By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: It's good to be back! Hurricane Sandy sure was devastating enough for me to not write anything, what with the black out and all. And Wreck It Ralph was a great movie with the references enhancing it, so go see it right away, right now. Stop staring at this and go see it, seriously. Anyway, you folks all reading this may be asking why I made this... well, take a good look at the name of this fanfic's main character. It should explain itself well. Enjoy!

The arcade just closed, with all the arcade machines being left on as usual, the games working on their own accord as the Sugar Russians finished a no rules race, with President Vanellope Von Schweetz taking first place.

"I win again!" Vanellope exclaimed with glee as she jumped out of her kart, briefly glitching as she giggled. "In your faces! I'm the sweetest of them all!"

Taffyta Muttonfudge was in her pink kart, angry as she slammed her fists on the wheel. "Ooh, you're such a kid, and also a big dumb glitcher, you glitch!"

"Hey, you can't talk to Princess Vanellope in that tone!" Candlehead exclaimed as she waved her arms frantically.

Vanellope placed her left hand on her hip, pointing at Candlehead with her right hand. "That's President Vanellope to you, Candlehead!" She wheezed as she smiled.

Taffyta stuck out her tongue at Vanellope, obviously upset as she got out of her kart. "Ugh, why don't you go hang out with that fat red guy or something. You're being a bad influence." She sniffled as she rubbed her right eye, trying to hold back the tears, but obviously failing.

Vanellope smiled as she poked Taffyta in the face. "His name is Ralph first of all, and second, I did feel like going to Tapper's. Thanks for the idea, sugar snot!" And with that, she headed out of Sugar Rush, heading towards the Game Central Station.

Later on, Vanellope found herself in the Tapper's bar, being in the front row, next to Dr. Eggman, who was recovering from his recent shuffle with Sonic. The bartender walked up to Vanellope, rubbing an empty glass.

"Aren't you a bit young to be drinking, kiddo?" The bartender greeted.

Vanellope stretched her arms as she placed them on the orange counter. "I'm just here to have a good time, and to drink root beer." She grabbed a nearby empty glass, shaking it. "How about it, big boy?"

The bartender shrugged as he poured some root beer into Vanellope's glass. Vanellope drunk up the root beer in one gulp, burping loudly as she placed the glass on the counter.

"More! My small, young sugary body can take your root beer!" Vanellope exclaimed.

The bartender shrugged as he placed an entire bottle of root beer on the table. "All right, kid, but don't go crazy." He then went to handle the other patrons from different games.

Dr. Eggman folded his arms as he watched Vanellope pour the root beer from the giant bottle into the empty glass, asking, "You must have had a long day today, haven't ya kid?"

Vanellope gulped down the root beer as she turned to Eggman, letting out a refreshed sigh. "What do you know that I don't, Eggbelly? Racing tires you out easily!"

Eggman scoffed as he massaged his mustache. "Of course I know that, you double striped twerp! I just got back from racing against Sonic in Seaside Hill!" He shook his head. "Oh, how I hate that hedgehog..."

Vanellope burped loudly as she finished her fifth glass of root beer, pouring some more as she giggled. "Sounds like he's a bit speedy for ya, eh fatty?"

Eggman watched Vanellope drink more and more of the root beer. "You shouldn't drink up the whole bottle, kid. Because once it hits, it'll-"

"Shut yer trap, doc! I know how to handle myself!" Vanellope retorted as she continued drinking, letting out loud burps in between. She was catching the attention of all the other patrons and the bartender, who were watching in disbelief as Vanellope kept drinking and drinking. Several minutes later, Vanellope let out her loudest burp, nearly falling off her chair as she was content, having drunken root beer one hundred and eleven times.

"Boy, do I sure love root beer..." Vanellope burped as several bubbles emerged from her mouth, causing her to hiccup as she got back up, sitting regularly. "Whoa... that was a lot of root beer I had... well, at least now I can go back to Sugar Rush and just-"

Vanellope's stomach growled loudly, followed by a strange gurgle. Vanellope gasped as everyone in the bar all continued looking at her. Vanellope placed both hands on her stomach, not feeling right.

"Oh man... what was in that root beer?" Vanellope asked as her eyes widened, her iris shrinking as she heard water gushing inside her body. "Uh oh. I gotta go pee." She held down her skirt made of Reese's Pieces as she began squirming. "Yo, bartender! Where's the toilet?"

The bartender rolled his eyes as he pointed to the back. "It's just behind the last counter, but I think someone is using it."

Vanellope squealed in pain as she closed her eyes. "Darn it! I can't hold it in for that long!" She then dashed out of Tapper's, heading back into the Game Central Station, to look for a place to relinquish her lemonade.

Ya know, in the bathroom.