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Chapter thirty-one

Bella's Pov

One Year Later

It had been just over a year since we had been dating and after the whole situation which occurred at the Cullen's I didn't hesitate to accept Edward's offer of moving in with him.

So far it had been perfect.

No longer did we have to decide at whose place to stay at as we had a bed of our own, and due to the fact Edward's apartment, while on the more expensive side of town, wasn't as big as he would have liked we brought a small house to move into.

Again, it was perfect.

Alice and Jasper had also decided that they wanted to spend more time around family, and after finding out that Jasper didn't actually have any parents due to his past it was clear he see both Esme and Carlisle as people to look up to.

I could see where he was coming from.

As for Emmett and Rose they were still dating, but it hadn't taken more than Carlisle pointing out that she was treating people how she hated to be treated that she finally realised something was wrong with her. He suggested therapy.

First she had fought tooth and nail against going, screaming and screeching that she didn't need it and only mental people had to see a professional. Personally, I didn't see it as weak to need help, really it took a strong willed person to be able to confide in a complete stranger in order to help them grow healthier and improve.

In the end when it was clear reasoning wouldn't work Emmett gave her a choice; do the therapy or he was leaving her.

Turned out, she really did care for him.

The thought of him dumping her seemed to put such a shock in her system that she hadn't flipped out, she hadn't screamed and shouted, but had calmly said that she didn't want what they had to end.

I kind of thought it was sweet, and clearly she saw a good thing when it was threatened to be taken away from her.

I think everyone was relieved at that outcome.

Edward on the other hand still hated her guts, and while I knew we were never going to be as close as I was with Alice, I did hope that as time passed we would be able to at least be able to stand in the same room with each other without the tension being present.

Was that too much to ask?

So a lot had happened in the first year me and Edward and been together, but I wouldn't have wished for anything else. I loved the fact that we had grown as close as we had, that he accepted me for me and I accepted him for him in return.

I thought we were soul mates.

While I knew we still had a few issues, I also knew there wasn't anything that would scare me away easily. I loved the fact that he was so attentive, so passionate and loving and yet he also managed to be romantic and aggressive in the sack.

It was amazing.

Currently, as I sat in the back seat of a taxi he had thought appropriate to send to our house with clear instructions to the driver to give me a box which had contained an incredibly gorgeous, but not too expensive – he knew me too well – dress which he told me in a loving note to wear.

It was a surprise.

From the first time since that day at the Cullen's I knew that even when things got more than a little on the difficult side he was worth it. The way he had gotten in Emmett's face had worried me, and I had first felt the sensation of being worried for his well-being.

I hadn't like it, but it had shown me just how much I cared for him.

A hell of a lot.

I was fully aware that Edward didn't trust well, that he had issues in that regard, but who didn't? I was cautious when it came to new people, especially when it came to speaking to Renee. We had an ok relationship at best, but I didn't care for her much as a mother and I hoped selfishly that Phil didn't want kids because I knew she wouldn't raise them well.

She just didn't have those kinds of instincts.

Phil would be a great father, but would it be enough to out way my mother's shortcomings? There were many of them after all.

I just didn't know. Only time would tell I guessed.

Still, the last phone call we had exchanged she seemed very pleased with how her life was going at the moment, and I knew that she had no plans of having children until Phil asked her to. But I would be here if she needed a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, but she needed to do it on her own if that was how she wanted to take her life.

She was scatty, and she needed to grow the fuck up.

Edward meeting Charlie for the first time had been brilliant. Edward had taken Thursday and Friday off out of his busy schedule so we could make our way down to Forks and spend a long weekend down there. Charlie had, much to my horror, began to interrogate Edward within an inch of his life.

"How old are you?

"27, sir."

"Have you ever been arrested?"

"No, Sir."

"Do you have a good income?"

"I own a million dollar cooperation, Sir."

"Do you love my daughter?"

"Yes, very much so."

