Kaylynn Langerak

Hey guys this is my first fanfic and I want to say sorry I did not upload my story in a long time. My laptop has had problems but it's fixed now. Also to fanfic author Sunsetvalleylove I hope it is okay that I'm also going to get some material off your story of Bella Bachelor. Enjoy

Hello my name is Kaylynn Langerak, I am Ten years old. I live with my family in Sunset Valley. My family is my dad Dustin, who is unemployed and very sloppy, My Brother Parker, who was born deaf and wears hearing aids and also has learning difficulties, My Mother Iliana, who is the Vice President of the Doo Corporate Peas towers, and my aunt Zelda who has lived with us for some time since she was Twelve and her house burned down and her parents were killed. My best Friend is Bella Bachelor she lives down the road from me. She announced earlier on that her mother Jocasta has announced that she is Pregnant with TRIPLETS! I'm also friends with a girl named Darlene who lives just close to me. Some of my Friends Brandi and Jennifer they all live in Riverview which is bordering Sunset Valley. I can't wait for next Month. We get our holidays and its Bella's Tenth Birthday.

A Month Later

So we have our holidays and Bella is now Ten years old like me. I was ten last January. Now to relax away from School. I wonder what will happen for our holidays.

2 Weeks Later

I've never seen Dad seem so eager to go Jogging. He told Mom he was planning on taking an exercise course in the stadium and he wants to play soccer for the Sunset Valley team. He grabbed his favorite trainers and said goodbye to us and he was off. Mom then continued planning her business trip. She has been doing that since she was promoted to Vice President.

Dustin POV

I have been Jogging for Three hours and I can't seem to find my way home. Furthermore it is getting dark and The Supernatural creatures are already peeking out. To be honest I have been starving. Just as I'm passing a lake near a Steep Cliff I feel my heart stopping, My Eyes closing and my body collapsing.

Hank Goddard POV.

It is a lovely evening and my partner and I are currently walking around the mountains making sure there is no one perking around on our precious flowers and sacred trees. Just as we came into a local fishing Port I saw the body of a dead man lying next to the lake. My partner and I ran to the body. We searched for evidence on this man. I eventually found a business card in his pocket. He's Dustin Langerak the Husband of Iliania Langerak. "Hank this man's dead!" my partner said to me after looking at his pulse.

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