Series Four Rewrite With Rose

By: Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: Mature for character death, romance, and sexuality (Ten/Rose).

Summary: S4 episode re-writes with Rose. The Doctor now travels with the constant companionship of his wife, Rose, a new Time Lady. Join them on their adventures through Series Four of Doctor Who together!

Disclaimer: Doctor Who is owned by the BBC. If I were in charge of the show, it probably would have gone something like this…

LES: Well, here we get started with the Series 4 re-writes with Rose! I really liked this first episode, but I'll be glad to see how it turns out with Rose. Astrid will still play a part in this story, minus the kisses. Sorry, but the Doctor is a strictly one-woman man now, so no little romantic sub-plots… besides with Rose, that is. This story will have sex in it (except on , where it will be omitted due to website policy).

Voyage of the Damned

Chapter I: The Ill-Fated Ship

Both Rose and the Doctor stared up at the hull of what apparently was the Titanic which had smashed through the walls of the Tardis. The Tardis whined loudly in both their minds, but they couldn't blame her. She was bound to feel some discomfort from having a ship breaking a hole in her walls.

The Doctor tossed the floatation device aside and leapt over to the Tardis' main controls. With several deft movements, he pulled the Tardis away from the ship. As the ship's hull was removed, the Tardis quickly worked to repair herself. A few seconds later, the only clue that was left to indicate that a ship had punched a hole in the Tardis was the floatation device lying innocently on the ground.

"What was that?" Rose asked in amazement. "Do you think that was the actual Titanic?"

"No. That's highly unlikely." The Doctor said, checking the readings on his computer. "I have been on the Titanic… several times before. Since I am a Time Lord, I can be in the same place in different forms without creating a paradox. But, still, having more than two or three versions of myself in the same place is never really a good idea. And, besides…" He tapped the screen. "We are nowhere near Earth in 1912."

Rose moved over to him. "Where are we then?"

"This is Christmas Eve in the year 2007, and we are in orbit above planet Earth."

"Okay, so it's not the Titanic, then." Rose said. "Then what is it?"

The Doctor quickly walked over to the Tardis' door, followed by Rose, and threw them open. Rose had seen the sight of Earth from orbit many times before during her journeys with the Doctor, but she never got tired of the sight.

She couldn't help herself from speaking. "No words to describe it… they should have sent a poet."

The Doctor chuckled. "They eventually do get smart and send up a poet. But it didn't turn out like they wanted. He got just as tongue-tied as everyone else." He pointed away from the planet, to something that was also in orbit around the blue planet. "There's our Titanic."

Rose gasped when she saw it. It was a massive spaceship that had been built to resemble the historic Titanic. This was not your average spaceship.

"Intergalactic cruise." The Doctor said. "A favorite pastime of the galaxy's rich and famous. They take a few years off every once in a while to travel the stars and see the sights."

"A cruise that takes years?" Rose gasped.

"Of course." The Doctor said. "Imagine if cruises only lasted a few days or weeks like you have on Earth. They'd barely be able to get out of their star system!" He smiled down at her. "Not every race in the galaxy has the technology to disappear in one place and reappear in another."

Rose pushed his shoulder a little. "You think you're so impressive, don't you?"

"I am so impressive!" The Doctor insisted. He gazed thoughtfully at the word "Titanic" on the space cruiser's hull. "Mind you, I don't think I'd want to take a pleasure cruise on a ship named the Titanic, even if it isn't the original."

"Maybe the name's just a coincidence?" Rose asked. "Maybe we should pop in?"

The Doctor shook his head. "No need. If it's a cruise that you want, I can take you on the most brilliant cruise in the entire galaxy. I could take you to watch a star being born in the Orion Nebula, we can watch the lunar dance on Malchior… they have over a hundred moons, you know, and they move through the sky in a perfectly balanced dance. Or we can just go ice fishing on Europa, that's always a bit of a laugh. And then, to finish off, I'll take you to dinner at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe to meet the real-life Arthur Dent."

"Just for a bit, Doctor?" Rose asked, giving him a pout. "We pop in, psychic paper our way into the party, mingle for a bit, and then we can leave and head for the Orion Nebula."

