It was six o'clock in Scranton, which meant most people were either home cooking dinner or on their way to one prepared for them. This was true for most of the Dunder Mifflin employees, too. Michael had left an hour early claiming he'd "been working hard all day" and Stanley never left a minute after five if he could help it (He usually could).
However, two employees were left sitting at there desks, both working hard without an end in sight. Dwight Schrute, from sales, was still typing away on his keyboard. Although he could no longer make sales calls with it being this late, he was trying to fill out paperwork that hadn't been done between sales. Only a few feet away sat Angela Martin, an accountant, with her blonde hair pulled up and her head bent down towards the paper she was scribbling on.
It was the first time that day that the office had been quiet; the phones had been set to go straight to voicemail and there was not the usual gibberish of the employees trying to avoid work. Angela enjoyed the silence - it made concentrating easier - and she was glad Dwight wasn't one of the more annoying employees. She did think that he tried too hard to get Michael to like him, but he followed the rules and worked hard, something many of the other employees didn't do.
"Angela?" She looked up at Dwight's voice. So much for the bit of quiet.
"Yes?" she muttered, trying to hide her irritation.
"I have a few sales reports for you. But you don't have to file them right now, I know you're busy. I can just wait until tomorrow. But I thought you might want them."
Angela smiled. Many of the other salesmen wanted her to take care of their sales right away, even though they wouldn't be getting paid commission until the end of the week anyway. As long as she got it done by then, and she would, unlike the other accountants, why did it matter if she finished while they stood by her desk?
"No, it's alright. I'm almost done, anyway, I can definitely do this tonight."
"Oh, alright. Thank you, Angela." She noticed that Dwight was looking into her eyes. How many of the others avoided eye contact and looked at their shoes, at her desk, at the ceiling, everywhere but her face? She usually didn't notice things like this, but maybe it was because she was a tad more relaxed now that she didn't have to deal with Kevin and Oscar.
Angela quickly added the numbers in, and she didn't even mind that Dwight watched.
"Just one second, I need to make a copy," Angela muttered, and she quickly stood up.
"Oh, I think the copier is having troubles-" Dwight started, but it seemed Angela had already discovered the trouble.
Angela sighed. "Wasn't Pam going to call the people to come and fix this today? Gosh, if she wasn't flirting with Jim all day, maybe she could get a bit of work done!"
Dwight nodded in agreement. "It's a wonder either of them still have a job! All they do is talk!"
"It's so-"
"Annoying!" they finished together.
Angela looked up at Dwight and smiled. Maybe he could be a bit irritated at times, but he was certainly better than the other employees, and he seemed to understand.

Dwight smiled. It was good to know he wasn't the only one who thought Jim and Pam's flirty relationship was obnoxious. Angela definitely understood - her desk was right behind Pam's, and she could probably hear them talking even better than he could. Maybe Dwight could have a friend in the office, after all. While it was true that he hadn't come to Dunder Mifflin to make friends, and he so far he hadn't made any, it wouldn't be bad to have someone he could eat lunch with and complain to about Jim.