Two Narutos from another dimension.

Konohagakure no Sato was peacefully resting in the afternoon's sun when two figures, clad in pretty distinctive garments, made their way through the main bustling street towards the Hokage's tower.

"I swear if this is a Genjutsu, I'm going to get someone's head on a spike," one of the two snarled. Dirty red and blond hair mixed together atop his head, while his cheeks were covered in black and white scales. A mantle with the kanji for sage stood flapping on his back, while he seemingly was wearing the Kage robes the same color as those of the Raikage.

The hat was under his arm, and the atmosphere around him was positively furious.

"Shut it. I'm the one who blames the Jubi." The other snapped. Grey hair and pure blue eyes, the resemblance with the Nidaime impossible to negate. He was donning blue colored plate armor, and the sword of the thunder god buzzed at his sight, sparking electricity around him as he walked. Above the armor stood the Hokage's mantle and hat and to that strange sight everyone actually stopped to stare.

Since the two seemed pretty keen on getting to the Hokage's tower, the Anbus were undecided on whether to intervene or wait and see how it would play off.

"Mah, Mah…" The lazy voice came from a silver haired shinobi that had just then gotten his three students out of the tower, with yet another boring D-rank mission.

"Sensei! It's just so unfair! I mean why must the super-cool me do these chores!?" Naruto's yell echoed through the street, only for Kakashi to roll his only visible eye.

"You baka!" Sakura screeched, hitting the boy on the head, "Sasuke-kun shouldn't be doing these things! You on the other hand should just quit being a shinobi altogether!"

The sudden increase in murderous intent reached a new height, as Kakashi himself found the need to lift up the sharingan and raise a kunai in defense of his students.

The two men in front of them were looking in a mixture of shock and anger at…the pink haired girl.

"Well, that rules it off as being a prank. Someone wants to die badly," Toruna commented drily, as the Nidaime no Sairai merely nodded back.

"I thought it could have been my daughter, but there aren't enough apples around to make it one of her trademark Genjutsus."

"So, how the hell did we get in here?" The black and white dressed shinobi asked the other, completely unfazed by the number of Anbus converging on the spot, or of Jounins reaching for the tower.

"I don't know, but you might have exaggerated with the chakra spike. I know you basically have nearly an entire Jubi in there, but was it necessary?" The grey haired man retorted, waving his right hand around them to display just the sheer number of ninjas that had them at kunai point. There were even the Jounin senseis, together with their students. All watching worriedly the scene.

"She was belittling us!" Toruna remarked, pointing at the trembling Sakura who was wide eyed and with tears in her eyes.

"She's a kid! From where I come from, she had the knack for jutsus," the Nidaime look-alike commented.

"Well, from where I come from, she got a scar following an encounter with missing-nins, and from there she pushed herself in becoming a medic-nin." Toruna replied smoothly.

"Anyway, you'd mind letting us go through?" They both commented towards Kakashi, "We have to see the Hokage."

"Ah…Well…he's…busy?" Kakashi tried with a light chuckle, his sharingan looking at the conjoint chakra of the two. That…that wasn't humanly possible.

"Hey you two bastards! Say sorry to Sakura-chan! You made her cry!" Naruto yelled, in his orange clad self.

"Did…Did he just yell?" Toruna muttered.

"Is he actually dressed in orange? It's not a Genjutsu right? Is this some sort of misdirection thing?" The Nidaime retorted, "I mean, blue is so much better."

"No-uh, black and white, or camouflage green and brown is fashion." Toruna shook his head vividly while speaking.

"Ehm, excuse me…" Kakashi tried once more to enter the conversation, but the two seemed to be bickering among themselves now.

"I can't believe you claim blue is better than black and white! Just look at how stylish I am!"

"Stylish!? That makes you sound like a girl! I'd have said shinobi-like!"

"Orange rules you two morons!" Naruto screamed back at the two, offended they were offending his favorite color.