The Doctor's face fell when she broke out the pout. There was just something about that pout that made all of his determination melt faster than a slab of ice on Venus, which the answer was 'impressively fast'. "Ah, Rose, I can never say no to you. I swear that it will be the death of me." Rose swatted him as he closed the Tardis doors and made his way back to the controls to pilot his way into the space cruiser.

A few seconds later, the Tardis materialized in an unused closet on the Titanic. As soon as she had fully formed, the doors opened Rose and the Doctor stepped out. Rose looked just like any intergalactic society woman, so that she would fit in no matter what this ship's planet of origin was. To the Doctor, she looked breath-takingly lovely in a flowing red gown which hugged her body absolutely perfectly. In fact, he was perfectly tempted to forget about mingling onboard the Titanic in favor of guiding her back into the Tardis, preferably to their room.

All thoughts of this sort were stopped when she moved closer to the door leading out to the rest of the ship. She stopped and grinned back at the Doctor. "Well, are you coming or what?"

The Doctor sighed. "I'm coming." He said, joining her while fidgeting with his bowtie. Rose had talked him into putting on his tuxedo… but not just any tuxedo. It was the Tuxedo of Doom, so named because bad things always seemed to happen when he wore it.

Rose had dismissed his protests. "As if nothing happens when you wear your pinstripes and Converse." Well… she did sort of have a point, but he wasn't going to admit it. The fact remained that they occasionally had peaceful trips when he was wearing his usual suit, and he was yet to find any situation where wearing this Tuxedo of Doom hadn't led to… well, doom. "You look very handsome in that suit, if I do say so myself." She commented.

"Well… I suppose that's a good enough reason to wear it as any." He relented, offering Rose his arm. "Shall we?"

"We shall." Rose smiled at him, accepted his arm, and they stepped out of the closet together into a hallway very close to the main dining room, where a party was in full swing.

It was clear that the staff had taken advantage of the fact that it was Christmas Eve on the planet below, because the place was decorated for Christmas: Christmas trees, baubles, and the works. It could have looked like the average human cruise ship, if you ignored the few obvious aliens mingling with the others. The majority of the aliens were humanoid.

"They look human." Rose commented to the Doctor.

"It's possible that these people share a common evolutionary link with humans." The Doctor shrugged. "Most of the humanoid races have the same ancestor."

"Including the Time Lords?" Rose asked.

"Well, the Time Lords came billions of years before humans did. But it's possible."

"Attention, passengers." The PA spoke. "We are currently in orbit around the planet Sol 3, otherwise known as Earth. Population: human. It is December 24th, local time."

The Doctor took her hand and pulled her towards the edge of the ballroom towards an angel mannequin. "Excuse me? Passenger 57… terrible memory. Remind me. You would be…?"

The mannequin became active as the Doctor asked his question. "Information: Heavenly Host supplying tourist information."

"Ah! Host!" He turned to Rose. "Many planets have these robots… automated tour-guides, basically. Though I've almost never seen them dressed as angels. Must be in line with the Christmas theme. So, Host, tell me cause I'm an idiot… where are we from?"

"Information: The Titanic originated from the planet Sto in the Cassavalian Belt. The purpose of this cruise is to experience primitive cultures."

"Titanic. Who thought of the name?" The Doctor asked.

"Information: It was chosen as the most famous ship in Earth's history."

"Did they tell you why it was famous?"

"Information: All ship designations are chosen by Mr. Max Capricorn, president of Max—Max-Max…" The Host stuttered.

"Hmm… it's a glitch." The Doctor began to pull out his Sonic Screwdriver to fix the Host when some of the staff approached, obviously having overheard the Host malfunction.

"Sorry about that, sir, just a slight glitch in the programming." The staff said as they carted away the still-stuttering Host. "We'll take care of it from here. Happy Christmas." As they stepped away, both Rose and the Doctor clearly heard them say: "That's another one down! What's going on with these things?"

