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Chapter 1

"I am so sorry! I swear I had no idea he was going to do that, sir! Please accept my apologies instead of his too... I really can't say anything for his excuse, anything else than how deeply sorry I am!" Agent Teresa Lisbon hurriedly said to the father of her team's latest victim. She stepped nervously from one foot to another and she ran her fingers through her dark brown hair.

"I can't believe... That bastard!" the man muttered under his breath, his eyes staring angrily around.

"I'm really sorry! And I can promise, the CBI will pay for all the damage he caused!" Lisbon said, and bit into her lower lip. She knew that it will cost the Bureau a whole lot of money, and it was all Jane's fault. Of course, just as usual...

"Whatever! Just get him out of here now!" the man waved her away, and she said a quick goodbye before heading out of the building to find her team.

She was fuming to say the least, as she stormed out of the doors and looked around furiously. She saw patrols not so gently helping the killer into a car. Cho was standing next to them, giving instructions, arranging everything. Just like he used to do when Lisbon was busy apologizing for Jane's behaviour.

VanPelt was talking with Jane beside the SUV, and judging by the slight shrugs and eyerolls of the consultant, Grace was most probably chiding him. Doesn't stop me from shooting him after that..., thought Lisbon. She was so mad, she could feel her anger burning through her veins.

"Hey boss, everything's okay?" she heard Rigsby's question as the tall agent came towards her with Cho on his left.

"Yeah, I talked to him, apologized and all... But Jane's in for quite a speech! He can't just do what he want without telling us..."

"He always does that..."Rigsby smirked.

"Yes, but this was a high profile case. He had been told not to mess around,yet he did... God, what will I get from the boss!" Lisbon squeezed her eyes shut as she stopped near the SUV.

"Well, I think he will know about this rather soon..." Cho muttered darkly.

"It's better if he hears it from me... I'll call him before we go back to the CBI, all right?" she asked, and when the two men nodded, she fished out her cell phone from her jacket pocket and dialed her boss' number.

Her call was short, and Lisbon sighed deeply as soon as she ended it. She stepped to the SUV, and glared at Jane who was grinning at her shamelessly, from ear to ear.

"Everything's fine, Lisbon?" he asked, and she resisted the urge to punch him in the nose.

"Shut up Jane! We will talk as soon as we get back to the office!" she growled at him and opened the car.

"Ooh, I'm in real trouble this time, aren't I?" He asked in mock worry, making Lisbon even more angry. Why couldn't he take something seriously for once?

She slammed her door shut and started the engine. The other members of the team barely had time to get inside the car before she drove off.

It wasn't a long ride back to the HQ but the silence was heavy in the car. Lisbon kept her eyes on the road, and her agents in the back seat refused to talk too. She could imagine how their eyes met from time to time, in an inaudible conversation, but neither of them spoke. At halfway to the CBI Jane started to get bored and he squirmed in the seat next to Lisbon. It was annoying her to no end, but she pursed her lips together and decided not to talk to Jane at all.

"Can I turn the radio on?" Jane finally asked, and Lisbon raised her eyebrow as she glanced at him.

"Oh, now you remember to ask things…" she said sharply. Jane sighed as if he were the one who got the right to be annoyed with her behavior.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'!" he said with a shrug and Lisbon gripped the steering wheel tighter.
After a moment, she heard the soft music coming from the radio. Jane obviously didn't like it, so he changed channels a few times, and settled on classical.

Jane hummed along the sound of a piano happily and Lisbon grimaced. Damn him, why was he so incredibly adorable sometimes?

She focused on the road and tried to shut him out completely. She heard the silent murmurs of Van Pelt and Rigsby as the two discussed the case and argued about their share of paperwork. Cho stayed quiet, and when Lisbon checked in the rearview mirror she saw that he was deeply immersed in a book.

Her anger faded a little, but her palms were still itching to slap Jane. She mentally sighed at the thought of giving him a lecture about his behaviour again. She knew that he wouldn't listen to her at all, she might as well yell at a wall. She hated that he never seemed to care about her orders and he didn't even appear to be bothered when her furious words crashed on him. He just swayed his head, and frankly, looked plain bored. It made her more angry, and he looked more bored, and it was a freaking endless circle.

Sometimes she wished she didn't have to put up with Jane, but she was well aware of his importance on her team. As annoying and stubborn he could be, he was a huge help in solving cases. They needed him, and as far as he was willing to stay with them, and help justice win she was capable of tolerating his reckless cons and childish antics.

The moment the car stopped in the parking lot, Jane was out of the vehicle. Lisbon snorted as she gazed after his quickly disappearing figure. He knew just as perfectly as her, that he couldn't escape the inevitable. She had to talk to him. Still, he almost flew to the elevator, and before Lisbon could even close the SUV properly, he was out of sight.

