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Commander Adam Shepard, of the SSV Normandy SR-2, was standing in front of the Galaxy Map (A holographic mapping systems that shows different systems and planets within the galaxy), located on the main deck on the Command Information Center (CIC) platform of the ship. For nearly two hours, he stood in front of the holographic projection trying to determine where he wanted to go or even what he wanted to do. Not too long ago, the Commander and his crew survived a suicide mission against the Collectors. Since then, he has been trying to find a way to stop working for Cerberus, (a Pro-Human Organization that only cares for humanities best interest and survival; led by the mysterious Illusive Man who helped reconstruct Shepard's body, bringing him back from the dead), but nothing has come to mind.

Yeoman Kelly Chambers stared with concern at the Commander. It was her job to study the crew and their behaviors, including the Commander. Even though her and the rest of the Normandy staff and crew agreed that they should get away from Cerberus, she could not help continuing her job besides monitoring the network and keeping Shepard up-to-date with information, missions, distress calls, etc. She wanted to say something to him, but before he could, her monitor began flashing, letting her know that a message has been received. She read the subject and whom it was from and knew right away that she shouldn't read it and that it was for the Commander's eyes only.

"Commander, there is a new message for you in your terminal." She informed him. "It was subject as classified, so I sent it to your private terminal in your quarters."

Shepard turned to her, both in a curious and thoughtful gaze. Finally, a distraction, he thought. He gave her a slight nod of acknowledgement and without a word, went off immediately to the elevator behind him. She watched him as he left, wondering if she should have said something to him.

Once in the elevator, Shepard gave a sigh of relief. His legs began to cramp up after standing for so long doing nothing but thinking. He thought so much that it gave him a headache. When news of the message came to him, he was just glad that he could retreat to his private quarters without anyone worrying or disturbing him. He decided that after he receives this message that he would attempt to sleep for a couple of hours to rest his mind and to refresh him, hoping to have an answer to what to do later.

When the elevator door slid open, he took his time going into his room. Once inside, his ears were met with the familiar sounds of the relaxing music he had on. The sound was soothing and helped with his unpleasantness for a second, before returning to reality. He headed straight for his desk, sat down in front of his monitor and opened the message.

It was a message from Chancellor Anderson, the first captain of the Normandy SR-1 and a man whom Shepard respected greatly as an ally. After the death of the first Council during Sarens attack in the Citadel, Shepard personally recommended Anderson to represent the humans within the council. It was the first step in advancing humanity in the council, and Anderson accepted his job without a question.


I must ask that you forgive me for the secrecy, but this information is not for any Cerberus agent to accidentally come across or read over your shoulder.

Natural superstition caused Shepard to turn his head, and examine the room, making sure there was no one in his quarters but himself. EDI knew not to disturb Shepard when it was in his quarters, he would call for her if he needed her. Satisfied, he turned and continued reading on.

About a month ago, one of our vessels came across a strange and mysterious Mass Relay, out in the Terminus System. I can't tell you what we were doing out there, since you are no longer part of the Alliance, but this is something we have never seen before and I needed to bring this to your attention given your history out in the Terminus.

The Turians, had no idea that this thing even existed and neither did the Asari. So, naturally, we sent in a group of scientists to study it and possibly give us any clue to who built it, when it was built, and where it would lead.

We lost contact with them as soon as they went near the Relay. I sent you an attached video file of their last transmission...

Shepard clicked on the video file and watched it very closely. The video was showing the Cockpit with the Pilot commandeering the ship. There was a man in a white suit standing behind the pilot and was talking to the camera. Whatever he was saying, held no interest to Shepard, but what did interest him was out the window of the cockpit.

It was the largest Mass Relay he had ever seen. It almost looked as if it hasn't been fully operational in a, very, long time. The rings were not moving and there were no lights. It just floated, still and lost, in space pointing straight into its unknown destination. As the science vessel came closer to the Relay, it began to flicker and in a blink of an eye, it became fully operational, as if it was never off. Even the scientists stopped talking and looked at it with amaze in his eyes. The color of the energy inside the revolving rings were not the usual blue, or even red like the Omega Relay, but was green.

The scientist noticed that they were moving gradually closer to the Relay and he urged the pilot to stop and make a full reverse. The pilot has been trying to do so once the Relay turned on, but he lost control of the ship. It was as if the Relay has its own gravitational pull as the science vessel kept inching closer and closer. All at once, the ships alarms began going off and the ship was filled with startled screams and confusion. The scientist left the frame of the camera, and Shepard could hear his voice trying to calm down his crewmen.

A green beam shot out of the energy rings and engulfed the ship in green unstable energy. The foreign energy was too much for the technical part of the ship, that the ship began to shut down. The monitor of the pilots screen burst, causing shards of glass to penetrate his skin leaving him screaming in pain. Soon, more shouts of pain came from out of the frame of the camera as the lights turned off, including life support. In the brief silence that followed, the ship passed through the Mass Relay after a final explosion. The debris and scattered pieces of the ship transported through the Relay into the unknown, and that was when the transmission failed, and ended the video recording.

Shepard stared at the blank monitor, very confused on what just happened. He went back to the message and continued reading the rest of Anderson's message.

The video you have just seen was the only transmission we have received. That was just a standard science vessel that had none of the upgrades or shields as our warships, and we can both assume that there are no survivors.

Shepard, I wouldn't have asked this of you if this wasn't important. We may not know what this Relay is, or if it is a secret Relay for the Reapers in case their plans using the citadel didn't work, but it is not a chance any one of us can take. I need you to investigate any thing you can about this Relay and inform me with what you can. The Council is growing concerned about it, and was skeptical when I asked we bring this to you.

I have the utmost respect for you and your decision, should you choose to accept this mission, I ask that you contact me. Lives may be in danger.

- Anderson.

Shepard, absent-mindly, bit the nail of his thumb. He didn't know what he should feel about this. But, feelings aside, he still pushed the comm button.

"Joker, I need everyone in the briefing room in five minutes." The Commander ordered.

"I'll let them know right away, sir." Joker replied.

Shepard clicked on the video file once more and fast forwarded it until the Mass Relay became fully operational again and paused it. He stared at the Mass Relay, trying to make some sort of sense about it. Nothing came to his mind that could explain the massive size of it or its power. He suspected that maybe the Prothian's have discovered this, and the thought of Prothian's made him think of someone, which made him smile just a bit. He pushed the Comm. button once more.

"Joker, I need you to get into contact with Liara." He ordered . . .