I hope you can help!

I am looking for a story that I found around April this year. I believe it was called Off the Record. The summary of the story is that Bella is a Journalist who worked with Emmet. Emmet disappeared on a consignment and hasn't been seen or heard from for over a year and presumed dead. On the anniversary of his disappearance, Bella goes to interview Emmet's brother, Edward, who is estranged from his family. After the interview, they keep in contact and become close. Not long after the interview, Bella and her co-workers receive a message in code, a message they believe is from Emmet. At first Bella is unable to tell Edward about what is going on. When he finds, let's just say it isn't good!

This is all I get up to in the story and it seem to have disappeared from my favourites, and I cannot remember the name of the author. I would really love to finish this story, but I am not sure if the author has deleted it and cancelled her account.