Does anyone need a beta reader for KHR?

I've been beta reading for a while now but since I have recently made a new account, I am unable to put my beta profile up yet. I am willing to beta just about any pairing anyone can come up with, as long as it's Yaoi, because I just don't tend to beta straight pairings to the same standard.

If anyone is interested, please PM me and I'll reply within 24 hours usually. :)

Thanks for reading and to make up for this little advert, here's a tiny 1827 drabble;

Disclaimer: I'm legally obligated to state that though I wish this was mine, KHR does not belong to me. :P

'Hibari?' Tsuna no longer stuttered in the presence of his Cloud Guardian, the Mafia life allowing him to ensure some semblance of privacy with his thoughts. Inside he was a mess, and it was hard to keep the blush from rising into his cheeks.

Hibari was coming closer, taking long confident steps toward the Boss, expressionless with hard grey eyes betraying nothing. They were alone outside, and they had both come out onto the large balcony in order to escape the volume of the thriving Vongola party inside. Hibari had been out first, as was expected of the carnivore with low tolerance for disorder and 'herbivorous behaviour', and he was actually surprised to see the cute omnivore coming outside too.

Tsuna had seen Hibari but known that he shouldn't approach, so he settled for standing on one side of the dark balcony, sneaking peeks at the handsome man stood at the other side. He noticed that Hibari's gaze had been focused on him for quite some time, but chose to ignore it as best he could in fear of being bitten to death. Even after ten years, he still feared the former Prefect in some ways.

It startled Tsuna out of his thoughts when he caught movement in the corner of his eye, and when he turned to face Hibari he was shocked to find the man in question on his way towards him. Sure he had done nothing wrong, the brunette relaxed, letting go of any fear he held despite being unable to rid himself of the butterflies in his stomach.

Before Tsuna could protest, or panic too much, Hibari has closed the distance between them. Tsuna's heart was beating wildly in his chest, as was Hibari's, and the raven leaned down and caught the slightly parted lips of the younger man with his own. Tsuna felt arms wrap around him and this was all it took for him to respond after stilling from the shock of Hibari Kyoya actually kissing him. Their tongues explored and their breaths merged until Tsuna pulled away with eyes full of questions.

He was shocked to find a small smile tugging up the corners of the mouth of the man he loved and the murmured words were as much a love confession as anything.

'You're mine now.'


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