"Naruto, please…avoid antagonizing other shinobis," especially if those are mad and powerful, Kakashi's thought was cut off when both turned to point their fingers at Naruto, of all people.

"Oh please! At least our colors blend with the environment somehow!" They both spoke in unison, before taking one more step forward towards the boy. Only for the Sandaime to actually appear in front of Naruto, and to that…both men froze.

"And what is going on here, gentlemen?"

Silence echoed in the clearing for a mere moment, before Toruna simply dispelled his Genjutsu around his face.

The Nidaime look alike instead applied a light coloring of his hair with a henge, and with that…

There was a collective gasp in the surrounding shinobi forces.

"Mi…Minato?" The Sandaime's question was soon added to another, coming from Kakashi.


"The Yondaime?" Many murmurs reached through the crowd, before a double snort was heard.

"HELL NO!" they both crossed their arms in front of their chests, "We're NARUTO!"

That was when a certain shy Hyuga Heiress suddenly fell on the ground, sporting the most massive blood loss of the century. Anko suddenly licked her lips at the sight. Kurenai rolled her eyes at the antiques of two…kids. While Kiba opened his mouth but couldn't muster anything. Shino merely stood quiet.

Shikamaru sighed. Chouji munched down on food as usual. Ino had some sort of half predator-like smirk. Half the Anbus suddenly dreaded the possible increase in pranks.

The other half actually queried the truth of the statement.

"I am Naruto, adopted son of the Raikage of Kumo, A, known also as Toruna of the snakes, best tracker of the land of iron, snake sage trained by Hakuja Sennin himself, changer of the snake ways, Godaime Raikage of Kumogakure…at least, in my dimension…oh, and I'm also the Jinchuuriki of the Bijuus all except the eighth and the second…furthermore I have the Rinnegan…" Sheepishly, the Genjutsu on his eyes gave way to the circular pattern of the famous Doujutsu.

"I, on the other hand," the Nidaime look-alike spoke, "am Naruto Senju, Godaime Hokage of Konoha, SSS-rank threat, evacuate on sight, master of the water and wind release, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, known in all of the elemental countries as the Nidaime no Sairai, the Ghost lance, the Frozen Wave, the Murasaki Hokage, the Blood stained Hokage, the slaughterer of Iwagakure and the bringer of peace across the elemental countries!" With that, the two hand-clapped each other, before turning to stare for a brief moment at the gaping crowd.

"And this is to all who claimed we had no potential! Take this!" Toruna did, indeed, 'flip the bird'.

The Nidaime no Sairai merely sighed, shaking his head before taking a step closer to Hiruzen.

"Well…that's pretty much it. Two Narutos from another dimension, double addition, triple the content!"

The cheesy smile and grin was enough, indeed, to send the remaining half population of Anbu on a screeching round. Some things were just…not done.

"I…I think I'm going to take a vacation…" Hiruzen whispered, before taking his hat and handing it over to the Nidaime.

"Hokage-sama!" Ebisu exclaimed, only for both the grey haired shinobi and Hiruzen to turn at the same time.


"Not you! Sandaime-sama! You can't be serious! They might be spies! They might be lying!" as Ebisu pointed that out, Hiruzen raised an eyebrow.

"If their resemblance to the fourth isn't enough, then do please notice they both have whisker marks? And if they both have the Kyuubi within them, then how the hell can they not be Naruto? From another dimension!? I'm going on a vacation. He's the new Godaime. Have fun!" Then the hat was hastily pressed into the hands of the Nidaime-Naruto, who sheepishly took it.

"So…slaughterer of Iwa?" Kakashi was actually the first one to get himself back from the shock, the startle and the sudden disappearance in a flash of smoke of the Sandaime.

"Well…the Kyuubi's power isn't there only to flash red chakra, you know?" The Nidaime grinned at that, while Toruna rolled his eyes.

