A Future's Past

AN: Well everyone, I'm BACK! Not for very long but long enough to give you a new story. I actually have two others that I keep nipping and picking at sometimes but I's really hard for me to settle at the moment. My education has become really hard. I've only just got time to think at the moment. My brain feels like it will explode if I don't give it an outlet soon. So here is my outlet, a little thing that's been playing out in my head to distract me from the mind numbing nature it's undertaken recently.

(Edit) Gone back now and changed it from script form to proper story so maybe you like it a bit more now.

This one is a little different from my normal style as well in that it is not a Rin/Sesshomaru love or friendship thing. It does have Sesshomaru in it but it's not even a glint of romance. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

The sound of battle could be heard all the way into the village but they didn't really pay much attention to it. After seven years of living with the half demon, they were used to it so they went on with their normal life.

Over in the forest, the two dog demon brothers were busy crashing swords in a clearing while at a large tree, several humans were sat looking strangely bored. Sango, Miroko, their children were sat around them with awe on their faces while Kagome sat leant on a tree watching the fight.

Suddenly the bushes behind them shifted and the small little fox demon appeared and jumped onto Kagome's shoulder. "So… what's going on?"

Shifting the hands she was leant on, Kagome sighed. "Oh, Sesshomaru just turned up and started fighting. Nothing too new."

Miroku gave a strange sound as he walked away. "He said it was something to do with something InuYasha said about… I dunno, I wasn't really listening."

"Me neither."

Innocently, Shippō tilted his head and looked at his bored friends then at the two fighting brothers. "Shouldn't we help InuYasha?"

"InuYasha can look after himself but we're here if he needs us."

Sango looked at them for a moment before looking over at the youngest of them. "You know Kagome, I don't think Sesshomaru really wants to hurt him. I mean, there is power in his attacks but… Sesshomaru doesn't appear to be aiming for the kill."

Kagome nodded, her eyes closed. "Yeah, I figured that out as well. I'd even go as far as to say Sesshomaru is just here for something to do."

Lowering his head to the three children sat by his feet, Miroku kept an eye on their wide eyes. "I agree. Ever since Naraku was destroyed there hasn't been any who could really challenge Sesshomaru. Other than InuYasha of course. I'd say this will go on until Sesshomaru knocks InuYasha off his feet. Then he'll say something about not being worth the time then leave."

"Yep. Sesshomaru has come a long way since the time we met him."

Moving his eyes to the trees, Shippō looked from side to side. "Hey, where's Jaken?"

Her eyes opened slowly as Kagome looked over at the little fox demon beside her. "Sesshomaru probably made him stay with Rin back at his palace."

Grabbing the waist of one of her children, Sango huffed and rolled her eyes. "If you ask me, he should be with her, not here picking a fight with InuYasha. I mean, she is his mate now."

Kagome sighed as well. "She's still so young… back in my time 14 year olds don't get married and have kids!"

"It is his first right?"

"Yep. I hope she's alright."

Across the clearing, Sesshomaru crosses blades once more with InuYasha. Neither of them looked tired but both held a glint in the eyes. As if they were enjoying it. After holding the block, Sesshomaru pushed a little harder and forced InuYasha back a step.

Sesshomaru grinned as he turned the blade towards her. "You have become stronger little brother. But not strong enough."

"Oh really? Then why am I still standing? Arrogant pric."

"Pathetic half-breed."

"Says the guy about to have one!"

Growling Sesshomaru stepped back and pushed even harder as Bakusaiga begins to glow with lightning, his anger clear on his face. "My child will be nothing like you."

Suddenly the others sat forward with shock as Shippō cowered behind Kagome's shoulder. "Epp, now InuYasha's done it."

Concerned, Sango looked at her husband with a snap in her eyes. "Miroku…"

Miroku nodded before picking up two of his children while Sango picked up the last and they quickly step back into the tress. Meanwhile Kagome stood with Shippō on her back and stared at the now sparking blade, her eyes wide with fear.

Sesshomaru stepped back to swing the sword of destruction when the lighting around Bakusaiga changes colour, the green becoming red. This drew the attention of everyone as the cracking grew louder, the lightening growing larger and deeper as it hung to the sword before congealing on the tip and shooting off into the air and striking the floor by a tree, drawn into the roots.

