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It was an ordinary first day of school at Mellowbrook High; outside with her lunch in front of her sat a young 16-year-old girl with long sunshine blonde hair, and aquamarine eyes. She glanced away from her book and took a quick bite of her sandwich before a suave and deliciously deep voice caught her attention.

"Mind if I join you?"

She looked up and found herself looking into the deep black eyes of a handsome, fit and well-built young man. His white, red and blue jumpsuit hid his defined muscles, his yellow gloves and boots hid strong hands and calves and his helmet hid his amazing black hair. Of course not many people knew that.

But she did, since she had spent more and more time with him over the years. And since she knew, she thought he looked more like the lead actor of a heart-throbbing romance than a daredevil.

Yes, Kendall Perkins was in love with Kick Buttowski.

Her eyes flashed and she gave him a mischievous smirk, "Only if you think you can survive." She answered.

His eyes slowly moved down her body, examining each and every inch of her before meeting her eyes once more, he did this every day, always with that steely gaze, but it seemed more intense whenever he checked her out. She felt relief at the fact she has wearing her 3/4 sleeve button up dress shirt with a pink and green argyle sleeveless vest on top with a black skirt. It flattered her figure yet didn't reveal anything others might consider scandalous.

It was no secret that Kendall had the perfect hour-glass figure which went perfectly with the poise and elegance she carried herself with. Not only was Kendall the prettiest girl Kick had ever known, but she was also one of the smartest, brightest and most promising students in Mellowbrook. This, however, made her the object of affection of many boys at the school. But fortunately for the suburban daredevil Kendall wasn't interested (and possibly didn't even notice) any of her admirers.

He smirked, and she realized she had been staring him down. "I'll take that challenge" he said as he sat down.


Kendall smiled as her best friend prattled on about their classes, inwardly thanking the heavens that although Jackie Wakerman was as hyper as ever, it was much lighter compared to her elementary school years. Jackie set down her lunch tray across from Kick and smiled warmly as her boyfriend, Gunther Magnuson, sat beside her. Kendall lifted her book to hide a teasing smile; Gunther had changed from a short, chubby, insecure young boy to a tall, handsome man who no one would doubt, had Viking heritage yet somehow Jackie had him wrapped around her finger.

Not that she blamed him; Jackie was a very pretty girl after all. With short brown hair that was held back by a bright blue headband (the same one Kendall had given her when they became friends), a slender figure that was emphasized by her blue, layered long-sleeved shirt and slim fit purple jeans and a lovely set of glasses that was uniquely her, Jackie had just as many admirers as Kendall. But when Gunther began to gain his well-built physic during middle school, Jackie couldn't help but notice him.

Another smiled appeared on Kendall's face and she nearly let out a giggle as she recalled their younger years; she and Jackie had gotten along so badly in the past, it astonished everyone when they actually became friends. Renaldo moving to another city and was breaking up with Kendall had helped the small tension between her and Kick and Gunther had also helped in his own way since Jackie no longer bothered Kick once her current boyfriend caught and held her attention, which gave Kendall and Kick a chance to become better friends

"So, how are you two love birds doing today?" The young Viking asked.

"Gunther..." Kick began shaking his head.

"We are not love-birds" Kendall finished not looking up from the book, "Why you keep insisting on that, I'll never know."

Jackie giggled, "Whatever Kendall, but anyways, why are you reading during lunch? You haven't even touched your food,"

"Because I don't want to have to worry about finishing it at the last-minute. I would much rather get it over with right now." She turned the page, "Of course not everyone shares the same opinion as me, or am I wrong?"

No one spoke, of the four, Kendall was the most sensible of the group, and she often helped them out with school, but she also wanted them to be able to do things on their own.

"I would figure someone as smart as you would want to keep a healthy diet," Kick said after a few moments, "After all, you need your brain food."

"What do you want this time Clarance?" Kendall looked up, emphasizing his first name.

Kick blinked, surprised at her sudden change in tone, "What makes you think I want something?"

"Because you only compliment me when you want something." She answered.

He laughed "Come on Kendall, we're not in middle school anymore. Besides I was being serious," He took a spoonful of apple sauce from her tray and gave her a sexy smile, "Or would you rather have me feed you?"

If there had been a nuclear explosion, none of those four friends would have noticed. Time felt as though it had stopped, and if it had, neither Kendall nor Kick would have wanted it to start again.

Kendall could feel her blood melting and freezing all at the same time, she wanted nothing more than to flirt back. MAYBE let him know that there was something more in their playful frienemy relationship on her side, considering she suspected Kick felt the same way. But she was the sensible one, and in her junior year, she could not allow herself to be controlled by her emotions.

"*BLECK* I just lost my appetite," She picked up her book and her tray, "Don't forget we have Chemistry next period, and our teacher hates it when his students are late." She walked off.

The rest of them just stared after her in silence.

"Wow Kick, she dodged your attack so easily. Seems like you lost your edge." Gunther took a bite of his sandwich.

Kick straightened himself, his grin as cocky as ever, "Nah, I'll be she's in the middle of hyperventilating right now. No way can she resist the Buttowski charm."

"But Kick," Jackie protested, "In all the years we've been hanging out, she has never taken your flirting so casually. You might as well have said you're getting a dog! And I'm more than sure that would've gotten a better reaction from her."

"Relax guys. I'm sure she's just acting. You know how she's into drama and stuff." Kick answered dismissively.

Gunther and Jackie looked at each other. In all the years prior, whenever Kick flirted strongly with Kendall, she would always over react, encouraging his behavior. Since they had started middle school Kick had grown to enjoy Kendall's company, to the point he couldn't imagine no longer spending time with her.

True to his friends' worry, Kendall's reaction had left him a bit concerned. She was always so flustered whenever he flirted with her. He took another bite of his food and pushed the thought away, after all, she had tried to react calmly before, and it never lasted. This time would be no different.


"BREATHE KENDALL! BREATHE!" She chanted to herself while sitting on the floor of the girl's bathroom. It had taken all her self-control to not react the way she usually did; bright pink cheeks and flustered speech combined with being short with Kick, while taking her tray to the garbage and making it as far as the restroom before breaking.

He ALWAYS does this to me! She thought with annoyance. "We're in high school now! Get over it!"

After a few moments she sighed. She wasn't sure who she had wanted to direct that comment to, Kick, or herself. She quickly pulled herself together and rushed to class, as she walked out, a young man walking with the principle noticed her, although she remained oblivious to his presence, she had captivated his.

"Hmmm..." He thought to himself. "Looks like this school won't be so boring after all."

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