Futuristic Past


Chapter Three: Present Future {Part Three}


Noah sat awkwardly in his living room. He turned to look at his dad, who looked pretty stressed out.

"Maybe I should stay." He said.
"N- No, dad, it's okay! I swear. They are uh- just friends. Visiting." Noah nodded, beside him, Enri also nodded.

They both shared a look, and Jacob stared at them intently. "Fine. But only for one night. They had better not be here when I return! Or cause any trouble." He said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Both teens nodded quickly.
Jacob sighed, running a hand through is dark brown hair. "Well, I need to leave now. Make sure to take care of your brother." He said, as he gathered his things.
"Bye, dad." Noah waved slowly as his dad left, closing the door behind him.

"Ugh." Noah fell back onto the couch, glaring at the wall.

"Well. Then..." Enrico sighed, falling to the ground in defeat. "Oh, is Aiden sleeping?" He asked, looking in the direction of said babies room.

Noah was about to nod, when suddenly he heard a loud wail. "He was." He hisses, standing to walk to Aiden's room.

He calmly walks in, and notices both girls standing near the crib. "Hey. Don't torture him with your womeness." Noah glared at the females.

"How rude!" Rebecca scowled at him. "We were only trying to make him stop crying like a baby." She huffed, crossing her arms.

"He is a baby." Noah sighed, gently picking said baby out of his warm crib. He cuddled him close, and softly moved him up and down, barely even an inch.

"So, what's his name?" Lucy asked, smiling at the baby who ceased crying in his brother's arms.

"Aiden. Aiden Rivers." Noah said, letting a smile grace his lips.

Lucy's soft smile widened, as she lifted her gaze to look at him. She paused, and noticed something. "Hey, is that... a scar?" She asked quietly.

Noah nodded.
"Hey, we need to discuss everything. Now." Shaun said, poking his head into the room, glaring at everyone.

Noah looked at Aiden, who stared up at him innocently. He made to put him back in his crib, but Aiden's lips parted, as a wail started to escape his lips.

"Okay, come with us then." He scowled, exiting the room to sit in the living room. Everyone was accounted for, and he awkwardly stared down at his brother.

"Is that your kid?" Rebecca blurted out, grinning. Noah gave her a dirty look, frowning. "No, he's my baby brother. My mom didn't want him..." He mumbled the last part, nearly inaudible.

"Well, we should at least start with introductions." Lucy spoke up, putting a smile on her pale face.

"I love the way you think." Enrico smirked at her, not missing the obvious flush that dusted her cheeks.

Shaun rolled his eyes, before Lucy spoke up again. "Okay. My name is Lucy Stillman." She said, nodding to the girl beside her.

"I'm Rebecca Crane." She grinned.

"Shaun Hastings." He said casually.

"Desmond Miles." Desmond offered a small smile, but couldn't find the heart to make it truthful, seeing as the situation they were all in.

"What about the others? They speak either Italian or Arabic." Lucy sighed, staring at her feet.

"Um, hi. Enrico Jade. I can speak Italian, so..." He grinned, winking at Lucy. Lucy turned away, staring at one of the hooded figures in the room.

"Him." She said, pointing.

Enrico nodded, and stared, in thought. "U- Uhh, parla inglese? Qual è il tuo nome?"

The hooded figure paused, and lowered his hood. His moved his brown bangs from his eyes, a small smirk on his features.

"Il mio nome è," He pauses, "Ezio Auditore da Firenze." He said, linking his fingers while resting his elbows on his legs.

Noah whistled, slightly amazed from the long name. "Noah Rivers." He said, blinking. "This is Aiden Rivers." He said, smirking as Aiden raised his arm and giggled childishly.

"What about those three?" Rebecca asked, staring at the brothers and the last hooded figure.

Noah paused, and stood. He gave Aiden to Enrico, and walked out of the living room and into his dad's study area. He searched through the stack of books, and smirked.

He came back into the living room after a few minutes later, roughly eight books stacked in his arms. He wore a casual smirk, and put the books on the table. Everyone stared at the pile, and he took the top two books. He took a couple minutes flipping through the first one, before smiling.

He asked them as best as he could in their language, Ignoring the slight flutter in his stomach as he spoke a different language for the first time.

The taller tanned boy tilted his head, before blinking. "Malik Al-Sayf." He said nodding, while directing his elbow to the younger tanned boy beside him. "K- Kadar Al-Sayf..." He murmured, his face turning a rather interesting shade of red. Both brothers turned to stare at the last one who has yet to introduce himself.

Noah stared, getting a sudden sinking feeling in his stomach, as he saw golden orbs peak out from under the large hood.

"Altair Ibn-La'Ahad." He replied quietly, shifting his position on the opposite couch.

"Cool." Enrico interrupted the sudden silence that began to sink in. He chuckled awkwardly. "Uhh, so, What are these for, Noah?" He asked, pointing to the pile of books.

"English Language Arts. Two for each." Noah grinned. "I'll leave it to you, Enri." Noah announced, patting Enrico's shoulder casually.

"Only cause I love you." He paused. "Just kiddin'! Hah." Enri laughed loudly, rocking a sleeping Aiden in his arms.

"Alright. Let's move to the-... Well, to the part where we discuss what-"
"What the fuck is going on." Shaun interrupted, crossing his arms. "I'd rather not be in my seventeen year old body again." He twitched, fixing his glasses.

"Not how I would have put it," Lucy glared at Shaun for interrupting her, "But, yes. Basically what he just said." She nodded, casting her eyes to the carpet.

