Part 1: Got To Be

Kurt and Blaine take advantage of living alone in New York. (Rated: M)

It is rare occurrences like these that Kurt has to cherish; sparse moments of pleasure with her girlfriend. New York is her dream and it is now coming true. It has been for the past year. But with the craziness the city brings and the insanity of , moments with Blaine are the only thing that keep her grounded, that remind her that this is all real. They show that this is finally coming together, Blaine being the concluding piece missing in the puzzle of her New York life.

It's the last week of July and the first week of them in their new apartment together. Soon NYADA will be added into the crazy blur that is Kurt's life and Blaine will begin studying at NYU. Everything is falling into place.

They sit in the small bathtub of their tiny apartment, barely fitting yet unwilling to give up on having small treats such as these; simple things that they are able to enjoy of now that there is no need to hide from overprotecting fathers, judgmental parents or nosy brothers.

Blaine presses her back against Kurt's chest, the already lukewarm water sloshing around them. Kurt hums, content, and wraps her arms around Blaine's shoulders, pulling her even closer. She places a kiss to Blaine's damp hair and takes a moment to nuzzle her nose into the dark, wet locks. She chuckles, laughter disappearing against Blaine's scalp.

"I can't believe your shampoo is called göt2b kinky," she teases, making Blaine duck her head, surely blushing.

"See why I never showed you my hair care products before?" Blaine mumbles against Kurt's arm, shyly pressing her lips to the inner part of her elbow. Kurt laughs harder and Blaine smacks her thigh, to which Kurt only hugs her closer, brushing a kiss to the side of Blaine's neck. "And you haven't even seen my mousse," Blaine adds quietly, despite Kurt's continued laughter.

"How bad could it be, göt2b kinkier?" Kurt asks playfully, earning immediate silence from Blaine. She raises her head, gasping out a dry laugh. "That's the name, isn't it?" The prolonged silence is the only answer she gets and she laughs even harder, her body shaking and making the water splash over the sides of the tub.

"Stop it!" Blaine protests through Kurt's laughter, "I though you liked my curls."

"I do, I do," Kurt assures, peaking over Blaine's shoulder to see her girlfriend pouting, making her giggle in spite of her comforting tone. "I'm not laughing at you, baby."

"Oh, really? Because, let me say, you disguise it pretty well!"

"Blaine," Kurt says, moving one of her hands to rub up and down Blaine's arm in a consoling gesture. "I think it's adorable, sweetheart."

Blaine huffs out indignantly, possibly trying to ignore Kurt's compliment, though the smile in her tone gives her away when she says, "Well, you should try harder at showing it then."

Kurt giggles against Blaine's shoulder, sucking a kiss to the skin. "I just think," she says in a more serious tone, the hand on Blaine's arm running all the way under the water to Blaine's wrist. "The name is much attuned with its owner." She finishes by lifting Blaine's hand out of the water, bringing it to her mouth to place a kiss over the knuckles.

"Is that so?" Blaine asks with a teasing lilt noticeable in her voice.

Kurt just hums a reply, letting go of Blaine's hand in favor of placing both of hers on Blaine's thighs, kneading the pliant muscles.

Blaine sighs, letting her head fall back on Kurt's shoulder to reveal a small smile on her face. Her arms come to rest on the edges of the small bathtub and she uses the leverage to push herself up a bit, spreading her legs at much as the limited space can provide.

Kurt complies with a small whisper of, "Very kinky." She dips her hands between Blaine's slightly spread legs and runs her fingers over Blaine's inner thighs. The skin is always so soft there, now even softer with its time submerged in the bathwater.

Blaine has always been so sensitive on her inner thighs; Kurt's touch always making her shiver, sigh and sometimes even moan loudly. Right now she releases a soft sigh, visible goose bumps spreading through her body.

