring the stuff floating in orbit.

Then there was the new landmasses, chock full of mega cities with hyper-advanced technological achievements they couldn't even begin to use due to their reliance on chakra.

"That's something to worry about tomorrow," Hanabi said softly, "you've earned at least a short rest."

"I think we all have," Yuuchi said as she slowly walked into the living room. She made her way over a chair opposite of Naruto and hopped up into it. Like Naruto she let out a long luxurious sigh as she closed her eyes and leaned back into the soft material.

"Removed your breastplate?" Naruto asked as he gazed unabashed at Yuuchi's exposed body. Her legs were spread wide to give him a full frontal view, more than likely it was done on purpose.

"I believe I mentioned it is rather uncomfortable," she replied.

"Right," Naruto said as he continued to stare.

Miya glanced between the two and frowned slightly. She undid her obi and shrugged her shoulders out of her haori, letting the top slide down her frame and pool around her hips. She coughed, drawing Naruto's attention to her.

"Oh! Hello there," Naruto said as he addressed Miya's breasts. He wrapped his arm around Miya's back, his hand came around to her front and cupped her breast.

Miya let out a content sigh as she worked her arms out of her haori and discarded the top onto the floor. Her hand slipped into his pants and began to move slowly up and down.

"Miya?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Don't expect me to be this accommodating all the time," she said with a light smile on her face.

"I'll help," Hanabi said as she touched a seal on Naruto's chest. There was a brief flare of chakra and his clothing disappeared. Her hand joined Miya's between his legs.

"You too?" Naruto asked as he noticed his wife was now completely naked beside him.

"There is no need for you to look at other women while we are here, Naruto-kun," Hanabi said with a smile.

Yuuchi just shook her head in amusement but said nothing. She hadn't been trying to arouse Naruto, she just simply didn't care about her state of undress when she was in a private place like this, and sitting like this was simply the most comfortable position.

"Oh! Is this a naked skin ship party?" a voice suddenly rang out from across the room. Before anyone could react a blur of purple dove across the couch, arms stretched out ahead of them. "Can I join?" Neptune asked as she looked up at Naruto.

A large sweat drop rolled down the back of his head. He had forgotten about her, he had taken her to this very room to rest after her battle against Jack. This had certainly become awkward with her lying length wise across their laps. She was in her normal form with her head resting in Hanabi's lap, her chest in his, her butt was in Miya's and her legs dangled over the side of the couch.

It was especially awkward since neither Hanabi nor Miya had let go of him and Neptune was very naked. The two of them were looking down at Neptune with a mixture of curiosity and annoyance.

"I forgot I had placed you here to rest," Naruto said.

"You forgot about me!?" Neptune asked, mortified.

"No, I just thought you were in a bed, not on a couch," Naruto said hastily.

"Oh! That's alright then," she was as she beamed a smile up at Naruto, "so when do we go kick the big final boss' ass?"

"Ahh…" Naruto trailed off, "we already did, we won." He stiffened as Miya and Hanabi began again.

"Wait what? That's not possible! How can you beat the game when I, the main character, wasn't even part of the final fight?" Neptune complained, thoroughly upset by the course of events.

"I pushed an 'I-win' button?" Naruto asked, not really knowing what to say.

"Damn cheater," Neptune said with a pout.

"I need to figure out where to put you," Naruto said. The living room was hardly an ideal location for Neptune to rest.

"Why would you put me anywhere? I'll just mosey on back to Noaki."

"No, you're mine now," Naruto said as he tapped her chest just above her core.

"Nuh uh! I'm Naoki's Sekirei," Neptune refuted.

"He gave you to me, remember?"

"I'm sure he was just joking," Neptune brushed off his point.

"What about our fight with Jack," Naruto asked.

"Ahahahahaha… ha… ummm… what's that thing poking me in the back?" Neptune asked as she quickly changed the subject.

"Neptune… it's probably better this way. Naoki isn't immortal like we are," he said softly. He clenched his teeth as he tried to hold back a release that was building within him. Miya and Hanabi were very good.

"I know…" Neptune said sadly. "Wait you're immortal?" she asked, suddenly very surprised.

"Yes, as are Blanc and Yuuchi, it's best if the four of us stick together."

"I guess being with Blanny isn't so bad," Neptune said as a bright smile came back to her face. The smile disappeared as a curious look crossed her face, "but really, what's poking me in my back?"

"Ah!" Naruto gasped as the pressure between his legs released.

"Whoa!" Neptune shouted in surprise as she felt a warm liquid splash all over her bare back. She quickly jumped out of their laps and rubbed a hand over her back. She brought her hand to her face and stared at the white liquid curiously. "This looks like the stuff that splashes all over Alayna's face after she gives Naoki a blowjob."

"I didn't need to know that…" Naruto said with a deadpanned expression.

"Are you two going to give Naruto a blowjob?" Neptune asked as she watched Miya and Hanabi work Naruto over with their hands, they hadn't stopped even after he had released.

"Yuuchi, ah could I ask you a favor?" Naruto pleaded.

"Of course not, Naruto-san, I am as exhausted as you are," she replied, finding the entire situation amusing.

"But she ah—"

Miya's head had descended into his lap.

"Whoa! She's even better than Alayna!" Neptune gasped out in surprise.


"Mother has not changed much, has she?" Hinata commented as the scene faded away.

"Yuuchi being Yuuchi is one of those things you can be certain will never change," he replied. He wanted to watch more of that scene but it quickly devolved into scene that wasn't really appropriate to show his daughter. That had also been the day Neptune had been introduced into the wonderful world of sex, although he had been adamant that she transform first.

Neptune had turned out to be a very quick learner.

"Aunt Neptune has however."

He nodded in agreement. It had taken almost thirty thousand years but Neptune did finally 'grow' out of her childish personality, although grow wasn't really the right word. It had taken a rather traumatic event where her childish behaviour had almost gotten him killed for her to suddenly grow up. Her transformed personality and her normal personality were now very similar to each other.

He had the fewest children with her because of that singular reason. The others had a thirty thousand year head start over her.

Oddly enough it was with Yuuchi that he had the most. For someone that had originally sworn never to have any it seemed odd that every century or so she wanted another.

Blanc had been close behind Yuuchi in numbers, not wanting to lose to her.

At present time all three of them had exceeded Miya's fifty by several digits.

He pressed another button on the console and a new memory formed around them.


The room was large, it was the central operations of the primary military base in Japan. Communications equipment lined the walls and the center of the room was dominated by an enormous circular table. The table was filled with maps that were filled with markings denoting changes in the landscape of Japan. The most significant changes appeared to all be around where Shinto Teito had once been.

Despite the urgency of the situation there was a very hushed atmosphere in the room. It was the new headquarters for the coalition that had come together to bring down Minaka. All the major players were there. Naoki was there along with his wife, Alayna. The various Generals that had aided Minaka in his coup were as well including General Yoshitsune and Major General Olivier. Even Colonel Mustang was there.

Everyone was speaking in hushed tones, no one wanted to bring undo attention to themselves. Many of them were still in shock about what had just happened. There were millions dead, and very little in the way of explanations.

Without that there was no way to pacify the populace. They didn't even know what to make of the new continents or the rearrangements of the old. The entire world had essentially been turned upside down. There was wide spread damage across the world, whatever had happened had set off major earthquakes the world over. The more earthquake prone areas had faired pretty well but it was the other areas, the places where the buildings hadn't been built to withstand earthquakes that had suffered the greatest damage.

"Yo!" Naruto said as he suddenly appeared in the room with Yuuchi at his side, startling everyone there. For a very brief moment he had a dozen assault rifles pointed at his head before the soldiers in the room recognized him. "Damn you guys are jumpy, one would think you'd just survived the end of the world or something."

Oh wait…

"What the HELL did you do!?" Naoki demanded as he threw his phone at Naruto. The blonde casually caught the phone in one hand and looked it over curiously.

"You're probably going to have to be just a 'wee' bit more specific than that," Naruto said as he twirled the phone in his hand, "I did quite a few things."

