Act 2 Scene 6 Return

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Sesshomaru did his best to hold in the sigh while looking down at his arms while tightened his grip around the little thing he held. For the last four nights he hadn't slept, remaining in his constant watch over her.

In his heart he called her, Abigail but he never once let the word slid his lips. It was clear who she was, the mark on her cheeks, her ears and scent were just as the woman he had met over a month ago. But he told himself that he would not call her by name. She could not have a name. So each time Rin suggested a name, he'd brush it away or remain silent but each time it chipped at the love for them both. He remained as close as he could be to her, often abandoning his duties to be near the child.

He told no one what had or would happen. Not even Rin. And now she lay across the room, warm in her sheets, smiling as she hugged the pillow he normally rested on. A sad smile lit up his lips as he began to feel the air change.

He stood from the window and walked to the next room where he could already see the vortex of black light forming. It span before him for a moment then a figure appeared in a blinding flash.

This was a woman, in her late thirties with brown hair in a outfit like that his child had worn on her arrival. She stood, her eyes scanning the room before setting on him and the bundle in his arms.

"Oh dear."

The demon narrowed his eyes. "I know why you are here."


He stepped forward and stared at the traveller closer. "I know. You have come to take my child from me."

The woman's eyes widened a little and she physically swallowed. "You mean…? You know… but…? Who told you this?"

"She did."


"My daughter came back in time to get a weapon. Something to help her defeat the Salon, the… aliens you are fighting. You wish to turn her into a weapon."

The woman swallowed and took a step forward. "If you know all this… she must have told you that it…"

"It must happen. She said that. That what has happened must happen. I must allow her to be taken from me." His arm closed tighter around the bundle. "But what father would I be if I just allowed it? If I allowed you, some strange human to just… take my child?"

In just a few steps the woman ran over to him and stared up at him. "Lord Sesshomaru… your daughter is our only hope! I know you have no love for the human race…"

At those words, he snapped his eyes up from the baby to her. "Yes. I despise your whole stupid race. Only Rin is the exception and though her, my child; our daughter. In my eyes I would allow you all to die. But she spoke with pride and her voice was filled with commitment. I saw my blood in her eyes." he let out a soft breath and lowered his eyes to his arm. His hand held the cheek of his sleeping child before slowly lifting it up in his grip and kissed her forehead. His eyes closed as he tried to accept what he was about to do. He leant back and looked down on her. "Take her."

The woman blinked. "What?"

"Take her." He held her out a little, his hands holding her as lightly as he could.

The time traveller took a moment but then reached out and took the baby in her bundle. She let out a breath and rocked her for a moment, shushing in a soft tone. When the child had settled, she lifted her eyes to the demon. "Thank you my lord. You don't know what this means." She turned away from him to the portal.


"My lord?"

The demon narrowed his eyes, cold and bitter. "I have three conditions in allowing you to take her. My first is that you do not take another. My child will end your war. She will bring you peace and I am certain of that. However I will not allow you to cause another the pain you will cause both myself and my mate. Do I make myself clear?"

The woman nodded simply.

The demon lifted his head. "My second condition is simple. My child told me that she could be taken because she did not have a name. Since I have agreed to give her to you… I will name her, you will use it but it will never be spoken again." He took a breath and nodded. "She is Abigail. Do not allow her to be called anything but Abigail; no shortening, no changing it. Abigail and only Abigail."

The woman nodded again. "That… is simple enough. Your last condition?"

"My last conduction is for the future. Both mine and yours. When she is twenty, she will come back to this time… she will meet me and my half-brother… and with me, she will travel to the sword smith Tōtōsai and be crafted a weapon." He took a step forward and reached out for the baby, stroking her face. "This is the future for her and the past for me. As she must be taken from me… this must happen." His hand fell from her and he stepped back. "But I know… she will end your war. I have seen her skill and I know the power of her blood; of both side. My daughter… my joy… will save the human race. My condition… is that once your war is won; you allow her return to this time. You allow her to return to me… and her mother. Do I make myself clear?"

The woman took a deep breath and blinked several times. "I… I can't guarantee that. I mean… I have no idea how long the war will go on for… and even then…"

"Do I make myself clear? That is my word. Swear you will keep it and I will allow you to take her."

The woman lifted her head and held the child closer. "My swear my lord."

Slowly nodding, the demon kept an eye on the pair. "Then go."

With one more nod, the time traveller turned to the vortex, held the child tighter and stepped into the future.

