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The sound of a baby's cry filled the hospital air.

Said baby was wrapped up in a soft-pink blanket as the nurses gently passed the child onto its mother's arms. The woman lifted her exhausted arms and wrapped them around her newborn child. Tears cascaded down the mother's cheeks as her baby's cries died out upon seeing its mother.

"Congratulations," the doctor who performed the procedure announced. "It's a healthy baby girl."

"Well done," a nurse commented beside her. The mother continued to stare in awe at her new daughter.

"Thank you," the women replied, refusing to take her eyes off the baby.

"What are you going to name her?" one nurse curiously asked.

"Sakura," the mother whispered, recalling the name someone had once suggested to her. She then smiled happily at all the nurses and doctors present in the room. "Her name is Sakura. Sakura Haruno."

"I think that's a beautiful name," the doctor commented. Sakura's mother smiled warmly at the doctor then began rocking her baby back and forth in her arms. Everyone in the room decided to leave the women alone to have a moment with her baby.

Sakura yawned as her mother began caressing her cheek. She then snuggled into the warm hospital blanket. The mother continued rocking her baby in her arms as she began to hum a soft melody to her daughter. Her voice soothed Sakura as she began to fall into a blissful sleep.

Her mother's voice intoxicated the air around the room as the cool night breeze suddenly blew through the opened window.

The mother noticed this and stopped humming. She averted her gaze to the opened window and was suddenly enveloped with a sense of fear. That window wasn't opened before, she thought worriedly to herself.

A sickening laugh entered the women's ears as she froze in place. She didn't want to know what was awaiting her but her body unconditionally turned towards the source of the laugh.

Her eyes widened.

"Hello, Hana," the man said menacingly. "It's nice to see you again."

Hana's body began to shack with fear. Not fear for herself though, but fear for her daughter. She protectively cradled Sakura tighter in her arms. The man noticed this action and averted his snake-like gaze to Sakura's sleeping form.

In the moment in took Hana to blink her arms were suddenly cold and empty.

"No!" She shouted. "Give her back! Give me my baby back!"

"Your baby?" The man questioned as he held Sakura in his arms. He lifted his hand and began stroking her cheek. Hana continued to cry out but the man ignored her pointless pleas. "My dear, sweet Hana…don't you mean our baby…"

"NO! I don't want you to have anything to do with her Orochimaru!" Pure hatred was laced with every word Hana spoke. But Orochimaru just chuckled sadistically.

"Well that's not really your decision to make, now is it?"

At this point Sakura had woken up due to her mother's screams. She stared up her father's face and Orochimaru lifted his finger in-front of it. Sakura wrapped her tiny, fragile hand around his finger and began playing with it.

Hana froze with tears rolling down her cheeks, desperate to know what he will do next. Her new born daughter's life was hanging by a thin thread with each passing second.

"She has your eyes…," Orochimaru whispered.

Hana continued to remain silent.

"Why did you keep this secret from me?" He continued. "Didn't you want to be parents together? Raising this beautiful child…"

"Don't lie Orochimaru," Hana finally said. "I know you don't really care about her. You'll use her for your own personal gain. But I won't let that happen! I won't let you ever go near her ever again!"

At this point Hana was yelling once again, but Orochimaru was still unfazed. He continued to gaze at Sakura. Finally, he averted his eyes back to the mother of his child and began taking deliberate steps towards her. Hana's heart pounded hard against her chest as sweat beaded down her forehead.

He came to a halt right beside the bed Hana laid on and began to leisurely bend forward until Hana and his face were only inches apart. She wanted to scream and push him away, but she couldn't seem to find the courage to do either.

"It's so tragic isn't it…," Orochimaru breathed against her lips.

"What is?"

He was silent for a long moment before replying. "That our beloved daughter is going to live the rest of her life…without a mother…"

Hana's breath caught in her throat as Orochimaru swiftly pulled a kunai out of his pouch and sliced it. Blood spurted out of the flesh being exposed out of Hana's neck as the white bed sheets began to transform into a crimson-red. Sakura stared at the scene being taken place as a few drops of her mother's blood settled on her cheeks.

A tear slid down Hana's cheek. She was going to die. She knew it too. It took every ounce of energy she had left to avert her gaze to Sakura.

Her daughter.

Her beautiful baby girl who she only she for a few short minutes.

I'm sorry…, was Hana's last thought as her eyes slowly turned dull and lifeless. Orochimaru's sickening laugh discharged around the room as Sakura began to whimper.

Orochimaru was prepared to make his escape when a kunai suddenly flew past him in a swift movement and nicked his cheek, drawing a line of blood. He turned around, suddenly engaged in a battle with an ANBU Black Op. The ANBU had hair as silver as the moon and a mask that had the face of a dog sheltering his identity.

"Place the girl down on the ground," The ANBU ordered. Orochimaru just stared blankly at him.

"Now!" There was a killing intent in his tone. Orochimaru only smirked at this but obligated. He gently place Sakura down on the ground and slowly began taking steps back.

"Don't worry," Orochimaru said. "I'll be back."

With one last glance at Sakura he disappeared into a puff of smoke. The ANBU quickly ran into the smoke but found that Orochimaru had disappeared.

He was gone.

The ANBU turned his head to stare at the lifeless form that was once Hana. It seemed like he was looking at her for years before he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his knees and realized that his legs had given out.

He was too late.

She was dead.

His mask fell to the floor with a light thud and the room's image suddenly began to grow fuzzy. He took a sharp intake of breath as his tear-stained face dropped into his hands. His shoulders shook with every breath.


No matter how hard he tried everyone around just kept dying.

Again and again!

"Damn it," He whispered, nails clawing harder and harder into his face. A strange sound kept trying to catch his attention and it took a moment for him to look up, suddenly remembering the child that lay crying on the floor.

He cringed as he walked over to her, seeing that the baby sat right atop of a pool of blood. He hesitated before lifting the bundle into his arms. Her cries slowly died down, as if she knew she was safe. He couldn't tear his eyes away from hers.


Just like Hana's.

The grief began to surface once again and he clenched the baby tighter into his arms, looking for some kind of warmth in this sad moment.

"I'm sorry…," he choked out in a whisper. "I-I couldn't save her…I'm sorry…"

He spoke those words until footsteps were suddenly heard racing down the hall and the rest of his ANBU team rushed in. They took one look at the scene and knew that they had taken too long to get here. The ANBU with the mask of a cat walked up with slumped shoulders and removed his mask. A sigh passed through his lips before he spoke.

"Kakashi-san," he said slowly, trying to choose his words carefully. "What shall we do with the child?" Kakashi only took a second to wipe away any trace of tears from his face and adopted a look of seriousness. "If I'm correct, you were appointed her Godfather."

"It was…never written on paper," Kakashi replied. "But I think it's best if she lived at the Hokage's tower where she'd have better protection."

The ANBU beside him sighed tiredly. "Two orphans in only two months…the fucks going on here? All of hell seems to be broken loose."

Kakashi silently agreed and glanced at the sleeping orphan in his arms. He didn't admit it out load but he was scared.

Scared for her.

Scared for Hana.


"Don't worry," he breathed, "I'll be here for you…even if she isn't."