Major General Olivier stepped forward, there was no emotion on her face, just a stare hard enough it could make stone bleed. "Shinto Teito is gone, in its place is an island and a bay that didn't exist before. Plus our phones don't work, all satellite communications are down, based on the radio transmissions we have received this appears to be a worldwide problem. On top of that, there appears to be major changes in the geography of the world."

"Oh that… ah heh…" Naruto scratched the back of his head, "ummm, I'm not sure if you'll all believe me if I told you this, it's why I kept quiet in the beginning."

"I just watched a giant fire breathing purple dinosaur the size of Godzilla with dozens of tanks strapped to its body climb up the side of MBI like King Kong while shitting bombs all over MBI forces," Olivier stated flatly, "Then I saw a massive floating island appear above MBI that decided it wanted to re-enact the movie Independence Day. I think I speak for all of us when I say there isn't anything we won't believe."

"Ah, right, well, I'm going to start off first by saying the disappearance of Shinto Teito wasn't me."

"So should we assume the other issues are because of you?" Olivier asked, her eyes narrowing slightly.

Naruto swallowed hard. Olivier was worse than Miya, "You all know about the Sekirei right?" There were nods all around from everyone in the room. "Well what you don't already know is 'why' the Sekirei came here. You know that they were tricked, but that's it. Minaka Hiroto wasn't human, not really. He did exist, but a few years after he found the Sekirei ship the First Sekirei Pillar stole his body and consumed his soul. What you've been dealing with, what we've been fighting this whole time, was a ten thousand year old insane megalomaniac hell bent on consuming all life on this planet to fuel his own ascension to that of an entity capable of transcending all of existence. His name was Orochimaru."

The silence in the room was absolutely deafening.

"Go on," Olivier said, the sole person in the room that was unperturbed by what Naruto had said. She could accept that much after seeing that monstrous purple dinosaur.

"Well…" Naruto continued and explained in full everything that Orochimaru had planned and intended to do. The reasons the Sekirei existed, his means and methods, his capabilities, everything.

"So…" Olivier started after Naruto had finished speaking, "this 'Orochimaru' achieved immortal god like status and you still managed to beat him?"

"Well, not really," Naruto admitted, "I didn't so much 'beat him' as I pulled so many unexpected and crazy moves out of my ass he wasn't able to adapt quickly enough. Then I basically threw the planet over my shoulder and ran like a bitch."

"And you will explain that I trust?" Naoki demanded having finally recovered from the earlier shock.

"Well first, I brought the Sekirei home world to your dimension, pretty much stuck it in orbit around Earth," Naruto said as he used his finger to mark off one achievement, "then the Gaia of the Sekirei world devoured the Gaia of your world," he marked off a second finger, eyes began to widen, "after that I basically lifted most of the tectonic plates, the ones with landmasses on them, off the planet and slapped them on the Sekirei Homeworld," he ticked off a third finger. He paused and gave them all a brief look, not noticing that their jaws had dropped, "that part was tricky, I had to do the same to the Sekirei Homeworld as well, the plates wouldn't fit together properly otherwise. They still don't, this planet is gonna be bumping and shaking for quite some time while everything settles in properly." Abject shock was the only way to describe the current state of the people in the room, "then I high tailed it back to the Sekirei Homeworld and got the fuck away by transporting the entire planet back to the Sekirei home dimension." Naruto finished with a grin as he ticked off a fourth finger. "Oh! Right, me and Hanabi also collapsed your sun as well, as a sort of farewell present for Orochimaru. He should be getting sucked into a black hole right about now."

"I'm not sure who the bigger monster is, you or this Orochimaru," Colonel Mustang said as he gaped at Naruto in absolute disbelief.

"Hey! I did everything I possibly could to save your planet," Naruto protested indignantly.

"I never doubted you Kurama-sama!" a voice shouted from the back.

Naruto deliberately ignored the comment, as did many others.

Olivier was the first to recover her senses. She cleared her throat roughly and gave Naruto another hard look. "So I take it the reason the satellites are down is because they didn't come with the transportation?"

"Ya, I'm not that good," Naruto said apologetically, "All your satellites are back with Orochimaru, currently getting sucked into a black hole."

Olivier whirled around to regard her superior, "Naoki-san, we'll need to launch our new satellites sooner than we had anticipated."

"It seems that way," Naoki said with a sigh. He had wanted to test them more but they needed communications back first and foremost, they were in the dark without an eye in the sky to connect with.

"Oh, I should probably mention… the new island that's appeared where Shinto Teito was… that's my homeland, I'll be building Konoha there," Naruto said.

"That's a visible location, I'd have thought you'd want some place more discrete," Naoki said.

"Even the most hidden village will eventually be discovered, plus most of the infrastructure is already in place, it's really just renovating it," Naruto said. He gave Naoki a curious look, "When are you planning on installing yourself as Emperor?"

"I already have, I just need to let everyone else know," Naoki said as he glanced around the room, "with our satellites gone things have become difficult, but with the information you've provided I can more than pacify the populace."

"If they do not believe you, simply tell them to look to the stars," Yuuchi said.

Naoki gave the small Sekirei a long look, "Yuuchi-san I presume?" the small Sekirei nodded her head in greeting, "And how would that help…" he trailed off, he just figured it out.

"You are in a new dimension, the stars will be different, much different," Yuuchi replied.

"Do you plan on rearranging the planet anymore?" Naoki asked Naruto, "I would like to know in advance so I can warn my people."

Naruto shook his head, "No, what I really want right now is a nice, long vacation on a sandy beach surrounding by my Sekirei, preferably all naked," he said as he envisioned that perfect scene, "but I think I'll be busy for the next little while setting up Konoha."

"The world leaders are convening next week, I want you there," Naoki said. Even if the satellites were gone the landlines were still, mostly, intact, as were a couple of the inter-continental fibre optic lines. Internet traffic was being throttled and controlled tightly until the world could get their infrastructure back in place.

"Ugh." He understood why and the need for it, didn't mean he wanted to go, "I'll be there, in the mean time I'll be at Konoha getting it whipped back into liveable shape."

"I'll send Colonel Mustang to pick you up when it's time to head out," Naoki said.


"Ah, that memory brings back others, that meeting was… quite memorable," he said as the image faded away.

"Was it not complete chaos?" Hinata asked curiously.

"Some would say that, yes," he replied with a light smile on his face. He had taken Blanc, Hanabi and Neptune with him to that meeting. It had been rather strategic choice. Blanc's temper and Neptune's weird personality kept most of the leaders off balance while Hanabi ran circles around them.

The meeting had started out with all of them blaming him for what had happened, demanding he take responsibility for what had occurred to hand over the Sekirei and the secrets of the new continents as compensation.

Hanabi had skewered them thoroughly though, she had them believing 'they' were more at fault than he was that things turned out the way they did and had elevated him to the level of saint, if not higher.

By the time he had walked out of that meeting he had a written agreement that the Sekirei all belonged under his command and his alone and that anyone that tried to take them through guile or force would face dire consequences.

The agreement hadn't been worth much more than the ink on the paper but it had given him the right to 'chastise' offending parties with impunity. The agreement was still binding to this day, which made things very interesting.

He could still remember Naoki's face as he walked out with him. It had been obvious to him that it was taking all Naoki's will power not to burst out laughing.

"It did not take long for the world to explore the new continents, did it?" Hinata asked as she glanced over at her father.

"No, it didn't, but they didn't find very many useful things. Even if the technology there was far beyond their time, it utilized an energy source they could not harness; it was a completely different technological development than their own. Only those under my control at the time could use it properly, that made me a… very influential individual for many years to come."

"And a very targeted one," Hinata pointed out.

He nodded, he had become the source of all envy in the world. He had everything everyone had ever wanted: Power, knowledge, fame, money, women, immortality, and eternal youth to name a few. He even had his own religion, which no one else could claim.

That religion had grown since then, changed as well. Kurama had slowly faded away from the central figure of the religion as he came to the forefront. It was now the dominate religion in the universe.

Why worship some unknown entity when there was a living God and walking in their midst?

He pressed another button on the control panel and another memory enfolded them.


"Here's to hoping he doesn't castrate me the moment he revives," Naruto said as he pressed his hand along the edge of the seal.

