Hello, this is my first ever drabble- completed in about 3 minutes, from a picture I saw on Tumblr….

The Mirror of Erised. Where everyone can see their wildest dreams, long lost hopes, and golden moments to come.

Some go their whole lives without glimpsing into it. Others go mad when they find it, desperate to see into their hearts.

George Weasley does not need to search high and low for the Mirror. He doesn't need to spend his life in pursuit of his heart's desire.

He just looks into any mirror he walks upon.

He sees what he wants. What he needs.

It doesn't make his life any easier though.

For his reflection always reminds him.

I know it's dark, but the picture really got me- and as an identical twin myself, it really struck a chord with me.

Please review, and I hope you enjoyed!