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Chapter Twenty Six:

One Month later:

Joe looked at the black dress in the mirror, soothing it out over her hips and healed side. She closed her eyes for a long minute. This was his own fault. He'd done this to himself. She had tried to warn him, his brothers had tried to warn him but he kept pushing. They lived a dangerous life and dealt with dangerous people. No one was a knight in shining armor and he couldn't expect that. She still couldn't help the wave of sadness that passed through her.

Opening her eyes she saw Marco leaning in the doorway, watching her body as she continued to fix the dress. When she had asked him that if he had had anything to do with it he hadn't bothered to lie. He knew Fritzy was gunning for him but hadn't been part of the actual hit himself. They had all known it. Hell even she had known it. He rubbed his lips as his blue eyes took her in from the tips of her toes up the deep cut of the back of the dress, along the line of her neck. Finally he caught her eyes in the mirror. "You sure you want to go to this?" He asked her.

Joe nodded. "He was my friend…they all were."

"Take one of the guys with you." He didn't want her there alone. It would cause a stir if it was him that went and be seen as mocking. She didn't want that.

Joe shook her head with a little smile at him in the mirror. "And who's going to volunteer to go to a deuce funeral."

Marco shrugged. "Ask Philly. He follows you around like a god waiting for his bone. I've never seen a man with more of a mother complex to you."

Joe shook her head and laughed. "It's a funeral Marco…I don't want to be disrespectful and start something. Plus Scooch will be there." She stopped for a moment as he came up behind her, hands moving down over the outside of her thighs before coming back up over the backs of them and pulling the hem of the dress up with them. She closed her eyes. "I am going to start looking for apartments…now that Leon's gone he needs to be with someone. Betsy has enough shit of her plate…" She stopped and tried not to grin as his hands squeezed her ass.

Marco licked his lip as he looked down at where his hands gripped her before looking up in the mirror. "You wanna move out?" He asked her coldly over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow.

Joe shivered but tried to hold onto her composure as Marco kneaded into the backs of her thighs with his fingers. His look clearly said 'you really think I'm going to let that happen?' "I don't want to but Scooch…"

His breath was hot on her ear as he leaned in and nipped at the corner of it. "You're not leaving." He murmured low. "That means the kid has to stay here than fat fuck Philly can give up his room. He's been living off me long enough." His fingers slide the pair of black panties down.

Joe shook her head to herself, leaning it back against his chest. "I can't let you do that…you're already sending me to nursing school…"

Marco kicked her legs apart, making her lift up her foot to rid them of the black lacy material. "You know better than to fight me. Besides one of us has to at least appear respectable." He told her with a little smirk, nipping her jaw.

Joe let out a little smile. "Marco I have to go to this-"

"You'll be late." He murmured as he undid his belt. He let his pants drop to the floor, kicked her legs farther open and bent his knees before thrusting up into her powerfully.

Joe moaned at the sudden fullness and fell forward onto the dresser as he grabbed her hips. "Fuck…" She hissed out as he withdrew and pushed into her again. Since she had gotten her stitches out there was no way to keep them both satisfied. And they tried…vigorously. All the time. Still it was as though the moment they were done neither could wait to get back at each other again.

He always looked like he was about to say something to. Not even during sex…more like every time he looked at her or caught her looking over at him; every night when they were about to fall asleep.

He groaned at the feeling of her clenching tightly around him, watching her in the mirror in front of him as she pushed back against him hard fast and wanting. Gripping a handful of her hair he gave it a swift tug up, concaving her back so that the angle switched and he could see her face in the mirror. Her mouth was open slightly, fighting back a scream of pleasure with her teeth scrapping the edge. Her cheeks flushed and her eyes squeezed closed.

"Open your eyes." He commanded with a panting breath of his own. "Watch."

Joe made a gasping noise. She couldn't…couldn't watch the look of pleasure on his face, the pulsing in his neck, the way his shoulders worked without cumming and he knew it.