Blaine's reaction turns Kurt's lips into a satisfied smile, making her a bit bolder in her movements; the press of her fingers rougher, the journey of her hands coming closer to Blaine's center with each passing second. She begins to rub right at the crease where Blaine's thigh ends, pressing harder at the sensitive skin. Kurt's other hand comes to rest on Blaine's stomach, her nails scratching lightly just under the surface of the water. The initially abundant bubbles are gone now – disappearing against their skin and vapidly crowding the edges of the tub – so Kurt can see more than feel the muscles of Blaine's torso when they tense under her touch, eyes surely fluttering shut the moment her next elongated sigh leaves her lips.

Kurt then caresses the skin soothingly and Blaine relaxes back onto her body, opening her legs wider – as much as the bathtub can afford, at least – in indication of wishful thinking.

However Kurt is feeling particularly evil today and she keeps her hands where they are, the same torturous caresses teasing Blaine to no end. She begins to drop kisses along the slope of Blaine's neck; short, sweet pecks that would usually make Blaine giggle, but seem to only add to her frustration at the moment.

Blaine's breaths are becoming harsh and after a few minutes she groans out, frustration laced in her tone. She tilts her hips forward until Kurt's fingers press against her clit and breaths out a long sigh of sure relief. Kurt giggles into the skin of Blaine's neck, giving in and beginning to rub intently at the swollen nub.

Kurt builds a slow but steady pace, the sounds cascading from Blaine's lips – moans and groans mixed with lusciously sensual sighs ricocheting from the tiled walls and humming around their bodies like a steady chant – making it hard to continue the leisurely rhythm.

Blaine leans her head to the side, eyes closed and a blissful smile of her lips. She leans her flushed cheek against Kurt's collarbone, the heat seeping through Kurt's usually cold skin. Her smile only widens when Kurt hand slinks lower, cycling around the soft skin of her entrance. She breathes deeply through her nose, melting deeper into Kurt's embrace before whispering, "Kiss me."

Kurt happily complies, leaning down and meeting her lips to Blaine's and smiling at the soft smack that greets her ears. Blaine leans back to deepen the kiss and Kurt follows her lips, latching her mouth onto Blaine bottom lip and sucking intently. Her hands find purchase on Blaine's inner thighs, using the leverage to hoist her onto her lap and stretching her legs further, Kurt's legs now resting between Blaine's.

Blaine pulls back from the kiss, laughing against Kurt's mouth when water a sizeable amount of water rushes over the edge of tub. "You know I just cleaned the bathroom, right?" she asks, receiving a giggled Shush you, I'll mop it later from Kurt. She moves to mouth along Kurt's long throat, little nips and sucks that make Kurt bite her lip in pleasure. Fingers land again on Blaine's clit, now working her over purposefully. Kurt lets two fingers slip into Blaine, making her bite down on Kurt's neck, hard.

Kurt yells out, exhaling heavy breaths into the cool air. She pumps her fingers in and out of Blaine, her walls clenching around her fingers. Minutes later she feels when Blaine thrusts her hips forward, riding Kurt's hand desperately. Kurt slips a third finger in and fucks her roughly, making Blaine moan even louder, surely audible to their neighbor's ears.

Blaine's trembling by now, shaking in the cool water lapping around their bodies. Short gasps and long moans fall from her mouth right before she comes, squeezing around Kurt's fingers when her arousal snaps, making her scream out her orgasm and then slump back into the water.

Kurt removes her fingers from Blaine's pussy, moving her hands to Blaine's sides and petting her submersed body. She coos hushed I love yous, words of encouragement and affection that she knows make Blaine smile.

After a while Blaine sits up, turning in the water and straddling Kurt's hips. Blaine hand comes up to cups Kurt's jaw, mouth pressing quickly against Kurt's. Kurt feels her lips pulse as Blaine hums, pulling away and brushing her thumb along Kurt's jaw. "Why don't he dry off and venture into the bedroom to see just how kinky I can be?"

Kurt laughs out lout at that, head falling back and hair dangling over the edge of the tub. She leans up for a sweet peck before her hands squeeze at Blaine's hips, guiding her out of the bathtub and into their waiting bedroom.