This story came to me earlier today when I was reading One Simple Wish. I loved the idea and decided to create this. Hope you enjoy.

Everyone has hope. Except for me. I'm Hope and I'm an orphan. I've lived in an orphanage my whole life. I used to have friends but they all got adopted and stopped writing me. I never got their phone numbers. In my orphanage, the kids are organized by age. I'm the only 13 year old left. One night, I was flipping through the channels when I came across ABC. I barely watched the network but I noticed they were about to air a new show so I decided to watch it. It was called Once Upon a Time. I fell in love with the show and watched it over and over again. One night, I finished watching it for the 5th time and decided to make a wish. My birthday was only a week away but since the orphanage doesn't celebrate birthdays, I make a wish on a star every year a week early. I ran to my window and waited. Then, I saw it. A shooting star. I wish I could be on Once Upon a Time. I wished. I smiled to myself and climbed into my bed for the night, unaware what would happen next.

I woke up and realized I was on a bus, my head against the window. What the? I thought when I heard,

"That a good book?" I turned towards the voice and saw an old woman talking to a young boy sitting next to me.

"This?" the boy said, "Is more than just a book." The old woman laughed a little and the boy looked at me. I gasped. It was Henry. "You're awake!" he cried. I gave Henry a small smile,

"Hi. Um…what's going on?"

"What do you mean?" Henry looked confused.

"This is a dream!" I cried, "You're on a TV show!" Henry looked even more confused and asked,

"What TV show?"

"It's called Once Upon a Time and it's about you and your birth mother Emma trying to break a curse set by the Evil Queen to send fairy tale characters to our world." Henry pulled out a book. The book.

"Like this book." He smiled and flipped through the pages until he landed on a page with a girl and a woman. The woman was Snow White and the girl looked like me. She had blonde hair, which was so long it trailed around her on the forest floor, bluish-green eyes and wore a light purple ball gown. Snow's black hair was pulled slightly up to keep it out of her face and wore a hunting outfit made of fur, her green eyes sparkling. "That's Snow White when she found her cousin Hope hiding in the forest. Snow was hiding in the forest after the Evil Queen told the Huntsman to kill her. Hope was trying to escape the Evil Queen's clutches after she found out the Queen killed Snow." Henry explained.

"That's me." I gasped, "But how?" Henry shrugged,

"I don't know. But do you believe me?"

"I believe you Henry but I can't see how that's me."

"What's your name?"


"It has to be you! You're the first person I've seen who fits the description of Hope and you have the same name!"

"Look Henry. I believe you about the curse but I can't believe you about that being me." Henry looked disappointed so I told him I'd help him. He brightened at that and led me towards taxis when we got off the bus.

"Do you accept credit cards?" he asked. The driver looked at the Mary Margaret's credit card and asked,

"Where to chief?" Henry smiled and gave him Emma's address. We hopped in and took off.

When we reached Emma's, Henry looked nervous.

"It'll be ok, Henry." I offered him a smile and he knocked on the door. Emma answered looking up and then looked down at Henry and me.

"Uh…can I help you?" she asked.

"Are you Emma Swan?" Henry asked.

"Yeah. Who are you?"

"My name's Henry. I'm your son." Henry ducked under Emma's arm and walked into the apartment. I followed saying,

"I'm Hope." To Emma. Emma followed us saying she didn't have a son causing Henry to turn around and look at her.

"10 years ago, did you give a baby up for adoption? That was me." He said matter-of-factly. Emma ran out and into the bathroom.

"You know, you could've dropped the ball a little nicer." I said. Henry shrugged and cried out,

"Hey, you have any juice?" I opened the fridge and grabbed the jug. "Never mind, Hope's got it." I poured Henry a glass and he had time for a sip when Emma came out, still frazzled. "You know, we probably should get going."

"Going? Where?" Emma asked.

"I want you to come home with me." Henry smiled at Emma and I smiled at him in encouragement. Emma picked up the phone and started dialing.

"Ok kids. I'm calling the cops."

"Then I'll tell them you kidnapped us." Henry looked serious.

"And they'll believe you because I'm your birth mother." Emma stopped dialing and hung up the phone.

"Yep." I walked over and stood by Henry in support.

"Listen kid, I'm not good at a lot but I have one talent. Let's call it a 'super power'. I can tell when anyone is lying and you kid are." Emma started dialing again when I interrupted,

"Wait. Please don't call the cops."

"Please come home with me." Henry finished.

"Alright and where is home?"

"Storybrooke, Maine."

"Storybrooke? Seriously?" Henry nodded. "Alright. Let's get you back to Storybrooke." Emma quickly changed out of her pink dress into a white shirt, jeans and boots. She grabbed her red leather jacket and headed out the door. Henry jumped off the stool and I followed, shutting the door behind us. Henry and I followed Emma to her yellow bug. Henry hopped in the front and I took the back. Emma got in the driver's seat and started the car. We pulled out and headed on our way to Storybrooke. I stared out the window at all the sights.