They were at the bottom of Epsilon, level B3 in the center of the training area. Naruto wanted a nice durable area where he was capable of dodging attacks should Hiashi turn out to be hostile for reasons completely unrelated to him being a Orochimaru's Sekirei.

"Oh don't be so negative, father wouldn't do that," Hanabi said as she stood just slightly behind her husband, eager to see her father revived.

"I got you pregnant outside of wedlock," Naruto pointed out as he sent a pulse of chakra through the seal, unraveling it.

"Oh, you have a point, maybe you should leave some restraints in place," Hanabi said thoughtfully. Her father was a stickler for ceremony and what Naruto had done had essentially broken their longest running and most sacred of traditions.

"Little late to say that," Naruto grumbled as the last of the seals faded away.

"Well I'm certain he'll at least leave you alive," Hanabi said as she watched her father's eyes begin to flutter as he regained consciousness, "I think."

"You're really not making me feel any better about this," Naruto said.

Despite having faced down a godlike entity in Orochimaru, deconstructed two worlds and built a new one from the choice pieces of both, destroyed a star, and started a new world order, meeting Hanabi's father still scared him shitless.

They were silent after that as they watched the elder Hyuga wake up. Hiashi slowly pushed himself up into a seating position and looked around with bleary eyes. As they came upon the two of them they became more focused.

"Naruto-san, Hanabi-san," Hiashi said as he looked curiously between the two of them, "I feel… strange."

"I removed your connection to Orochimaru, can't do much about the core and messed up chakra coils yet but you're basically a free, unwinged Sekirei at the moment," Naruto explained.

"And what of that vile thing?" Hiashi asked cautiously as he slowly picked himself up off the ground. He hoped that Naruto's and Hanabi's presence here meant things had gone well for the both of them.

There was no need to say 'his' name, they all knew who Hiashi was referring to.

"He's being sucked into a black hole, or rather he probably already has," Hanabi said as she smiled at her father.

Her smile trembled.

Naruto saw this took and couldn't help but smile. He took a couple steps back, putting Hanabi between him and her father. He placed a hand upon her back and gave her a gentle push towards her father.

It was as if a dam had burst, tears began to stream down Hanabi's as she began to cry. She ran into her father's arms and buried her face into his chest. Hiashi gently wrapped his arms around his daughter and held her tight, relishing in the feeling of having his daughter back.

With his connection to Orochimaru gone, he no longer felt any need, nor any desire, to harm his daughter.

Naruto felt a stirring of real emotion in him as he watched the father/daughter reunion. Come what may, this made it all worth it.

A real smile crossed his face as he turned and quietly left the basement, leaving the two alone to share a very special moment with each other.


"Naruto-san," Hiashi called out quietly as he stepped out onto the veranda. Naruto was sitting there looking up into the night sky, re-familiarizing himself with the stars he had grown up with. Epsilon, being at the top of the largest hill on the island, had a clear view of everything of the sky, the only thing that even entered his vision was the partially finished Hokage's Tower that was being built in the center of the city below.

It would be much different than the one he had grown up with, large too, it had to incorporate a greater number of individuals and expertise to deal with the changes in society since he had taken command.

"Hanabi's resting?" Naruto asked for clarification. He could feel her through the bond, somewhere down below.

"Yes, she's in your room, waiting for you," Hiashi said as he padded across the veranda and sat down beside him.

"You're not going to castrate me for impregnating her out of wedlock are you?" Naruto asked hesitantly.

Hiashi gave Naruto a side-long glance, "I thought about it, but I'm certain my daughter would find that action particularly objectionable." He turned his gaze up to the night sky. "I'm willing to call things even, you kept her safe and happy for all these years after I was gone."

Naruto let out a sigh of relief.

"But if you ever make her 'unhappy' I will be there," Hiashi said, giving Naruto a stern warning.

Naruto laughed, "you don't have to worry about that." Making Hanabi has happy as possible was one of his main goals, he wanted to make the memories between the two of them, between all his Sekirei really, as memorable and amazing as possible.

So that he could take those wonderful memories into the future.

"Hanabi said you're planning on rebuilding Konoha," Hiashi said as he looked at the half-complete tower in the distance.

"Yes, most of the Sekirei are already under my control, the only ones that seem to object with being placed under my command are those that were awake a thousand years ago." There weren't even many of those, most of them were more than happy to have a place to call home, especially since the Sekirei Plan had essentially succeeded, if in a rather unorthodox manner.

There were a few more violent ones that objected but they were being dealt with.

"Hanabi believes she's going to be your political liaison to the court," Hiashi said as he looked past the tower to the budding city growing up around the edges of the new bay.

Councillor Naoki had been able to use the information Naruto had given him about the current situation to take control of Japan pretty easily. People were confused, panicked, and lost about what to do next. Naoki had a sound plan and put it into motion with firm decisive actions. People quickly followed, believing following 'any' plan of action was better than wandering around aimlessly.

It helped that he was already a familiar and popular face with the people.

His first two orders had been the rebuilding of Tokyo, the name Shinto Teito had been scrapped, and a punitive expedition out to the new continent east of Japan. Major General Olivier carried out that mission and quickly claimed more than half of the new continent before most nations even knew it existed.

They had maps that Naruto had given them of the new lands so already knew their layout. For them it was more a staking claim mission than an exploration. By the time the other pacific nations finally began to move most of the landmass of the primary Elemental Nations continent had already been claimed by Japan, along with most of its cities.

Naruto had been quick to back Naoki's claim on the continent saying the cities had once belonged to the Sekirei and had hinted at retaliation if anyone tried to dispute that claim.

Few did, openly anyways, and most had begun fighting over the new continents and landmasses that had appeared in the Atlantic Ocean.

"She's certainly better at all the politicking than me."

"And she still has much to learn," Hiashi said.

"What are you suggesting? That you be my liaison instead of Hanabi? I'm not taking that from her, she seemed really excited about the prospect of a role that doesn't involve blowing people's hearts up," Naruto said dryly.

"Of course not, assassination isn't a proper role for a woman whose just entering motherhood," Hiashi said, "but she still has much to learn, as do you."

Now he understood what Hiashi was getting at. "Well, I could always use advisor," Naruto mused to himself.

"Another?" Hiashi asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yuuchi, I have the feeling she'd planned on being one even if I hadn't asked," Naruto said with a wry grin on his face.

"She a solid head on her shoulders," Hiashi said, nodding his head in approval.

"Well…" Naruto started as he slowly stood up, "I suppose I have kept Hanabi waiting long enough." He turned and started to head back inside.

"Do remember she is with child," Hiashi called out to him.

Naruto paused and gave Hiashi a backwards glance; he was still staring out into the distance.

"I will remember, and Hiashi, welcome home."

"Thank you, it's good to be home."


"I was named after her sister," Hinata said as the image faded. She glanced over at her father and was surprised to see a single tear roll down the side of his face.

It had been a very long time since she had seen him shed a tear for any reason.

"Yes, Yuuchi and her sense of humor," he said as he ignored the tear, its presence was filled with nothing but warm memories.

He remembered the explosion that had initially come from 'that' decision. His first child with Hanabi had been a boy so they had named him Neji. She had planned to name her first daughter, Hinata, after her sister.

But Yuuchi had decided to name her daughter Hinata before he and Hanabi had gotten around to conceiving another child.

Yuuchi had come up with a reasonable explanation saying that, this way, Hinata would be able to live by his side forever. Hanabi had grudgingly acceded that Yuuchi had a point but after knowing her for as long as he had, he was almost certain there had been an entirely different reason behind her choice of name.

Another image encompassed the two of them.


Naruto let out a long sigh as he watched the pool of blood grow larger and larger on the floor in the center of his office. He had just moved in here last week and it was already stained in blood.

He turned away from the bloody mess and looked out the sole window of the room. It looked out onto Konoha and the bay beyond. The work renovating the city was almost complete. The effects of the Desolation were almost gone as well. With Ramen back in charge all the environmental systems were working correctly once more. With the abundant of life from Earth, and what he had managed to procure from Kouten before he had obliterated it, she had managed to bring life back to the lifeless island.

