Part 3: In The Almost Darkness

Kurt and Blaine rebel in the perks of being on their own. (Rated: M)

They're still getting used to this whole on their own thing. Having no curfews to bound them or parents in the next room that might be able to hear. No more are there nosy small town people who know their names, know their faces and might report back to Burt or a judgmental Mr. Anderson. Here in this huge city, they are just two more faces in a crowd; two unknown girls out for a wild night.

It's way past what would be their usual curfew back in Lima, and tonight is one of those nights where they remember just how much liberty they possess in this endless town. They giggle as they stumble their way home, kissing on the sidewalk without a care, without a fear in the world.

Kurt and Blaine make it to the lobby of their building, a small, deserted space. Hands roam and lips lock, Blaine's breath washing over Kurt's neck, right under her chin, when she works her way down to kissing her collarbone.

"Your breath stinks, you know," Kurt says with a giggle, eyes closed. "You drank way too much." She tilts her head back to let Blaine kiss her way up to her jaw, mouthing and sucking right under the curve of her ear, hot breath moist and wonderful against Kurt's skin.

"Oh, hush," Blaine says against her bare shoulder. "You didn't exactly drink Diet Coke while I was at it." She finishes with a mischievous smile that Kurt can feel etched into her skin.

It's true. They have both been drinking. It's the first time they have gone out clubbing since Blaine moved to New York and they may have taken way too much advantage of their fake IDs. Kurt doesn't mind, though. She loves Blaine like this. When drunk Blaine tends to get a bit more handsy than usual and, who can complain about that?

Kurt hums in appreciation as Blaine glides her hands down her body, over the skimpy fabric of her dress, and come to rest on each cheek of her ass, pulling them closer together.

"Careful," Kurt warns, "wouldn't want my dress to hike up. I'm in no particular mood to moon anyone tonight." Blaine's eyebrows stretch high and Kurt smiles. "Well, except for you," she adds with a devilish smirk and a bite of her lip.

"So you're not wearing –" Blaine doesn't even need to finish before Kurt is nodding.

Blaine walks Kurt backwards towards where the elevators are in a haste and with just a push of a button one of them opens. Kurt get pulled in with one of Blaine's hands on each hip and pressed against the wall as soon as the doors chime closed.

It isn't long before their lips come together in a heated kiss, a little off-center and completely messy but blissful none the less. Blaine hands are still on Kurt's hips and Kurt's come up to tangle in the back of Blaine's head, sinking into the mess of loose, sweaty curls. Kurt pulls Blaine's hair and Blaine growls into her mouth in reply, tilting her head to the side and kissing her deeper, hungrier.

The lights in the elevator flicker and dim (yet again) to which they both giggle. Blaine smiles through her hum when she pulls back and whispers, "I never thought I would say this but I'm glad those crappy lights don't work half the time."

Kurt laughs in return, head tipping back in earnest laughter, and Blaine takes the chance to dive back in, attaching her lips to Kurt's neck. She mouths and licks and sucks the soft skin, making Kurt moan into the echoing silence of the elevator. Blaine slides her hands down to the backs of Kurt's thighs and without much effort pulls her up, forcing Kurt to wrap her legs around her waist. Blaine grinds her hips forward, causing Kurt to jar up the wall and moan. Then she kisses her again, canting her hips forward every now and then, each press sending bolts of white hot pleasure up Kurt's spine, making her head spin and whirl in ecstasy.

Suddenly the elevator dings and its doors slide open, a small crowd of tired people filing in. It's then that they realize that they had yet to press the button that leads to their floor. With a soft smile Blaine lets Kurt's legs slide to the floor as the elevator begins its achingly slow ascent. The lights above them quiver once more and finally dim nearly to the point complete darkness. A collective groan is heard around the elevator, but Blaine just looks at Kurt, giving her a knowing grin which Kurt relies to with the arch of an eyebrow.

Surely encouraged by Kurt's lick and bite of the lips, Blaine crowds closer to Kurt, leaving all but an inch between their bodies and none between Kurt's and the wall. Kurt's hands fall on Blaine's waist, pulling her closer as Blaine journeys her hands down her body and up the skirt of her tight dress, around the moist nub of her clit and into Kurt's tight clenching entrance.

By the time they reach the third floor Blaine has worked in one finger, pumping it in and out slowly as her eyes do nothing but intent their gaze on Kurt's complexion in the slight darkness, searching her dilated eyes and preening at every muted gasp. Kurt's head falls back against the wall and she pants as quietly as she can, only to feel Blaine pushing in with a second finger, slow but sure. She brings her hands up to grab at Blaine shoulders, steadying herself and spreading her legs wider to feel the hot push and pull of her girlfriend's fingers.

She begins to rock her hips down by the tenth floor, only two more people in the elevator by now. Blaine thrusts in a third finger without the hint of a warning and Kurt bites back a scream, trembling as her orgasm nears just as the last two occupants step out onto the twelfth floor.

Blaine's other hand finds its way under Kurt's dress then, coming to rub two vigorous fingers at her clit as Blaine continues the rhythm she has set with her three fingers in Kurt's pussy. A few seconds later Kurt is moaning out her orgasm into the empty elevator, body shaking as Blaine works her through it.

With weak knees, Kurt slumps forward into Blaine's embrace, a steady arm sliding around her waist. With a smirk Blaine brings her other hand to Kurt's lips, her fingers glistening in the barely there hazy light of the elevator. Without a second thought Kurt opens her mouth, closing her lips around the digits and sucking on them intently. She pulls back, releasing them with a wet pop and not a moment later Blaine's mouth is on Kurt's, tongue flicking its way into Kurt's mouth and tasting, searching.

The elevator dings to signal the seventeenth floor and their mouths do all but part as the make their way to their apartment, where they will finish what they started with no interruptions, no questionings, and no worries, just them.