"Can we stop? I'm hungry." Henry said and I laughed a little.

"Kid, this isn't a road trip and we are not stopping." Henry returned to his book causing Emma to look over and ask, "What's that?"

"I'm not sure you're ready." Henry answered.

"For a bunch of fairy tales?"

"They're not fairy tales. They're true. Every story in this book actually happened. You should know more than anyone."

"Why's that?"

"Because you're in this book."

"Just because you believe something doesn't make it true."

"Use your super power. See if I'm lying." Emma looked at Henry briefly before turning back to the road.

"Oh kid. You've got issues."

"Yep and you and Hope are gonna fix them." My eyes widened at this. Emma's supposed to break the curse and I'm supposed to help her with Henry? I'm now positive this isn't a dream. I realized I was wearing a light purple shirt, jeans, a jean jacket and furry boots. Magic. I thought and smiled. I reached up but I didn't feel a flower. Dang. I thought, Hopefully Storybrooke has a flower shop.

"Hope?" Emma suddenly broke into my thoughts.


"Do you believe Henry?" I debated what to do. I know Henry's right, I know that, but should I tell Emma?

"No. I'm just a friend." I lied. Henry looked back and realized I was lying to help gain Emma's trust. Emma barely looked at me before turning back to the road. She didn't have enough time to realize I'm lying. I breathed a sigh of relief and watched out the car window when I saw it. Through the rain I could make out the Welcome to Storybrooke sign. I smiled and met eyes with Henry. The final battle was almost starting.

"How about an address?" Emma asked.

"Forty-four not-telling-you street." Henry smiled. This caused Emma to slam down the brakes and get out of the car. Henry and I followed.

"Look kids, it's been a long night and it's almost…" Emma looked up at the clock tower and I followed. There it was. Stuck on 8:15. "8:15?"

"That clock hasn't worked my whole life." Henry explained, "Time's frozen here. The Evil Queen did it with her curse."

"So the Evil Queen sent a bunch of fairy tale characters here?" Emma said.

"They don't remember who they are. Hope's the only one who escaped." Henry continued. Emma raised an eyebrow. "She died protecting Snow White and Prince Charming from the Evil Queen."

"Then who is she?" Emma asked. I looked at Henry, curious as well.

"She's not a real fairy tale." Henry explained, "Her parents are. They were from the Princess and the Pea. She's an insanely powerful magic wielder. Strong enough to be reborn in our world in order to keep her promise to protect Snow. Everyone else doesn't remember her or anything else."

"Frozen in time, stuck in Storybrooke, Maine. That's what you're going with?"

"It's true." Henry insisted.

"Then, why don't they just leave?"

"They can't. If they try bad things happen."

"Henry!" a voice called. I looked behind Emma and saw Archie Hopper running up to us with his Dalmatian.

"Ah. He's so cute. What's his name?" I asked as I bent down to pet the dog.

"Pongo." Archie smiled at me.

"I always wanted a pet but the orphanage never let us have any." I said and looked up to see sympathy in Emma's eyes and shock in Archie's. Probably from figuring out I'm an orphan. I never made any friends outside the orphanage and I never spoke about being an orphan to anyone. This was the first time I said anything about it in public. Archie changed the subject,

"And who's this?"

"Just someone trying to give him a ride home." Emma said.

"She's my mom, Archie." Henry said, "And that's Hope."

"Oh." Archie gasped.

"You know where he lives?" Emma asked.

"Yeah. Down on Mifflin Street. Mayor's house is the biggest one on the block."

"You're the mayor's kid?" Emma looked down at Henry who stared at the ground.

"Um…maybe." Henry bent down and started petting Pongo with me when Emma said it was time to go.

"Ok. Henry where were you? You missed our session." Archie said.

"Oh I forgot to tell you. I went on a field trip where I met Hope." Archie looked at me and I diverted my gaze to Pongo. When I felt his eyes leave me, I looked to see him bending in front of Henry saying,

"Henry, what'd I tell you about lying?" Archie stared at Henry right in the eye, "Giving into one's darkness accomplishes nothing."

"Okay. I should probably get him home." Emma interrupted.

"Right. See you Henry." Archie waved as he and Pongo walked off.

"That's your shrink?" Emma looked at Henry.

"I'm not crazy." Henry insisted.

"I know he just doesn't seem cursed to me."

"They don't remember who they are." Henry hopped back into the car and followed.

"Alright. I'll play. Who's he supposed to be?" Emma asked.

"Jiminy Cricket!" Henry cried.

"Right the lying thing. I thought your nose grew a little."

"I'm not Pinocchio!" Henry insisted.

"Of course not because that would be ridiculous." Emma said before she got into the car. I laughed a little. I knew what would happen next. Or rather WHO we'd meet next. The Evil Queen of Storybrooke herself. Regina Mills.

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