Edward had been great though, answering his personal questions with short but honest answers that had clearly pleased Charlie even if he hadn't admitted it. And while I was still edgy around the whole money issue, it definitely gained some large points in my dad's books when it was clear Edward was more than capable of supporting me.

Not that I couldn't!

I had also been introduced to Charlie's new girlfriend, Sue, who was perfect for him. She was bright enough that she would bring him out of his habit of not speaking many words, and I knew she would look after his diet as well as making sure that when he did retire he would do so happily.

Everything in my life just seemed to be slotting into place.

There had been a brief rough patch when during the visit when Jacob showed his face, and it hadn't taken more than a few minutes for Edward to realise that he was my first and only boyfriend who had 'popped my cherry' as he referred to it as.

He hadn't been pleased.

He also hadn't been very happy about the fact that Jacob clearly had the intention of trying to win me back, going as far as to try and tell Edward I had been texting him for months. Thankfully, Edward didn't believe it for a moment and the liar had ended up with a black eye while Edward ravished me in the back seat of his car five miles down the road.

It had been electrifying.

The sensation of trying to fit in such a small space, the way he had roughly pulled my thighs apart and only removed the clothes which were in the way. My panties had been ruined as he had torn them from my body with a quick snap of his wrist, and he had only unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans just enough to pull out his hard and pulsing dick before then making true on his promise to fuck any thoughts of Jacob out of my head.

It had worked.

I hadn't been able to walk straight afterwards.

We had left Forks on a bright note, Edward actually going as far as to promise to bring me home a lot more than I had been visiting which had brought him even more points with my father.

All was good in the world.

Hearing my phone buzz in the small black clutch gently resting on the seat beside me, I quickly unclipped it and rummaged inside, hoping it was Edward.

I sighed in disappointment when it wasn't.


I knew I let my disappointment leak into my tone, but I couldn't help it. Butterflies were fluttering around in my lower stomach, not knowing where I was going or what Edward had in mind.

I wasn't keen on surprises, but Edward's had always been amazing so I was trusting this one would be as well.

Fingers crossed…

"Well, hello to you to" Angela clipped down the phone.

I rolled my eyes.

"When did it become such a chore to speak to me?" she sighed.

I ran a hand through my hair. "Sorry, Ang. I'm just nervous."


I immediately recognised her tone. "What do you know!" I demanded. She laughed. "I mean it, what do you know, Angela!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," she sung happily.


"I'm hanging up right now," I told her before doing just that, cutting off her laughter.


It was only a few minutes later that the taxi pulled up outside a small but familiar restaurant. Clearly he remembered how much I had adored the place the first time he had taken me for our anniversary of six months, and I couldn't help but smile widely as I slipped out of the car only to see him waiting at the entrance, dressed to impress.

He looked as sexy as always.

What can I say? The man knew how to wear a suit.

"Hey beautiful."

I blushed, shyly making my way over. "Hey."

Wrapping my arms around him I breathed in the scent that was Edward before burying my face in the sides of his jacket. He smelt like home.

Running his fingers lightly down my arm he curled his fingers around my hand before tugging me inside. I was shocked to find that he looked almost nervous as he ran the fingers of his other hand through his previously neatly styled hair.

I preferred it scruffy anyway.

So sexy…

Still holding my hand tightly he held open the door before telling me to close my eyes. With reluctance I blanked my sight, trusting him completely to not cause me to hit anything as he led me towards what I guessed to be the main restaurant area.

Letting go of my hand, I chewed my bottom lip nervously.

"Open then, Love."

And I did.

And it was magical.

The room had been completely redone as hundreds of candles seemed to light the entire area, placed neatly on all available services as it caused the space to have a soft and romantic glow.

There really was no other way to describe it other than magical.

But it wasn't the room which had my heart racing, my palms sweating, but rather the man of my dreams kneeling in front of me looking so adorably nervous that I couldn't help but want to reach down and hug him.

Just how long had he been planning this?

"I love you so fucking much, Bella."

My breath caught in my throat as I lifted my hand to cover my mouth. Was this really happening?

"Marry me…"

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