The Doctor and Rose exchanged glances before they drifted off into the ballroom. The band was playing a lively Christmas carol and many couples were dancing to the music. Rose turned to the Doctor and took his hands in hers. "Let's dance." She said, smiling.

"The world doesn't end because the Doctor dances?" The Doctor quoted.

"No, it doesn't." Rose laughed. No, the world certainly didn't end when the Doctor danced. Instead, her world had begun. When she had made love to him, and bonded herself to him (although neither had known it was an actual bond at the time) Rose had seen the whole universe in his mind, the infinite possibilities and complexities of time. Such a thing would have burned out the mind of any human, but since Rose was in transition to becoming a fully fledged Time Lady, it had exhilarated her.

They moved onto the dance floor together and danced their way through a couple Christmas carols until the sound of breaking glass drew the attention of the entire ballroom.

Not too far away from the Doctor and Rose, a young woman, a serving girl by the look of her, had accidentally bumped into one of the passengers and spilled some drinks on him. It was clear to everyone that he was not pleased, despite her repeated apologies.

"For Tov's sake, look where you're going!" The man snarled at her, holding his jacket to show her the wet spot. "This jacket is a genuine Earth antique!"

"I'm sorry, sir!" The girl apologized, bending down to pick up the broken glass.

"You will be sorry when this jacket comes out of your wages, sweetheart!" He growled, stalking off. "Staffed by idiots. No wonder Max Capricorn is going down the drain!"

Rose, who had plenty of experience working as a dinner lady and knowing that having such accidents were embarrassing to the extreme, jumped forward and began to help the young woman pick up the broken glass. "Here you go."

"Oh, don't worry yourself, Ma'am. I've got it." The woman said.

Rose shook her head in amusement, but didn't stop. Because of her regeneration, she looked like she was about her late 20's or early 30's. But she was really only twenty-three. She felt too young to be called Ma'am. "It's no problem at all. I've had to deal with men like that before. It's not pleasant at all."

"I hope you mean men besides me." The Doctor commented.

"You're rude. But not that rude." Rose said over her shoulder as she helped the woman finish picking up the glass. "What's your name?" She asked.

"Astrid. Astrid Peth." She said.

"I'm Rose, and that man is my… husband, the Doctor." Rose glanced back at him upon saying the word 'husband'. She knew that they were married in Gallifreyan terms, but she didn't know if Gallifreyan spouses called each other husband and wife, or if they had a different word for it. The Doctor had taught her a little of the Time Lord language, but she was still far from fluent.

The Doctor didn't give any sign that he disapproved of her word choice. "Yes. My wife and I only recently got married. Well… when I say recently… we were separated for quite a while, and then there was a whole year that we'd rather forget… so now we're finally getting our Honeymoon right."

"Oh! Congratulations!" Astrid said happily. "Then you two must be in our Honeymoon suite."

Rose giggled, because their 'Honeymoon Suite' was, in fact, locked inside a closet at that moment. "Something like that."

"Can I get you a drink, sir… ma'am?" Astrid asked.

"Just 'the Doctor and Rose', thanks." The Doctor said.

"Well… I hope that you enjoy the rest of the cruise. They'll be starting shore leave in a while. You wouldn't want to miss that."

"That sounds nice." The Doctor said, although he didn't sound entirely too interested in shore leave. "So, what about you? Do you get any shore leave?"

"Ah, no. The company can't afford the insurance." Astrid said a little sorrowfully. Together they stepped over to a window that looked down upon the Earth. Rose could see Great Britain. It never failed to amaze her how small it looked in comparison to the whole world. If she'd never met the Doctor, she would have been limited to that wet island all her life. "Back on Sto, I used to watch the great star ships leaving for the stars. I always imagined… no, it sounds daft."

"You imagined a different sky." Rose finished for her. It was a feeling that Rose knew very well, that little bit of wanderlust that the Doctor brought out in her. "New sun, new air, new life. A whole universe filled with life. Why stand still when there's so much to see out there?"

Astrid looked at Rose, slightly confused. "Well… yes. It's the whole reason I joined Max Capricorn Cruise lines. To get out there and see it. I used to work in a space port diner… and here I am… still waiting tables." She glanced between Rose and the Doctor. "You two are well-traveled?"

