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Harry's POV

I shifted on my bed to snuggle nearer to the warmth that was provided for me. I felt arms tighten around me. Wait, arms? I opened my eyes and Draco's face appeared. " Hey,beautiful." He said while rubbing my back. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" I screamed and moved away. I fell off the bed, hitting my head on the table beside my bed. Draco just smiles at me dreamily. I smacked myself on my forehead, I just embarrassed myself in front of Malfoy. " Oh,so now you're going with Malfoy now?" a little voice told me. He looks so handsome.

Wait, WHA_T?

Oh gosh. I curled into a ball and sat at the emo corner. This was not happening. I ruffled my hand in my hair in frustration. He sighs and got off the bed. He bends down behind me and pulled me into an embrace. " Y-you can talk?" I asked him, scooting away from him. He nods and turned me around. I use my heels to prevent being pulled into a hug again. I held him on the shoulder and used my forehead to smack his. " No touching me,liar." I said and walked away. He bends down and rubs his forehead. I closed the door to the bathroom and slid down the door. I buried my head in my arms trying to hide the blush. Why does this have to happen to me?

six hours later

" Dumbledore,SIR!" I shouted and busted his door open. He jumps and spit out his tea. " Ever heard of knocking,Harry?" he asked and cleaned his mouth. " You didn't tell me Draco could talk!" I shouted at him, banging his table. He kept silent for a moment.

" I just wanted to see your reaction so I told Dumbledore to keep it a secret." a voice came from the door. I turned back,slowly,and showed my most angry face at the familiar voice. There stood the annoying brat, Draco Malfoy with his tail swing back and forth. My face grew hot with anger and I just shoved past him. When I sat at my table for dinner, I put my head on the table and sulked a lot. " Harry, stop sulking. You have been sulking the whole day." Hermione said with her nose stuck to her book. " But Draco can talk!" I said loudly while lifting my arms in anger. How could she not be shocked!? I just kept my head down for the rest of dinner time. Draco leans in close to my ear and blew into it, teasing me. I squeaked and blushed.

I had enough. I got up and went to my room. Sadly, Draco was following me. He suddenly grabs me and slams me against the wall. I suddenly feel lips against my neck. He was licking my neck. My face grew hot and I started hitting his back. " Let go, Malfoy!" I shouted at him while trying to push him away. " Call me,Draco. I'm never letting you go. " He hugged me tighter. I punched him in the face and he falls back in pain. I ran away with tears in my eyes. When I reached my room, I slammed the door and locked it. Today was so stressful that I felt like crying. I walked towards my bed and saw a letter on it. I opened the letter and it said:

I'm always watching you, Harry.


Shit. I heard Draco calling my name. I walked towards the door and heard whimpering. So stressful. I placed my back against the wall and slid down. " Harry.." Draco whispers through the door. " LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU MADE MY LIFE STRESSFUL ENOUGH!" I cried out while hugging my knees to myself. " Please.." he pleaded again. I sighed and opened the door. There stood before me was Draco with his ears down and he was pulling his tail. He gives me those puppy eyes.

" Those eyes may work for your Slytherin friends. But not on me, you git." I said and leaned against the door with my arms crossed. His face changes and he smirks his everyday smirk. He stands and stood in front of me. He leans down and whispered, " I'm gonna do you so hard that you could feel me tomorrow." and with that he brushed past me. "W-WHAT?" I turned to him with a look of disgust. I am not gay! Am I? Certainly not! I shook my head and went straight to bed. " Come on, beautiful." he says and nuzzled the back of my neck. I smacked his forehead and he growls in pain. " Let go, Draky pie. " I used his nickname that he hates. Thanks to Pansy for that.

" Don't call me that." he growls at me.

"Why not, sweetie poo?" I asked innocently and tilted my head to the side. He groans and just gave up. He pulls me into an embrace and hugs me tightly. " C-can't breathe.." I cried out while pushing his hand away. " Sorry, I just got jealous when I heard someone was after you. Goodnight, beautiful." he said and kisses my forehead before passing out. I sighed while getting ready to pass out. " If Draco wants to play, too can play this game!" I thought and passed out.

In the morning

" Hey beautiful." I groaned when a voice called to me. I turned to him with a dark look that made him jump. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 5.00 am in the morning. I turned to him with the same dark look. "Don't leave this bed, Draco." I warned him and wrapped my arms around him. Before going back to sleep, I kissed him on the nose and went back to sleep.

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