The enclosed garden at Yuuchi's old home was now once more filled with plants and flowers that were once native to the Elemental Nations.

Things had begun to pick up now that the city was nearly completed. He had a lot of help setting up the economy and getting things going again. The school was operational, although there weren't very many students. Mostly it was just Yume helping the old Sekirei get readjusted to the changes that had occurred since they were deactivated.

He had dozens of clones out and about putting into place powerful security seals around the island. The information department would instantly know when someone who wasn't a Sekirei or an Ashikabi arrived on the island and their activities after they arrived.

He had even set up a dozen patriot missile launchers in various places to help protect the island should the protective barrier around it fail, finally finding a use for the one he had stolen nearly a year ago.

"You never said how many pieces you wanted her brought back in, we made sure she wasn't a threat anymore," Karasuba's voice brought his attention back to the situation in the room. He glanced over at her and noticed the vicious grin on her face.

"I think next time I'm going to ask for her in one piece…" Naruto said with a deadpanned expression on his face as he looked at the thoroughly dismembered Sekirei lying in the center of his office. Her limbs were neatly arranged on her chest and her head was placed on top of those.

She was a rogue Sekirei that had refused to bow to his will. He had tried everything to convince her but she had been adamant in her refusal, even sneaking away at night and fleeing to another country.

That was one thing he couldn't allow. He had sent a team after her.

At least the rest of the team that had been sent with Karasuba had the good graces to look embarrassed by the turn of events. Helios coughed and looked to the side and Lina stared at her feet in embarrassment.

"I'm surprised you let Helios take you as his Sekirei," Naruto said to Karasuba.

"Not all Ashikabi are worthless scum, you taught me that," Karasuba said as she grinned at him. She glanced back and winked at Helios, "and my dear Helios here can be quite the 'hellion' when he wants to be, both in and outside of the bed."

Helios' face began to burn bright red.

"Alright, I think we've explored that line of conversation long enough," Naruto said as he raised a hand and put a stop it. "What you do in your own time is your own business, not mine."

"You should have seen how many armed guards he slaughtered after they shot little Lina, it was absolutely glorious, I had to have him after that."

"But did you have to do it right there?" Helios demanded. He was still a little upset that she had ripped his pants off while he was in the midst of fighting.

"Eh? That was half the excitement!"

"I'd have preferred not to have sex while dodging bullets!"

"Ya, you could have at least let me join!" Lina snapped at Karasuba angrily.

"Exactly!" Helios agreed.

"See what I mean?" Karasuba said with a grin.

Pinching the bridge of his nose Naruto let out another long sigh as he felt a powerful headache come on. Perhaps it had been a mistake to put those three together. To think he had even considered adding another to their little group, a fiery little minx from the Third Pillar's group of Sekirei.

"I suppose it's partly my fault for not putting any stipulations on the mission parameters," Naruto said to himself. He gave each of them a long look, "your pay has been sent to your bank accounts. I want you back here in three days, I have another mission for you."

"Another retrieval?" Helios asked.

"Not quite," Naruto said. He had to pay for retrieval missions out of his own pocket, thankfully they were few and far between. "We're being paid by Naoki for this one. An armed mercenary group has taken up residence on some disputed islands between Japan and their neighbours. Since no nation can 'officially' lay claim to them without causing an international incident they've taken to using mercenaries."

"You want us to clear the island or pathetic humans?" Karasuba asked with a scowl on her face.

"It's either that or you get to sit on your ass all day until a Sekirei decides to bolt for what they assume is greener pastures," Naruto said.

"We'll do it," Helios said instantly, the thought of being stuck with a bored Karasuba in an enclosed space for an extended period of time frightened him more than bullets and bombs.

"Good, I'll see all of you in three days."


"When did Helios gain his fourth member?" Hinata asked curiously. The official records had mentioned that they had been a team of four, not three.

"After that mission," he replied as he paused the memory, he didn't want the next part to be spoiled by conversation. "Despite being against only 'pathetic' humans they almost didn't survive. Lina had been forced to spend all her efforts just keeping Helios alive and Karasuba alone wasn't enough to deal with them. It had only been due to Helios' quick thinking that they had managed to cobble a strategy together that allowed them to flank the enemy."

He almost regretted adding that fourth member to the team though. She was like a second Karasuba and the two of them was almost more than Helios could handle.

But Karasuba had been right, he was definitely more than the average human. He had managed to rise to the challenge and rein them both in.

"Your niece, Saki, is related to Karasuba," he said. Saki wasn't Karasuba's daughter, but her daughter had married one of his sons. Their sole child somehow ended up immortal like the rest of them.

He was certain Ramen had something to do with that but never bothered to confirm.

"I know, it explains a lot," Hinata replied.

He chuckled as he remembered the day Karasuba found out she was pregnant. She had almost killed Helios for sticking a 'worthless mewling brat' inside her. Yet despite all of her ranting and raving she had gone out of her way to ensure that the child was born safe and healthy, threating to kill him if he dared to send her out on a mission 'before she was in top condition.'

It had been almost five years before Karasuba went out on another mission, wanting to make sure her child was raised properly and refusing to let any worthless human or Sekirei do the rearing for her.

But more importantly he remembered the absolutely radiant smile on Yume's face when she found out. Even the simple memory of that smile was enough to lift his heart to this day.

Oddly enough, Yume was the only person Karasuba even let near her child while she was rearing her, and the only one she entrusted her to when she was out on a mission.

He resumed the memory.


Naruto couldn't help but marvel at how much Karasuba had changed since they'd first met back when she had stabbed his clone at the waterfront. To most she would look very much the same, a blood thirsty monster, but the fact that she had willingly taken an Ashikabi, and for some OTHER reason than to power herself up, was an enormous step forward.

As Karasuba and the others filed out of his office, someone else slowly made their way in with a large bowl of steaming ramen in their arms.

"Is it that time already?" Naruto asked as his eyes light up in happiness.

"Close enough, I've booked the next two hours for you as lunch time," Chime said as she gingerly stepped around the dismembered body Karasuba and the others had left in the center of the room, "I figured after dealing with 'her' you'd need some time to recover and be wanting something else to focus on."

"You're my favorite!" Naruto gushed as he stared at the giant bowl of ramen.

"Are you talking to me or the ramen?" Chime asked with a laugh.

Naruto cough and looked away. His eyes fell upon the remains that Karasuba and the others had left behind, "could you deal with that mess?" he asked as he pointed at the body in the center of the floor.

"Ugh, I'd rather not have to pick up Karasuba's handiwork."

Naruto looked at her curiously. "Why would you? You're my secretary, not my janitor."

"Oh, right, I keep forgetting I actually have underlings now," Chime said as she set the bowl of ramen down on Naruto's desk, just outside of his reach, and pulled out a phone to call the janitorial services. "The big boss man needs a cleanup in his office, bring a body bag and lots of mops."

There were a few satellites back in orbit now so some short range wireless communications were working.

Naruto glowered at Chime as he tried to figure out some dignified way to grab the bowl of ramen. He was the Hokage now, he needed to keep up appearances while he was sitting in the chair and wearing the big hat.

He was about to throw dignity out the window and dive for the bowl when the janitors walked into the room to deal with the mess. They were retired soldiers, veterans of the war against Orochimaru that had decided the military life wasn't for them anymore but still wanted to contribute in some way.

Naruto had to use people like them as janitors around his office and Konoha in general. The messes they had to clean up here were usually a lot more violent and bloody than the standard fare.

Even if deaths were uncommon, the spars between Sekirei usually ended up with dismembered limbs, broken bones, and lots of spilled blood. Thankfully the medical technology was at the point where they could reattach dismembered limbs.

It didn't take long for the former service men to clean up the mess. Thankfully Naruto had opted for hardwood floors instead of carpet. It made cleaning easy.

"Can I PLEASE have my ramen now?" Naruto pleaded with his newest wife. Chime had been the last of his Sekirei he had officially married. There was a nice shining gold band on her ring finger, inlaid with two diamonds that seemed to embrace each other.