"That's what we do… just for fun." The Doctor said. "Well… that's the plan. Never quite works.

"Then you must be rich." Astrid commented.

"Haven't got a penny." The Doctor said, smirking a little bit. Astrid stared at him in shock. "Stowaways."

Her eyes widened. "You're kidding?"

"Seriously." The Doctor said with a smile.


"Oh yeah."

"How did you get on board?" Astrid asked.

"Accident." The Doctor said. "I've got this, sort of, ship thing. I was just rebuilding her. Left the defenses down, bumped into the Titanic. Here we are. Bit of a party, so my wife insisted…"

"Like you needed that much convincing." Rose commented.

Astrid glanced around, as if looking for eavesdroppers. "I should report you."

The Doctor just shrugged. "Go on, then."

She stared at them a moment longer before she leaned in close. "I'll get you two drinks… on the house." And, just like that, she took off towards the bar. She passed by a table that was filled with passengers who seemed to be first class, and they all seemed to be having a laugh at a couple that was sitting near their table. They were a bigger couple, and obviously enjoying the food a great deal, which was probably what lead to the laughter of the other passengers.

The husband sent a glare towards the laughing table. "Just ignore them." He told his wife.

The Doctor and Rose moved and sat down at the couple's table, taking two of the empty seats. "Something's tickled them." The Doctor commented, gesturing towards the laughing table.

The wife snorted a little. "They told us it was fancy dress. Very funny, I'm sure."

Rose noticed that they were dressed some kind of purple American West outfit. While the outfits were certainly not 'Sunday best', she didn't see anything particularly wrong about it considering that most aliens had little sense of Earth fashions.

The husband sat up straighter. "They're just picking on us because we haven't paid. We won our tickets in a competition."

"I had to name the five husbands of Joofie Crystalle in By the Light of the Asteroid. Did you ever watch…?" The wife glanced between Rose and the Doctor.

Rose thought back. Between trips with the Doctor, there was very little down-time, and very little time for tele. She knew that it was a soap opera, but that was about it. The Doctor furrowed his brows. "Is that the one with the twins?"

"That's it! Oh, it's marvelous." The wife said.

'Probably not good enough for that lot." The husband motioned towards the laughing table. "They think we should be in steerage."

The Doctor reached into his pocket and pulled out the sonic screwdriver. "Can't have that, can we?" He held the sonic so that his was hidden under his arm to his side and aimed it at the table. The sonic turned on with a buzz and the next thing they knew, the cork of that laughing table's champagne popped and sprayed all over those sitting at the table.

The wife stared in amazement. "Did you do that?"

"Maybe." The Doctor said, sending a little wink Rose's way. She couldn't help a little laugh while the table behind them stalked away to get cleaned up. He slipped the sonic back in his pocket.

"Oh, we like you!" The wife said, grinning broadly.

"We do!" The husband said, reaching across the table to shake the Doctor's hand. "I'm Morvin Von Hoff, and this is my good woman, Foon."

"Foon." The Doctor shook Foon's hand as well. "Hello, I'm the Doctor, and this is my wife, Rose."

"Nice to meet you." Rose said as she shook their hands.

"You're a doctor, you say?" Foon asked. "That's a good thing. I think I'm going to need a doctor by the time I'm finished with this buffet. Have a buffalo wing." She gestured towards the bucket filled with delicious-looking buffalo wings. Both Rose and the Doctor accepted one. "They must be enormous, these buffalo. So many wings!"

Rose quickly stopped herself from laughing.

"No words to describe it… they should have sent a poet.": This as a quote from my favorite sci-fi movie of all time: Contact. The full quote is: "Some celestial event. No… no words. No words to describe it. Poetry! They should have sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful… I had no idea."

Malchior: A reference to "Dragon Ball Z: Abridged". Malchior sounds like such a lovely planet, if you ignore the 300 foot tall, fire breathing trees.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe/Arthur Dent: It is so hard to write a Doctor Who story without at least one Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference. That was it.