Baby Sibby

'Sibby, love?' I whisper into her room, and I am rewarded with the sweetest gurgle in the world. I smile to myself and walk over to her crib. It is still covered with Sybil's veil, and Irish tradition that we both decided would beautify the cheap crib we had to buy with the money that the Granthams gave us. I look under the veil and see her chubby little hands reaching up at me. She is starting to look like her mother, really. Same dark hair, eyes and same enchanting smile. Even from birth, she's had her daddy wrapped around her little finger, I know, but I really don't mind.

I pick her up and talk softly too her. 'Now, love, how about that pretty yellow dress for today?' This is one of the times that I wish Mary or Cora was here. They have infinitely better dress sense than me, but I think I'm managing. When she is dressed, we slip down into the breakfast room. 'Good morning Tom!' says Matthew with a smile, looking up from his newspaper, 'and you, Sybil.' Robert glances up from his newspaper, which has the words 'TOWN CRICKET MATCH A PIP' emblazoned across the front. I smile, remembering our close win. 'Yes, Good morning. I hope you are alright?' Robert casually remarks. We have reached a sort of truce, although I don`t think that he has ever really forgiven me for marrying Sybil. But these things take time.

Just then, Mary walks in, positively glowing with pride. 'Everyone, I have an announcement to make! Matthew?' She says questioningly. He gets up, smiling, and walks up to her. 'Everyone… I'm pregnant!' She exclaims. 'Oh Mary!' Says Robert, smiling from ear to ear. 'I`m so happy!' he says, hugging her. The room is awhirl with exclamations and hugs. All I can think is Why? Didn't they have enough grief from Sybil? Now we might lose Mary as well! But I shake these negative thoughts from my mind and whisper to Sibby, 'You`re going to have a cousin!'

Of course I'm happy but inside an uneasy feeling stirs. What if it`s right?