"Of course Naruto-kun," Chime said as Chiho took control and gave Naruto his lunch.

"About time! Come to papa my delicious pretty!" Naruto crowed out joyfully as he dug into his ramen and slurped back a massive wad of noodles and soup.

His face went beat red.

"GAH! WATER! WATER!" Naruto cried out in a panic as he jumped up out of his chair. He was practically belching fire from his mouth as he ran around looking for something to drink.

Chime began to laugh hysterically as Naruto ran around like a chicken with his head cut off.

"YOU!" Naruto roared as he tackled Chime.

The two of them rolled across the floor in a tangle of arms and legs. When they finally stopped they were in the center of the room with Naruto on top. Chime's clothes were scattered all over the room.

"Uh oh! I think it's the beast!" Chime cried out in mock panic.

"WATER!" Naruto shouted as he dove between her legs and began to greedily suck.

"AH!" Chime cried out as Naruto forced her over the edge in an instant with a deft application of chakra and his tongue.

"Ah, that's better…" Naruto said as he sat back up and licked his lips.

"Damn bro, I think that's the fastest yet," Chime said as she panted slightly.

"You said I was booked for two hours?" Naruto asked.


"I think I need to punish you for booby-trapping ramen! That's sacrilegious!" He growled as he placed his hands to either side of her and brought his nose down to hers.

"Uh oh," Chime said nervously. With Naruto you never knew what 'punishment' meant. Sometimes it was good, and sometimes he made sure you never got punished twice for the same reason.

She had just played a prank on him using his favorite food.

She gulped.

"I think I need preoccupy you with something other than ruining the greatness that is ramen!" Naruto hissed, "you're the only one who isn't pregnant, I think I'm going to rectify that problem right here, right now."

"Oh, I think I'd like that, Naruto-kun," Chime said as she gave Naruto a small smile.

And then sometimes the punishments were VERY good.


"Father… you do not need to cut the memories short, I am not unfamiliar with what happens next," Hinata said as the memory faded away.

She herself had been married a few times over the eons. She had had many children and grandchildren.

"Perhaps, but some things are just not appropriate," he replied.

"I see, then I shall excuse myself," Hinata said as she got up from her support. "I will go find mother and see if she needs any help before we begin."

"Come get me when it is time."

"Of course," Hinata said and made her way across the walkway. There were countless memories in this room, her father often stayed in here for weeks at a time, drowning himself in happier times.

That was not to say he wasn't happy now, because Hinata was sure he wasn't 'unhappy.' But there was just no replacing people like Hanabi, Akitsu, Miya, Yume and Chime. Those five had occupied a place in her father's heart that no one could ever replace.

She paused just before heading through the door and glanced back at her father. Sometimes she wondered if he regretted his decision to become immortal and aid Ramen as her Guardian. He always seemed so much happier when he was reminiscing about the past than when he was living in the present.

With a light shake of her head she stepped through the door and let it close soundlessly behind her. Even with her eyes that could see anything, anywhere in the universe. Despite her moniker, Hinata the Omniscient, there were things she did not know and problems to which she had no solutions.

After the door closed another memory engulfed the room.


The door to the communications room slammed into the wall with a thunderous crash, startling many of the people inside. Naruto stormed in, his face dark and angry.

"What do you have for me?" he demanded as he crossed the marble floor to the two Sekirei huddled together around an impressive set of computer equipment.

It wasn't the only set of computer equipment in the large room, and they weren't the only ones in here, but they were the two Naruto trusted the most, he knew they'd have information for him before he even arrived.

A very pregnant, small brown-haired Sekirei wearing a blue and white dress turned around in her chair, "They drilled a hole the base of the island over the course of the past month and came up inside of the barrier seals," Blanc said as she handed Naruto a tablet that was linked to their information network, "that was why no alarms were set off and we didn't know they had been here until it was too late. Thankfully they didn't realize that all Sekirei, including their children, are tagged so we know the instant they leave the island, regardless of whether or not they go through the barriers."

"Who was it?"

"Not the same ones as last time," Matsu explained, "at the moment it looks like they're an independent mercenary group. Their last contract ended a month ago, at around the same time they started drilling into our island. Their contract was an absolute failure, they screwed up but still took the money and ran. It's quite possible that they hoped to make up for that by selling a couple babies off to the highest bidders."

"I still think they only care about money," Blanc said as she turned back to the screen, "no one will ever hire them again after their last botched contract but there ARE many that would deal with them if it got them a baby Sekirei."

Naruto could see that as well as he quickly read over the tablet. Even if new Sekirei are born without a core, they still had incredibly developed chakra coils, something the humans of this world didn't have. They could be used to access the hyper-technology in the new continents and you couldn't put a price tag on something of that value.

"Where are they headed?" he asked.

"Looks like they are heading northwest," Blanc said as she glanced at the map. There was a small red dot that was steadily getting further and further away, "they just left a private airstrip."

"Russia," Naruto spat out in disgust. Russians would do anything to get an advantage over everyone else.

Well that didn't make them much different than any other nation but they were just a bit more ruthless than most, and far more willing to pay for illegal goods.

"Yes, the private air craft that they took off in belonged to a powerful Russian magnate," Matsu said as used her Sekirei powers to dig through the air traffic control information of the private airport.

"They already have a buyer."

"Looks that way," Matsu replied as she pushed her glasses up her nose.

"Get me a name," Naruto said, his expression hard and cold.


The memory shift slightly as it swapped perspectives. His memories weren't the only memories stored in here. There were many others as well, people he had cared about a great deal.


The I-107 Interceptor silently ripped across the sky at hyper-sonic speeds. The propulsion system on the interceptor was decades, if not centuries, ahead of anything contemporary. At full throttle it could propel the aircraft from Earth to Mars, when they were at their closest, in just under twelve days.

They had to limit its speed in the atmosphere so that it didn't break up though. Regardless the aircraft still far surpassed anything any aircraft to date had reached.

And the passengers within felt absolutely nothing as the inertia dampeners neutralized the G-Forces applied on the interceptor.

"You two almost ready?" Minato called out from the pilot seat of the interceptor, he kept his gaze on the instruments in front of him as there wasn't even a window to see out of, not that one would be of any use at the speeds they were flying at. Instead the instruments on the plane gave a perfect projection of everything around them in a two hundred mile radius.

"Ready any time," Homura called out as she pulled on her gloves and covered her face with her mask.

"I'm ready," Kaho said fiercely as she thumped her spear on the floor of the plane. To her there was nothing more cowardly than kidnapping defenceless babies.

Doubly so when it was HER child they had taken.

"Good because we'll be there in a few seconds," Minato called back. They were chasing after the mercenaries that had snuck into Konoha and kidnapped baby Sekirei. They had taken their baby girl and another.

They could have easily taken Miya's or Hanabi's but they had wisely decided not to. Although taking any at all could hardly be considered a 'wise' decision. Naruto marked his children the moment they were born. Had they so much as touched his children they'd already be dead and the babies safe and sound back in their cribs.

Several covert ops groups found 'that' out the hard way. The commanders that had given the orders to take the children had been found dead not long afterwards. Few knew the details of their deaths, no one really wanted to speak about what was left of those individuals.

"We're here!" Minato shouted as he throttled the interceptor down to match the speed of the private jet. He brought it in close, hovering just a couple feet above the roof. He hit a button on the console and a hatch opened up in the floor between Kaho and Homura.

"I'm going to make them pay for taking my child!" Kaho shouted as she jumped out the hatch and punched a hole into the top of the jet.

"I better go and make sure there's enough jet left for you to pick us up on," Homura said as she quickly followed Kaho into the plane below.

Minato backed away a bit and trailed the jet a bit to the side and behind. He could see holes and gouges get punched into the sides of the private jet as Homura and Kaho fought the mercenaries therein. A window exploded and a couple burning bodies fell towards the ground.

The two had only been on the jet for a minute when Minato got the signal. He quickly maneuvered the Interceptor back over the whole Kaho had made. The moment Minato arrived Homura jumped back up through the hole and into the Interceptor, in her arms, wrapped in bundles of cloth, were two babies.

