Summary: Marco decides to get under the Leon's skin by getting to one of the Deuce's friends. What happens when he starts to actually like her as more than a piece of bait? Can he admit it or will he keep pushing?

Rated: M for violence, domestic abuse and language.

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Chapter One:

"Hey Joe Joe." Leon said as he opened their front door.

Joanne Poletti stood outside of the door holding a paper grocery bag in her slender arms, filled with food to make him, his mom and Bobby dinner. She was a pretty little thing standing only about five foot three with whirling brunette hair that hung just below her shoulders and big brown eyes. Scooch's cousin had come to live with her uncle and his family about two and a half ears ago after her parents had died in a car crash.

She'd gotten to know the Deuce boys fast and got along with them and their girls well. She took care of them after fights and came when they needed help with family problems…like tonight. Anything to avoid being in her abusive alcoholic uncles house. A few times she had shown up with bruises from taking her little cousins beatings and the boys had roughed her uncle up for it.

"Hey Leon." She replied, shifting the bag as she came into the dirty apartment. "Where's Bobby?"

"In his room." Leon replied taking the bag from her and following her to the kitchen. "Was screaming and yelling at his mother like he was howling at a moon."

Joanne nodded and looked at the broken glass on the floor and the rest of the mess. The two boys were no house keepers and their mother was still going through the grief of losing Ali Boy three years ago. "Take it easy on him Leon. He's just having a tough time."

"Everyone's having a tough time." Leon muttered, lighting a smoke as she started to take things out of the grocery bag. He watched her as he thought about Marco getting out soon. He thought about the bruised that he was sure Joe was hiding for her smart mouth. Yeah, they were all having a tough time these days. "Thanks for doing this."

Joanne smiled at him. "Yeah it's no problem Leon. I've got this."

Leon nodded and sat down with a sigh. "Everything alright at home?" He asked her.

Joanne shrugged her tiny shoulders under the white sleeveless top she was wearing. "I wouldn't know…kind of avoid being there." She reminded him.

Leon nodded and lit up a cigarette, leaning back into the chair. "Scooch at home?" He asked her.

Joanne frowned and shook her head. "Not while I'm not there he's not." She practically spat. When she had moved in it wasn't a surprise that her uncle was just like his brother, her father, had been the same way. She'd be damned if her little cousin took the abuse that she had been getting since before she could walk. "He's at Willies."

Leon grunted getting up. "I gotta go take care of some business…take care of my mom?"

Joe turned to him and nodded with her hands on her hips. "Yeah of course. I'll leave the left overs in the oven for you. I'll straighten up in a bit in here too."

Leon nodded and grabbed her by the back of the neck, kissing her forehead hard. "Don't know what we would do without you little sister." He muttered against her forehead.

Marco took a deep chug of his beer as he looked around his welcome home party. Yeah plenty of pieces here that he could tap tonight…after he was done with his business. He switched his beer for his smoke as he leaned over the pool table. "How do I get at em. Get under their skin?" He asked.

The other man, Johnny gripped onto the pool stick. "That's easy Marco. That little kid Scooch and his cousin."

"What the fucks a Scooch?"

"That drunk ass hole Gino's kid and niece. Treats the mut like he's his fucking father and her like she's a baby sister. Fucking pretty little piece of ass too. All sweet and innocent looking when she aint bruised up or talking." Johnny responded with a little smirk.

Marco nodded, bobbing his head as a little, sadistic smile appeared on his lips. "Bruised up huh? Easy pickings."

The man raised his eyebrows in consideration. "Yeah if her mouth ever stops flapping. She was my girl I'd pop her one in the face too."

Marco nodded and pulled the smoke away from his lips, gripping the other man's shoulder tight. "I can think of a few ways to get her mouth to stop moving." He said with a smirk. "Where can I find her?"

The other man thought for a minute. "She works at the florists shop off of 9th. She's there all the time when she ain't she's with Leon or another one of those little pussy's."

Marco swayed on his feet, still holding the smoke in between his fingers. "She steady with any of em?"

Johnny snorted. "No, Leon would have a fit if any of them disrespected her in any way."

Marco brought the smoke up to his lips and nodded. "Good shot."

Marco leaned against one of the buildings as he watching the girl through the windows of Willies. He exhaled into the shadowed night air as she sat in front of one of the Deuce boys and cleaned off his open and bloody knuckles while talking to him. She didn't need to focus. It looked like she had done this a million times before.

Johnny was right. He'd followed her over from the florist a few blocks down the street, watching her walk with his head tilted to the side. She was wearing a pair of black three quarter pants that hugged her little ass perfectly as he walked behind her and did his best not to draw attention. She was small with nice little curves. Her perky little breasts were just enough to fit into his hands and her hips had a nice little innocent sway to them as she walked.

Now that he wasn't just looking at her body he had the time to look at her face. It was just as sweet as the rest of her, soft looking with just a tint of black eyeliner. Her lips were pink instead of red and off set her Italian light olive skin perfectly. She looked up at the enemy she was taking care of with big shinning brown eyes and a head of chestnut hair, half of it pinned over her ear with two bobby pins and light waves.

He smirked to himself as he watched her lips move in the window. Tapping that to piss with Leon wouldn't be any big sacrifice on his part. In fact he might just try and sleep with her a few times before throwing her back over to Leon with a broken heart.

He smirked at his own little plan before flicking his cigarette butt away and slipping into the shadows.