Naboo and Saboo were silent on their journey. Saboo drove the flying carpet, and Naboo just sat there. There was an uncomfortable tension between them. Neither one liked the other. Naboo closed his eyes. He was worried. About many, many things. Namely, his shop. Leaving Vince in charge. That was worrying.
Bollo was there though. He'd help. Probably.
And then there was this mission. This witch. The witch.
"What's she doing?" Naboo asked suddenly.
"What?" Saboo snapped, having been shook from his own musings.
"The witch, right? What is it she's actually doing?"
"I dunno. Witch stuff."
"You're kidding right? Witch stuff." He repeated in disbelief. "I just left my shop for this and you don't even know what she's doing? I don't believe this."
Saboo shot him a look. "The Head Shaman's report was sketchy at best."
"And yet you pulled me out here for it."
"The Head Shaman pulled you out," Saboo corrected. "And the reports we do have are very unsettling."
Naboo sat back. "And what's that mean?"
Saboo gave him a look akin to disgust. "It means something bad."
Naboo sighed. "Right, we've been through this. What does that mean?"
Saboo gazed off into the distance. "I don't know."
Naboo rolled his eyes.