Miraculously both of them seemed to be in high spirits as they playfully struggled in Homura's arms.

"Where's Kaho-chan?" Minato asked.

"She wanted to make sure none of them got away," Homura replied as she moved up to the cockpit to sit beside her Ashikabi, babies in arm.

"Well two of them just jumped out," Minato said as he saw green dots rapidly moving away from the jet.

Before Homura could reply the blade of a naginato ripped jet in two. From the very split they saw Kaho leap after the two fleeing men.

"Not again…" Minato groaned as he saw Kaho shoot towards the parachuting men.

"She really doesn't want them to get away," Homura murmured with respect.

"She never likes seeing her target get away," Minato said as he turned the Interceptor into a dive to chase after his Sekirei.

Kaho flashed across the sky and slammed into one of the mercenaries. Her naginato flashed faster than the eye could see, cutting the man into pieces. Before he could even split apart she used him as a spring board to leap towards the other man.

Before she could get there a large beam of purple energy disintegrated the man. She looked up and saw the Interceptor coming straight for her. She twisted in midair and slipped through the open hole in the floor of the Interceptor as Minato before a complex maneuver, putting the Interceptor into a loop that went under Kaho at just the right time.

The babies giggled gleefully as Homura held on as tightly as she could so that they weren't thrown around due to the upside down maneuver.

"Package has been retrieved," Minato spoke into the ear piece.

"Good work, head back home," Naruto replied, "I'm taking care of one final piece of business with Akitsu up north, I'll see you soon."


The memory shifted again.


The two of them were lying side by side in a snow bank, staring up at the mansion in the distance. It was winter time here in the Northern Hemisphere and the snow piled up high. The mansion belonged to a rich and powerful Russian magnate, the one that had ordered the kidnapping of the Sekirei babies.

"You know how you're going to take him out?" Naruto asked Akitsu as they huddled under the snow. He didn't really need to be here but he wanted to see this through, this was something he couldn't just sit back and leave to everyone else while he sat all warm and comfortable in his office.

Plus he wanted to see how much his Akitsu had grown since that first mission.

"Yes, Naruto-sama," Akitsu replied as she turned to her Ashikabi, "I'm drawing the cold air from his room, it will soon become too uncomfortable to sleep, he will open the window to let some fresh air in."

"And then?"

"And then he dies."

"Sounds simple enough," Naruto said.



"Kato-kun wants a sister," Akitsu said.

"Kato can't even talk yet," Naruto said as he gave Akitsu an amused look, "he's only ten months old." Kato was their son, Akitsu had been the second one to give birth to his child after Hanabi. Miya and Yuuchi had followed soon afterwards. He had been worried about Yuuchi when her time had come but thankfully her control of her body allowed her to give birth without any complications.

Although she had been bedridden for nearly a week afterwards.

Then Evangeline had paid her a visit and taught her a technique that she could use to temporarily obtain her adult body. Yuuchi had not been pleased that Evangeline had kept that from her until AFTER she had given birth.

Naruto had thought that another major battle like the one the two had waged in Shinto Teito was about to break out. He was certain that it had been the presence of Hinata in her arms that had averted that crisis.

So far he only had four kids, Neji from Hinata, Kato from Akitsu, Hinata from Yuuchi, and Yashmia from Miya, but he was soon to have two more when Yume and Blanc popped. Chime still had about six months to go.

Miya and Hanabi were already pregnant again.

"I know Kato-kun would want a sister."

And it seemed that Akitsu wanted to be as well.

"When we get back from the mission we can—" he was cut off as Akitsu kissed him soundly.

There wasn't any more talking after that. Their clothes were gone in seconds. Seconds after that they were making passionate love to one another.

Their hands explored every inch of the other's body as their tongues battle in each other's mouths. Akitsu met each of his thrust with one of her own, demanding as much of him as she could get.

It didn't take long for a climax to build in Naruto and Akitsu. As one they went over the edge, Akitsu clamping down tightly around Naruto as he filled her completely.

But neither were satisfied with a single release. The love making continued for hours. It wasn't until the sun started to peek over the horizon that they finally finished. Naruto on his back with Akitsu lying on top of him. A steady stream of his release flowed from her stuffed body, unable to keep all of it in.

"Damn, the mission!" Naruto said in a panic as he realized he had lost focus of why he was here.

"Is completed Naruto-sama," Akitsu said as she pointed up at the window.

Naruto followed the direction of her finger and saw a body hanging half out of the window, half frozen from expose to the cold. There was a frozen trail of blood going down the side of the house.

"What, I don't even recall you…"

"It was when you filled me the third time, he opened the window and I froze the air in his lungs, turned the water vapor into ice crystals. I shredded his lungs from the inside, he's been there for hours," Akitsu said.

Naruto laughed, "You're something else!" he said as he wrapped his arms around Akitsu, "let's return home and continue there."

"But I'm pregnant," Akitsu said as she rubbed her belly.

"Twins maybe?" Naruto asked, not really having any idea how twins were created.

"Why are we still here?" Akitsu asked impatiently.

Naruto let out a laugh and the two of them disappeared.


Remembering Akitsu's desire to be sexually active everywhere but in the bedroom brought a small smile to his face. They must had done it everywhere by the time she passed away. There hadn't been a single country, environment, vehicle, building, or monument they hadn't done it on or in before the end.

And as for that time in the snow, Akitsu never did have twins.

She ended up having triplets.

Hanabi and Miya had congratulated Akitsu on the triplets and then had turned around and given 'him' a very pointed look.

Thankfully Miya's and Hanabi's competition to see who could have the most children did disappear later on in life as they became inundated in children. That wasn't to say that they stopped wanting to have children, they just simply stopped caring who had more and began to enjoy them for their own sake.

Hanabi only had eight by the end, after the seventh she became more interested in taking an active role in training the children, taking them out on missions and preparing them for life as a Shinobi.

She had hung up her ANBU title and had taken a team. Her first team had Neji in it. People had grumbled about favoritism at first, until they realize she was even harder on Neji than she was on anyone else. After one particularly public outburst people started to feel sorry for Neji rather than envy him.

It did, along with another certain incident, help forge him into one of the most powerful shinobi under his command during that time period. He had easily completed more missions successfully than any other person or team. Well, everyone save Hinata.

And the only reason Hinata beat him is because he decided to settle down and start a family in his late thirties while she kept on going due to her immortality. It still took her another twenty years to catch up to Neji.

Neji still held the record for the greatest number of completed missions over a thirty year time span, no one had been able to beat him in all the time since. It was much harder now, of course, due to the vast distances between Prime and the other worlds where most of the missions took place, but the people under his command these days were vastly more powerful than they were in the past.

He could easily name a thousand different people off the top of his head who could stomp Orochimaru and his ultimate form into paste effortlessly.


"Come on Blanny! You can do it!" Neptune cried out happily as she jumped up and down beside Blanc's bed.

"WOULD YOU SHUT UP!" Blanc snapped at Neptune angrily and clenched her fists tightly.

Naruto winced as he felt the bones in his hands rearrange.

"Just PUSH!" Neptune shouted as she made waving motions with her arms.

"What the f'in hell do you THINK I'm doing?! Sucking it back in?" Blanc snapped as she pushed as hard as she could.

"You're doing just fine, Blanc-san," Yume said as she stood between Blanc's legs with a towel in her arms.

"I'll be doing fine once it's out of me!" Blanc snapped, "I can't believe I wanted this in me, this is your damn fault!" she snapped up at Naruto.

"Yes dear," Naruto meekly accepted her accusation. After the previous six deliveries he had learned better. You don't argue with your wife when she was like this. It never ended well.

It didn't matter who was at fault, you just took the blame.

Once the baby was out they usually did a one-eighty. The others did at least. Even Yuuchi, although she had said it would be quite some time before she was interested in carrying another.

"Oh! I see the head!" Neptune said as she peeked around Blanc's legs.

"Stop it! I want to see my child first!" Blanc snapped as she pushed even harder.

"Ah don't sweat the small stuff Blanny!" Neptune said as she brushed away Blanc's protests.

