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I woke up and smiled. Emma, Henry, Mary Margaret, Graham and I found John Doe-David and Mary brought him back with true love's first kiss! I quickly got out of bed and put on an orange shirt, my jeans and boots. I took an orange tulip and placed it in my hair. I smiled and headed out.

"Morning Mary Margaret." I greeted.

"Morning Hope." Mary smiled, "You ready for work." I nodded,

"It doesn't even feel like work." Mary chuckled,

"Good." Mary put a bowl of cereal in front of me with a hot chocolate.

"Oh no," I protested, "You don't have to give me breakfast."

"I want to." Mary insisted and I shrugged. I quickly ate the cereal and drank my coco. I grabbed my jean jacket and went to wake Emma, who surprisingly was already up.

"Ready?" She asked. I smiled and we left. Mary was already gone. We found Henry walking to the bus.

"Emma! Hope!" He cried and ran towards us.

"Hey kid." Emma smiled down at Henry. We walked towards the bus with Henry chatting excitedly. Once he was on the bus, I ran towards the school, yelling over my shoulder,

"Bye Emma!" I ran to the school and walked in to find the class empty of everyone except Henry. "Henry!" I gasped, "What're you doing here?"

"I always get here early." He shrugged and I shook my head at him. Seconds later, Paige walked in saying,

"Henry! Why'd you run in before me!?" Henry blushed,

"Sorry Paige. I just wanted to race you." Paige smiled and sat next to Henry. Soon, Mary and the other kids were piling in. We continued working on the birdhouses all day. When recess came, I went out with Henry and Paige and Henry read Cinderella's story.

Cinderella was sweeping sadly. Her stepmother and stepsisters had left for the ball without her; despite the invitation saying all the maidens in the kingdom were invited. Cinderella sighed when an orange light appeared. It was a woman in a yellow dress.

"Fear not, Ella." She said, "For even though your stepmother said you can't go, you will. I am your fairy godmother and I will make you into a princess so you can go to your ball and meet your prince." Cinderella smiled when all of a sudden, her fairy godmother exploded into orange dust. Rumplestilskin stepped forward from the shadows and collected the fairy godmother's wand.

"You just killed my fairy godmother!" Cinderella cried out.

"Fear not dearie." The imp replied, "For I can grant your wish too." Then, he bowed, "Rumplestilskin. But be warned. All magic comes with a price."

"I don't care about the price!" Cinderella begged, "I'll give you whatever you want if you get me away from this life!" Rumplestilskin waved the fairy godmother's wand and Cinderella transformed. She now wore a blue ball gown and her hair, which was hanging limply before, was up and done beautifully. Cinderella smiled at Rumplestilskin and looked down. On the ground were glass slippers. "Glass?" Cinderella questioned.

"Every story needs a…memorable detail." Rumplestilskin said gleefully as Cinderella put on her shoes and went to her ball.

When the day was over, I was exhausted but sleep did me good. That night, I dreamed of standing in a ballroom and seeing men and women dance happily.

The next day, while Emma, Mary and I are eating, there's a knock at the door. Emma opens it and there's Mr. Gold.

"Mr. Gold!" Mary cried, "I'll have the rent in a couple more days. I…"

"I'm not here for your rent." Gold interrupted, "I'm here for Ms. Swan. I need you to find someone for me." Mary left but I stayed to see what was going on.

"What's your game, Gold?" I questioned suspiciously.

"I do not play games, Ms. Brian." Gold sneered, "I just need Ms. Swan to find a girl who robbed me." He gave Emma a photograph. I glared at him all the while. "Ashley Boyd." Gold pointed at the girl. I grabbed the photo from Emma and looked at the girl. She had blonde hair in a bun and blue eyes. She looked a lot like the picture of Cinderella in Henry's book when she was a maid.

"Why don't you go to the police?" Emma asked.

"I don't want to ruin her life." Gold explained, "She just has something of mine. Please, I don't want to see her baby born in jail." Just then, Henry burst through the door. "Good luck with your search, Ms. Swan." Gold said before he left.

"Do you know who he is?" Henry asked.

"Mr. Gold." Emma replied.

"I mean before the curse!" Henry clarified.

"You don't know?" Emma asked.

"No." Henry sighed.

"I don't know who he is." I said, "But I don't trust that guy with anything."

