Futuristic Past


Chapter One: Present Future {Part One}


Noah made a surprised sound from the back of his throat. He feels the warm chapped lips move on his, but almost as fast as they came onto his, they pulled away. He stared, shocked. His wide blue eyes blinked, and he pushed his attacker away from him.

Hearing a satisfying thump on the ground, he switches into a position where he could see the fallen attacker.

"That's what you get, Enri." Noah scowled, crossing his arms at his best friend. Enrico painfully got up, rubbing the back of his head. "What did I do?" He huffed, sitting back beside his friend.

"Stop kissing me man, it's creepy." Noah sighed, whipping the nearest cushion at the boy's face. His dirty blond hair falls over his face, and he moves it out of the way. Enrico pouts.

"But, Nova-Noah, your just so kissable." He teases with an obvious smirk. "It's why all the ladies fawn over you." He paused, his smirk turning into a huge pout. "They always go for you!" He cried into his hands.

Noah smacked Enri upside his head, rolling his eyes. "Stop being dramatic." He sighs, leaning back on his couch. Enri follows suit, and stares up at the ceiling.

"I'm bored." He mutters.

Noah nods.

"Hey, wanna go do your Parkour, while I film it again?" Enri suddenly asks, grinning deviously.

Noah arched his eyebrow. "Uhm, aren't you usually all prissy about that? I thought you hated it when I would."

"Just cause I want to film you doing it does not have to mean that I don't want to watch you- or, want-... I'm confusing myself!" Enrico whined, clutching his head. "What I mean is: Just because I want to film you, doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. I still get worried when you sudden dive from a 10 story building onto another one." Enrico quickly corrected himself, giving a nod at Noah.

"Okay, grandma. Calm down, there." Noah gave his friend the middle finger, before standing to stretch quickly.

"How cruel." Enri whined, taking his camera out. He replaced his fake look of hurt with a huge grin.

"Alright, time for the famous Nova." Enrico chuckled.

"My name is Noah." Noah corrected, "I thought you would have known that by now." He said, as he tightened the strap on his fingerless gloves.

"Of course I know, but, calling you Nova when you do your Parkour sounds way cooler than- than Noah!"

"Yeah? Well. Hopefully this time you won't run into a pole while trying to film me, while also trying to look up a girl's skirt." Noah replied coolly, smirking when Enri flushed.

"Your mean." Enrico counters, sticking his tongue out childishly, while following Noah out of his house.

His video camera is already on, as he presses the record button, quickly making sure that his batteries were indeed full (Which they were). He turned, just as Noah closed the door, his lens already training on the boy's quick movements.

He films Noah already beginning to climb up onto his roof, scaling over the door and window. He easily pulls himself up onto the roof, and broke out into a sprint.

From below, Enri quickly follows.

Years of experience and patience allows him to becareful at his surroundings, and also able to keep the camera in his hands still enough as he taped his friends every movement.

Up above, Noah leaps off the edge of a familiar building, and making it easily to the next one, doing almost a barrel roll to absorb most of the fall. He could feel his shoulder start to ache a little.

But it's only because of yesterday.

He easily pushes from the ground, and starts off at a fast pace. He neared the end of the line of houses and stores.

After the last one, there is a huge park, it has almost everything in it. Well, park related things. He pushes his legs to go even faster.

Experience tells him he needs quickness for this last jump. He reached the end, and pushes off his right foot, leaping into the air.

In his sight, a large thick tree is about 25 feet away from him. He glanced down, and see's Enrico below him, his chest rising and falling quickly. He smirks down at the camera that is trained on his soaring body. The camera follows his movements. He reaches his hands out, and they land onto a thick branch. The loud smack of his hand grabbing onto the tree, and the creak of the wood as it bends as gravity takes over his body. He swings his legs, and then lets go of the thick branch which snaps back into place easily. He lands on the ground, 5 feet away and finishes with a little somersault at the end.

He twirls back into a standing position as he watches his cameraman run up. They both pant, and Noah- or Nova- As Enri would begin to say, smirks warily, gasping for breath as he walks around slowly, willing his heart beat to slow down.

Enrico quickly ends the recording, and he turns his camera off, finally catching his breath, and grinned widely.

"That. Was. Awesome!" He cried out, hugging Noah. Noah chuckled, smirking brightly.

"We should go over to that new place downtown I found yesterday." Enri announced, quickly unwrapping his arms from Noah.

Noah nodded. "I always liked to try out new places." He smirked, and began to follow his friend to their destination.

Downtown wasn't to far from the main park, so they should arrive there pretty quickly.


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