Naruto couldn't help but smile at the two of them. Despite their vastly different personalities the two had become close, very close. The two of them were almost closer to each other than he was with Blanc. For all her cursing and swearing at her, Neptune had actually been the first person that had come to Blanc's mind to be at her side for her first child birth.

Even over him.

It was probably because that despite their differences, the two were very similar.

"I can't wait for Naruto to stick a baby in you so I can laugh at you when it is YOUR time to push one out!" Blanc snarled.

"Ah hahaha… Urp…" Neptune quickly backed away, "I-I think I may wait awhile before I go through that," Neptune said as she returned to Blanc's side and deliberately avoided looking at Blanc's legs.

Yume couldn't suppress a small smile that crossed her face. The birthing of a baby wasn't a very pleasant thing to watch, especially when it was someone as small as Blanc. It looked down right disturbing.

And considering Neptune was just as small it had probably turned her off childbearing for quite some time.

"Don't you dare run away! If I have to bear with this!" There was a pop and Yume had to hurriedly catch the suddenly airborne child, "Then you will as well!" Blanc moved to jump off the bed.

Naruto had to quickly hold her down so that she didn't fall off the bed.

"Nuh uh!" Neptune shouted as she jumped back, "Not happening, no way, there's no way that can fit in me!" she protested as she pointed at the baby that Yume had caught.

"Congratulations Blanc-san, you're a mother now, it's a beautiful baby girl," she said as she came around the side of the bed.

"I, wait… it's out?" Blanc asked in surprise, her anger at Neptune had made her completely forget she had even been giving birth.

"Yes," Yume said with an amused smile on her face as she handed the small bundle of joy to the small Sekirei.

Blanc brought her daughter up to her chest and held her gently, staring down at the sleeping face with a gentle expression on her face. "My daughter," she whispered mystified, not actually believing she had one, despite having just gone through the pain of bearing her.

Naruto snapped the bones in his hands back into place and laid a hand on Blanc's head. She looked up at him with face full of joy, love and happiness. "You did well, Blanc, what do you want to name her?"

"Name?" Blanc whispered, she got to name her? She glanced down at her daughter, the small baby was awake now, and looking up at her mother with a curious look on her face. Her daughter had red eyes and dark hair. A small smile crossed her face, she knew exactly what to call her.

After all, despite being on different sides, if it wasn't for her, Blanc would have never found out about her problem.

"Welcome to the crazy world that is Naruto's family, Noire."



Noire had turned out to be almost exactly like the original. Same looks, same sense of style, the same powers, and even same personality, although the hostility was nowhere to be found. Again he was almost certain that Ramen had something to do with that, after all, the souls were ultimately all a part of her dominion.

God Speed Noire was what they called her now. There were few as fast as her, and none that could keep up when she unleashed her ultimate move, the Infinite Slash. Even he had to hunker down and simply take it when she used that move. It simply became impossible to follow her, even with time/space bending instantaneous movement techniques.

Although she was still scared of her mother, Blanc.

They had gotten into an argument once and Blanc had accidentally destroyed a world when she had let her anger get the best of her. She had punched a mountain really hard in her anger. The mountain had sheared off, shot across the system, and ripped through a nearby planet, destroying the planetary core and causing a total collapse of the planetary ecosystem.

It had been a very large mountain, and it had been moving very quickly.

It had caused a major incident at the time, but things had been quieted easily enough, despite the major hit to his pocket books. Thankfully it had been a planet they were developing for future colonization and didn't actually have anyone living on it permanently at the time.

People were a lot more cautious and respectful towards Blanc after that incident, especially Noire.

He sighed as he tried to decide which memory to do next, he only had a little time left before they came for him. There were so many to choose from, some more intimate than others.

A smile crossed his face, he knew which one. Another memory engulfed the room.


"Are you sure you don't want to go out on any missions?" Naruto asked Miya as the two of them walked down the hallways of the newly renovated school.

It was eight years now, after the initial forming of Konoha. There were three schools here with this, the third one, having just opened up this year. A regular public and high school for those that didn't want to join the Special Forces, and this one, a school specifically designed for training the next generation of Shinobi.

It had actually surprised Naruto just how many children of the Sekirei had opted to join this school over the others. He had needed two teachers to teach the first wave of students, and he was probably going to need to hire more as the subsequent years came through.

The small burgeoning village of Konoha had grown to almost ten thousand people. A good half of that were Sekirei and their children. Now that they had a safe place to live and have a family, Sekirei turned out to be VERY affectionate, and very fertile.

There were few Ashikabi/Sekirei pair that didn't have three or four children by this time. It made the place feel very lively as you could barely move without running into a group of children playing in the street, or on rooftops, or trying to see who could climb the Hokage tower the fastest.

The rest of the people were regular humans that had been allowed to stay on the island to help support the village, they had been thoroughly screened before allowed residency. Thankfully Konoha had been designed to house almost a hundred thousand people. If they ever did manage to fill that up, and Naruto had no doubt that they would eventually, there were ways of expanding it.

"I'm quite content where I am, Naruto-kun, stop trying to get rid of me," Miya said with a demure look on her face, "My children are here, and someone needs to keep you in line while Hanabi, Hiashi and Yuuchi are away."

Miya had actually moved out of his home several years ago, and back into the place he had built for her. He had saved it from destruction like he had Epsilon. It rested in the middle of Konoha now, a haven for those without a lot of money or means that needed some support.

Although 'moving out' was sort of a misnomer since between the secret passage ways Hanabi had built and the Hiraishin seals she was able to walk back and forth between Epsilon and her new place within seconds.

"The world seems to have moved on from the Cataclysm and changed a great deal as a result," Naruto mused idly as he thought back to those turbulent first few years, every nation scrambling to make sense of what had just happened, to get a grasp on the changes, and be the first to rise to the top of the pile afterwards.

"Councillor Naoki seems to have done quite well for himself," Miya agreed.

More than well, with Alayna at his side, no one could touch him, and with Naruto's backing, he had total access to the hyper-advanced technology of the Sekirei Homeworld. Japan now stood at the top of the world, although it was no longer called Japan. The name had changed to the Elemental Empire.

Several pacific nations had been less than pleased about Naoki's apparent monopoly over the main continent. After several quick wars, many of those nations no longer existed. South Korea and the Philippines still existed, having decided to cooperate.

But other nations that were much more militaristic had been dealt with. Russia was half the size it had once been, everything east of Novosibirsk was now under Naoki's control. North Korea and Taiwan were gone, as was China, although the Tibetans had their land back. Naoki wasn't a tyrant though, he allowed them to keep their cultures and way of life, and he didn't oppress them like Japan had back in the Second World War In fact not much had changed beyond the crackdown on corruption and the dissolution of the federal governments.

Some could actually argue that Japan's intervention and conquest of those nations had actually helped improve and elevate the common people.

There hadn't been any issue from the North American or European countries. They had opted to focus their attention on the new landmasses that had appeared in the Atlantic Ocean.

"Yes, I hadn't expected him to be so aggressive against his aggressors but he seems to be thinking long term," Naruto said.

"Long-term, how so?" Miya asked curiously.

"We look to the stars but we never really see them, after seeing as much as we have, do you really believe there's no other life out there?" Naruto asked as he gave Miya a sidelong glance. "We'll meet them eventually, and when we do it's better to meet them with a unified, or at least almost unified, front. We are two different races, melded together and broken apart into almost three hundred different nations. That's not something we want to present to the universe."

"So you think we should all be one people, one nation?" Miya asked.

"Yes, although I doubt it'll happen in your life time," he said sadly. To be honest once things settle down any further progress would be painfully slow. You could justify an invasion if it was done as retaliation, but most nations by now had learned better than to pick a fight with the Elemental Empire.

Any further progress towards that goal would be done at the political level, not with strength of arms.

"Well, we're here, Naruto-kun," Miya said as they stopped in front of a door. Naruto could hear the din of small children coming in from the other side.

"You know, I never envisioned you as the principle of this school," Naruto murmured as he glanced at the door handle.

"Oh? And why is that?" Miya asked with a dangerous lit to her voice.