"Duh. Rinnegan and Shinra Tensei do pretty much the same thing… Wait, what day is it? I've got to go save this dimension's Kuro! How can I start my army of snakes if I don't save my friend!?" The next second, the man disappeared in a flash.

"Don't ask me," the Nidaime no Sairai replied, raising a hand to avoid the incoming barrage of question, "I still didn't get all of it from him, but it's enough to understand that it wasn't his fault or mine. So I'm letting it drop." Two hand symbols later, and ten Kage Bunshins sprung to life around the newly appointed Godaime.

"Go and fight paperwork, my minions! I'm having a nice, little, chat with the orange eyesore…" The Nidaime-Naruto commented, sporting a wicked grin, as the eyesore in question gulped down nervously.

"Hey! Well...I'm awesome 'ttebayo!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Hn! It's clear the dobe is still a dobe, no matter what dimension he's from," Sasuke commented, "I could defeat him in a moment."

"Dead." Naruto-Nidaime stated, his Raijin humming right next to the Uchiha's throat, "And by the way, I beat your arrogance out of you through twenty near-mortal sparring sessions. Trust me: I'll go through them again until you get back into a normal non-whiny and non-arrogant shape if I have a say in it."

"Sasuke-k…" Sakura was suddenly cut off by Toruna, having reappeared while…cooing a black snake.

"Got him! Now don't you worry a thing Bro! I'm getting you back to full health…a quick visit to the land of Waterfall and everything's going to be alright!"

"Ehm…could you remove the Raijin from my student's neck, please?" Kakashi queried with his usual laid-back attitude, albeit he kind of wanted to try that 'twenty near-mortal sparring sessions' thing. Maybe they could actually work?

"That just doesn't…" Sasuke didn't finish the sentence, as a sharp knee hit to the stomach sent him reeling on the ground.

"Dead again."

"That's…" A kick to the boy's side flung him against the wall of the Hokage's tower.

"And dead once more! Man it brings back the memories…call for a medic! Meanwhile," cracking his neck by moving it from side to side, "I'm going to talk with Naruto here about 'potential' and 'what he could be doing instead of being dressed in orange'."

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura screeched, moving towards her fallen teammate.

"I'd suggest starting her on medic-nin training," Toruna pointed out, having reappeared once more in a flash, before chuckling grimly. A moment later, he turned his gaze towards…Anko.


The next second, the snake mistress was outright hugged by the man and made to spin around.

"Hey! Calm this shit down!" The woman shrieked visibly embarrassed.

"Hey look! It's Chouji! He's still alive!" The Nidaime, or better yet one of his Kage Bunshins, commented after appearing from a corner.

That did make some chips stick to the Akimichi's throat, turning him a light shade of green.

"Hey! Where's Yakumo?" Toruna queried, looking around, "She's not a part of the team? And where's…the bastard?" The snake sage shivered, just as the Kage Bunshin of the Nidaime did the same.

"Oh man, I feel you. Mine at least had an inkling of good in him."

"The bastard?" Kakashi queried, having forgotten about the D-rank mission, just like half of Konoha who was easily munching on pop-corn while looking at the rants of the two grown men…or the fact that the real Nidaime no Sairai had taken Naruto to a private spot to have a nice chat with him.

"The Yondaime, Minato Namikaze! He was a tyrant! Forced slavery seals on my poor self!" Toruna whined, only for the Nidaime to retort.

"Heck, he forced Anko-chan to marry me after ordering her on a long term seduction mission: and that without Danzo using his stolen Mangekyou sharingan to mentally control me."

Somehow, the Yami of shinobi was trying to tiptoe his way out of the village when he was ambushed by the real Nidaime no Sairai.

A head rolling later and Naruto was shell-shocked for life with the blood covering him head from toe.

"Good, now take this highly traumatic experience and get something completely different from the loud and brash knucklehead stereotype!" The real Nidaime-Naruto exclaimed, happily patting the boy's back.

And then the two simply disappeared in a flash of light.

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