"Calm down Hope." Emma said, "Now, I have to go. I have to find Ashley Boyd."

"Why?" Henry asked.

"She's pregnant and desperate."

"I want to come and spend time with you!" Henry said.

"Me too." I stood beside Henry and put a hand on his shoulder. Emma sighed and agreed. We got in Emma's bug and Henry pulled out his book and I whispered,

"Continue Cinderella's story." Henry flipped to her story and continued.

It was the night of Cinderella's, now called by her real name of Ella, wedding to Prince Thomas and the kingdom was joyous. Everyone loved Ella and was happy that Thomas finally married. Ella was on the balcony staring up at the fireworks that were set off when Thomas came out and asked,

"What is it?"

"Every year, I would look up at those fireworks and knew. Something important is happening at the palace. I'd never thought that they'd be for me."

"Don't worry." Thomas promised, "As long as I'm alive, you will never go back to that life." Ella smiled at her husband and they kissed.

"Save it for the honeymoon, your highness." Ella joked. Thomas laughed and the two descended the grand staircase. Waiting for them were their friends Snow White, Prince Charming and Hope Briar.

"Congratulations." Charming told Thomas as Snow congratulated Ella. The musicians began to play music and Snow and Ella danced together.

"You're an inspiration, Ella." Snow commented.

"All I did was get married." Ella said.

"No. You proved one woman can change her fate." Then, Snow danced away and Charming began dancing with Ella.

"Congratulations Ella." He smiled.

"Thank you James." Ella smiled. Only Snow called him Charming. As Charming left, Hope grabbed Ella's hands.

"Snow's right you know." Hope smiled. She wore a light blue gown, a bluebell and a silver chain necklace with a silver circle. One side had a rose engraving and the other had her name cut into it. Snow wore a purple gown and had her hair up. Charming wore silver.

"Thank you Hope." Ella smiled at the young, orphan princess as she spun away. Ella turned around and was met with the disturbing face of Rumplestilskin.

"Did you get everything you want?" He asked.

"What do you want?" Ella demanded, "My crown, my jewels?"

"Oh no, dearie. I want something more precious. Something you don't have yet but you will." Rumplestilskin leaned in and whispered in Ella's ear, "Your first born." Then, he spun her away. Ella stared after him. Months later, Ella discovered she was pregnant and prepared to leave when Thomas walked in.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Leaving." Ella replied.


"You know how I told you my fairy godmother sent me to the ball? It wasn't. It was Rumplestilskin. And all magic comes with a price."

"What'd you promise him?"

"Our first born." Ella looked down when Thomas lifted her head.

"I won't let that happen. We'll find a way out." He promised and Ella smiled a tearful smile.

Emma came back into her bug after talking with Ruby.

"Looks like Ashley has some stepsisters she doesn't like." She said. Henry and I shared a look. Ashley is Cinderella! We drove to another house. Henry and I came up this time. When Emma knocked, a guy around 19 answers.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Emma Swan." Emma said, "Are you Sean Herman?" the guy-Sean nodded. "Have you seen your ex-girlfriend Ashley lately?"

"No. Why?"

"She's missing!" I blurted out. Sean looked concerned when a man came out. He was older then Sean so I assumed he was the King since Sean is Thomas and Thomas' father is the King.

"Sean what's going on?" he asked.

"Nothing Dad." Sean said.

"Your son's ex-girlfriend is missing." Emma explained.

"I don't care!" He spat, "I'm not going to allow my son to throw his life away?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked suspiciously.

"Ashley and I made a deal." Mr. Herman explained, "She would give up the baby. I found a man who would pay her well for it too."

"Gold." Emma said and thanked Mr. Herman and Sean and ran towards her bug.

"I knew you couldn't trust him!" I told Emma. Emma didn't answer so Henry and I returned to Ella's story.

Ella and Thomas met with Charming and the dwarves in the mine. Snow had helped as well. They were getting the Blue Fairy.

"Rumplestilskin is the most dangerous man in all realms. He needs his own special prison, so we converted the mines to hold him." Charming explained.

"But how will we get him here?" Ella asked, "He's eluded capture all forever."

"His strength is also his weakness: his deals." Grumpy explained, "And we already know who he wants to deal with next: you." Just then, Snow, Hope and the Blue Fairy came in. The Blue Fairy held a red quill.