"Ah, nothing, it's just…"

Miya let out of a small laugh, "someone needs to make sure the next generation doesn't turn out like you," she said with an amused look on her face.


Miya knocked on the door loudly.

They heard a sharp clap from the other side as a familiar voice shouted for everyone to be quiet. When the din of noise quieted Miya opened the door and beckoned Naruto to head on in.

Putting on his best smile Naruto strode through the door and into the classroom holding the best and the brightest of the newest Generation of would-be Shinobi.

There were almost thirty of them in the classroom, ages seven and eight. Most of them had been home schooled or had been in the elementary school until they were of age to come here. There was an equal mix of genders, although it seemed to weigh more heavily towards the female side, probably due to the ratio of female Sekirei to male. That would even out as time passed.

"Look! It's the Hokage!" one of the students whispered excitedly.

"Humph, I see oto-san every day!" Kato boasted loudly like a peacock preening his feathers.

Hinata smacked him in the back of the head with enough force to bounce it off the desk in front of him.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?!" He demanded as he glared up at his half-sister who had an innocent and demure look on her face.

"Oh stop it, you're embarrassing us," Neji said as he stared straight forward towards Naruto, his posture perfect, and his hands were folded neatly together on the desk in front of him.

"You just don't want me to embarrass you, Mr. Perfect," Kato grumbled as he rubbed his forehead. A welt had already begun to form there.

"I am indifferent, I just don't want you to bring shame to our father," Neji replied.

"Too late for that!" Yashima shouted from across the room. There were snickers from all over the classroom.

"That's quite enough children," Miya said as she stepped into the room, a dark purple aura began to emanate around her body and a mask started to peek over her shoulder.

The room instantly quieted and everyone became ramrod stiff, "Greetings Hokage-sama," they said as one.

Naruto gave Miya another sidelong glance, "You certainly have a way with children."

"It does appear that way," Miya said as she smiled up at the children. It wasn't a particularly warm smile.

A sweat drop rolled down the back of his head. So long as Miya was the principal of this school it was going to produce some very well behaved Shinobi.

"This brings back memories," Naruto said as he glanced around the room.

"From your own childhood?" Yume, the teacher of the classroom, asked.

"Yes, and despite what many might believe, I was like him," Naruto said as he pointed at Kato. That made more than a few eyes widen in surprise, "I started as a failure, the class clown, a reject. But I struggled and preserved. Everyone around me had the talent I always wished to possess, but through hard work and an indomitable will that vowed to never give up, I caught up and surpassed those very same gifted individuals that once looked down upon me."

Naruto gave each kid in the room a direct look, "It doesn't matter what your pedigree is, or if you have a fancy bloodline. It doesn't matter if you're gifted or not, talented or not. All that matters is that you never give up, that when you fall, you pick yourself right back up and keep trying. In that way even the seemingly 'weakest and dead last' of individuals can surpass their limits and achieve greatness."


He sat back and closed his eyes and let the memory wash over him inside and without. That had turned out to be an incredibly important event in his life. What had meant to be a couple lines of encouragement ended up being nearly an hour long speech.

But each and every child had been touched by it in different ways.

Kato had ended up being one the strongest Shinobi produced that generation. He took his words more to heart than anyone else.

It had also been the cause of his untimely death. He had sacrificed his life to save Neji and Hinata when things had gone downhill on a mission. He had been the first of his loved ones to die, but he had died to save others, in that final moment his Will of Fire blazed more brightly than anyone else.

He still believed that Kato's death was the reason Neji pushed himself to become what he had become, and achieve what he achieved. While Neji never said anything about it, he was certain that Neji had been trying to live two lives, his own and the life Kato didn't get to live.

In a sense it was very similar to how Hanabi had tried to live the life that her sister had never got to live. It had taken years for her to finally put her sister to rest and live her life for her own sake. It had taken her falling in love with him to do it.

Same with Neji, it had taken him falling in love to finally put Kato to rest and begin to live just his own life.

Kato's death had affected Hinata differently however. After that incident she had dropped out of the regular Shinobi service and had joined the ANBU. She had quickly risen in ranks to take Hanabi's former place. She had remained there until the ANBU was transformed into what it became today.

Even now she stood at his side, his blade, his weapon, to deal out retribution wherever he desired it.

He was about to start up another memory when he sensed a presence approaching. With a sigh he slowly rose from his support and floated there for a moment as he stretched out the kinks in his body.

It was time.

He floated across the walkway towards the entrance to the room, he no longer walked, he no longer could. It wasn't that his legs were unable to support him; it was simply that the sheer amount of chakra he possessed kept him eternally levitated. Even when it was suppressed to its utmost enough chakra rolled off his body to keep him aloft.

It was something he could have done without. He missed the feel of solid ground under his feet. He had to go to specially designed rooms that suppressed chakra for him to get that feeling anymore, but it just wasn't the same as walking across a natural landscape, to feel the branches of trees beneath his feet as he jumped from tree to tree, to feel the warmth of sand between his toes as he walked across a beach.

He had lost so many things over the years.

The door opened up as he approached it.

Waiting for him outside were several individuals. Yuuchi, Neptune and Blanc stood just to the right and to the left were Hinata and Noire.

These five were the people he was closest to, the ones he had been with the longest, and along with him were the most powerful beings in the universe. The only one that stood above them was Her. The entity that Kurumi and the others transformed into.

With each planet Ramen consumed, 'She' became more as well, keeping pace with the growth and evolution of humanity so that She was always on top.

"Did you enjoy your memories, Naruto-san?" Yuuchi asked as she sipped on a cup of tea. That was another aspect of Yuuchi that never changed. Even if she no longer needed food to survive, she still drank tea.

"I did, but I didn't go over everything I wished to, let's get this over with," Naruto said as his skin melted away and his ethereal body bloomed into full view. He had both a physical and an energy based form now. It wasn't a natural evolution, he had been forced to shed his physical body and create the energy based one on one occasion simply to survive in a place where matter didn't exist.

The six of them made their way down the crystalline hallway as they headed for the balcony that overlooked a large courtyard.

After a million years Naruto had come to realize that Ramen had tricked him into becoming her Guardian. She had lied when she had said she was only interested in him, Yuuchi and their children. She had known that Blanc, Neptune and the children he had with them would willingly step up to take on the role as well.

But he had long since forgiven her.

Jack and Evangeline opened the door that led to the balcony as he came into sight. Those two had stuck around after the battle against Orochimaru. Neither of them had been bound in the first place, not really. Jack was the only person that could keep up with him these days, and that was more because of his ability to ignore reality on a whim.

ORT was also around somewhere. Oddly enough the two, ORT and Jack, had actually become friends over the years, although it was hard to really define their relationship. ORT didn't really look at reality the same way they did. Calling them 'friends' was probably a misnomer. ORT didn't try to kill Jack on sight and the two usually traveled together. Whether that made them friends or not was debatable.

The other powerful entities that had existed on Earth prior to Gaia's death, the Primate Murder and the True Ancestors were all dead. Ramen had taken steps to rid herself of them soon after taking control. She only kept ORT around because ORT really wasn't a threat, it was just there, and the effort required to rid herself of something that had its own unique universal concepts just wasn't worth it.

Evangeline found comfort being around those similar to her, plus she enjoyed teasing Yuuchi at every moment she could, something that she hadn't let up even till this day.

Naruto left the hallway and walked out into the open. He stopped at the edge of the balcony and glanced down at the millions of people gathered below.

They weren't ordinary people. Each and every person there belonged to a very special group of individuals. The universe knew them as the Immortal Legion.

He saw them for what they were, family.

Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and on and on for hundreds of generations.

All humans could use chakra these days, but only his children were allowed to use the natural energy that infused the planets of the universe.

He had lost much over the years, but he had gained just as much in return.

He never gave an answer when someone asked if he regretted his decision.

And that was because he didn't have an answer. You couldn't place a value on loved ones.

He missed those that had come and gone, those that had fallen in battle in his service or in the defense of others they loved.

But he saw those same loved ones in the eyes and actions of each person they had touched over the course of their lives.

Did he regret the decision to become immortal?

He smiled.

That was one question he felt didn't need an answer.

The end…

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