The night of the vampires

One year Sam went to the states to live with her dad and she went to school at Carroll out in Halloween town. She got to the airport and seen her dad and her dad is a cop at day and vampire killer at night. Once they got to her dads house guess who was waiting up at the house with a 2012 ford. Her best friend that she grown up with Andrew he is a wolf. So when she got enrolled she didn't know that she was going to a school with a bunch of monsters now wolfs and vampires are the only monsters going to this school. One day a vampire named aresee comes in right then he smells a human but is shocked with the looks and the beauty of Sam. He goes up to her and starts talking to her. He asks her out and for the first couple of times she turns him down because she is in love with Andrew but Sam didn't know at night Andrew turns into a wolf. One night Sam goes up to Andrews house and surprises him. He says what are you doing here it's almost sundown. She asked him to take a walk with her so she can something off her chest. Andrew tries to say no but he could tell something was wrong Sam was in love with two guys at the same time and didn't know what to do. So they go walking the moon starts coming out Andrew starts to change and he knows that Sam is in love with him but does not want to hurt her so they go walking but by the time he tries to get back to his house he changes but now this wolf is not like to blood killing monsters. He is really sweet. So he changes right before her eyes and then Andrew has to go protect the town. So now she goes over to Aresees place and his family knows that she is a mortal because aresee never stops talking about her, but they are able to control it and so does aresee. So Sam takes him up on that offer on the date so him and Sam goes on that date. And then they run into sams dad and sam knows that he is a vampire but her dad don't and then sam gets cut the aresee sees the blood and then he gets really hungry and then he says. '' I want to drink your blood" right in front of her dad and he knows that her dad is a vampire hunter and then sam says shit shit shit shit shit great just my night dad don't I love him for the sake of my happiness leave him alone and then sams dad just forgets about wanting to kill him and then sams screams Aresee bit her Andrew comes running what happened sam just drops to the floor then Andrew and Kurt ( sams dad) gets into a fright because aresee bit Sam aresee tells Andrew dude she wanted this you couldn't make her into a wolf so I was the only one to turn her in to a wolf and a vampire. So now Sam is inlove with Aresee and then they the graduate and Sam is pregnant with 2 kids. Then the kids grow up and one kid is good and the other is evil

This is the first part of the story tune in later this week for the second part