She gave instructions to the others while they rode the elevator, and when they reached the bullpen everyone went to do their own work. Lisbon strolled to her office, and collapsed into her chair for a few seconds.

Ten minutes later, Lisbon stopped in front of the attic's entrance, facing the heavy metallic sliding doors. She lifted her fist and roughly knocked twice. It was loud and she winced slightly as it echoed through the room. There was no answer but she heard a distant clicking sound which could be a teacup hitting the table. She was sure Jane was in there so she didn't wait any longer just pushed the door open a little. She poked her head through the gap, and instantly saw the blond curls of her consultant. He was sitting in an old chair, facing the window, teacup on the table beside him.

She sighed and stepped inside.

"Jane!" she said firmly. His head turned left, not quite towards her, but she was sure he was eyeing her from his peripheral vision. "Jane, you know you can't just run away from me!" she told him and walked closer.

"Yeah, I never could!" he murmured, and there was a strange sadness in his tone that made her stop. She scowled at his backside and rubbed her eyes.

"Jane, I don't want to give you a lecture…" she started.

"But still, here you are…" he interrupted, and Lisbon could feel her temper rise, and her fury spread in her body once again. She gritted her teeth and took one more step closer.

"Jane! Take this seriously! You just completely ruined the party of the Mexican Consul and accused his wife of cheating him with his assistant, then him of being a smuggler." She listed and Jane actually smirked at her words. She was about to snap and shout at him with all she had, but in the last second she managed to compose herself. "And why did you do it? For fun?" she questioned and finally he turned to look straight at her.

"Well, my dear, I did solve the case, in case you haven't noticed it…" he shrugged and slowly stood up.

"It wasn't necessary to point out Mrs. Moreno's affair. Not to solve the case at least…" she arched her eyebrow.

"Okay, that part was for my amusement only! I admit!" he put his hands up in surrender. Though he still didn't seem like he regretted it at all. His eyes were sparkling with mischief and she gulped. She absolutely hated him right then. He was smug and arrogant, and careless. She had to clean up his mess, and she was sick of it.

"Jane! How many times do I have to tell you, that we do police work! We do not stand in front of thousand or so people and tell all kinds of things to piss them off, and make them angry. Sometimes I think you do it just to make my work more difficult." She said and he chuckled.

"I would never do anything like that Lisbon!" he stated and reached out for his cup. He lifted it to his mouth and took a deliberate sip.
Lisbon averted her eyes from his face and above his shoulder she looked out of the window on the city. The sun was beginning to go down, and the higher buildings cast a shadow on the shorter ones. She wondered when she will have any time to go to the beach and just watch as the sun goes down, painting beautiful colors on the ocean. Considering the ever growing pile of paperwork on her desk, that day wouldn't be anytime soon.

"Look Jane!" she sighed at last, tearing her eyes away from the view to look at him. "I can't work with you, if you don't work with me..." she told him, her voice on the verge of genuine sadness. "I need you to understand that you have to think before you do!"

"I always think before I do! In fact, I do a lot of thinking Lisbon..." he said.

"Then why do you do such idiot things?" she cried out. "You know I'm always there to have your back, and even when you do your tricks without telling me, I'm there to cover for you, and to calm people down before they get you fired, or killed... Jane, why don't you trust me?" she asked desperately, and as their eyes met, she saw his silent smile.

"I do trust you, my dear. But what would you have said, if I told you my plan this time?"

"To use your common sense, and think of another way to unfold the mystery of the murderer. Or you could have simply told me who it was..." she told him, and he grinned like it was exactly the answer he expected.

"See, you and your common sense! You know Lisbon, my common sense is slightly different from yours, and it allows me to help you guys solve many cases. Furthermore, think about it, if I told you all my plans, you had been fired years ago. I'm just protecting your career." he said innocently, and she rolled her eyes.

"Well, you aren't doing a really good job! If you didn't notice, I get called into the boss' office weekly, and yelled at because of you!"

"But you still have your job!" he pointed out triumphantly.

She snorted and shook her head in disbelief.

"You are impossible..." she muttered.

"Oh, but we both know you love me anyways!" Jane replied cheekily, then went quiet in an instant.

Lisbon looked at him with wide eyes, and saw the regret and guilt in his blue eyes immediately. She swallowed around the lump in her throat, blinking back the salty tears that so suddenly welled up in her eyes. Jane opened his mouth to say something, maybe an apology, she guessed. But he stayed quiet instead and she appreciated it.

Because they both knew he was right. She loved him, with all her heart. She was pathetically and irrevocably in love with him. And by the way his eyes fell from hers, and his fingers tangled together awkwardly, he had feelings for her too. Still.

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