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Level 1

Tamora Calhoun knew something wasn't right the moment when she woke that Saturday morning. The light behind her eyes was too bright. She was a stickler for being on time and always got up at a certain hour. 0600 hours to be exact and it was usually still dark in her game at that time. She opened her tired eyes and glanced at her alarm clock on the bedside table. The red digits flashed 08:30'am.

"Oh space invaders!" With a leap she got out of bed and pulled the sheet covers with her.


The sergeant had forgotten about her bed mate and winced as she heard a thud on the wooden flooring as Felix fell off the bed. She turned around to see him kneeling up, rest his arms on the mattress and blink bleary at her. He let out a wide yawn.

"What happened?" he asked, confused. Tamora picked up his white shirt off the bedpost and threw it at him where it landed straight in his face.

"It's half eight in the morning, short stack. We forgot to set the alarm clock and the arcade opens in half-hour!" Calhoun yelled, running into the bathroom to shower.

This woke Felix up. His head perked up and his eyes widened before he hastily grabbed his discarded pants from the night before and put them on. He raced around the bedroom grabbing items of his clothing. He found his blue buttoned shirt on the floor, his socks and shoes by the door and somehow his tool belt, with hammer, had ended up on the ceiling fan.

"Have you seen my hat?" he called, as he hopped around pulling up his socks. Tamora came out the bathroom, her hair damp and dripping, wearing a pair of cargo pants and a tank top.

"Under the bed?" the blonde suggested, opening up her wardrobe and grabbing her armour and weapons. Felix ducked down and smiled as he saw his cap. He picked it up and placed it on his head.

"Breakfast?" he asked, turning to face his girlfriend.

She shook her head and muttered. "No time."

Felix frowned. "Well I'll be having pies throughout the day but you should eat. I'll go make you some toast."

Before Calhoun could tell him to stop Felix had run downstairs to the kitchen. As she continued to put on her armour she couldn't help but smile. Felix was always taking care of her. He had been since they started dating six months ago after their first kiss in Sugar Rush. It was funny really. She had never expected to give her heart to someone because of the programmed memories of her ex. He had never even existed. He was just a figment of code produced by the creator of Hero's Duty. However despite the fear of losing someone, which had been a strong reason not to get involved with anyone, Felix had found his way in and for that she would be eternally grateful.

He had opened her eyes to a part of her that had been locked away for years. She had learned to love again...but she was still the same hardass she had been before meeting him. That wasn't going to change anytime soon.

Meanwhile downstairs in the kitchen Felix was raiding Calhoun's the fridge to find something edible for his sweetheart to eat.

"We need to go to food shopping," he muttered. He pulled out the milk and took a sniff before pushing it away and started gasping for fresh air. "Real soon," Felix decided.

In the end he found some bread in one of the cupboards and put it in the toaster while upstairs Calhoun could be heard drying her hair. Felix poured himself and Tamora a glass of orange juice as he waited for the toast to pop up.

He went off in a daydream as he thought about his dynamite gal. They had come so far in their relationship from being together for six months but there was no one Felix trusted more than Tamora. She was his everything and gave him the honeyglows like nothing he's felt before. The two of them couldn't even go a day without seeing each other and had learned each other's likes and dislikes and their thoughts and secrets. It was if their codes were made to complete the other.

A faint smell of burning brought Felix out of his stupor and he rushed over to the toaster and popped out the now black and burnt toast. He put it on a plate and heard Calhoun rushing down the stairs so he quickly pulled out his hammer and tapped the toast turning it lightly toasted.

He turned around with a grin on his face as Tamora entered the room.

"Toast's done," he said. Tamora smelt the burnt air and raised an eyebrow at him.

"You burnt it," she stated.

Felix twirled his hammer in his free hand and put it back on his belt. "It was slightly overdone."

Calhoun smirked and pushed Felix's cap down so it went over his eyes before taking the plate off him, bending down and giving a quick kiss to Felix's cheek along with a whisper of "Thanks."

Tamora put the plate in the sink but held the toast in her hands as she drained the glass of juice and hurried to the front door taking bites out of the toast as she went. Felix followed and he opened the door for her.

Hero's Duty had a bigger landscape than what Ralph had seen when he decided to join the game for that brief period. The battle ground was one area. That was where Calhoun led the arcade player to the tower to get the medal that is if the player makes it without being killed by a Cy-bug. There was the base where the soldiers waited for a game to start and to catch the train to Grand Central Station. However in that tube station there was another gateway which led to the houses and a small town where the characters in the game lived. The arcade players never see this part of the game though which is fine because all they want to do is play the shooting game. This place was very different to the war zone. It was peaceful and the sun could shine through the clouds. It was home.

The sergeant finished off her toast and got out and stepped up on her automatic assembled cruiser. Felix joined her with a jump and held on to her leg as the flying surfboard zigzagged towards the station. When they approached the building the two of them jumped to the ground and the cruiser folded itself back up into a portable satchel. Inside the train station red lights were flashing on the walls along with a loud siren wailing in the distance and the metal flooring clanked as soldiers ran to their positions.

"Pearson! Turner! Quit that school girl giggling and get in line!" Calhoun barked at two comrades who had been chatting by the train. They both jumped at the sound of their leader and hurried to the base. Felix boarded the train and Calhoun stood in the doorway so the train wouldn't leave just yet.

"I'll see you at closing time," Felix said. Calhoun smiled at him.

"See you then," she said.

Felix jumped up to press a sweet kiss on Tamora's lips but she caught him under his arms and pressed him closer for a much deeper kiss than he had intended. He cupped her cheeks with his gloved hands as they both melted in each other's arms. There was something in the air around these two and no one could deny it. Calhoun pulled away and Felix was left speechless.

"M-Ma'am," was all he could say, blushing at the cheeks. Tamora grinned at his expense and put him down on the ground.

"Have a good day Fix It," she said, with a wink. Taking a step back the doors to the train closed and Felix watched Calhoun reach back for her gun and head towards the base. He let out a sigh and took a seat before he fell over.

"Jiminy, jaminy," he sighed.

The train soon came to a halt and Felix ran through the empty Grand Central Station and to his game entrance. He hopped aboard their little train and quickly came out through the tunnel to see the row of houses they had built for the homeless game characters and the Nicelanders and, of course, Ralph. He hurried down the empty street and turned the corner to see Ralph waiting at the front of the penthouse.

"Has the arcade opened yet?" Felix asked anxiously, sprinting up to him. Ralph turned to him and a smile of relief spread across his face.

"Not yet. Cutting it kind of close, don't you think?" He asked his small friend. Felix came to a stop in front of him and took some deep breaths to catch his breath back. He then gave a quick smile and a wave to the Nicelanders behind the windows of the penthouse.

"I'm sorry. Forgot to set the alarm clock," Felix explained to Ralph.

"Uh-huh," said Ralph, smirking. Felix noticed the scepticism in the wreckers tone and glared up at him.

"I'm bein' honest Ralph," the builder replied. Ralph chuckled.

"Hey, I know, I'm just messing with you. In all these past thirty years I've never known you to tell a lie," the bigger guy said. Felix rolled his eyes but a smile graced his face as Ralph playfully nudged his shoulder. Giving a light punch back Felix walked over to his spot, held up his hammer and they all readied themselves for a player. Not a minute passed when a young boy came up to their game and deposited his quarters.

"And you know what else?" Ralph called before the game started. Felix glanced at his friend and saw the big guy smiling at him. "I've never seen you this happy either."

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