On the other side, in the past, Lord Sesshomaru stared at where the place she had been before turning and walking to the bed. Rin lay there, blissfully unaware of what had happened. Stroking a hair off her face, he smiled sadly. "Don't worry Rin; she'll be fine."

Rin moaned and rolled over in her dreams, her hand grabbing him as it always did. She never wanted to be parted from him. He shifted to lie beside her and her head instinctively found his lap where it rested for the rest of the night.

When the dawn came, she yawned and stretched more animal like than human then smiled up at her mate. "Good morning my lord."

He didn't say anything but stroked her hair back. But her eyes closed and she sighed. "I better go feed the baby. Oh and I had a few new names for her."

The demon kept his silence as she stood up and moved to the small cot across the room. His heart broke when he saw her face drop and she lifted the cloth inside it. "Se…Sesshomaru? Sesshomaru where… where's the baby?"

Half of him wanted to run across the room and hold her but he sat there, his body cold and frozen.

Rin turned on the spot, tears in her eyes. "Where… where's the…. Where is she?"

His arms wrapped around her back, her face pressed into his chest. "Rin… don't worry."

"But where is she? Where's… our baby?"

His arms tightened around her but she was crying now. Rin was smart and her mothering side was far stronger than even Sesshomaru could have imagined. She knew. She knew their child was gone.

So she cried. She cried and screamed and begged that it wasn't true.

But it was.

Sesshomaru just stood and took her abuse and screams. It felt she was expressing herself for them both. He could feel himself wanting to destroy things, to scream and maybe even cry. His little girl was gone and he would…

He stopped. As did Rin.

Their attention was grabbed by a strange light emerging from the window, blocking out the morning sun. His eyes widened a little as he watched the vortex form until a shape emerged from it.

The whole world went silent as she looked up and smiled at them. "Right on target."

Sesshomaru let out a breath and released one arm on Rin, allowing her to fully see the strange woman.

Abigail smile fell a little as her eyes locked with the woman. "Hello."

Rin shook her head, her eyes narrow on the figure. "Who… who are you?"

"My… my name's Abigail."

"But who are you?"

The woman walked over to the younger one and reached out to hold her hand. "You know who I am."

Shyly Rin took hold of the woman's hand and looked at her fully, her eyes locking on the marks on her cheeks, the white ears and the hair she had as it hung over one eye. Her mind just couldn't process it. "You… you were a baby."

"I know. It's a very long story." she chuckled a little then turned to the demon. "As for you! What the hell do you think you were doing! You're bloody lucky the time lines righted themselves! Now because of your interference, I had to come back here and spend time with you!" Her breath escaped in a long sigh but then she jumped forward and wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you!"

Sesshomaru took a moment but then hugged her. "Abigail. It's good to see you again." He pushed her back and looked over her face, reaching out to her hair. But her hand grabbed his wrist, her gaze dropping to the floor.

Her hand dropped from his grip as she spoke. "It… it was war."

Slowly, he reached out to her face and pulled the curtain of hair away until it hung by her cheeks. Her left eye was covered with a strange skin like patch.

At his side, Rin gasped suddenly. "Your eye."

"What happened?"

"A… a salon ripped it right out of my head. If I didn't have such a strange blood type I could have had a replacement but…." She sighed loudly. "But it doesn't matter. The war is over now. Thanks your training it only took three years."

Sesshomaru slowly touched the edge of the patch and down to her cheek where he held her face gently. "How long are you staying?"

Abigail's face lit up. "Well, since the war is over, they have no real need for me anymore. They said they will summon me when they need me but they will pick different times in my life."

Rin blinked and grabbed the woman's arm. "You mean…"

"I'm here for good."

The woman squealed and grabbed her daughter in a tight hug, holding her as tight as she could. After a moment another pair of arms locked around them both and held them to his shoulders. For a moment the group were silent but then Sesshomaru leant over to the dog ears. "If you're staying, you're wearing our clothes."

"Oh come on dad!"


"It's Abby! And I liked being called Abby! Why did you have to change it!"

"A nick name is unbecoming of our kind."

Suddenly the woman pushed away from them both and jumped over to the door with a childish smile. "Says you Fluffy!"

As Rin held in a chuckle, the demon sped off after the girl who very quickly darted though the door and into the palace, her laughter filling the silent location.

For the next five years, Abigail lived in the westerner palace or travelled with her father around his land, dealing with trouble makers and pests. She disappeared four times in those years to deal with the future but she always returned to her family.

The end

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