Authors Note Hey guys! I saw the trailer for the movie and it made me angry because they changed it from what the book was like. So this is meant to make fun of the trailer and the stories with running zombie.

Brad pit was making a movie at the movie place and the directoer was telling him what do to. Because he was the actor.

"Brad Pit if you don't do this you won't work in Hollywood again!

"I made you get the job for this you moron." said brad Pit.


"OH SHIT WERE'D ZOMBIES COME FROM" yeled Brad Pit! And he picked up the crowbar and hit the zombies in the heads with them.

"I shiuld go to office and talk to the guy who makes the movie becauyse this not safe to work in for money." And he jumpied onto the garbage truck to drive it to office!


Brad Pit went up into the plaxe where the guy was. But he got in and the ZOMBEIS WERE EATING HIM

"Get off the guy whose making my movies you zombies!" and Brad Pit yelled and he got the shotgun out and starts to shooting the zombies. And they were getting killed and being dead on the floor with blood and stuff. Brad Pit walked to the guy.

"No bro don't die we have a movie to finish" Brad Pit said and he lift the guy off the ground but he head fell off because zombies was biting the nexk before Brad Pit killed them.

You bastard's YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS" saod Brad Pit!


So he got the gun and went back to the director! Who was scared and hid behind the chair.

"What you doing?" said the dir3ector and Brad Pit lift him up,

"You try and to ruin my movie and you diod it to the James Bond as well so I doi this and everything go back to normal!" And the director scream but the gun went fired and he was shot. And Brad Pit put himn down and was relief.

"Hah now the zombies do not run" said Braid Pit and the zombies were slow again (because zombies dont run) "Everything has gone back to normal!"

And quantum of solace was not around anymore so the day was saved.