"Joe!" She finally opened her wide eyes and caught his in the mirror as his thrusts slowly down. His tongue flicked out across his bottom lip as he looked down and watched himself disappear into her again. She made a whimpering sound and he looked up and her face again in the mirror. Her breasts pressed against the hard surface and he groaned as he watched the dress snag and nearly release them to him. Reaching the hand that wasn't in her hair around her waist he shimmied it up the dress and rubbed them in time with his thrusts.

Joe felt her head face forward and he pulled it back again, forcing her to watch as she got closer. She clenched around him purposefully and he hissed a sound of appreciation before his face fell to her back and kissed the skin there. "Don't do that!" He halfheartedly whispered.

Joe gave something close to a satisfied gasping giggle and pushed up on her hands. He released her hair and wrapped the arm around her chest, still watching them in the reflection of the mirror as her arm came up around his neck.

"Marco please!" She begged, pushing her ass back against his hips hard to make him go faster.

He growled and pushed her forward again, slamming her chest onto the dresser. "You're so rough!" He chuckled sadistically as he slammed into her hard and pushed down on her clit.

Joe fought to keep her eyes open, blinking as heat clenched at every part of her. "God…" She panted as she fought the searing orgasm that threatened to overtake her.

Marco gritted his teeth and pulled her head back up next to his as he leaned over her. "Don't fight it…" He purred in her ear, lips and teeth skimming the skin behind it.

Joe gave in…she always did when she felt his breath on her ear. He turned her chin back to the mirror, watching them both give into the overpowering wave of pleasure.

Joe let out a long breath as father Aldo finished the service. She gripped Scoochs shoulders in front of her as she felt her cousin shake with tears he was trying to hold back. "Go say good bye to Bobby Scooch." She whispered.

Scooch nodded as she sighed and the father came up to her. "Joanne." Father Aldo said. "Thank you for coming…I know things were hard."

"That doesn't make it right to forget about people." She murmured running her hand along the coffin. She looked back up. "I would have stayed with both of them if they'd let me. But he didn't."

Aldo nodded. "Pride…revenge…they are horrible things."

Joe nodded and pushed a tear away from her face, forcing a smile. "I'll see you around father." She muttered.

She spent the next half hour talking to everyone, catching up awkwardly. She had seen some of them around, coming into the shop or on the street. This was just as awkward as the rest of the encounters. Kind words, pleasantries. They didn't ask her about Marco or things that might bring up old wounds.

Taking a deep breath she looked over at one of the tree's off to the side, a bit away from everyone else. "I'll see you all around." She muttered, walking over towards the sound of a lighter clicking. Sticking her head around the trunk she let out a little smile at the man standing behind it. "You didn't have to come." She told him.

Marco tapped off the smoke and nodded, looking down at the falling ash. "I know you didn't want him to die." He told her.

"I didn't want you to die either." Joe reminded him. She glanced around to make sure that no one was looking before stepping up and against him. Marco nodded and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, turning his head to the side to finish smoking. She leaned her cheek on his collarbone and closed her eyes to banish the people walking by in their black attire and crying.

Licking her lips she finally pulled her head away and pushed her single tear drop away. "I should go find Scooch…figure out that he wants to do." She muttered, wrapping her arms around herself and looking back at the dissipating group of people.

Marco frowned and pushed the butt of the smoke into the tree. He didn't like seeing her upset. Not at all. He hadn't even wanted her to come to this thing and let it upset her. She nodded to herself when he didn't answer and leaned forward, placing a small kiss on his cheek in a silent gesture to thank him for a little bit of support that neither of them wanted to admit was needed.

Joe inhaled the smell of the fresh cigarette on his skin and breath as comfort before moving to pull away. His hand shot up and grabbed the back of her head, holding her there just like he had months ago. He licked his lips for a moment before placing his lips close to her ear, telling her a soft, close to silent secret that they both knew.