"Okay; Here is what we know. The eight of us have been brought here, to this-... What year is it?" Lucy paused, blinking.

"2021. It's October right now, October 13th." Noah answered, shrugging. A collection of groans filled the room.

"Alright then. It's 2021, and we have all been brought here. It must be for a reason. But no one knows, right. So, do you know what the Apple of Eden is, Noah, Enrico?" She asked, staring intently at the two.

They both shook their heads. Lucy let an almost quiet sigh escape her lips. "Plus. I was dead before. But I'm here. Well, In my seventeen year old body. And, Kadar, even! But, he isn't seventeen..." A look on confusion crossed her face.

"Well, it's safe to say he's younger than all of us, so, I guess it's to be expected. And then there's Malik. He still has his arm. So," She blinked, closing her eyes in deep thought. "But, you," She said, switching her gaze to Noah. "You seem so similar to them. Are you an Assassin, maybe?"

Noah snorted, and started laughing. "Uhh, yeah. I'm the best Assassin there is." He joked, but paused when no one else started laughing.

"It was a joke." He said, rolling his eyes. 'This is why I don't make jokes.' He thought to himself, Ignoring the glare he got.

"Wait. Seriously?" He cocked his eyebrow, staring at them in disbelief. Lucy shrugged nonchalantly, a nervous laugh coming out of her.

"Well, either way. Let's just continue." Lucy said, changing her position on the ground.

"I think that somehow their teenage bodies were- 'copied' -if you will, and somehow the Apple of Eden did something to them, and to us, and magically brought us to this present time. If that makes any sense." Desmond muttered, running a hand through his short hair.

"Not one bit!" Rebecca piped up, grinning. "But, continue." She chuckled at the stares she got.

"Would that explain why we are all in our seventeen year old forms?" Shaun asked, rubbing his temples tiredly. Lucy nodded. "It's the most reasonable answer we have right now." She said, seemingly sulking.

"We need to find out how to- well, get back to our original times." Shaun said, yawning.

"Hey, yeah! I was about to take a shower." Rebecca announced, frowning. "We all totally needed to know that, Becca." Lucy said, smiling. The brunette shrugged casually. "It's the truth. Anyways, can I later on, Noah?" She asked, giggling sheepishly.

"Uh, sure." Noah replied, picking at his fingernails, a small blush on his cheeks. "Anyways." He cleared his throat. "My father comes back on the 20th, in a Week." He says. "Do you guys think you'll have everything figured out by then?" He asks quietly, picking at the little threads on the edges of his gloves. He goes into thought. Thinking about what the hell they were talking about.

Going back to their original times? Like, what the fuck.

"Hopefully." Rebecca smiles softly, cracking her fingers. "Uh-, I don't have my laptop with me, nor does Shaun. Those are kind of important to us. We need them to figure things out." She trails off, feeling oddly alone without her laptops.

"Actually. I have one, and someone could just use my father's. It's in his study. Just don't-... Just don't break it or do anything to it." Noah mutters, staring at the ceiling.

"Roger." Rebecca salutes, grinning cheekily.

'As long as they don't cause any trouble. Then I shall see how this exactly plays out.' Noah thought warily, watching as the large group continued to talk amongst themselves.

His gaze turned to the other four in the room. It seems that two were talking, the brothers. Malik and Kadar.

'Those were their names, right? The other was Altair. And the Italian guy was Ezio.'Noah thought, staring at the odd group. He turned to Aiden, who was sleeping peacefully in Enri's arms.

He grabbed his baby brother, and gently pulled him out of Enrico's grasp and carried him to his room.

There, he put his sleeping sibling inside his crib, resting his head gently on the soft bed. He watched as Aiden made a cute little noise in his sleep, and shifted before falling into a deep sleep.

He smiled gently and walked back into his living room, only to notice Enrico passed out on the ground, obviously out cold. And two figures tumbling on the ground.

The obvious sound of things breaking soon followed as he ran up, staring at the two who were currently whipping their fists at each other.

"S- stop it!" Noah says, but his demanding voice just flies over their heads. Another crash sounds off, and he twitches. "I SAID STOP IT!" He shouted, randomly diving his foot towards the two. He ended up kicking one of them, and they stopped.

"I swear. I am NOT about to take care of a bunch of little brats!" Noah yells, groaning loudly. "Now, which one of you did this?" He demanded, pointing to Enri who was still out cold, on the floor.

They only stared at him, probably shocked by his demanding nature. Oh yeah. They probably don't have a clue as to what the fuck he's talking about.

"I asked you who did IT!" He seethed, watching as the tanned guy, Malik, points to- to, Altair.

Noah glared at said guy, crossing his arms. "No pizza for you!" He snapped, inwardly enjoying it as they both jumped ever so slightly.

He turned on his heel, hearing Aiden burst into loud cries as he was woken from all the commotion. He grumbled inaudible things on his way to his brothers room.

Back in the living room, Enrico finally woke up, rubbing his head. "This is what I get for trying to be a pal." He huffs, then he wraps an eager arm around Lucy.

"Shouldn't you be teaching them English or something?" Lucy asked, smiling. Enrico didn't miss the slight flush of her cheeks, and grinned. "Fine, but you have to help. I have a feeling this won't be as easy as I thought it would."
"How about Shaun, Rebecca, and I teach Malik and Kadar. While Noah, Desmond, and you teach Altair and Ezio?" She suggests, pulling Enri's arm off of her shoulder casually.

"That means that we'll have to be apart from each other." Enrico winks, an obvious pout on his lips.


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