I've had this idea in my head for the last two weeks and decided to go for it. It'll start off a bit slow because, as usual, I enjoy doing Character Development (regardless if you've played the games or not). I do not own Dragon Age or Mass Effect or any of their characters, all of that belongs to Bioware. Reviews would be very nice because they help me with the story and making it better. With all of that said, enjoy the story x]


Commander Adam Shepard, of the SSV Normandy SR-2, was standing in front of the Galaxy Map (A holographic mapping system that shows different points in the Galaxy as in different systems and planets). He stood there for the better part of two hours just trying to decide where he wanted to go or even what he was going to do. Not too long ago, he survived a Suicide Mission against the Collectors. He's been wanting to find a way to stop working for Cerberus, a Pro-Human Organization that only cares for human affairs and is lead by the mysterious Illusive Man and who helped reconstruct Shepard and bring him back from the dead so that he may fight against the Collectors, but nothing has come to mind.

Yeoman Kelly Chambers stared with concern at the Commander. It was her job to study the crew and their behaviors, including the Commander, since she was a psychologist. Even though her and the crew agreed with Shepard that they should get away from Cerberus now that their job was done, she could not help but to continue her job besides monitoring the network and keeping the Commander updated with information, missions, distress calls, etc. She wanted to say something but before she could, her monitor was flashing letting her know that a message has been received. She read the subject and whom it was from and knew right away that she shouldn't read it and that it was for the Commander's eyes only.

"Commander theres a new message for you in your terminal." She informed him.

Shepard nodded, feeling relieved and hoping this message could give him some kind of clue as to what he is supposed to do now. He moved away from the Galaxy Map and went to his personal terminal next to the Map platform and brought up his inbox. It was a message from Admiral Anderson, the first commander of the Normandy SR-1 and a man whom Shepard respected greatly as a leader and a friend. He instantly clicked on it.


Before you read this any further I need you to make sure that you are alone and in your captain's quar-

It was all the Commander needed to read for now. He turned on his heel and walked over to the elevator and waited patiently as it took him to his quarters. When the door opened he moved quickly passed his door and sat on hs chair in front of his monitor, where he pulled up the message from Anderson.

-ters. Forgive me for the secrecy but this information is not for any Cerberus agent to accidently come across or read over your shoulder.

About a month ago one of our vessels came across a strange and mysterious Mass Relay, out in the Terminus System, that we have never seen before. The Turians had no idea that this thing even existed and neither did the Asari. So naturally we sent in a group of scientists to study it and possibly give us any clue to who built it, when it was built, and where did it lead.

But we lost contact with them as soon as they went near the Mass Relay. I sent you an attached video file of their last transmission...

Shepard clicked on the video file and watched it very closely. The video was showing the Cockpit with the Pilot's comondeering the ship. There was a man in a white suit standing behind the pilot and was talking to the camera. What he was saying, did not interest Shepard. What did interest him was what was out the window of the cockpit.

It was the largest Mass Relay he has ever seen. It almost looked as if it hasn't been fully operational in a long time. The rings were not moving and there were no lights. It just floated, still, in space pointing straight into it's unknown destination. As their ship came closer to the Mass Relay, it began to flicker and in a blink of an eye it became fully operational, even the scientist stopped talking and looked at it in his curiousity. The color of the energy in the ring wasn't the usual blue, or even red like the Omega Rely, but had a green energy.

The scientist noticed that they were moving gradually closer to the Mass Rely and he urged the pilot to stop. The pilot responded that he was no longer in control of the ship and that the Relay was pulling them in. The ships alarms began to go off and red lights were flickering. Shepard could hear the startled screams and confused hysteria in the background as the scientist turned and left the cockpit hoping to calm down the crewmen. Soon a green beam shot out of the Energy ring and engulfed the ship in green unstable energy, which made the monitors of the pilot's screen to burst causing shards of glass to penetrate his skin leaving him in screaming pain and soon the ship was going past the Mass Rely and after another sound of something exploding in the background, the video transmission ended.

Shepard stared at the blank monitor, very confused on what just happened. He went back to the message and continued reading what Anderson sent him.

No doubt you saw the video. That was a standard scientist vessel that had none of the upgrades or shields as our warships have and we can both guess that they did not make it.

Shepard, I was one of the few that believes you about the Reapers. We may not know what this Mass Relay is, or if it is even Reaper-related, but it isn't a chance none of us should take. I need you to invistigate where this thing leads and inform me what you can. The Council is growing concerned about it, not seeing it as a possible Reaper threat, and we both know how the Council makes rash decisions. I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important, but let me know if you plan on taking this trip.

- Anderson.

Shepard absent-mindly bit the nail of his index finger. He didn't know what he should feel about this. It didn't stop him from pressing the Comm button.

"Joker, I need Miranda, Jacob, Mordin, Garrus, Grunt, Thane, Jack, Tali, Samara, Kasumi, Legion, and Zaeed in the War Room in no less than five minutes." The Commander requested.

"I'll let them know right away, sir." Joker replied.

Shepard clicked on the video file once more and fast forward it until the Mass Relay became fully operational again and paused it. He stared at the Mass Relay trying to make some sort of sense about it. But nothing he could think of could explain the massive size of it nor the strange green energy. He suspected that it may be Prothian made. And the thought of the Prothian's made him think of someone else, which made him smile just a bit. He pushed the Comm. button once more.

"Joker, I also need you to get into contact with Liara." The Commander said...