The Lion King:

The Legend Continues

By Asante

Note: The following is the recommended reading order of my fan fiction novels and short stories:

The Lion King: A Father's Concern (short story)

The Lion King: Sarafina (short story)

The Lion King: Mheetu (short story)

The Lion King III: The Lost Prince (book)

The Lion King IV: The Rogue Pride (book)

The Lion King: Responsibilities (short story)

The Lion King V: Man Comes to the Pride Lands (book)

The Lion King VI: Fall of Man (book)

You can find all my fan fictions on my profile page. Technically, Responsibilities takes place before The Lost Prince but I recommend reading Responsibilities last and then Man Comes to the Pride Lands because Responsibilities is a midquel of Mheetu with a final section that takes place after The Rogue Pride, so it will probably spoil some of the plot for Mheetu, The Lost Prince, and The Rogue Pride.

Note 2: I wanted to thank Islander27 for his help in developing this short story. I plan to start work on The Lion King V: Man Comes to the Pride Lands after this short story is completed. After that – if I haven't died and you readers are insistent, I might work on another short story set during the reign of the First King of Pride Rock – or leave that to you folks to tackle in your own fan fiction. Wouldn't that be awesome, if other folks wrote fan fiction of my fan fiction? Hint hint, nudge nudge.


The royal family rested on a lush hill, the king and queen snoozing amidst a blanket of swaying golden grass. The princess, a golden beige colored infant, couldn't yet move about on her own but that didn't stop her from batting playfully at the prince's face as he hopped evasively around her. "Come on, walk," Kopa insisted.

"Kopa," Nala scolded, resting her cheek on Simba's shoulder, "stop bothering Kiara."

"I'm not bothering her," Kopa protested. "She likes it. See, she's smiling."

Kiara mewled happily.

Simba gazed at his children and smiled peacefully.

Nala lifted her head and noted a dark lioness named Kula with her cub nearby. "Kopa, why don't you go play with Afua? Kiara needs her nap."

Kopa rolled his eyes and scurried off to play with Kula's son.

"He's a good boy," Simba said softly, closing his eyes.

"He's growing up so fast," Nala said as she watched Kopa head towards his friend. "They both are." She leaned down and licked Kiara's head. "We really need to start thinking about their futures."

Simba looked up at Nala questioningly. "What do you mean?"

"Kopa will be king someday," Nala explained, "and a king needs a good queen to stand beside him."

Simba groaned. "I thought we were going to do away with that tradition."

"It worked out very well for us," Nala reminded him. "And who better to decide the best match for Kopa than his parents?"

Simba rolled onto his side. "All right, who did you have in mind?"

"Eshe's a nice girl."

Simba shook his head. "She and Kopa don't like each other."

"Really?" Nala asked.

Simba nodded. "She used to bite his tail."

Nala growled. "That little brat! I'm going to give her mother a piece of my mind!"

Simba chuckled. "Don't worry about it, Kopa bit her right back and she hasn't bothered him since."

Nala thought again. "Terema? She likes Kopa."

"Her mother used to bite my tail," Simba said, sitting up. "What about Leilani? She's always so polite…"

"Leilani's parents have already betrothed her to a very nice boy from Grass Walls."

Simba groaned. "This is so complicated." He thought for a moment. "What about the lioness cubs at Grass Walls. I've heard their princess is very sweet. Her name is Pele."

Nala considered it for a moment. "I think it would be better if it was someone Kopa knew. Grass Walls is so far away. We would have to take Kopa there to visit Pele or bring her here to visit Kopa."

Simba stood up and looked around the hills, thinking about which families in the pride were the most kind and responsible. Some distance away, he spotted a golden furred lion with a black mane. There was a dark furred lioness cub scurrying about this lion's paws. "What about Timir's girl?" Simba suggested.

The Lion King:


Chapter 1

Like many of the males of the Pride Lands, Timir lived in Rogue Haven but he often came to visit Simba's Pride to see his family. He was a little smaller than Simba but a couple of years older and stockier. His fur and eyes were fiery gold, contrasting greatly with his wavy black mane. He strolled along the hills near Pride Rock with his daughter Timira, who resembled her dark furred mother Shadow much more than she did her golden furred father, though she shared Timir's sun-colored eyes. Timira laughed as she nipped and clawed at Timir's paws.

"What are you doing?" Timir chuckled.

"Pouncing!" she said aggressively.

Timir placed his foot on Timira's tail, stopping her in her tracks. "Maybe you should stick to opponents your own size – at least until you're higher than my elbow."

As Timira futilely tried to paw her father into submission, a golden-beige colored lion cub with jade green eyes hurried over and swatted at Timira's backside. "Tag, you're it!" he laughed.

"Babu!" Timira protested, whirling about and taking off after the cub. Timir laughed as his daughter scurried off in hot pursuit of the prankster Babu.

"Good day, Timir," Simba said.

Timir turned about to greet the king. "Your Highness," he replied, a bit surprised the Lion King would wish to speak with him. He bowed his head. "How may I serve you?"

Simba smiled pleasantly. "I wish to discuss something with you – a proposal, actually."

Timira chased Babu back to his mother Sabini. He took refuge behind the lioness while she bathed Babu's resistant sister Boga.

"Someone help me!" Boga wailed.

"Sorry, Boga," Timira said breathlessly as she darted around Sabini in pursuit of Babu. "Kinda busy."

"Hold still, Boga," Sabini chided. "Your positively filthy."

"I don't care what anyone says, this is not sanitary!" Boga insisted, making a disgusted expression as Sabini ran her tongue up along her back. "Not against the fur, Mom," Boga whined.

Timira continued to chase Babu around the hills, maneuvering through the legs of several adult lions. Timir glanced over at them and winced when Timira barely avoided being stepped on by Chumvi.

"Um, Timir, did you hear what I said?" Simba asked.

Timir jerked his attention back to the king. "What? Oh, excuse me, Your Highness. I was just…" He made a gesture to his daughter but cleared his throat and turned back to Simba. "What was it you were saying, Sire?"

The king looked at the cubs scurrying underfoot and chuckled. "As I was saying, Nala and I have been discussing the matter of Kopa's betrothal."

Timir raised an eyebrow. "Sire?"

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