"This quill will freeze Rumplestilskin and prevent him from using his powers so you can capture him." The Blue Fairy explained. Ella took the quill and agreed but was still worried about a price.

"If there's a price," Thomas promised, "I'll pay it." Thomas had no idea that he just saved his wife and daughter's life.

We were driving to the boarder. Ruby told us that she gave Ashley her car so she could escape to Boston.

"Look!" Henry pointed to the red car. It was on the side of the road and empty.

"Where's Ashley?" I asked. Suddenly, there was a moan of pain. We ran around the car and found Ashley near the car, clutching her stomach.

"My baby. My baby's coming." She managed to say. We got her in Emma's car and drove her to Storybrooke Hospital. While waiting, Henry and I finished Ella's story.

Ella waited for Rumplestilskin and convinced him that she was having twins. He signed the contract with the red quill and froze. Quickly, Charming and the dwarves put him in the cage. Ella sat down and Thomas came next to her.

"We won." He said.

"Yeah. But it doesn't feel right." Ella admitted and a contraction came after Thomas called the baby Alexandra. Thomas went to get Ella water but never came back. "THOMAS!" Ella shouted when she found his cloak at the well. She ran to Rumplestilskin and demanded, "Where is he? Where is my Thomas?"

"He won't come back until I get that child of yours." Rumplestilskin said as Charming and Grumpy held her back. No one would see Thomas again for he sacrificed himself so Ella and their daughter were safe.

Just then, a nurse came and said Ashley and her baby were fine.

"Thank you for finding my baby, Ms. Swan." An irritating voice said. Behind Emma, stood Gold. I walked over and said,

"She isn't your baby! She's Ashley's!"

"Oh I beg to differ, Ms. Brian. Ms. Boyd signed her baby to me."

"How will I get you to leave Ashley alone?" I demanded.

"You can do nothing."

"But I can." Emma said and got in Gold's face. "You know, no jury will put a woman in jail whose only reason for breaking and entering was to keep her child. I'm willing roll the dice that contract stands up. Are you? No to mention what might come out about you in the process. Somehow I suspect there's more to you than a simple pawnbroker." I rolled my eyes at this and thought, No really Emma? I thought he was telling the truth the whole time! I'M the one who told you he can't be trusted and you didn't listen. "You really want to start that fight?"

"I like you Ms. Swan." Gold said, "You're not afraid of me and that either cocky or presumptuous. Either way, I'd rather have you on my side. So, I put it to you now. If you want Ashley to have that baby, are you willing to make a deal with me?"

"What do you want?" Emma asked.

"Oh, I don't know just yet. You'll owe me a favor."

"Deal." Then, Gold walked out.

"You made a deal." I stated.

"It'll allow Ashley to keep her baby and that's what matters." Emma said and we walked into her room. I shared a look with Henry. Ella's debt was replaced by Emma so shouldn't Thomas return? We walked into Ashley's room.

"What's her name?" Henry asked.

"Alexandra." Ashley answered. The name Thomas wanted. I thought.

"Don't worry about Gold." Emma said causing Ashley to look up. "I made a deal with him. You can keep your baby." Ashley smiled,

"Thank you." We walked out. As we were leaving, I noticed Sean walking in, holding baby shoes. I smiled. Ella and Thomas were reunited.

That night, I dreamed of hopping from trees and following Mary Margaret below. She's about to throw a spear when Ruby walks up and she stops. I jump from the tree I'm in and ask who she is. Ruby says her name is Red and she recognizes me, calling me Hope Briar. Then, she reaches out and picks up a necklace I'm wearing. I woke up and went to my dresser. I opened a drawer and take out a box. I open the box and take out a silver chain necklace with a silver plate. On one side, there's a rose and the other has "Hope" cut into it beautifully. I've had it my whole life and it defined who I was at the orphanage. I went out my room and found Mary at the island.

"Couldn't sleep?" I asked. Mary smiled at me and gave me a coco as well. We talked and she touched my necklace, which I put around, my neck. Then, I had a flash.

I was walking beside Mary and she held a pouch. She opened it to reveal gold and a flash of silver. She takes out a silver chain necklace with a silver plate. One side there's a rose and the other nothing. Mary took out a dagger and cut "Hope" into it. I smiled at her and thanked her.

"Hope?" Mary called as I snapped back to reality, "Are you ok?" I nodded and went back to bed quietly.

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