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This chocolate…It's beautiful.

I found myself compelled to get closer. Ignoring the rambling words of Wonka. I must have more of this.


This has to be a dream…it's too perfect.

My hands are pulled into the depths of the river, I can't stop them, but why would I want too?

I close my eyes as the milky warm chocolate slides down my throat. As I feel it hit my stomach, something takes over. My body will no longer listen. Over my shoulder I vaguely hear my mother and father calling to me I try to stand but…I can't. I'm pulled closer to the beautifully brown liquid. I stop just inches from the surface.


I'm so close to it now, the sickeningly sweet scent assaults my nose. It's overwhelming.

I can barely breathe…

I'm pulled even closer, I can feel the heat radiating off this river.


I hear my father call to me "You're leaning too far out!"

I pull as hard as I can against my own body desperate to get away, but I'm pulled straight down into the depths of the chocolate.

I feel it's once warm embrace smothering me.

I let out a scream as my mouth and nose immediately fill with the molten concoction.

I put all of my strength into grasping at the open air above me but there is nothing there.

Something pulls me deeper down, down, down.


I can no longer feel the cooling air on my hands as I thrust them above my head.


I hear a voice. I had heard it before but…from where I couldn't tell.

It seems to be getting louder and more desperate as I'm pulled further into the scalding brown liquid.


My foot hits something. I try to use it to push myself up but I slip and am pulled down further.

I feel the world become smaller and smaller as my legs are pulled down into this thing below me.


~The End~

A/N: Hi everyone! This is my first time writing something that isn't Hetalia, and it's also my first time trying out horror. I'm not sure how well this turned out but what'cha gonna do about it?

I originally wrote this for a lit to film class where we had to rewrite sections of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" so that it would be a scary story. My partner and I got the part where Augustus Gloop falls in the chocolate and is sucked away to another part of the factory.

This is only my half though because my partner was struggling with the first person writing style so we switched after I wrote this.

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