InuYasha blinked as he watched the strange behaviour. "What the…"

As he spoke, a bolt of lightning turned and struck right where Bakusaiga's charge had vanished. The air around it starts to fizz and spiral, distorting the air and becoming a portal of darkness with lighting sizzling at the edges.

Kagome, Shippo, Sesshomaru and InuYasha all turned to look at the portal as it began to wobble and break apart, busting into a blinding light. Everyone, even Sesshomaru squinted or covered their eyes from the intensity of the light as it shone for a few seconds.

Once able, they looked and saw a woman standing in the clearing. She had short, ear length blonde hair and bright blue eyes while she wore a dark blue cat suit with grey boots that hung to her body like a second skin. For a short moment she looked around with a confused, almost shocked look on her face. "De go see nal."

"Wa?" InuYasha blurted.

Meanwhile, Sesshomaru turned his blade to the woman. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Blinking, the woman looked down at her wrist and began tapping away at something then looked up again. "Sorry about that. Translation software was a little fried from the jump." The others just stared in amazement, as if she was still speaking a different language but the woman was looking at her wrist again. "What? I… I'm miles from where I should have be. When I get back there I am going to beat…"

Sesshomaru growled a little at her. "Who are you?"

The blue of her eyes shone a brighter colour for a moment in the forest light but then the woman looked back down. "No one. Pretend you didn't see me."

"Are you here to cause trouble?" the half demon snapped, holding the hilt of his sword tighter. "You're not a demon but… well…"

The woman smiled, shifting her weight a little. "What? You look like you've never seen a woman come through a time and space portal InuYasha. And yes, I know who you are."

A little startled, InuYasha frowned. "How?"

"I'm from the future. About three thousand years from now. I've come back to get something."

Sesshomaru frown deepen as he sheathed the blade, turning to leave. "I have no time for idiots like this."

"What! Sesshomaru get back here! We haven't finished our fight!"

The woman flinched a little all of a sudden. "Sesshomaru? You… you are Lord Sesshomaru?"

Stopping Sesshomaru turns to face her and scrowled. "Do you know me?"

A small smile lit up her face as she shook her head. "No. I've only heard of you. History over looks you for a very long time, my lord. But we remember… one day."

"Riddles." He muttered then continued to leave, vanishing into the trees like a ghost.

Once gone, the woman sighed and turned back to her wrist. "It'll take weeks for me to get there from here! Ah! I am really going to kick someone's ass when I get back!"

Steadily, Kagome stepped out from the trees, Shippō still hanging to her shoulder. "Umm… sorry… who are you?"

Her eyes snapped up from her wrist and gave a bright and friendly smile. "Oh. I am sorry, where are my manners? My name's Abigail. You must be Kagome."

"Yes. But how do you know that?"

"You're quite a revolutionary to my time. You were the inspiration behind Sōta Higurashi theories for time travel and his theories lead to more accurate ones which eventually narrowed down to calculations that enable people to look back into history, seeing the world for what really happened. But some people, like me, can actually travel back in time."

Kagome looked very lost and confused but something in her speech had struck a chord. "My little brother?"

"He's known as one of the fathers of history. Literally! He helped lead the way into history."

"Wow. I never would have imagined. Sota…."

Transforming Tessaiga to its other form, InuYasha tilted his head to the woman. "So, you're from the future? Like Kagome?"

Abigail smiled as she nodded and shrugged. "Sort of yes. Kagome is only from five hundred years into the future. I'm from three thousand years into the future from this point in time."

"So… why are you here?"

Checking her wrist again, Abigail looked away from them both. "I need something from this time. Something that can only be found in this time. But I appear to be seriously off target. I have a theory as to why but… it's not important. What is important is that I get what I came for!"

Sensing adventure, InuYasha smiled. "What are you looking for?"

The smile on the woman's face dropped suddenly as she stared at him. "I really shouldn't involve you. I'm meant to limit my influence on the future as much as I can. But… since you two already know about the future, there repercussions are limited. Either way, I can't really tell you why I'm here."

Before much more could be said on the matter, Kagome stared up at the sky just as it began to darken all of a sudden. "Well, where ever you are going, it can wait until after the rain. Some on, let's get inside."

Shippō and InuYasha nodded and began to run towards the village but Abigail remained where she was for a moment, looking out into the trees, staring at them.

"Hey, you too Abby."

"Coming." She called, turning on the spot and running after them.